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Dodgers’ Fifth Starter Race Becomes Fire As Jeremy Kehrt Burns Up

Just before the Dodgers began today’s split-squad games against the Padres and Brewers, the question about who will emerge from Spring Training as the fifth starter became a burning heap of empty jerseys and cleats.

The Dodgers optioned Zach Lee back the minors, Brandon Beachy was listed as sitting out for a few games because of elbow tenderness, and the last man standing, Mike Bolsinger, was suddenly scratched from his start today because of abdominal tightness. 8-year minor leaguer Jeremy Kehrt was quickly called up, handed jersey number 00, and sent to the mound against the Padres. The results were not pretty.

In his first inning Kehrt surrendered a couple of hits, but escaped without any runs scored, due partly because of a great throw out by Yasiel Puig from right field to third base.

The pitching rotation mess that had been smoldering all spring, symbolically turned into a full-on blaze as Kehrt was lit up by the Padres in the second inning.

Ol’ number 00, Kehrt, was taught a stinging lesson in the differences between minor and major league hitting by the Padres bats, giving up a steady stream of singles and doubles. The score was 3-0 before he was able to record the first out of the inning.

The next batter promptly singled and the score jumped to 4-0. Kehrt’s pitches did nothing but miss the corners and zero in on the middle of the plate. The Padres simply squared up and tee’d off. After 7 hits and 6 runs in the inning, manager Dave Roberts went out to the mound to presumably say what Kehrt painfully already knew, “It aint your day, kid.”

Kehrt wore number 00 on his back, but unfortunately, he put up way too many of the other kind of numbers.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

106 thoughts on “Dodgers’ Fifth Starter Race Becomes Fire As Jeremy Kehrt Burns Up

  1. Was it Badger that said Kershaw and the 4 stooges?

    I don’t have this team as bad as the 2005 club but I think they fit the mold of the 2010 squad, 80-82, that is my prediction, wait, I said under 80, ok, 79-83. The 2010 club even had a healthy Kuroda and Billingsley following Kershaw for the entire season which I would take over any of our 4 stooges this year. 13th in pitching in 2010, I see them somewhere around this mark, or worse. They had the 21st ranked offense which is almost identical to last year, seems about right.

    This is not a competitive team this year and it is a shame because I will be at the Ravine in September for the Giants series, what timing on my part, can’t wait to see the next Mat Latos.

    1. Four dwarves, four stooges – the same either way.

      On the plus side the box score shows Kazmir pitched better. Did anyone see him? Was he any better?

      1. I saw him. He looked ok. Started out not missing bats but finished ok. 1 earned in 4. Not sure of pitch count.

  2. There are some who think the world of the new brain trust, and repeat it often. I, along with many others, can see that we have a very big problem and I believe it starts and ends with this brain trust. They make all kinds of moves but never really address the current state of the Dodgers, they need pitching and they need it bad. Despite available talent on the market, they repeatedly refuse to take any pitchers unless they are “a deal”. These deals are not deals when they continue to dump good money after bad. Okay, they might occasionally cash in, but more times than not, they end up looking like bargain basement shopping fools. Why go to all the effort to address everything else but quality pitching? Itjust doesn’t make sense, they keep repeating the same mistake and yet expect a different result. Enough Moneyball bullshit mentality!

    1. I am one of the posters that supports what the “brain trust” is working towards. Can you be more specific regarding the “despite available talent on th emarket, they repeatedly refuse to take any pitchers unless they are “a deal””? Please name the available talent!

  3. So how are the guys looking? Two games today, and more down the slide they fall.

    The question marks prior to Spring Training — seem to be most of the same question marks.

    Pederson looks about the same, except that he might be more screwed up than before at the plate. Guerrero has had some nice hits, so he crowds the roster again. Grandal seems to be hitting just fine. Barnes has started some games at 2b as well as catcher, like him.

    Seems like 15 different guys have been at SS now.

    Van Slyke leads the team with 12 hits, followed by Bellinger with 10, Ethier has 10 and so does Micah Johnson and catcher Zarraga. Barnes has 9, Pederson 9, Segedin at 3b has 8, and Thompson and Utley both have 8.

    RBI leader is Culberson, an infielder. Barnes and Segedin both have 8.

