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Dodger’s Injuries Mounting

Mike Bolsinger

Getting a promotion at your job is supposed to be an exciting moment, but in Mike Bolsinger’s case, it was the exact opposite. On Sunday afternoon, the Los Angeles Dodgers decided to name Bolsinger as the fifth starter in their pitching rotation after sending Zach Lee back to the minors. The move wasn’t expected to have an impact on their online MLB sports betting odds, but that might change now that Bolsinger won’t be in the rotation.

A little over 25 minutes after Bolsinger was told about his promotion, he was warming up on the mound getting ready to face the San Diego Padres when he felt pain coming from his left side. When the pain was still there after his next pitch, Bolsinger took himself out of the starting lineup and went into the locker room.

Team doctors initially diagnosed Bolsinger with abdominal tightness, which is considered to be minor but still manages to disrupt Bolsinger’s plans for the season. When asked about the injury, Bolsinger said it was bad timing, especially after he was expected to be given the fifth starting pitcher job once the regular season started.

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told reporters that he intended to huddle with management to figure out the best solution to the situation.

According to Bolsinger, the worst case scenario would be for him to miss a week as he recovers from the injury. Roberts told reporters that oblique strains can be tricky and in some cases require up to a month of rest. Bolsinger’s injury is just the latest in a string of injuries that have plagued the Dodgers since the start of training camp.

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Brett Anderson will miss 3-5 months after having back surgery. Hyun-Jin Ryu’s comeback has been delayed because he has been experiencing soreness in his throwing shoulder. Infielders Adrian Gonzalez, Corey Seager, and Howie Kendrick have also missed games during the spring while tending to various injuries.

The roster depth the Dodgers had was one of their biggest strengths, but now, it looks more like a liability because of the money they have spent. During the offseason, the Dodgers decided to spend money on backups to replace injured starters. At the rate their starters are dropping, they might not have enough roster space to sign free agents.

With the team unsure of how long Bolsinger’s injury will keep him out, the team is likely going to consider bringing in prospects like Jose De Leon and Julio Urias to fight for Bolsinger’s spot while he recovers. If either prospect pitches well, he could become the team’s fifth starter for the rest of the year.

The chances of either player making the team full-time is very low because the Dodgers would probably like to see the two youngsters build arm strength and gain more experience with their respective minor league camps.

Another possibility is the team bringing in Carlos Frias from the bullpen or rushing Brandon Beachy back. They are more likely now to use Frias in the rotation because of all the injuries to the regulars, and because he pitched well in some of his 13 starts last season after posting a 4.06 ERA in 17 appearances. Frias has posted a 3.38 ERA in in four appearances across eight innings this spring. The team will not try to rush Beachy back because of his history of arm surgeries. The Dodgers would like to have him for the long haul instead of just a few games.

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50 thoughts on “Dodger’s Injuries Mounting

  1. I thought Beachy had tightness in his twice surgically repaired elbow.

    I’m still not quite sure I follow the logic that roster depth is a liability when players actually do get injured. I thought that’s the whole purpose of having roster depth. What free agents are available to replace injured players at this time of the year, and why would team consider signing them?

    Ethier is injured, but the team has SVS and Crawford…..and Thompson if those guys can’t play.

    Kendrick is playing again. Even if injured, there’s Utley and Kike.

    Seager should be back by opening day. Even if he can’t, Herrera was taking reps at SS, and there’s Kike.

    And if Kike spends time at SS because Seager is hurt, and Kendrick is hurt…and Utley is hurt, you can call up Barnes to play second.

    I think it’s premature to describe the team as a tire fire, and describing depth as a liability seems really odd to me. Maybe I’m wrong.

    1. If the Dodgers were to trade prospects for a player(s) that would be on the 25 there could be trouble with who would be sent down, subtracted from the 40, etc.

  2. My preference is to give Lee at least 2 regular season starts and let Frias use that time to in OK to stretch out as a starter. If Lee does well, keep him in the #5 spot and if he shows he has nothing to offer, replace him with Bolsinger if he is ready or Frias.

    I try to keep Urias at OK for the year with maybe a September callup. De Leon could be the one that replaces Lee or Wood for that matter if he shines in OK.

    Thompson, Crawford, SVS, Hernandez, can hold the fort while Ethier fully recovers to 100%.

    If the Dodgers need openings on their 25 during the season to add a player, they have players they can designate for assignment such as Guerrero and Crawford. Their cost is owned whether they are on the team or not.

    1. I agree with the Lee/Frias plan–I’d like to give Lee a shot after all these years…I’ve been hoping that Maddox can help him make the jump. Ethier a big new worry–had become such a solid guy in the line-up and looking frisky and in great shape and sometimes these things can last a long time. Back-ups are good though, and probably CC will perk up.

    2. Makes sense. I forgot about Lee. I agree with you about the Urias timetable and the DeLeon scenario. I could …and would almost like to…see DeLeon start a couple of times and then send him down again.

      Who do you see as the true backup SS if Seager spends considerable time on the DL?

      Who backs up 3rd? I know Kendrick took some reps there. Is that reason enough to keep Guerrero around? I have a feeling he’d be the guy DFAd. I just don’t think they’re going to eat CC’s money. You just know the Giants or DBs will sign him if that happens, and he’ll get a key hit against the Dodgers.

