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Dodgers Face Shameful Ride Home if They Can’t Beat Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson

The lineup shuffling continues for the Dodgers in their series finale against the Cubs. The Dodgers were able to spoil the Cub’s World Series ring party on Wednesday thanks to some awesome pitching. Hopefully the Dodgers can escape with a series win, but they have to beat old teammate Brett Anderson to do it. After today the Dodgers will fly home to play the Dbacks and open a six-game home stand against Arizona and Colorado.

Third baseman Just Turner returns to the lineup on Thursday. He had missed the last game after dealing with a sore quad. The Dodgers are happy to have him back in the lineup. He was able to appear in Wednesday night’s game as a pinch-hitter and grounded into an inning ending double play.

Adrian Gonzalez is not in the lineup today, getting the day off. Scott Van Slyke (who has been dreadful thus far) will take over first base and bat fifth. Yasiel Puig will hit cleanup and man his usual right field position. Once again Kike will play against a lefty, but this time he is in left field, with Trayce Thompson playing in center, and Joc Pederson getting a rest as well. Thompson was just recalled from Oklahoma City after Franklin Gutierrez was placed on the DL with a strained left hamstring.

Dodgers @ Cubs

Forsythe 2B

Seager SS

Turner 3B

Puig RF

Van Slyke 1B

Grandal C

Thompson CF

Hernandez LF

Ryu P

Hyun-jin Ryu-1-0 vs. Brett Anderson-0-0

Game Time 11:20 AM- TV-SNLA

The pitching match-up will feature Hyun-jin Ryu for the Dodgers going up against old friend Brett Anderson. I can’t really say Anderson is an old friend because he sucked so much as a Dodger. But of course he has pitched well for the Cubs. In his first start as a Cub he allowed just one run across 5.2 innings pitched in a no-decision. Anderson has never faced the Dodgers and has pitched only once at Wrigley Field. Ryu is 1-0 with a 2.92 ERA in career starts against the Cubs. Here’s how the current Cubs have done against him.

Ryu vs. Cubs

Jason Heyward 12 12 2 1 0 0 0 0 3 .167 .167 .250 .417
Miguel Montero 11 10 4 0 0 0 0 1 2 .400 .455 .400 .855
Jon Jay 10 10 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 .200 .200 .200 .400
Anthony Rizzo 6 6 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .167 .167 .167 .333
John Lackey 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000
Jon Lester 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .000 .000 .000 .000
Total 43 42 9 1 0 0 0 1 11 .214 .233 .238 .471


If the Dodgers can’t hit Brett Anderson then they will truly suffer a fate worse than any other. That is the fate of total embarrassment. Please don’t get shutout today Dodgers.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

40 thoughts on “Dodgers Face Shameful Ride Home if They Can’t Beat Brett Anderson

  1. I know I read it somewhere but here goes anyhow… 2-4 on the road against the Rocks and Cubs aint all that good, but not so bad…
    10 games into season and were heading to home sweet home… Kersh to make us forget his last start against the mercenary Zack G… Get it rollin…Just like a good swig of pepto bismol… And for God’s sake, no Braun trade talk for now…

    1. Glad you brought up the Braun trade Pete – who do you send for him. I hear they’d take Seager and Urias.

      .506 on the road and .605 at home gets you 90 wins. I’d take that now. I may let it go in late September but 90 wins would win the West. That’s Kasten’s goal, right?

      We’re early favorites in tomorrow’s game.

    2. Braun?? Who wants Braun? We got Kike. We got SVS. We got Gutierrez. We got Toles. We got Barnes… Hello, is this the Milwaukee GM?…. Could you use a handful of young pitchers?…

      1. Ok, we got our first offer on the table, Barnes, Kiké, SVS, Toles and FGut for Braun. Wait, you’re gonna throw in some young pitchers too? Dang. That’s one helluva offer.

      1. There are about 4 sources quoting that they are still talking about a trade. Not sure he is an upgrade over what we have since he is off to a .214, 2 homers and 4 RBI’s. Puig is doing a lot better than that. Roberts said after todays game that the bats are trying to do too much. Do not know about that, but I do know that with the bases loaded, other than Joc’s grand salami on opening day, they are flat pitiful.

        1. Michael

          Yes I guess Puig fouled out, with the bases loaded yesterday.

          But I agree with you, why would we rush out and get Braun, because Puig does have better stats, right now.

