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Who should the Los Angeles Dodgers look to at second base in 2018?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have big-time decisions to ponder about in order to make a return to the 2018 World Series. Who will they try to resign? Who will they push for in free agency? Are there any standouts in their farm system?

After their thrilling but disappointing Game 7 World Series loss to the Houston Astros, the Dodgers are ready to come out gunning in 2018, with their confidence high that they will make a return to the spotlight in October. With a swarm of reporters surrounding Dodger’s closer Kenley Jansen‘s locker room, Jansen made an immediate assertion for next year. “This team is not going to give up. We’re going to bring a championship back to L.A. I promise you that.”

One of the glaring weak positions throughout the regular season came from second-base. Second-basemen Logan Forsythe at 31 years old, is departing his prime years, as shown by his inconsistent at-bats and production. He hit a disappointing.224 with six home-runs and only 36 RBI’s this season. He’s lost the zest and zeal that he once had with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2015 and 2016. In both years, his combined stats were a batting avg of  .272,  37 home runs, and 120 RBI’s. With this sharp decline, it leaves Dodgers management to ponder about possibly looking for better bats at the position

Who should the Los Angeles Dodgers look to at second base in 2018?

Though age slows down a large percentage of athletes in sports today, there are a very select few players that still keep their bodies in tip-top shape. They focus on eating healthy and working out on a consistent basis in order to compete at a high level. Examples include NBA Future Hall of Famer Vince Carter and NFL Hall of Famer Tom Brady.  Both of these players still are essential to their respective rosters, helping younger ones understand the game at a quicker rate and push them in directions that lead them to success.

In free agency, the Dodgers have the opportunity to seek such a seasoned veteran, who can perform on the big stage and relay his experiences and knowledge to rookies. It is three-time All-Star Brandon Phillips,  who has spent a majority of his career with the Cincinnati Reds. He is a career .275 hitter, averaging 18 home-runs and 81 RBI’s throughout his 19-year career. He’s been touted as a reliable hitter, that can spray the field and hit the long-ball. He has a great approach at the plate, making pitchers earn their strikes, as he has only had a 100 strikeout season just once in his 16-year career. His worse strikeout season were during 2007 when he struck out 15.5% of the time.

He is also still a great defensive player, winning four Gold-Glove awards and has fine-tuned fielding skills. His ability to still make diving plays and keep strong communication with the shortstop is instrumental to a team looking to make another World Series run.

Moving Forsythe to the bench as a reliable utility player would be a move Dodger’s management should consider. Platooning between second base and possibly shortstop will add the needed depth in case of injuries or matchup reasons.

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  1. It appears as if you might be about 6 days late on this discussion. Please see the January 22nd topic, Positional Preview 2018 – 2nd Base.

    Brandon Phillips?

    That will never happen as he is on the wrong side of 35, hits from the wrong side of the plate and wants way too much money potentially placing the Dodgers above the luxury tax threshold.

  2. Wait a minute. Give the guy a chance. New blood, let’s encourage him.

    That said, when they exercised Forsythe’s option they sealed up second base. When Turner needs time off, and Turner will need a lot of it, Forsythe will get time over there and Hernandez/Barnes or, gulp, Utley will play. I’d like to see something different there, but $9 million is being paid and Forsythe will need 130 games to earn that money.

    Have to admit, Phillips surprised me last year. 600 plate appearances? Only a 23 year old Seager did that for us.

  3. Unfortunately we know who the Dodgers main 2nd baseman will be. Logan you do not impress me one bit Forsythe. I know who I would like to see at 2nd for next year and in the future. Chris Taylor. Taylor is a natural infielder. He is not a center fielder. I think the Dodgers have plenty of outfielders who can handle that position. I think they are counting on Forsythe to improve, especially against lefty’s. I also think they believe that Taylor can do what he did last year again. Pederson, Verdugo, Thompson, and Toles can all play CF. So can Kike, but I do not like him in the OF at all. Phillips has no shot of being signed by this bunch. They are discussing bringing Chase Utley back. New report says that Darvish will most likely sign a contract this week and the front runner is…….drum roll…………..the Cubs. Go figure…..why would the Dodgers want a pitcher of Darvish’s stature with the fine bunch they have right now?????? That’s sarcasm by the way…..

