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Friedman’s Time To Shine?

Alex Wood

The annual MLB trade deadline is upon us. It’s time for Andrew Friedman and his administration to step it up for the team and the fans and make some moves to put the Dodgers in position for the postseason.

The Dodgers returned home today after a successful road trip where they went 5-4, including taking 2 of 3 from the Nationals and the Cardinals.  This team despite all of its flaws and injuries that could fill up a Doctor’s office, continues to fight.  Even without ace Clayton Kershaw, this Dodger team has shown some grit.

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The Dodgers are currently 2.5 games ahead of Don Mattingly’s surprising Miami Marlins in the Wild Card race.  They have also closed within 3 games of the hated San Francisco Giants.

NL Wild card race:

Los Angeles Dodgers 56 44 .560 +2.5 30-18 26-26 435 371 +64 W2 6-4
Miami Marlins 53 46 .541 25-21 28-24 409 404 +5 L1 6-4
New York Mets 52 45 .536 0.5 26-20 26-25 362 344 +18 W1 5-5
St. Louis Cardinals 52 46 .531 1 25-30 27-16 504 409 +95 L2 6-4
Pittsburgh Pirates 51 47 .520 2

NL West race:

San Francisco Giants 58 41 .592 29-17 29-23 447 391 +56 L1 3-7
Los Angeles Dodgers 56 44 .560 2.5 30-18 26-26 435 371 +64 W2 6-4

Now the focus turns to this year’s trade deadline. The obvious current weaknesses the Dodgers have, is the rotation and left-field. The starting pitching crop this year isn’t strong like last year’s when the whiz kids passed up on pitcher Cole Hamels. Let’s take a look through Andrew Friedman’s moves as GM.

One of Andrew Friedman’s first moves as the Dodger’s GM was during the 2014 winter meetings. The Dodgers traded RHP Dan Haren, 2B Dee Gordon and SS Miguel Rojas to the Miami Marlins in exchange for C Austin Barnes, RHP David Hatcher, LHP Andrew Heaney and SS Enrique
Hernandez. They in turn flipped LHP Andrew Heaney for 2B Howie Kendrick.  Despite Kendrick’s current hot streak the jury is still out on this deal.

The 2014-15 offseason was headlined by the major signings of LHP Brett Anderson and RHP Brandon McCarthy who are injury prone. McCarthy has pitched well recently but he hardly pitches because he is always hurt or injured. It’s safe to say the jury is still out on these signings. Let’s not forget this bizarre deal during last year’s trade deadline. The Dodgers, Marlins and Braves swung one of the most complex three-team trades in recent history.

The Dodgers received right-hander Mat Latos and first baseman Michael Morse from the Marlins. They’ll also added top prospect Jose Peraza and pitchers Alex Wood, Bronson ArroyoJim Johnson and Luis Avilan from the Braves. Atlanta, in turn, received infielder Hector Olivera, lefty Paco Rodriguez and minor leaguer Zachary Bird from the Dodgers. Did you digest all that? It’s safe to say the trade was a bust for the Dodgers.

During the 2015 winter meetings, the Dodgers had a deal in place for flame throwing closer Aroldis Chapman. Chapman’s off field troubles nixed that deal. Chapman later was on route to the Yankees. As of today, Chicago Cubs GM Theo Epstein has pulled the trigger and acquired Chapman from the Yankees. The Cubs have to be the odds on favorites to win the fall classic.

