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Dodgers Awaiting Results of Andre Ethier’s Bone Scan

Dodger’s outfielder Andre Ethier fouled a ball off of his right shin three days ago. He has been in pain ever since. During the game he had to be removed and later carted off the field after being unable to walk. Since then he has been reported to be using crutches. The original x-rays came back negative. He was listed as day-to-day. Normally Ethier wears protection, but the ball hit just above the shin guard.

Unfortunately it looks like Ethier is still having problems. The Dodgers are sending Ethier for a bone scan to determine if they missed something on the x-rays. The Dodgers have been plagued by injuries this spring. Ethier was projected to be the club’s starting left fielder and has been playing well this spring.

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Ethier was batting .435 (10 for 23) with 8 runs scored, and an OPS of over 1.000. Spring stats mean nothing, but Ethier has looked good since exhibition season began. It would be a tough loss for the Dodgers if he is not ready to go by opening day.

The Dodgers had thought he would miss only a couple of days, but now it appears he may be out for longer. If he is unable to play Carl Crawford, and Scott Van Slyke would probably resume the majority of playing time in left field. Ethier is now the longest tenured Dodger and has been with the club since 2006. This is his eleventh season with the Dodgers.

On April 21 Ethier’s 10 and 5 rights will kick in giving him the power to veto any trade. He is due to earn 18 million dollars this season. Ethier has played in 1,417 MLB games for the Dodgers, racking up 5,361 plate appearances over his ten year career. He has played in ten games this spring.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

19 thoughts on “Dodgers Awaiting Results of Andre Ethier’s Bone Scan

    1. Boxout 7 another former DBack pitcher. I haven’t heard anything bad on this pitcher, except that he wanted to prepare to pitch, in his own way, instead of what the Dbacks wanted. But I have no problem with that, as long as he is successful, using his own preparation.

    2. Speaking of innings eating the Dodgers would do better if they were able to get Corey Kluber. I would trade Frank Howard aka Puig for Claude Osteen aka Corey Kluber.

      That would not be a good trade if Puig turns out to be Clemente.

      1. I would rather have Kluber also, but, I was thinking maybe Crawford, Guerrero (I could be talked into SVS or Thompson), Lee and money for Bauer.

        1. Crawford, Guerrero, money, Lee for Bauer would clear roster space if the Dodgers wanted to add a free agent next year and does keep Puig. That might be preferable to using Puig totry to get Kubler but Bauer hasn’t pitched over 190 innings yet and his 4+ era can’t be much better than what Lee might do.

    3. Presuming Bolsinger is able to pitch, is this guy a real upgrade over him or Wood? Can we afford to give up Ethier and someone else for him? Do you give up talent for this guy knowing that you have possibly three additional quality pitchers returning sometime after the ASB?

      The Samardjia comparison is apt – durable….but league average with a FIP over 4.00. Again, my argument is that durable is overvalued as a commodity. ….valuable……but overvalued.

      1. Good points dodgerpatch, but, see what I am willing to trade for this innings eater. I saw it as a way to clean up the 25 and 40 man rosters with some possible upside. By the way, I really liked your post of a couple threads ago, where you raised the “risk involved in every type of player transaction”.

        dodgerpatch: “Think of the organization as sort of like a hedge fund. Some stocks go up, some go down, but in the aggregate performance should exceed the price”. Yes, and so far our Maeda stock is going up.

        1. Yeah, if they’ll go for it. I think you’d have to include SVS. SVS could start on a lot of teams. I’d be reluctant to give him up. SVS destroys lefties, and the platoon with Ethier is pretty key. Who backs up 1rst?

          I’m getting kind of excited about Maeda. Someone posted a scouting report of him that wasn’t too flattering, but, according to Roberts, his pitchability is “off the charts.” He might not have stellar stuff, but he keeps hitters off balance. I have a feeling he’s going to be the #2. What the Dodgers signed him for versus what the Giants paid for Samardjia, …if he pitches in the mid 3.00 FIP, he’s a steal.

  1. I hope the news on Ethier is good, but I have a bad feeling. When Ethier had the first X-ray, we heard the results, that night. But they say the news on Ethier, won’t be heard, before tomorrow, on this bone scan. Hopefully because this bone scan, is a more technical tool, then a plain X-ray, it might take more time, for the results.

  2. You never miss water till the well runs dry.
    And then you can’t believe it’s gone.
    I know you’re gone, I know you won’t be back.
    I can’t believe I’m so alone.

    Jerry Jeff Walker
    several my worlds ago.

    I know it doesn’t really fit but it started playing in my head like that old time feeling while reading your story Scott.

  3. Ethier still on crutches.

    I get the feeling this entire Dodgers team is day to day.

    Bellinger cut. No surprise. Not his year. Others to be cut soon too. Not their year either.

    1. ….Badger said “I get the feeling this entire Dodgers team is day to day”.

      Isn’t that the path to success, live in the moment, take one day at a time, have a plan, have a plan B, have a plan C, make lemonade out of lemons…

    2. Badger all of those guys, that constantly text, on the Dodgers Digest, are all up in arms. Because Peter Gammons, had a article, or text, stating that the Dodgers are wasting Kershaw’s prime years, by focusing on the future. One guy over there, was getting picked on, because he was questioning the team. Does that sound famililar? It is a little different over there, because this guy, is all alone, and out numbered, by a lot.

      1. Most of the posts on DD are moronic and not even baseball related. Makes you wonder if these are Guggs target demographic.

  4. I usually try and keep a PMA, but this is getting to me… ST injuries are inevitable, but really ???
    CC, add a dab of neatsfoot oil to the glove and get ready… Maybe the #2 hole in the order!??!
    A guy I’m looking fwd to see live this weekend is Luis Coleman… I’ve always liked side armers…

    1. Peter j Coleman looks a little different then a typical submariner. It looks like in his delivery, he holds on to the ball, a little longer, and it is hard to time, when he releases the ball. I think the Dodgers could really use him in the bullpen. And I think he can pitch to both leftys, and rightys.

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