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Preview and Prediction: St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers

Mayday, Mayday! Another blown save by a Dodgers closer in their most recent loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. In an already tight National League race, every pitch and every run will determine who advances to the postseason. Two bad pitches in the ninth inning led to the Dodger's demise. Dodgers

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Remembering Dodgers Outfielder Wally Moon

The Dodgers organization and fan base are saddened by the recent death of former National League Rookie of the Year Wally Moon, who died at his home in Bryan, Texas on Friday Night. The left-handed outfielder played his 12-year career in the major leagues for both the St. Louis Cardinals

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Stripling Gives Up Lots of Runs, Offense Scores Lots More. Dodgers Win 8-4

The Mets are gone, but things did not necessarily get easier, as the Cheatin' Cardinals rolled into Chavez Ravine. Tonight's game brought us Michael Wacha vs Ross Stripling, two former Texas Aggies. Wacha is coming off three consecutive losses, and Stripling, while usually decent, is another reminder that the Dodgers rotation

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