    Of the 33 pitchers who have pitched so far: Jamie Wright has the highest ERA at 14.54, about right for Wright.

    So just about half through with Spring Training. Need to see the hard work continue.

    1. They said his velosity was up, and his velosity was fine, so I assume, in the 90s. I wish Roberts at least had as good of a rotation, as Mattingly did. They said that Frias is in the running for the number five now, and possibly, they would have Lee come back. That doesn’t sound good about Bolsinger.

    2. On the telecast yesterday Hersheiser mentioned that he often came out of Spring Training with a fast ball in the 80’s–that it took the triple deck stadiums to boost the adrenalin to get him into the 90’s.

  4. Saw Andrew Heaney pitch against the Rangers today. Wish we had him. (But I love Kendrick). Why do teams like the Angels bring pitchers up when they feel the need, but our stupids wait until just the right moment when they are a certain age, with a certain work load under their belts, with a certain ????????? before they give them the ball? Our player development still stinks, and our prospects are not as good as we think they are. After being down in the desert for a better part of a week, I have concluded that all the talk of our minor league system with all its prospects is a bunch of bull. We baby these guys. We don’t teach them to play and compete. The Angels seem to treat their players like men, whatever their age, while we spoon feed our young, so when they fail, they crash and burn. You can almost count on it. Year after year. Nothing has changed. This season will suck. Sending Lee down with this situation should make all of us re-questioning our payer development. I don’t think they know what they are doing, and I am already sick of our new manger and his blue colored glasses.

    1. The manager usually has input into the makeup of the 25 man roster but the front office usually has more – it is the front office’s job to provide and select the players.

      I would love to see one of the young starters get the chance to see what he can do rather than a spare part or injured guy.

    2. Well, Heaney is 25 and put in four years in the minors, but I see your point. Our player development has been lagging for several years, compared to the Cards and (it pains me to say it) the Giants. That’s probably the reason for a shake-up in PD last season. Hopefully the Quakes success last year is a sign that things are headed in the right direction but I’m afraid it will take time to see results.

      1. The Cards let Wacha pitch as a youngster and he beat the Dodgers in the playoffs a few years back but that was followed by lots of time on the injured list. I am not sure he is all the way back to his earlier form.

    3. Heaney was never really the Dodger’s prospect to trade. It was a three-way trade, so even having Heaney thrown into that trade package was contingent of him then being flipped for Kendrick. It’s not like the Dodgers could say, “Ya know, I think we’re just going to keep this Heaney kid after all.”

      I don’t think you really want to the Angels as a model of player development being that they probably have the absolute worst minor league system in baseball. And as someone pointed out, Heaney is 25. Julio Urias is 19, and has two starts above AA.

      I dunno about the Dodgers exactly sucking this year, but they might be mediocre. Bleacher Report thinks so.

      1. Dodger patch I think if the Dodgers, can stay close, until Ryu makes it back in the rotation, they will have a good chance, to be much better, then they look right now. Because if Ryu slides in, under Kershaw, that will make the pitching rotation, look much better.

        I would have Maeda be the number three, and have Kazmir, as the number four, even though I know Kazmir is going to pitch, in the two slot. And Kazmir looks much better, as the Dodger’s number four.

        I think that Maeda will have the advantage on the hitters, when he first faces them, because they haven’t seen him pitch. And I do think he is better, then some think.

        The Dodgers will probably have to reset the pitching rotation, after the Allstar break anyways, because they will be having hopefully, Ryu and MCCarthy coming back.

        I think the Dodgers right now, need to bring the momentum back, that they had, at the begining of spring training, because they have been playing sloppy. And they don’t have that same feel good feeling, that they had, at the begining of spring training .

        I know this is just spring training, but this is more the core major league players, playing right now, after the cuts, then in the begining. And opening day, is only two weeks away.

  5. FAZ has been in control for one season. ONE SEASON! Yet, so many of you are so much smarter than them. I wonder why you didn’t get the job instead? Oh, I know why – you think you are qualified, but you have no clue. I know I’m not qualified and that gives me a clue.

    Soon, the season will start and we will see who is right and who is wrong and believe me, I will talk CRAZY if I am right because I have endured your drivel for over a year!