  4. While we are on memory lane, here’s my repost of my exit review on Forsythe:

    Logan Forsythe. As I have commented on earlier here, I agree with Michael that his option should not have been picked up. I think his bat is too slow and it may be getting even slower. A slower bat means that you have to anticipate very well what kind of pitch is coming, and that could be difficult when facing very good pitchers and unfamiliar pitchers. To my eyes, this was clearly the case because he was taking so many pitches and studying pitchers earlier in the season. Turner Ward seems to think Forsythe will improve and be more aggressive. I have my doubts – Forsythe is not young anymore and his bat will continue to slow down. And even if he gets more aggressive, I don’t think his power numbers will improve – he is at best a 8-11 HR guy in the NL I think. On defense, I guess he is somewhat needed to stabilize the third base, and this is where I think he provides his value (to keep Turner fresh). I think there is a substantial risk, however, that both Turner and Forsythe slump in 2018, and we will need to spell both of them.

  5. Kenley’s comments on Kemp was somewhat enlightening and, dare I say, honest and straight? In short he says he understands that what the FO is doing, but Matt is in great shape, lost a lot of weight and can help if he stays with the club. This one on the heels of suggesting a players strike(!). I think Kenley is fast becoming the Kobe of the Dodgers, meaning he can say what he really thinks without any repercussions.

  6. $9 million? For him? Not very FAZonian. Taylor at second and signing Jarrod Dyson sounds more like them. But, the Forsythe option was exercised in early November, before the Atlanta dump, maybe that had something to do with it. Trading Forsythe now isn’t likely to happen, but it could free up a few million that maybe could be used on a pitcher. Kemp, Forsythe, half their salaries and a good prospect to Tampa? Those guys and 2 good prospects for Archer? Those 2 and a prospect and we sign Cobb/Darvish/Arrieta? I’m reaching. For my coffee. I’m not awake yet.

  7. Johnny Grassi
    I am sure you put some thought into your post and I can appreciate that but we have a FO called FAZ. Unfortunately, they only get real bad players or hurt players or others. Phillips is not a real bad or hurt player but he does not fit the FAZ plan. What is the plan? I do not think the position of 2nd base is a glaring problem for them. Maybe others here know but I do not. Thank you for the post and Thanks for coming out.

    1. Like most here, I was surprised they paid Forsythe that much money, with the concerns of the luxury tax.

      Like YF said, most of Forsythe’s value for this team is his defense, and being able to move over to third, to give Turner rest throughout the season.

      I do not think he is necessarily going to hit righties well enough this year, like some say, because he didn’t even hit 200 against righties last year, and his slugging percentage, and OPS, were not any better.

      But since his numbers were so low against righties last year, it would be easy for Forsythe to improve against righties this year, but that improvement, may not be as much, as some think.

      And I don’t expect his defensive metrics to be high enough this year, to make up for another bad offensive showing.

      Because he had never had close to the numbers he had defensively this last year, in his career, so I don’t see him having those kind of defensive numbers, again.

      But when the front office gave him this contract, that made him our everyday second baseman, so I do hope he can hit well against righties this coming year, because that will make the team better.

      There has been talk about the front office signing Chase again.

      I love Chase, but I would rather give one of our two young utility players, that hit leftie, to fill in for Forsythe when he is not playing second, instead of Chase.

      I just think that would be better for the team.

  8. Kenley Jansen has already made over $34 million and is going to make over $70 million between the ages of 30-33. Over $100 million before the age of 34. Playing baseball. And he has the stones to be talking publicly about a strike? STFU Kenley. And while you’re at it you can kiss my rosy red epizutis.

    Here’s an idea. A fan strike.

    I think a guy with a name like Johnny Grassi should lead that strike. Johnny “10 Pins” Grassi. Strike. What say you 10 Pins?

  9. Too much?

    Ok, moving on….

    Just got this one in the mail:

    Joc and Forsythe for Castro. Marlins probably intend to deadline trade Castro, but they can do the same with F & J. Will they get as much for them as they would for Castro. I don’t know. Throw some money at them, it might help.

    1. Personally I’ve never been a big Starlin Castro fan but his bat can get hot and carry a team at times. Marlins do not want contracts so Forsythe does nothing for them and Joc is nearing arbitration so I’m not sure they are interested in him any longer.