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The 2016 offseason had to deal with the major blow of losing pitcher Zack Greinke to the Snakes. In response the Dodgers signed two good five inning pitchers, Scott Kazmir and Kenta Maeda. The only trade so far that the Whiz kids have made that has worked out is acquiring pitcher Frankie Montas, outfielder Trayce Thompson and infielder Micah Johnson from the Reds in a three-team trade that sent outfielder Scott Schebler, infielder Jose Peraza and minor league infielder Brandon Dixon from the Dodgers to the Reds, and Todd Frazier from Cincinnati to Chicago. These whiz kids know how to make complex deals don’t they? So this year’s trade deadline should be about this:

Tweet from Ken Rosenthal’s page:

The Andrew Friedman administration needs to take risks this trade deadline to capture a 4th straight NL West Title and advance in postseason. They need an impact bat and a pitcher to help or replace Clayton Kershaw. Andrew Friedman speaks of “impact players,” now is the time to strike without giving away all your assets. Whether that be pitcher Chris Sale or Chris Archer? Whether that be LF Ryan Braun or 3B Evan Longoria? Or more low level like hurlers such as Edison Volquez or RF Jay Bruce. I don’t know!

The Dodgers players need to be rewarded for their grit this season. The fans need to be rewarded for dealing with the Cable TV Fiasco. Oh by the way, this is Vin Scully’s last season. So Andrew Friedman, the time to strike is now for you and the Whiz kids to earn your paycheck. The jury is still out!

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

100 thoughts on “Friedman’s Time To Shine?

  1. James Moya: “They need an impact bat and a pitcher to help or replace Clayton Kershaw. Andrew Friedman speaks of “impact players,” now is the time to strike without giving away all your assets.”

    Words of wisdom and spoken like a true fan, but, remember there is no Santa Claus in MLB.

    1. Hi this is James Moya. I think Mr. Friedman just needs to be creative while getting impact players. Not necessarily big names.

      1. Hi James

        I agree, something like these would be nice.

        Utley, 1.5 OWAR (FAZ Acquired)
        Grandal, 1.2 OWAR (FAZ Acquired)
        Kendrick, 1.0 OWAR (FAZ Acquired)
        Thompson, .8 OWAR (FAZ Acquired)
        Toles, .3 OWAR (FAZ Acquired)

        Maeda, 1.9 WAR (FAZ Acquired) 113.2 IP, 3.25 ERA (Take that Greinke)
        Blanton, 1.4 WAR (FAZ Acquired) 2.06 ERA
        Liberatore, 1.3 WAR (FAZ Acquired) 1.35 ERA
        McCarthy, .8 WAR (FAZ Acquired) 1.61 ERA
        Kazmir, .4 WAR (FAZ Acquired)

        No GM gets them all right, but, the above list isn’t bad and the way some were acquired is creative, in my opinion. Let’s hope FAZ can add to the list, but remembering, sometimes the best deal is the one you didn’t make.

          1. Maybe not that bad when you consider the “Piazza Curse”.

            2014 stats:

            Ellis, .191 ba, 3 hr, .1 owar
            Butera, .188 ba, 3 hr, -.2 owar
            Federowicz, .113 ba, 1 hr, -.7 owar

            2015 stats

            Ellis, .238 ba, 7 hr, 1.6 owar
            Grandal, .234 ba, 16 hr, 1.8 owar

            2016 stats

            Ellis, .190 ba, 1 hr, -.3 owar
            Grandal, .209 ba, 13 hr, 1.2 owar

            Oh course we would all love to see Lucroy try to break the curse. FAZ is also aware of the problem, I think they drafted about 15 catchers the last two years.

        1. So a positive WAR makes for a ‘good’ acquisition? Guess lowering the bar helps build the case for FAZ being great. Some of you can only hide behind that for so long. How about those that think all things done FAZ are great and mighty tell the rest of us when you think or expect the Dodgers to win a Championships? Win a 100 games in a season? And when you think they will next win 3 consecutive NL West titles?

          1. WAR is an indication of a good acquisition. Badger tells us 1 WAR is worth $8M, most, if not all, the above players are earning their salary. I don’t know if you can believe Badger, but, that is what he says.

            What do you believe FAZ supporters are hiding behind? I don’t get it?

            Only the great and mighty OZ can tell us when to think or expect the Dodgers to win a championship or win one hundred games in a season for sure, but, my best guess “soon very soon”.