    On the other hand, you can pile on me if I am wrong. I think, however, that many of you live in a purely fantasy world. Do you have any idea what problems other teams have? I could go on and on, but most of you wouldn’t get it anyway…

    It’s time to shut up and let the team talk! Many of you don’t know your a$$ from Cleveland! If you think I have insulted you, get back with me later. You might have that chance (or not). It’s all “scoreboard” in 2016!

    Some days it’s like being in a beauty salon with a bunch of old women…

    P.S. I still love you!

    1. If I have a problem with what you say Mark it would be that you are too wishy washy. Stop beating around the bush. .

    2. Look, even you can’t be too happy about what has happened to the starters this Spring. It is a combination of bad luck and bad planning. As you have said before, pitchers get hurt – it’s the nature of pitchers. So guys like Bolsinger without an injury history get hurt. But the bad planning is hiring all of the injured or injury-prone guys. It comes as no surprise when Beachy or Anderson go down.

      My objection to the plan is that the Braintrust has opted for quantity over quality when it comes to starters, hoping to get through to when the kids are ready. I don’t forgive them for not resigning Greinke. That being said, why keep letting marginal pitchers pitch when they allegedly have the crown jewels waiting in the minors? Surely one of those guys is close enough to being ready that they should give them a try.

      And what makes you any smarter than I am? You can criticize a fan for having an opinion that doesn’t involve having his lips surgically-attached to the Braintrust’s behind, because they are smarter or more knowledgeable but that assumes that your assessment of their efforts thus far are more correct. I’ll bet you were plenty critical of Colletti – what makes you smarter or more knowledgeable than he is?

      1. I don’t think the Dodgers are as stacked as the Cubs, and their starting rotation is obviously not the Mets, but can they hang on until after the All Star break? By then a hopefully healthy Ryu will be in the rotation, and perhaps we can get some help from McCarthy…and maybe DeLeon will be ready.

        As Badger points out, the Dodger offense could be pretty decent if some reasonable stars align. Out of the gate, it’s definitely better than it was last year with Rollins and Uribe and a non-hitting Ellis getting at bats….and the Dodgers were raking at the beginning of last year. If you go through the entire lineup, all of these guys have the potential to be very productive offensively. I would even say there’s not a really big weakness…..maybe Pederson and a real leadoff spot. Question marks, yes, but all of these players have shown with recent past performance that they’re pretty good.

        Right now all of this dumpster fire hang ringing and “oh my god, the Dodgers are going to suck” talk is over the 5th starting pitcher spot. ….It’s the 5th starting pitcher spot. It’s not like Kershaw is getting Tommy John, people.

  6. Mark is wedded to his opinion. He rebounds well from being wrong though. He’s got years of experience at it. After the Cubs, or whoever, win the World Series and we don’t, we will all still be morons. Facts don’t get in the way of opinion with some. He’s right about one thing – FAZ only has one season under their belts. Two off seasons Actually three off seasons if you count last year’s regular season. So, one year, three seasons. Seems longer, doesn’t it?

    Obviously if everybody hits we can still be a very good team. The pitching has some stitches that are yet to come and some that haven’t healed, but if the 70 year old second baseman holds up, Puig and Pedserson rebound, ROY, Grandal, Turner, Crawford, Ethier- if all those guys stay on the field for 162, we could score some runs. That’s an enormous IF, I know, but I’m hopeful. And maybe this time at the deadline they’ll have the balls to go for it………..

    Nah. It’s still 2018.

  7. Mark, with all your huffing and puffing talk — the last time you were right was back in 1988, but then you probably gave up on the Dodgers facing the bashing A’s.

    F&Z have really not helped this roster. Instead, they have helped the medical industry needing more medical supplies for surgery and repairing of players.

    This has been a year of smoke and mirrors. Of hoping that some guy returning from injury and make it back. Many fell on their faces.

    And all of these rookies — do not become superstars the first or even second season.

    From what I have seen this Spring Training. Assuming Joc starts in centerfield, better have Thompson on the 25 man squad because he seems to be the best outfielder in the bunch when Roberts has to sit Joc for awhile to get his head in the game. So, in my book — Crawford goes. Just let him go.

