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Man, Enrique Hernandez Crushes Madison Bumgarner

Kike Hernandez

I admit that I’ve been a skeptic of Enrique Hernandez over the last couple of years. It would be hard to blame me, especially after his historically pathetic .191 hitting 2016 season. But he’s steadily improved back to his pre-2016 days. Nobody can forget his epic three-home run NLCS performance last fall. This year he’s performed pretty well overall. Sure he still has his warts, but so far he’s been solid. Occasionally he shows flashes of extreme power and talent. His versatility is always a plus for the Dodgers.

The banana man showed some of that explosiveness on Saturday against Madison Bumgarner and the Giants during the Dodger’s 3-1 win over San Francisco. He not only hit a crucial two-run shot off the left handed ace, but he also made a great defensive play in center field.

But if there’s one thing that we often overlook is how much Enrique owns Madison Bumgarner. For some reason Hernandez crushes Bumgarner and it’s pretty awesome to watch. Coming into Saturday’s game, Hernandez was batting .467 against Bumgarner with three career home runs. Here’s how Hernandez is hitting against Bumgarner over 35 career plate appearances.

.467/.484/.933 (14 for 30) – 4 home runs 8 runs batted in-1.417 OPS

Hernandez hit another home run massive home run against Bumgarner on Saturday night at Dodger Stadium. The two-run shot gave the Dodgers a 3-1 lead, and would prove to be the difference in the 3-1 win over the Giants. It’s quite impressive how much the banana man owns Bumgarner. Yes indeed it is.

The man plays a damn competent center field too, I tell you what. He makes plays like this one and you know I don’t mind seeing him roam center field. He’s got some major chops.

Enrique Hernandez will continue to own Madison Bumgarner. Sweet.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

15 thoughts on “Man, Enrique Hernandez Crushes Madison Bumgarner

  1. Minor League shit:

    Jeren Kendall went 3-for-5 with a double, home run and three runs scored in the title-clinching game. Kendall also stole his 21st base out of 28 tries this season.

    Alex Verdugo had two doubles in AAA

    In AA Tulsa
    Jacob Scavuzzo hit a three-run homer and DJ Peters followed that with a solo home run.

    In High A apart from the aforementioned Kendall, Cristian Santana and Steve Berman each homered, while in total Kendall would end up with three hits, Santana, Berman and Omar Estevez each had two hits.

    1. Interesting numbers.

      Until they do it at AA I consider them trade bait.

      That damn video ad is pissing me off. It pops up when I’m responding and covers what I’m typing. WTF Scott? Are you making so much money on that thing you just can’t afford to get rid of it?

      1. It’s not an ad. It’s just a video and it only pops up if you refresh or leave the page.
        I’ll probably take it down soon. Unless it starts making the site some cash. We’re still waiting to find out the exact numbers.

  2. Kike owns the Mad Bum….he also hits lefty’s pretty well. But he is nothing more than a utility player and that is pretty much what he will always be with FAZ in charge. His value is in his versatility in the field.

  3. Dodgers sign former Phillie and Pirate Drew Hutchinson to a minor league contract. 31-22 with a 4.92 ERA. Has made 74 career starts. Won 11 games in 2014 and 13 in 2015.

    1. And that is why I said with the little that Kike plays, it is amazing he hits for higher OPS then Forsythe, and it is surprising, that his average is about where Forsythe’s average is, too

      1. Not amazing at all. Kike has hit for more power this year than Forsythe. That is figured into OPS. But their career OPS’s are pretty close. Kike has less at bats so his slugging factors into his OPS more. Forsythe has never really been considered a power hitter. He is however a lifetime .250 hitter. Kike outside of that one year, his first as a Dodger has hit nowhere near that. They both are at .220. Both have been relatively hot the last week. Forsythe hits RHP better and Kike is better against LHP. But if I were managing they both would be bench players at this point and I would be riding Max Muncy’s coat tails at 2nd base until he shows he cannot handle it. The way Roberts uses his players is the main reason that neither of them are ever truly going to be regulars. What is amazing is that so many people think that a .220 hitting utility infielder is a good player. He has his moments, but he is what he always has been, very average. As they say, the stats do not lie.

        1. Forsythe, never an All Star, did put up 5.2 WAR in ‘15, 3.4 WAR in ‘16. Hasn’t come close since. I’d like to think we could have done better for $9 million. That’s 56% toward Machado’s salary.

          I look for Logan to be better than he has been. He’s at .220 now, I figure he will get all the way to .230 before the season ends.

  4. I doubt it produces any revenue yet.

    But video ads pay a much higher premium than display. Scott belongs to a blog network, perhaps they require it.

    If they get enough views (on aggregate) they’ll then sell ads on the video player.

  5. I agree 10000% I will never post again until the FUCKING pop up is gone. Sorry for the foul language but it is so over the top now. Like Badger said it pops up when trying to type. Scott I don’t begrudge you making money and you should, this blog takes time and effort, But, please find something else. I am 100000% over it. And yes I know I don’t post much so I won’t be too missed but the pop up the main reason why I don’t interact on the blog too much. Maybe it isn’t as bad on a laptop but mobile sucks ass!!!!!!

    1. It’s annoying and this is the only place I’ve been to that it happens. I’d like you to reconsider Tim. Your voice is a valuable addition here.

      Squirrels go to sleep again. It’s going to happen on occasion. Let’s hope it isn’t for weeks at a time….. again.

  6. That’s weird because it only shows up in the lower RH corner of my computer. Not in the way at all.

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