      1. Chili

        I have always felt Castro lacks total concentration at times, but I have not seen him play everyday, so that might now be a fair thing to say.

        But he is a better offensive player, then Forsythe is, but I don’t know how his defense is, since he moved over to second, but I am sure his defense at second is better, then his defense was, at short.

    1. “It looks like a bullpen. It could be great. It could be a total disaster. It will probably be pretty good.“

      Now that’s some out on a limb reporting right there.

      He’s like the rest of us – something might happen, something might not happen, but for certain something most assuredly will might happen or not.

      1. Lol. True enough, no time traveler is he.

        I like this bit:
        The Dodgers have explored scenarios for moving useful but (theoretically) extraneous assets such as Yasmani Grandal, Logan Forsythe and Hyun-Jin Ryu. Given the fact that those players are still Dodgers and Darvish is still a free agent, you can guess how the market has reacted to this gambit by the front office.

        1. Bluto

          I think I saw your fav writer for the LA Times, mention something like this, with the way teams prepare and shift, and put there players in the best spot, to make a defensive play, Kemp could probably be more then an adequate or better, in leftfield.

          And he used Howie as an example, but Kemp is much more athletic then Howie, and he has only been an outfielder in his career, so I expect Kemp to be much better.

          And I thought he was going to use his old stand by on this question, that he got from the Royal’s GM, which is, my cyrstal ball, is broken.

          1. No idea who you are talking about in terms of my favorite writer (Rosenthal? Gammons? Lowe?) , or what you are saying in general.

            Kemp is a disaster in the field.

          2. My favorite columnists are William Rivers Pitt and Chris Hedges. I don’t think they’ve ever written about the Los Angeles Dodgers. Corporate tax dodgers, yes, but not the baseball team. That probably doesn’t relate, but, sometimes I write stuff that doesn’t appertain. Maybe you’ve noticed?

          3. Don’t like Hedges, too far left for me. I prefer Fallows @TheAtlantic.

            I thought we were talking sportswriters though.

  10. Two good ol’ boys in an Indiana trailer park were sitting around talking one afternoon over a cold beer after getting off work at the local water treatment plant.

    After a while the 1st guy says to the 2nd, “If’n I was to sneak over to your trailer Saturday & make love to your wife while you was off huntin’ and she got pregnant and had a baby, would that make us kin?”

    The 2nd guy crooked his head sideways for a minute, scratched his head and squinted his eyes thinking real hard about the question. Finally, he says, “Well, I don’t know about kin, but it would make us even!”

    1. Bluto

      Which LA Times writer did you list today?

      Who is McCullough!

      I didn’t know Ken Rosethal wrote for the LA Times now?

  11. 16 days, that’s all that is left and the boys of summer will be back. Games start about 2 weeks after that. It is pretty bad when ESPN’s baseball news is more up to date than the MLB site. Even worse that most of the instant news is coming off of Twitter. FOX sports is pretty much the last to know anything. USA Today even has better sports reporting than they do. I know this is old news, but I was a little distressed to see that Halladay had drugs in his system when he had his fatal crash. I always had a lot of respect for Doc as a player. To Kemp, or not to Kemp, that is the FO’s question. As of right now, there is nothing in the fire. I personally think he is going to be at Camelback, and it would not surprise me one bit if Matt showed up early.

      1. True, we all make mistakes.

        Some mistakes cost us time. Some cost us money. Some cost us limbs. Some cost us permanent damage. Some cost us love ones and some cost us our own lives.

        But at the age of 40 is it a ‘mistake’ to be taking excessive amounts of drugs when you know the effects that it will have on your judgment? I think it is carelessness and stupidity and that is a shame. I too, liked Roy Halladay from afar and it’s too bad that some one did not see this happening to him.

        1. Chili

          I feel for his family, and remember everyone, makes mistakes, and just maybe, he had an addictive personality, and that is an illness.

          And maybe he was taking some of this stuff, to treat or relieve pain he might have had, from all the years, he pitched!

          And I have permanent damage from a car accident, by no mistakes by me, so I know better then some, when it comes to permanent damage.

          But I still don’t try to judge, others!

          1. Who doesn’t feel for his family. It’s too bad that he didn’t feel for his family while he was overdosing on drugs and then getting in the cockpit of an airplane. Probably a good thing he wasn’t giving flying lessons that day.