  2. “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’” –St. Anthony the Great, The Sayings of the Desert Fathers: The Alphabetical Collection

  3. Suddenly Jake Arrieta looks human. Over his last 7 games he is 2-3 with a 4.69 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP. He has walked 18 batters in his last 40 IP.

    Jason Hammel is starting his 2nd half nose dive. In his last 7 games he is also 2-3 with a 5.12 ERA.

    In his last 7 games, Jon Lester has a 5.89 ERA and a 1.50 WHIP

    John Lackey is 0-5 in his last 5 start with a 6.12 ERA and a 1.45 WHIP.

    Kyle Hendricks is the ONLY starter for the Cubs who is doing good. He is 5-0 with a .72 ERA and a 1.10 WHIP.

    Getting Chapman will help the Cubs, but their starting rotation is running on fumes… and I told you this would happen!

  4. I wouldn’t say the Alex Wood deal was a bust for the Dodgers. We didn’t give up anyone of value! And we did use Peraza to get Trayce, etc.

    But you’re right, let’s see what Freidman does. Some of these top prospects will gone. Hopefully not the wrong ones.

    1. Really? How many games has Wood won in Dodger blue? How long has Thompson and Montas been on the DL??? Has Johnson contributed at the MLB level?? So far the trade, which was billed as a block buster has been a major bust…..oh, and we got LATOS in that mess too…….

  5. James Moya – welcome to the boomtown……. All that money makes a succulent sound…..

    So the Cubs and the giants starters suddenly look vulnerable. But ours are a fearsome thing to behold, and …..”lay on mcTimmons, and damn be him who cries first for fierce cries not to gild refined gold, nor yet be refined and defined by lesser deed for the valiant die not”. Sir Winston Churchspeare. I think. I may not have the quote quite right.

    Carry on……

  6. Well they are dangling Urias in front of the White Sox and say they would be willing to deal him for Sale…….wonder how many heart attacks that would cause in Dodger land……..and Upton is now out of the league, so Kenley can rest easy…..

      1. Oh yeah. Urias and at least 2 other prospects (or cost controlled players.)

        Your competing with almost every other team out there for his services. One of the top 5 pitchers in the game today is ‘available.’ Look out.

      2. A lot more Badger. Sale has a pretty team friendly contract and a proven track record. Urias, and a couple of other top 30 prospects at least..

        1. Rumors are it will take 5.

          So we say screw 5, we’ll give you ….. Urias and 2 others? I don’t know how that would work, but I would think on a point system, a top 3 prospect has to be worth 3 others, doesn’t it?

          1. Or the Dodgers can throw in a couple of low level prospects not yet on the radar. If your good at drafting and trading that should be easy to overcome. But if I’m the White Sox, not sure Urias carries as much value as Dodger brass thinks he does. Just thinking out loud….Urias, Puig, Holmes, Kiki and another low level top prospect might get it done. I do think the Sox would take Puig, Urias, DeLeon and Kiki also but if I’m the Dodgers I do not part with both Urias and DeLeon.

            And on another note, I’m not real sure that Urias is a good fit for the White Sox just from the perspective that it is a home run ball park and a colder climate.

    1. Michael
      Did you see the stats on how successful Kenley has been this year, with only a one run lead, in the comment section, in Dodger Nation?

  7. Trading doesn’t seem to be a FAZ long suit, but they are outstanding farmers and that’s the field we should continue to till.

    1. Except Seager, Urias, De Leon, Bellinger, Verduco, Pederson, etc were all in the system prior to them coming on board.

      1. exactly….they have built a strong farm system that was under reconstruction before they arrived.