          And I would wait until the trade deadline to do something like that.

          But I am not sure Braun is the right guy, because of his contract, and the other stuff, that comes with him.

          And although he has been pretty good the last couple of years, he has had an injury issue with his wrist or hand, so you never know.

          And let’s see what Puig can do, he was suppose to be our big right hand bat, but he isn’t hitting lefties well, right now.

          1. Puig and Braun play different positions. With Braun in the lineup, we can leave Puig in the 8 hole.

          2. O for 2017 against them so far. And 3 more on tap the next 4 games. Greinke tonight, then Ray, Corbin and the Freeland kid with the Rockies. I did not watch the game, I had to go to Denver. But to me part of the fix is simple, send some guys down. Thompson is 0fir 2017 too, and he had a ton of strikeouts before his call up. Eibner is crushing the ball at OKC, and so is Dickson. Segedin has been raising his average slowly, but all those guys are RH power bats. It is time to cut Kike, SVS. and Utley. Thompson should be sent down simply to play every day and get the rust out of his system.

  2. I suppose 1-2 vs the defending WS champs at Wrigley is not that bad, all things considered. We faced two left-handed pitchers and were stymied. Did anyone really think that problem was solved in the offseason. At least we didn’t waste a great pitching performance on a day when the offense went 0 for 10 with RISP. They should be able to pick up some ground at home.

    1. Well the Braun deal is being discussed. Read that from numerous sources. Lester held the Dodgers down in game 1 but did not get the win, their BP got that, but lose to Brett Anderson????? That is frippen embarrassing. We have a lot of guys who can hit lefty’s, just ask FAZ. SVS’s slow start is disheartening to me because I have always liked the guy and he had a decent spring, but it is time to cut both him and Kike loose. Okoye Dickson is tearing it up at OKC. Segedin is hitting .250. Gutierrez was the mystery signing of the off season. I think Thompson will be fine, he just needs some game action. Hell for now start Toles against lefty’s and see if he can hit them. Our so called good lineup will be on the field tomorrow against Greinke. Grandal did not carry what he was doing in spring into the season and he looks pretty pedestrian out there. Nobody is really killing the ball. At least the season is just starting so they have plenty of games to get it all worked out.

      1. Braun last summer MIGHT have bought a World Series Win. The impact would be way less now and Braun that much older. I thought Forsythe was supposed to be the solution. (Or is FAZ just all wet?) The bankroll has been spent for knick-knacks, I don’t favor investing in Braun. Which means the stupid FAZhole is going to do it…

        1. Jonah

          I think your right about last year, but right now, I wouldn’t go after anyone until the trade deadline.

          And although we all have brought up other players, Logan is not doing his job on offense, that well either.

          He has the most strike outs on the team, and hasn’t been able to hit in key situations, well either.

          We have said stuff about our young players, but I think we should expect more, from Logan.

          And he was suppose to be the bat, that would put us over against leftie pitchers.

        2. Forsythe was never the SOLUTION, he was supposed to combine with SVS, Kike, Gutierrez and improved Turner, and Puig to give the Dodgers solid AB’s vs lefty’s. Roberts also wanted Grandal to be that guy since his BA right handed has always been higher than LH. Even though most of his power is LH. But other than the 2 homers on opening day, Grandal has been pathetic at the plate. Barnes not much better……..right now all their hitters are pretty much lousy.

          1. Michael

            He was traded for, for a bat, against lefties, and that is a fact.

            That is why we gave up, one of our top young pitching, prospects.

            Believe me, they expect more, from Logan, then Kike and Scotty.

            There was talk that Kike and Scott, might not even be, on the on the major league, team, this year.

            And Kike and Scott, by themselves, would never be traded for, a top young pitching, prospect.

            Check logan’s stats, against both, lefties, and righties.

            I wasn’t just talking about Logan, when it comes lefties, I meant his stats, in general.

            But the main reason he was brought over to this team, was to help, against lefties.

            And by the way, Puig doesn’t have even one hit, against lefties, this year.

            And Puig was another player that the Dodgers, were counting on, to hit lefties.

      2. We are hitting stink50 as a team and we are at .500. This team will hit better when it warms up and guys like Toles and Thompson get more experience. In the mean time I look for teams to align their rotations to get left handed pitchers going against us 50% of the time. Our RISP incompetence is cause for concern as well. That’s lingered as long as our bungling of hitting lefties. Whatever algorithm being used to address that problem needs an update.