            ‘and just maybe, he had an addictive personality, and that is an illness.’….MJ’s word. Isn’t that an assumption and PASSING JUDGMENT?

            So you can pass judgment when it fits your narrative. I see.

            Always an excuse for someone’s actions. When people make bad decisions than they will probably have bad things happen to them.

            Let’s stick with the facts.

            “I saw that number,” Dr. Michael Garber told Forbes of the level of amphetamines in Halladay’s cardiac blood, which was 1,800 nanograms per milliliter. “And said, ‘Am I reading that right? 1800, holy cow.’ That just jumps off the page at me.”

            ‘The autopsy also found morphine and Ambien in Halladay’s blood.’

            My point is that he knew what he was taking. Amphetamines have been widely used in Major League baseball for years. This was not new to him. Therefore I do not view this as a mistake but rather carelessness and unfortunately it took his life.

          2. “A test showing small amphetamine concentrations in your body is not necessarily cause for alarm. On the other hand, large amounts of the drug in your system can be dangerous or even deadly. Here are the ranges typically used in these blood tests:

            Levels of amphetamine within the range 0.02 to 0.05 milligrams/liter (mg/L) and even up to 0.2 mg/L fall under the category of therapeutic, or prescribed use.

            A concentration greater 0.2 mg/L is likely a sign of use.
            Levels greater than 2.5 mg/L can be toxic and possibly fatal.”

            Nanograms to milligrams? Milliliters to liters? Somebody run the conversion for me. I’d do it myself but I’m impaired. I suffer from mathopathy.

      2. Yes we do MJ. Just sad to see a life cut short because of drugs. He had a family and a lot to live for. Always sad when that stuff happens.

          1. Amphetamines, morphine and an insomnia drug. How much of each? Trace amounts? I only read they were found, not how much. How long do these drugs stay in the system? Morphine – 2-3 days. Amphetamines – up to a week. Sleep meds – 48 hours. It’s quite possible Halliday did not take these drugs the day he crashed. We don’t know enough to judge him on this. Most professional athletes, as well as the rest of us, might test positive for pharmaceuticals.

        1. Chili

          You are obviously passing judgement, when you are claiming he didn’t feel for his family, and when you said, he over dosed on drugs.

          When I said he may have an illness, I was not passing judgment on anyone, it was more a response to your claims.

          And believe or not, bad things do happen to good people.

          And if he does have an illness, it isn’t making a choice, like you might make.

          1. Badger

            Your right, all drugs tend to have different half lifes, so your body processes them, differently, and at different times.

  12. Matt Albers to the Brewers on a 2 year deal per Rosenthal and Heyman….also the Indians will quit using the Chief Wahoo logo on their uni’s in 2019. Again, twitter beats all the .coms to the punch.

    1. Yeah, I do not see why they are going to wait all year and then change. Makes no sense. But that’s baseball for you….Maybe it is a thing because this years souvenirs still have the Logo. Glad the Dodgers are named after skittish people.

    2. Once the decision is made they need to negotiate with the vendors for new souvenirs (and also rights for the future sales of “old school collectors” Wahoo items. Sell it twice. Or thrice.

    3. Why does it take a year?

      Once the decision is made they need to negotiate with the vendors for new souvenirs (and also rights for the future sales of “old school collectors” Wahoo items. Sell it twice. Or thrice.

      1. Everything on the shelves is a potential collector’s item.

        “I love Matt and he reached out to me a few weeks ago and he worked out with us at the stadium,” said Turner. “I told him, ‘Matt, you’re a Dodger. You’re one of the guys that built this place, so come on up.’ He’s in great shape, running well and he’s serious. He wants to win and help us. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, but as of now, he’s one of our outfielders and still a big impact, right-handed bat.” – Justin Turner

        I guess nobody told Justin that Kemp has no value. Bluto, drop Turner a tweet and set him straight.

        1. I like Justin’s quote!

          Hopefully it gets people who read it to ignore the market and find false promise/value in Kemp.

          the less people look at stats and history, and the more they read subjective reports the better for the Dodgers.

          It’s exactly why Roberts and the FO should try to build up Kemp’s value with words, to offset reality.

          1. Bluto

            What did the numbers tell you about Charlie Culberson in the National League pennant, last year?