    2. Planting seeds is one thing…..bringing in the crops is another. The seeds are growing, but so is fan disgust with sideways moves, and getting so many guys out of the garbage bin. The raft of injuries is directly related to the kinds of players they have acquired. The 13 player deal with Atl, and Miami is the kind of move they like to make. And that one is a HUGE dud. They pretty much unloaded a big contract and got junk in return. Yes, they included Peraza in the trade that netted Thompson, Montas, and Johnson. Of the 3, only Johnson is currently active, and he is at AAA. Thompson has shown flashes, and Montas has potential……….there is that word again. But outside of Peraza, the other 2 players in that trade, Schebler and Dixon, were here before FAZ.

  8. Wood, Montas, Thompson and Johnson are all under Dodgers control for a long time. If you expected an INSTANT return, you will be disappointed. I tend to look at the bigger picture. We may have to look back 2-4 years from now to accurately evaluate that trade.

    1. Again Mark, that is your opinion, which is cool, but trades made at the deadline are supposed to help you make the promised land. This one flopped like a dying trout. Yes those guys are under team control, but how much they will contribute is open to question. Personally I like Thompson’s work ethic, Wood is average at best and not a rotation star. Montas we know little about except he had control problems is the majors with the Sox, and Johnson a fringe guy at best….we have a ton of those.

      1. Well said Michael. Mark’s big picture changes frequentlty. A “95 win” team should not have to trade it’s top prospect in a desperation deadline move. FAZ didn’t go bold last year and it was genius, but this year they should gut the farm and get Sale, Stanton, Fernandez, Mike Trout, Bob Gibson and Willie Mays.

        1. Badger,

          Something tells me he is not going to appreciate your sense of humor.

          So get ready for why Sale, Stanton, Fernandez and Trout all make sense ‘now’ but that Gibson and Mays are over hyped and over priced.

          On a more serious note, if FAZ had vision with all the hype that surrounded Urias they could have pulled a block buster trade for a Trout or a Stanton & Fernandez. But everyone was acting like Urias was the second coming of the combination of Kershaw and Koufax. That alone would have made me want to deal him quicker than you can say ‘FAZ is great.’

          The Dodgers could have put together a package (without gutting the farm, geez) for a Trout or a Stanton/Fernandez but someone has to have balls to do it. Something F & Z lack. AA does and that is why he is here… take over at some point.

  9. Little off topic, but I would like to ask if anyone here knows any more about Drew Maggi than just the stats which I can look up for myself. He is a shortstop just promoted to Oklahoma City from Tulsa. He came to my attention when a couple of Tulsa All-Stars said that Maggi should have been going to the All-Star game and had been a key part of the Tulsa team. I rarely hear him mentioned as a prospect; so, I was just wondering.
    Also I want to say that I hope that Vinny DiFazio, a catcher at Tulsa, makes it to play for the Dodgers. I just think it would be so neat to have a name like Vinny DiFazio on the roster and, at the same time, I know it would make Michael happy to have a replacement for Grandal.

    1. Drew Maggi is a speedster who is not particularly adept at stealing bases. He’s now 27 and spent 3 years at AA. He doesn’t hit the ball hard but gets on with his speed. That would be somewhat neutralized in the majors. He can play 6 positions and would be a utilityman at best. Solid fielder but no bat. He’s a career minor leaguer. IMHO

      1. You mean the guy that stole +30 bases at AA in a season, the same guy that broke Barry bonds freshman stolen base record at ASU and has the 4th most steals in ASU history in only 2 seasons. The guy with the +.700 ops. Try knowing what you’re talking about. Drew Maggi just needs an organization that gives him his shot. His glove alone is MLB worthy if you know baseball. He hit .280 at AAA

    2. Vinnie is 30 and simply organizational depth. If he every gets to the majors it means that Grandal, Ellus, Barnes, Farmer, Zarrago on all the others were killed.