    1. Well said Roger, though I wait to see if Crawford is healthy. He’s not that old, 34, and can still do things to help this team win. We have a group of guys his age on this team. If we cut them all loose it signals too loudly a youth movement, and though we give lip service to getting younger, actually doing it apparently sends the wrong message to the moronic fan base.

      Point of order: Kazmir’s velocity is not of any real importance. He doesn’t throw hard, hasn’t for some time now. His “art of the out” is spin, change of speeds and location. He needs to hit his spots, not 94 on a radar gun. If he hits 90 it should be good enough – as long as it isn’t center cut.

    2. Roger I like Thompson too, but he doesn’t need to be on the twenty five, because the Dodgers can put him on a plane, from AAA. It will be better, so that Thompson, can be playing everyday, instead of on the bench. The same with Barnes. There is no place for Barnes on the twenty five, unless AJ or Grandal get hurt. And we don’t need Barnes for second, because we have a glut of players, who play second base.

  8. Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if Chapman, baggage and knucklehead and suspension, he could be utilizing the present time readying to step into the rotation. Doing something along the lines of that makes a lot of sense to me. But what do I know? I’d still have Gordon on the team. I’m admitting that neither teams fielded for the games played yesterday and all the preseason games so far are not the team we’ll see come day one of the coming season. I saw several things that tell me both offense and defense will be improved over last seasons. But not so with pitching. It appears this F/O has their own way of building a rotation and bullpen and are going to stick to that ‘plan’ no matter. Dodger Stadium is a pitcher’s park and it seems they forgot to put that data into their computers. I’m not totally against these guys but they sure ain’t as good as some feel while not as bad as some feel. The best they got was inherited from the previous F/O and the money they’ve spent isn’t showing a hell of a lot of promise yet. I hope it will but so far they ain’t making it easy to get on board with their way of doing things. At least so with pitching. My heart wanted Greinke but there’s not a valid way of thinking he deserves getting that sort of stupid money. But dumping stupid money in the penny slots ain’t gonna hit a big jackpot either. I’m hoping there’s a solid answer in our prospects soon to step up and floor us. We all know who I’m talking about – those kids picked by Colletti.

    1. I’ve got to repair something with my blabber above. I do believe FAZ did an XLNT signing with our new Japanese pitcher. I think our new Japanese pitcher’s enthusiasm provided the details. I’m betting he’s gonna show a bit of what he’s made of today. I want more energy like his.

      Speaking of energy…….Energy equals mass times the speed of light times the speed of light. It’s no wonder I have no energy!

  9. I saw Don Drysdale pitch in his last couple of seasons. It seemed to my eyes that he was throwing without much velocity. One could even read “National League” on the ball as it left his hand for the plate. That is if you sat in one of the first 3 rows.

    Anyway, he won by putting the ball in spots and great location.

  10. Badger, on the roster and Crawford: 12 pitchers in some kind of order . . . then 13 fielders.

    Grandal / Ellis


    Utley / Kendrick



    Ethier / Pederson / Puig

    Van Slyke / Hernandez

    + 1 more to make 13 == Guerrero, Thompson, Barnes, Crawford

    Heavens, I think this team needs Guerrero and Thompson and Barnes. So Kendrick needs to be dealt.

    If they sit Pederson for some games, I do not like Ethier or Puig in Center. And Hertnandez seems to me just average out there. Thompson seems to have some pop in his bat. So the braintrusts still have the outfield problem – and it is still here.

    1. I think the Dodgers have the position players now to provide a good offence and defense and those players will get the job done through 2017. Pitching does not play out that well though.

      The best use of payroll would be to platoon Crawford/SVS in LF and Ethier/Thompson in RF and replace those platoons with Diaz and Verdugo in 2018. Yes, that means the Dodgers can do without Puig.

      Now I realize Puig could be the next Clemente so if Puig is traded the Dodgers need to get a great return. By trading Puig, FAZ could be reincarnating the Frank Howard for Claude Osteen trade.

      Willie Calhoun or Micah Johnson, unless traded, should replace Kendrick in 2018 or sooner. Bellinger will replace Agon in 2018 or sooner even though Agon is signed through 2019.

      I think the Dodgers need a great rotation addition more than they need Puig.