          2. Once again Bluto you say that as if it’s fact. It’s your opinion, nothing more. You are doing what you are accusing others of doing. As it says in a pretty good book “judge not less thee be a freakin hypocrite”.

            Those may not be the exact words, but you get the idea.

          3. It’s not opinion it’s a fact. It’s historical record material.

            Just look at what Kemp has been traded for. Oliver’s and worthless crap.

            I’m being hyperbolic with zero, but it’s in the neighborhood of negligible, meager and quite paltry.


  13. Baseball America has Dodgers ranked #8 this year.

    To recap in past years:
    2017: 2
    2016: 1
    2015: 3
    2014: 14
    2013: 19

    What’s amazing is how the front office has been able to get it up that high consistently with top (well performing) graduations, deadline deals, low draft picks and limits on International Signings.

    Really impressive.

    1. So you think McCarthy, Latos and Kazmir are more responsible than Seager, Turner, Bellinger, Kershaw and Jansen? Interesting take.

      I like Taylor. The rest? Most were forgettable. Of course by most I mean actually more than not. I realize that is not subjective, nor is it counter factual. It’s arithmetic. Just like 35 home runs and 108 RBIs is worth more than 0. Nobody’s defense is that bad. Even Manny’s defense wasn’t that bad.

  14. I think the jury is out on their international signings. We did spend a ton on them – this led to a major house cleaning in our international scouts as everyone recalls We have several of them on our current 8th ranked farm system. Our crown jewel of Cuba, Alvarez, no longer in MLB’s top 100. However Keibert Ruiz could be great. While it may be unfair to blame FAZ as they took over a bad international scouting department, I think they pulled the trigger so it is what it is. They will get the credit later.

    I think this year is the first year where the players drafted by the FAZ are old enough to have moved up in the prospects rankings (we still had Bellinger and De Leon last year, and was Calhoun from the Logan White regime as well?).

      1. You got a short memory there Bluto. The Dodgers have spent $270 million on Cuban players alone. They spent so much they got fined $40 million. Why do you think there are limitations now?

        As for Kemp, what makes you think you can predict the future? I don’t know what he will do over the next 2 years. You are quick to criticize others who subjectively think positive about him, but you do the exact same thing projecting negatively. You’ve thrown in the towel. I say we wait and see.

        1. I hope he does great! I hope he outperforms his deal and earns another. Changes the current situation and value none.

          The team doesn’t want him, and neither does any other MLB team, evidentially.

          I do have a short memory, but you have an incomplete one.

          The Dodgers haven’t been able to sign any int’l free agent for more than 300k since their big year. That’s a severe limitation. It is self-imposed, and has changed with the new CBA. But is a limitation by definition.

          Still good to be informed, no?

  15. Welcome aboard Johnny G. Way to take a stand! Brandon Phillips? If he could play a little 1B and 3B, sit on the bench, and earn the league minimum this administration would sign him. That’s what they want. It’s probably not what the fans want but when have FAZ cared about giving the fans entertaining baseball.

    Keep’em coming Johnny G. BTW where is Oscar? Taking some time off? Hopefully all is well.

    1. Oscar is probably trying out some new beer. I had a Samuel Adams beer the other day that was called Smoked Lager……pretty stout stuff…..