        Snider, we added Forsythe and Gutierrez. I guess that was supposed to allow us to mash lefties. Neither will likely tear it up, but I assume they are better than they’ve looked. Gutierrez is obviously a good FAZ fit getting hurt right away. Hopefully this is only injury.

        Braun? At what cost? Sure, I’d like to see him in the lineup, but, i think FAZ would likely overcompensate for him.

        This is going to be an interesting series. Arizona is looking good early. Hopefully we put an end to that.

        1. Badger

          I agree with everything you said, especially about, our young players, getting, more experience, and the warm weather.

          Well it is suppose to be about 64 at game time tonight, so that is 14 degrees better, then the Cub’s place.

          I am like you Badger, I think baseball, should be played only, in hot weather.

      3. Michael

        If this continues maybe they better see, if the almost everyday line up, does a better job.

        I do agree I would start Barnes against lefties, if we face lefties three times in a row, maybe I start Grandal in one of those games.

        If Segdins average was a little higher, I might think about bringing him up, but since he will only be playing part time, I don’t see him hitting major league pitching, on a part time basis well.

        But you are right about Scott, he hasn’t had good at bats.

        And really it is hard to hit major league pitching, playing part time, so we shouldn’t expect them to tear it up.

        And I think maybe our almost everyday line up, has a better chance to hit lefties, since they are getting more at bats.

        I just don’t think a part time AAAA player, is always going to hit a leftie pitcher better, then the guys in the everyday line up necessarily.

        I would start Joc against a leftie pitcher not Toles, Joc is in his third year, and he is hitting against lefties, better then against righties right now.

        1. It will be interesting to see, what adjustments, Greinke will make tonight.

          Last time we faced him, he was changing the timing of his delivery, when he wasn’t fooling our players.

          Kershaw himself, is going to want this win, more then anyone in the game tonight, because he wasn’t happy with his last start, that he lost to the Rockies.

          I just hope Kershaw can try using his other pitches more, when he is behind on the count, then his fastball.

          Because that has been part of his problem, in the post season.

          And I am hoping Chili is working today, so I can continue to get my social security.

          And by the way Chili, thanks again!

          1. Greinke shut down Cleveland for 6.2 last time out. He won’t need to adjust from that, he just needs to do it again.

            You earned your own SS check MJ, just as I earned mine. It’s not a gift from anyone.

        2. Well Segedin might or might not flourish in that role, you never know. But if it was me, this is the lineup I would run out there against all comers. Forsythe, Seager, Gonzo, Turner, Pederson, Grandal, Toles and Puig. Why Gonzo in the 3 hole? Well statistically, that is where he does the most damage. Turner is our most consistent hitter, so I have him hitting clean up. If Barnes is catching, I drop him in the 8 hole and move Toles and Puig up one spot. Gonzo and Grandal are the only two guys in the lineup with not much speed. and you have 2 hitters between them. So the DP chances go down a little. But if they continue to rotate lineups, and try to go with what they have, I do not see much chance of them doing any better against lefty’s than they are now.

          1. Michael

            I like your line up, except I like Turner hitting third, because he seems to hit better third, then fourth.

            And I want him getting more at bats, then Agone, and he will do that, hitting third.

            And really, our problem isn’t normally the top of the order, it is the players after that, in the line up.

            And really I agree about Logan leading off, because Toles is not a lead off hitter, right now.

            Maybe he will be with more experience, down the line, but Logan is better in the lead off position right now.

            Because he hasn’t been good, at hitting runs in, and his OBA is much better, then his batting, average.

            But that is to bad, because I do like his defense, on the field.

            But his strike outs are concerning, especially for a veteran player!

            And if Puig can have at bats, like he did at the begining of the season, he would probably be ok, hitting first, if we needed him.

  3. Badger

    I am not retired, but I did earn my social security money, because I did work 25 years, at one job, but thank you Badger, for the thought.

    I worked 20 years, after my bad car accident happened, and even before the job, I worked at, for 25 years.

    I was just teasing Chili because Chili said he was working for everyone, that is on SS.

    I guess my point is, that not everyone on SS, is using the system.

    And like Chili, I don’t like when anyone uses the system, because they makes it bad, for people that are really hurt.