      1. Interesting take Bum. I’m listening to anything and everything now.

        But we are going to need every ounce of offense this team can produce and Puig might be the best bat in this entire organization. I say MIGHT be. I keep him. I think we are stuck with Crawford, but I don’t believe that is necessarily a bad thing. A platoon with SVS makes sense to me. And since I’m not really all in on this year, I think we can move Ethier for some Destination 2018 A ballers. Not sure of that, but I’d look into it. I still can’t figure “why Kendrick” but he’s here so we have 4 second basemen, with Johnson and Hernandez my first choice in the “I don’t really want it” platoon with Utley. Look, I admit I’m throwing darts at this point. I don’t understand the construct of this roster and I’m even more f’d up than usual this morning cuz I just tore my gastroc working out and I’m on drugs with my leg up on ice. Dammit. This getting old sh*t is hard on a young guy like me.

        1. The Dodgers needed Howard’s offense more than this Dodger team needs Puig’s offense. That Osteen Dodger team didn’t have a very good platoon to replace Howard.

          What is the biggest worry about this team? Pitching or Hitting?

          1. Pitching.

            But I’m on record – I think we should be prepared to say ef it this year. LAST year was our year and we swallowed an olive. We now may very well be in “wait til next year” mode. It’s not easy for me to say that, especially this early, but it just hasn’t felt right to me for months. Puig has 50 WAR potential over the next 8-10 years. I keep a rope around that and only move it if he forces me to do so by being a bobblehead again this year.

            I don’t know what to say about real starting pitching other than the great ones are damned expensive. I hope the studs we have in the stable are as good as advertised.

          2. Biggest worry(ies):
            Starting pithing
            Position players over 30
            Who will be running the team
            Defense? Not sure about that one.

    1. B17 is stealth. He drops some interesting posts that kind of go under the radar.

      I was thinking about his point regarding the Angels and I wonder if their minor league system isn’t graded high because, unlike us, they bring their minor leaguers up. I know that’s true about the Cardinals. Having a top rated system is less important to some.

      I’m also wondering if Bobbie is a guy. No offense meant of course, but the ie spelling has me curious. The drugs are really kicking in so, stand by. I’m liable to type anything at this point.

        1. Bobbi would definitely be toward the female gender and Bobbie, based on popular usage, is 13.490 times more common for Bobbie to be a girl’s name.

          1. Damn. An algorithm for names. FAZ got nothin on the Report team. Bum got this saber rattlin thing down.

            Maybe bobbie is a British cop. From the 17th precinct house. Just in case, I want him to know my disdain for cops is contained within our own borders. Got no quarrel with British cops. In fact, I respect how things are done over there.

        2. Bobbie is kind of what Pat was, on Saturday night live.
          And Badger it is more, that Bobby with a Y, is a guy’s name, then Bobbie, with a ie, is a girl’s name.
          I do wonder why Robert, had the shortened name Bobby?
          And why is the name Richard, have the shortened name, that starts with a D?

  11. I think he has addressed this before and is definitely a male.

    Also, thanks for the birthday wishes MJ, but although I was celebrating in Ireland last week, the actual day is a month away!
    This way I can cram more in.

    1. Just how many antique pisces come here to comment? Born under a rough sign. Being pisces means it’s always complicated.

  12. FYI: I am an old guy. As follow up: I just think you use youth to fill a need sometimes. Lee has never been given a real shot at starting. He needs about half a dozen starts to see if he can adjust to this level. A spot start, up and down, doesn’t do that. I still think he is a long shot. By now, someone would have “discovered” the guy. Stripling is a good candidate. Give him some starts. The suits really do not trust youth because they have no measure, like experience. Frankly, they are afraid…I mean afraid…to pull the trigger on these young guys because they are afraid of being wrong. That’s why they go with the measurables like experience, speed, size, etc. I see a lot of fear of failure with this group, and I realize the pressure they are under, but that is not way to run an organization.

    1. I agree with you old Bobbie guy. But young players are the commodity in which they deal. That’s how things were done in Tampa and Oakland and why both these guys were hired! I still think they are waiting until the old guys, some of whom THEY signed, are finally gone. When is that? 2018.

      1. Badger your being sexist. It is not how Bobbie spells there name, that you are talking about, your talkng about there assessment. And I don’t think, that you are right, about that assessment. I know you just celebrated your birthday, but I didn’t think, another year, would put you over, to the dark side.