          1. Not really MJ…I am a vet, and tired of the same old empty promises of a party that has lost touch with reality, and a candidate who lied to the FBI, and sat on her fat ass while 4 Americans died. You or I lie to the FBI and we are locked up my friend

          2. Tired of empty promises? Didn’t you say you’ve been around since the 60’s?

      1. Thanks. I didn’t have much hope. And, as much as I love the name, I wouldn’t want all those other guys to die for it.

        1. Badger I am serious about this, if Trump is elected, I fear for the U.S, especially when it comes to terrorist,

          Trump isn’t Ross Perot.

    3. I prefer someone like Farmer. A guy raised in the system. I just think Grandal is way over rated, and not all that great a player. He is a rally killer. Yes sometimes he is like a blind squirrel and finds a nut. But more often than not, he does bupkis. Leon at Rancho has a lot of skills too, but he is a few years away.

  10. To say that Trading is not FAZ’s long suit is like saying that a guy who bunts is not going to hit a HR . Yeah. I guess not. It has long been established that FAZ was not going to trade top prospects. At least last year. Unless you trade prospects trading won’t be your long suit. Even Ray Charles see s that. The system MAY be deep enough this year that they MIGHT make a deal. But it will have to make sense. They won’t do what the Cubs just did, although it makes sense for the Cubs.

    1. Mark
      Since 1958
      Is a Faz supporter, so even at this time, he isn’t quite convinced, about there trades yet.

  11. I suggested a month ago that the Braintrust might well trade Kenley Jansen since they won’t extend him since all relievers are fungible. Well, I’m not the only one speculating this way. Here is from the Braintrust lovers at Dodgers Digest this morning:

    “Like I said, this isn’t going to happen. But it’d be foolish to think the conversation hasn’t already happened among members of the front office. If this is the market for an elite reliever — and the price has always been high for elite relievers — then it’d fit this front office’s MO to trade Jansen.”


    “I love Kenley Jansen. He’s definitely the glue that holds one of baseball’s best bullpens together. And he’s a really good guy overall. But if he hits free agency, he isn’t coming back — not because he doesn’t want to, but Andrew Friedman has shown a reluctance to spend big money on a premiere reliever. He never had the chance to do so with Tampa Bay, but if he hasn’t extended Jansen by now (something that is baffling, really), odds are, he isn’t going to.”

    While the Braintrust may simply let Jansen walk at the end of the season, it would fit its MO to trade Jansen for prospects, even in the middle of a pennant race rather than to get nothing for him. Can you imagine what Dodger fans might think to have Blanton and Libertore closing games while Jansen closes for some other contender?

    Note that the Cubs traded prospects for Chapman because they are serious about trying to win it all this year; anyone here think that the Dodgers would have traded their top position player prospect for a 3 month rental of Chapman to try to win this year?

    1. No!

      I would consider a trade. They ain’t bringing him back. Too expensive and he’s not in the top 4 as a closer. I wish Montas were healthy. I wonder about Bud Norris as s closer.

      1. You really believe Norris has closer stuff??? Well I guess anything is possible, but I also think no.

      2. Bud Norris? I agree that below average starters should go to the pen before being shown the door….. but not to anchor the bullpen. But when mediocre is the word, Bud Norris fits the bill.


        1. NO championship this year – sorry. Maybe 2018? Not in 2019 though – Kershaw can opt out after 2018.

          1. Yeah rick, that’s one of the main reason I said ’18. I figured he would follow the well proven go ape in a contract year plan and have a 1.00 ERA, 350 strikeouts and 25 wins in ’18. Might not work out that way now. We may have seen the best of Clayton.

    2. I think the Cubs could do that, because there minor league system is stocked deep with prospects.

      And because it has been more then 100 years, for the Cubs.

      1. 30 years, 100 years……. So maybe when everyone that was living in 1988 has died off than it will become a priority to maybe go for it again. 70+ years to go before we go for it. I think I’m getting it now. Patience is needed. Our grandkids will get to experience the next Championships……maybe.

  12. I think it is hard to compare Theo to Friedman, because Theo has never worked for a small market team, like Friedman has.