  16. Well the Kemp debate continues, the major free agents remain unsigned and Darvish wants to be a Dodger. The A’s trade for Moss and Buchter and the Dodgers remain stagnant. I will agree with the players take over your negativity Bluto. Turner and Jansen have welcomed Matt with open arms and they believe he will be a huge asset. The FO itself has flip flopped a lot on this issue the last few weeks, and there are teams with interest. They just probably want the Dodgers to chew a major portion of that salary. Value? That’s not the question. Kemp as a player on the field has proved over and over that he is an offensive threat. He is not as you state, a defensive disaster. Matt usually catches what he catches up to. It is getting there that is seen as the problem. The guy is 33. But he is a much better outfielder than another offensive threat the Dodgers had out there a few years ago named Ramirez. Now Matt is no Manny with the stick, but he is better than Pederson, Toles, Thompson or Verdugo. Like I posted before, 77 dingers and 270 plus ribbies the last 3 years. He is in shape, he is enthused, and all that can make a difference. Will he ever be Beast Mode again? Doubtful, but I would rather see Kemp up in a clutch situation than Grandal or Forsythe or any one of a number of other players. As for FAZ and his supposed brilliance. I think outside of maybe Taylor, and getting Kike and Barnes and Grandal from the Marlins, most of their trades have flopped. Their mid season trades are abysmal. The core of this Dodger team comes from the prior management team. Oh the BP is pure FAZ, but the core lineup is mostly Colletti and White. Now that will change over the next few years. And we will see how FAZ’s drafts go, but right now, they are not all that impressive. You say Kemp is not worth much by saying just look who he was traded for. That is now how you gauge a players worth. Maybe to someone like you, who has very narrow vision and thinks the only opinion of a player that matters is your own. You place a low value on Olivera…..ok, who signed that worthless piece of excrement? Yep, the great evaluator, FAZ. And Badger is right, their Cuban signings have been horrible, and they are even still paying Arruebarrena. But I digress. Darvish is holding out to see if the Dodgers can clear space on the payroll. I doubt that happens. He really wants to be here, and I believe the FO is making a mistake not signing another starter. Be it Darvish or someone else. Look Bluto, you are entitled to believe what you want, and we are entitled to disagree with you. The trouble begins when you start replying and acting like the other person has no frippen clue to what they are talking about. Those are opinions. You might not agree, but you have to respect that persons right to that opinion. I respect yours. I do not always agree with MJ or Badger, you or Yueh. But I know all of you have a passion for the team and want them to win and to finally win a World Series after 30 years without. I leave it to the FO to put the team together and I hope for the best. But I can look back and read my baseball annuals and all the reports and not one of them has ever looked accurately into a players production that season. Too many variables. Too many things can happen. Kershaw gets injured in spring training and this team is pretty much toast because there is not one pitcher behind him who is ACE material. Will it happen? Who knows. Pedro Guererro broke his ankle in spring training and the Dodgers season went pretty much right in the toilet. After spring training, baseball is day to day drama. Anything can happen and usually does. Oh yeah….FAZ is the one who brought in the absolutely brilliant Curtis Granderson. He who could not hit my grandmother or anyone else the last month and a half and my grandmother is dead.

    1. Everyone is entitled to opinions, Michael.

      Appreciate yours.

      Market values are set by the market, not by opinion.

      Kemp’s atrocious defensive metrics are quantifiable, your memories of him chasing down fly balls are not.

      1. Market value. It’s different than player value.

        Of course! Now it makes sense! Bluto is not talking BASEBALL, he’s talking MARKET.

        Well, market value. You know what? Fu%@ that. I would rather see some of that 35 and 108. Watch what that does for market value.

        Solid post Michael.

      2. Actually Bluto you are wrong. In a game against Atlanta I watched Matt make a solid defensive play against the Dodgers when he caught a fly hit down the line. Had to run pretty hard to catch it too. Matts fielding percentage the last 2 seasons. .990 in 2016 .993 in 2017. Sorry, those are pretty good stats for an outfielder. Your defensive metrics suck.

  17. Darvish reportedly wants to return to Dodgers and waiting for the Dodgers to clear more lux tax space. Who does he have as an agent? The FBZ is not going to sign anyone outside the organization for $100 million, regardless of cap space, unless it is an incentive laden contract like Maeda’s (and it is doubtful whether Maeda will earn US$80 million even under his current contract given the 5 inning starter trend).

    I also quote something interesting from LA Times Dodgers beat writer: “McCullough notes that the Dodgers have been unable thus far to move “extraneous assets” like catcher Yasmani Grandal ($7.9 million), infielder Logan Forsythe ($9 million), and pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu ($7.83 million). The Dodgers currently have $185.4 million in commitments for the 2018 season, according to Cot’s Contracts.”

    Personally I don’t think Ryu is extraneous. But the others – maybe old guys (and gals) like the people on this board actually know what we are talking about after all ….

    Kevin Towers passed away. Wow. I thought he was a good executive. Not the top but pretty good. But for some reason the SABR bloggers unfairly blame him for a lot of things. It is a big loss for the DBacks and to the baseball community for sure.

    1. And I think Ryu will be better this year, and I still wish he was on the World Series roster instead of McCarthy.

      I don’t know how he pitched so well in the last game he pitched against the Cards in the post season, because he was hurting then.

    2. I’m surprised the lack of a market for Grandal. His potential Free Agency must be a significant factor, one I under-estimated.

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