        1. I don’t follow you MJ. But then I’m high.

          I do see you misspelled a word. The correct spelling is sexiest.

          1. Badger I was just messing with you, but Good thing your on meds, sexiest. It is nice to see that you have joined the rest of us, in la la land.

    2. Old Man 17, I try to be supportive of the F/O team but I plan to be a little snarky toward them until they get the Dodgers into the WS. We don’t know how much they were willing to give up to get Hamals, Price, Cueto, etc. All of us might have turned down what was being demanded from the Dodgers in a trade for an Ace.

      Scherzer was the Dodgers best opportunity. He wound up signing a back end loaded contract and with all the money the Dodgers have, i would have thought they could have offered more on the front end (something like 2 years at $39M/yr) with an opt out after two years and offered something like $10M a year for years 3 through 8 with an annual opt out clause.

      I also think in hind site that the Dodgers should have told Greinke that they were going to sign Zimmerman if Greinke did not commit by a certain early date.

      1. Bums, I agree in hindsight that Scherzer would have been the best choice. I feel that Kasten should have offered Greinke an extension after the 2014 season, before Friedman was even hired, and if he didn’t take it, plan accordingly. Those three aces might have carried us to the World Series even with Mattingly at the wheel. Then let Greinke walk this year but at least you still have two aces to build a rotation around.

      2. Bum Zimmerman, really sold himself short. Didn’t Cueto get more? I wish the Dbacks would have got Cueto, when they tried.

          1. Bum I think your right about that, because Greinke was so happy, to hear from the Dbacks, at the last moment. It sounded like he really didn’t want to deal, with signing with the Giants, because that would have had, a big reaction, from his team mates, and from the fans.

  13. I think Bobbie is a girl’s spelling, so I’ll assume she’s a girl, until I’m corrected.

    For now, let Zach Lee or Stripling battle for the 5th spot. At least they have upside, unlike the retread group of Brett Andersons we throw out there.

    1. Bobby I don’t see a battle between Lee and Stripling. Lee pitched eight innings, and gave up four runs. Stripling no runs given up, and has struck out a lot a hitters. The only reason that Lee is in these talks, is because he has been in AAA, the longest, and maybe the front office, hopes that Lee can pitch a few games, and maybe bring up, his value a little. And Stripling hasn’t pitched in AAA I believe, but he has looked the best, of the young bunch.

  14. Well, Bobbie17 took that well but I am still wondering, why is it important? As far as I am concerned, admittedly a newcomer, a woman’s input is just as valid as anyone else that posts.

      1. Don’t think it was important- just someone observing a certain spelling.
        In my time here (4 yrs) certainly haven’t noticed any anti female sentiment.

        In fact, MJ who is a prolific poster here, is one of the most popular on the site, so let’s not stir up something that isn’t there.


        1. Michelle, ma belle
          These are words that go together well
          My Michelle

          Michelle, ma belle
          Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
          Tres bien ensemble

          1. Beatles! Bum Joc has two hits, against a good pitcher. I can’t see the game, but I have been following the live thread.

      2. Since I have been old enough to vote, fifty-some years, there hasn’t been a good, nay, make that acceptable, person nominated by either party. Our political system might well be dead, just not chopped down yet. I don’t know the answer…

    1. I went inside a unisex haircut shop and asked them which sex they cut and was told both. I needed the haircut but being pisces I was confused so I got on my unicycle went home and cut it myself.

  15. I just didn’t want to say “him” if Bobbie was female. It’s the take that’s important, not the gender. b17 is a thoughtful guy whose posts usually get me to thinking.

    As for President, I’m still thinking Green Party and I don’t even know the candidate’s name. I wish Bernie was 10 years younger. I’m thinking Loser may be right with 11:05 post.

    1. When the top four contenders are basically unelectable, that makes one electable by default. But, I am feeling the Bern.
      I am also liking Barnes . . . thinking of making AJ a coach that stays in shape in case he has to be
      re-activated if Barnes can’t make it.

      1. hp, can Grandal stay healthy enough to play? I think most of the catching is going to be shared by Ellis and Barnes. I trade Grandal before he proves he can’t stay off the injured list.