    And that is why everyone wonders how this transition is going to happen, with so little experience at a big market team.

    1. There is an excuse for everything.

      So can one then say that Friedman wasn’t thought highly of (or interviewed well) to be considered for a large market team?

      In other words, lower on the pecking order.

      BUT he is now with a large market team. 94 wins in 2014 (prior to him arriving), 92 wins last year and this year in about 2 months we’ll know where the win total stands. Stay tune for the many excuses that will be coming.

  13. Chris Archer is pitching tonight, that should be interesting.

    I want to see him pitch, but I still want the Dodgers to hit him well, and win this game.

    They are saying the Rays pitching match ups at Dodger stadium, were lined up for a reason.

  14. I am reminded of George McClellan – you know, the Union Civil War general?

    He was great at organizing things – could recruit an army, train it, get it all spit and polished, and then not fight. He was cautious and always afraid that he was outnumbered. He asked for reinforcements and wouldn’t attack.

    Badger observed in the last thread:

    “I don’t believe FAZ is incapable of pulling off the big move. I’m saying I haven’t seen it yet. The biggest move they’ve made, in my estimation, is rebuilding management and rebuilding it system wide. Looks like an organizational house cleaning to me. To what end? Well, if we look at how other organizations have done it, I would say the end is a championship but it isn’t now, it’s out there a few years and it’s going to include more, and less.”

    Yesterday, Chili observed:

    “So some of you do not want to trade anyone that has a high ‘projection’ (top prospects) and some of you also do not want to sign any players that have performed well in their careers (you know those that are seeking big $, longer term contracts)…..How in the hell do you expect the Dodgers to compete with the top tier teams?”

    A bold GM determines whether his team is a contender and if he thinks that it is, gets the players to put it over the top.

    A George McClellan focuses on the structure, the organization, counting paperclips, making sure that the training is good, but then won’t fight.

    Last year, the team was poised for a post-season run and McClellaned the whole thing, getting Mat Latos and Alex Wood instead of a difference maker, but hey, the Dodgers have a great farm system.

    Now, Kershaw is on the shelf for an undetermined period of time. Greinke is too, albeit for another team. The Cubs are loaded as are the Nats and until last week the hated Giants had the best record in baseball. The Cubs and Red Sox have already made big deals to make a move for the post-season. Dodger fans have to debate whether making a similar move makes any sense given Kershaw’s injury but even if Clayton came back in a week, does anyone here think that the Braintrust is going to do the Grant/Lincoln thing and attack, or McClellan again, being cautious when taking a chance could give the Dodgers a chance to win it all?

    The Dodgers’ longest run without an World Series appearance until now was 1920-1941. Now, 1988-2016 and growing.

    1. Dodger rick
      I think this year’s team, has more gumption, then last year’s team.

      I think this year’s team, would have not batted, or acted like the last game was over, after Murphy hit that HR, in the last play off game, like last year’s team did.

      And I think that Roberts and his staff, has made that difference.

      1. I find it impossible to predict. My gut tells me we need too much, then I watch as the team that lost more when Kershaw didn’t pitch starts winning more when he goes down. Is .600 sustainable? Iontkno.

      2. It is all perception MJ. Neither last years team, nor this years are great with men on base. Why? As far as giving up, I doubt last years guys gave up easy. Especially that last game. You are up and your ace, for last year at least gives up a HR that costs you the game. Sound familiar? CK did the same thing against the Cardinals the year before. And 2013 Hanley goes down and the Dodger are deader than Julius Caesar. I saw no quit in last years team. I saw them beat by a superior pitching performance…that has a lot to do with whether you win or lose..Roberts has been a positive influence, but they were a pretty positive bunch last year who limped into the playoffs. Lucky for them that they got where they did because a backup catcher named Ellis started to hit, while the starter, Grandal floundered. Ellis should have started game 5. Not Grandal…

        1. Michael
          I’m talking about the whole season really, but after the seventh inning last year there were very few comebacks.