    1. Chili’s brain is somewhere south of a chickens. SS is not an entitlement and anyone with half a brain knows that. I earned mine too. I worked hard and retired when I was allowed to by SSA. Driving a truck takes a toll on anyone who does it. Yeah, you are sitting down most of the time, but the roads, vibration from the truck and the constant noise takes a toll. I hauled reefers for years and you never really get a good nights sleep with those things running. It is actually a little better when they are on the continuous run mode, because when they are cycling, the on and off wakes you up all the time.

      1. My nephew was an OTR driver, too. He fell off his truck (bobtail) doing an inspection about a year and a half ago, really ruined one foot and ankle, permanent like. And because it happened on a Sunday and in his driveway, Workman’s Comp Insurance is fighting his claim. Took a while to get on Social Security Disability and that’s barely enough to get by on. Has to be on that two years before he can qualify for Medicare, so he’s on “OBAMA CARE now. He’s only 58 but his working days are over. Drivers should buy their own liability insurance and not trust to Workman’s Comp because the companies own them.

        1. Jonah

          That is why we need unions.

          Of course there will be people that use the union in the wrong way, but the companies really don’t care for you, you have to take care of yourself.

          And old timer told me that, when I first started, working.

          And I was a company person, but without a union, companies can treat there employees, almost anyway they want.

          I was in union, and I get most of my medical paid, from when I worked, from my employer.

          That is why I don’t believe in trickle down, economics.

          A lot of employers, won’t trickle the money down, they will instead, just
          pocket more money.

          And it has never worked.

          My doctor made me go on disability, I didn’t want to, but I was so bad at the time, I couldn’t work, even if I wanted to.

        2. Jonah

          Trump just appointed a judge to the Supreme Court, that took a companies side, against a truck driver.

          The truck drivers brakes were frozen on his trailer, so he stopped to the side, and he was waiting for help.

          But the weather got so cold, he could have freezed, so he took off his trailer on the truck, that had the bad brakes.

          And he went to a motel or somewhere warm and safe, to wait for his trailers brakes to be fixed.

          And the company fired him, for leaving his trailer on the side of freeway.

          And that judge ruled in the companies favor.

          But if he would have kept going with no brakes, he could have killed someone or himself, and if he would have stayed with his trailer, he could have freezed to death.

          1. Any good lawyer(Is that an oxymoron???) should be able to get that decision reversed. Unsafe to drive vehicle.

          2. MJ, you need to understand about the brakes. They were most likely air brakes, which are designed to lock up if they malfunction at all. There was no possibility of the trailer being moved “without brakes”. If his tractor was in operating condition, as it apparently was, the driver need only sit there in his nice heated tractor cab until a mechanic came out to repair the brakes, which would have required little time. So I assume the company fired him for not protecting his load. Tough call…

          3. He was most likely fired for not protecting his load. Air brakes will freeze if there is any water in the lines, and moisture buildup is a problem. Most trucks and trailers have bleeder valves that allow you to bleed the water out of the lines. Sometimes if the weather is really bad, the ice will build up on the brakes and they will freeze that way. I only had that happen once and it was in Colorado. I had to use a hand torch to melt the ice. Most trucks nowadays have killer heaters in them and keep you very warm. I have only had the heater on a truck fail once while I was sitting still. But I was at a truck stop waiting for my trailer to be loaded at a meat packing plant in Nebraska. Once I got back on the road, the heater started working again when the engine was at road speed. Hard for it to do that when the engine is idling at 1600 RPM.

          4. I read the truck heater wasn’t working, it was 14 below and that’s why he left. I wondered about that as trucks idle with heaters and ac units going all the time. If the heater wasn’t working, and he was forced to sit in a freezing cab ….. isn’t there some company liability there?

      2. Michael

        Yes a truck did me in too!

        I am just kidding.

        The truck didn’t help, but it was more then that, that caused me, to be on SSA.

        And there is a big difference, between SSA and SSI.

          1. If you are disabled they call it SSI…..SSA does stand for Social security admin, but when ever I fill out any paperwork for like my section 8 housing it asks if you are on SSA or SSI…..SSA is supposed to I guess in their thinking stand for retirement money.

        1. You get money based on what you made from SSA, SSI is disability insurance and can be collected at any age if you have worked and can no longer work. I know, I was on SSI for about 5 years before I got healthy again and went back to work. SSI is based on 2/3 of your earnings. So it is a lot lower than SSA.

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