        1. Bums I think your observation about Grandal, is right on.
          He doesn’t protect himself, like he should, because the way he holds his glove, to make sure the pitchers, get there pitches, called.
          I can’t think what is called right now, but you are right on about that.
          He leaves his glove there to long, at times.

  16. The best way for Bernie and for Hillary — is to run together on one ticket. Never really been done before, both either about or over 70 years old. But the younger crowd loves Bernie and Hillary will need that sum total. But that is for the Dems.

    Republicans are just about done killing themselves off. Now that The Donald is in the lead, the old king of the mountain, Romney, speaks — but no one is listening.

    Maybe the Dodger game today will be on MLB.TV, will look and see.

    1. Roger I could go for that ticket. And I don’t think, either candidate, would have any problem, with it. I think there is some definite respect, between both candidates, unlike, the Elephants.

    2. Bernie’s talent and message would be wasted in a VP role. There’s no way he would accept the position even if asked from someone like Hillary Clinton.

  17. They are showing it on Dodger Nation. The last time, it didn’t work for me there, but today it is. I was trying to find a way to see the game today, and I missed the first three innings, I hope they keep some of the major leaguers, in the game, for a little longer. I wanted to see Maeda pitch. The game tommorow, is on TWC.

  18. Did you guys see that they are giving Ethier, another bone scan? And they said Grandal left the game, because he was hurt.

    1. Bum wouldn’t that be funny, if Crawford was the last player standing? I think that he has had a back issue, already.

  19. A bone scan suggests they looking at the cancellous (inner) bone. If damaged, that’s a serious injury that could take weeks, or even months, to heal.

    What’s wrong with Grandal?

    1. Thanx, I think. I did a small repair reply to my 8:00 comment at 1:08 that I’m inwardly, and now outwardly as well, gloating in. Shame on me but sometimes I get a fair view from this tore up uncomfortable couch. I couldn’t find any streams till after the game. If I had a brain I’d be dangerous….or notorious? Wait, neither make sense, or…

  20. Maybe F&Z forgot to figure something in.

    They signed (one way or another) some injured and repairing players. Thinking you always have players rehabbing. But they might have forgot that some healthy players get injured and then the injury list is twice as long.

    Now it seems that this 2016 team is loaded with problem injuries. It is all part of the game, wonder how the other camps are doing in this regard?

  21. Stuck it out for 6+ innings today. I’m a bit more confident after watching Maeda pitch. Smart. Good control. Throws hard enough. Changes speeds and made adjustments after a bad 1st inning. Puig looked good, except he still plays like a knucklehead. Takes pitches right down the middle in hitters counts with his bat on his shoulder, like he’s telling the pitcher he only needs one to hit. Is it ok to use the k word on this site? Oops. Turner was great. Peterson got a couple of hits but still looks like an amateur standing at the plate. Crawford stinks. AGon is nails. Our MVP. It’s a different team without him. Subs mostly stunk. After a week, our prospects rate a C-.

    1. Bobbie17 did Puig, shake his head, after he took the strike? I hate when he does that. He looks stupid, and more times then none, he doesn’t hit a good pitch, after shaking his head, like that.

  22. So, Puig’s at bats, did he look at strike one in a hitter’s count or did he have his bat on his shoulder with 1 strike already? Big difference. A coach may be telling him to take a strike.

    I don’t worry about Crawford hitting. I’m worried about his health. I’m actually encouraged by Crawford. For a guy hitting only .120, he’s struck out but 4 times in 25 at bats. He’s making contact, so he’s close. If he was a rookie doing this I’d be concerned

    1. Badger I agree about Crawford. It is to bad, that he has that bad arm. That is what I don’t like about Crawford, but Crawford can hit.
      The only reason that Crawford looked so bad in the play offs, was because he was out to long, and didn’t have enough time, to adjust.
      And once he came back, the Dodgers faced a lot of leftys, and at one time, the Dodgers faced four or five leftys, in a row. And both Ethier and Crawford, sit out those four or five, games in a row. And actually Crawford can hit leftys.

  23. Bobbie, but Mark makes it sound just the opposite. We are #1, we are #1, we are #1 . . . dancing with the baseball stars.

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