        2. And that was part of the problem.

          Both Grandal and Joc shouldn’t have been in that game.

          Both had been hitting below 200 for at least since the Allstar break, and that was Mattingly, not the front office.

    2. 1. Friedman was offered jobs with big market teams. In fact, Jon Heyman said Friedman was offered the Cubs job before Theo! BING!

      2. Here’s a blog from 2011 comparing Friedman and Epstein: BANG!

      3. I had forgotten that Theo was the dope-fiend who signed Crawfish! BANG!

      4. You guys are kicking the cat for 28 years of not winning the World Series, but Friedman was only here for the last one. ONE! BANG!

      5. Why was Epstien available for the Cubs job? Because he would getting run outta’ Boston for a series of dope-fiend moves and implosion of the team! BANG!

      6. “A bold GM determines whether his team is a contender and if he thinks that it is, gets the players to put it over the top.” Lots of BOLD GM”s looking for jobs! BOOM!


          That’s a lot of bang for your bing.

          Im not persuaded.

          Friedman was hired in October of ’14. ’14 from ’16 is not ONE!

          1. OH, I did not know this year was over? You are good with fractions are you?

      1. The blog/article attached is one persons view point but coincidentally even he states that the Cubs were pursuing Theo, not Friedman. So statements 1 and 2 are incorrect.

        Point 3…..who cares who he signed. He won 2 rings in a 4 year period.

        Point 4….yes Friedman has been here the last 2 seasons, and the teams win totals are declining.

        Point 5….Theo was looking for new challenges but ironically shortly after he left the Red Sox won another title. Must have been something left in the cupboards. Did the Rays win a title after Friedman left?

        Point 6…..and one of those bold move GM’s is working for the Dodgers.

        Try again.

        1. Point 1 & 2: Not true because one guy said it? You can do better than that.

          Point 5: Yeah they fleeced the Dodgers and got rid of the STUPID contracts Theo did!

      1. True. Probably difficult to send troops into battle knowing 30,000 lives would be lost and many arms and legs severed.

        He just didn’t realize that by not sacrificing 100,000 lives early in the war it would cost 700,000 lives before the war would end.

  15. On Bleacher Report they are saying Sale for Urias, Sborz or De Jong, Calhoun, Barnes, Montas or Holmes. Would you do it?

      1. Yeah, me too. I think. Don’t know if I follow all who is involved there. Urias and 3 others not named DeLeon or Holmes. How about Urias, Wood, Latos, Johnson, Anderson, Hatcher, Kobe Bryant, Darwin Barney and Miguel Rojas.

  16. I would do it if we kept Holmes and Montas. In the “or” group I would give up Sborz and De Jong. A lot would depend on Kershaw. If he goes under the knife, then I would not do this deal.

  17. If you don’t trade, you’re either cautiously astute or afraid to gamble.
    If you trade and it works out, you were indeed wise.
    If you trade and it doesn’t work out, you were incredibly stupid.
    Why does anyone want a job like that?

      1. I’ve had far more difficult, and dangerous jobs that paid a lot less than several million a year. Let me try this one for a year. If I make it worse, fire me.

        1. I could do it for a year, and they probably would fire me because I know a few players who would be gone very fast

    1. 7 million reasons why……..and that is each year. Must be tough to Not do anything significant and make $7M dollars every year.

  18. IF SOMEONE HAS ENOUGH MONEY – I CAN PROVE FRIEDMAN WAS OFFERED THE CUBS JOB BEFORE THEO! I am willing to bet $25,000.00 that it is true!

    I can supply the proof…

    1. No proof in that article that he was offered the job. Again all talk and speculation. It’s called the vetting process.

      Once the Cubs received approval from Boston to talk with Theo in October 2011, that became their guy. Friedman was an after thought and was never offered the job.

      Friedman might have been their 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice but definitely not their first.

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