      1. Dodger patch I agree with you about Guerrero. I was hoping he would perform in spring training, like he did last year. So the Dodgers could either keep him, as Turner’s back up, or so the Dodgers could showcase him, to get him, to another team.

        This would be best for the Dodgers, and Guerrero. And it would be better if the Dodgers, could move him to another team, outside of there division, so Guerrero wouldn’t have a chance, to come back, and hurt the Dodgers.

        The problem with this, is that Guerrero got hurt, after the first game, after hitting a double, and a HR. And for some reason, our front office, doesn’t have a problem, with trading within there division.

    3. Agree it’s time for Zach to sink or swim while some of the younger guys get some experience at Triple-A. I think we may have more depth than we need at some positions, not enough in others. Best laid plans and all that.

  3. At what point do we just say
    “this is the house we built, time to move in and start living in it”. I’ve already accepted it. Let’s not do something even stupider than that which we’ve already done.

    1. Probably the right thing to do for us fans Badger but FAZ should always be ready to take advantage of an opportunity.

  4. All of this emphasis on “depth” (another word for injury-prone mediocre pitchers) may cost the team Kershaw.

    The above link is to an LA Times story this AM by Dylan Hernandez called “Dodgers focus on future could waste Clayton Kershaw’s best years”.

    A relevant quote: “The Dodgers rotation is starting to unravel, which should be no surprise. It’s not as if a medical degree was required to predict that a group of broken-down pitchers would break down again.

    This was the risk the front office assumed with its long-term plan, which is to be in 2020-something what the World Series favorite Chicago Cubs are now. That strategy explains why the pitching staff consists of primarily spare parts while tens of millions of dollars are being invested in Latin American teenagers.

    At the end of the 2018 season,
    will have the option of doing what Zack Greinke did over the winter and void the remainder of his contract. Greinke didn’t return. Kershaw might not, either.

    The three-year period coincides with Kershaw’s prime years; the three-time Cy Young Award winner turned 28 on Saturday.

    It’s puzzling why the Dodgers aren’t maximizing their chances of winning a World Series while this once-in-a-generation pitcher is on their roster.

    General Manager Farhan Zaidi claims they are, pointing to the pitching depth the Dodgers added over the winter.

    A surplus of serviceable arms is certainly useful over the course of a 162-game season. Mike Bolsinger and Zach Lee types can pick up wins that help the team reach the playoffs. But what about when they get there?

    Recent history suggests the Dodgers have been short a frontline starter. They were competitive in the four games Kershaw and Greinke started last October in their National League division series against the New York Mets. They were blown out in the one pitched by Brett Anderson. The Dodgers lost the series, three games to two.

    But rather than add an ace, the Dodgers subtracted one, allowing Greinke to sign with the Arizona Diamondbacks and failing to replace him with someone of his caliber.”

    Pretty eloquent, and very scary.

    1. I am not going there. Maeda is looking great. I have confidence that Kazmir will do well this year. I do worry about both Maeda and Kazmir having an injury that takes them out of the rotation but less so than I would worry about Cueto.

      I still see a trade coming for a less risky #2. I like Urias and DeLeon for 2017. There is Montas and Siera and even Alvarez that could join the rotation in 2017. Kershaw will have plenty of rotation excellence in his future contract years. This year might use 10 pitchers in the rotation but that combination should be very good.

      My glass is 75% full.

      1. Did anyone happen to read David Hood’s evaluation of Sierra on TBLA last week? He compared him to Nicasio…I thought we already had one of those and gave up on him. I don’t expect any of the guys you mention to jump over Urias and DeLeon, but you never know.

        I think the point of the article may be that while depth is great, you need three very good starters and a good pen to get through the playoffs and win it all. Not sure we have that at this point, but stay tuned.

        1. Speaking of Nicasio, has anyone seen what he has done for the Pirates this ST? IP-10 H-5 Runs-NONE BB-NONE K’s 16.
          Don’t know why we gave up on him but hindsight being 20/20 I sure would like to have him back. I don’t remember who the Pirates coach is but he must be excellent. He straightened out Blanton and so far Nicasio too.

    2. Eloquent and scary. And the reason why I wanted to go for it last year. Three years with Kershaw and Greinke and it didn’t work. Those are windows that don’t stay open.

      Serviceable arms are all over this league. Those staffs that employ the most serviceable arms are the ones you see not making the playoffs.

      1. Key phrase: “Three years with Kershaw and Greinke and it didn’t work.” Those teams as they were constructed obviously weren’t working. If it’s not working, try something different. One thing the FO has done is avoid or shed expensive contracts with aging stars.

  5. I already went there a few weeks ago. 2018 is Kershaw’s option year. I figure he is likely going home, whether we got it done here or not.

    I mentioned the conversation I had with our good friend Venice Glen, a died in the wool Giants fan, and even he mentioned the shame it would be if the Dodgers wasted Kershaw’s best years. I think we are bearing witness to it. It sure feels that way to me. But, I take comfort in knowing I’m a moronic pessimist with negative proclivities. That makes me damaged and therefore you must be patient and forgiving.

  6. This is by far the weirdest beginning to a season I can remember, and we’re only on March 22

    I expect us to be no-hit by like 7 pitchers soon enough as well

  7. Agree with that observation Bobby.

    Good read Bum. An a valid contrast and compare with Werth. I believe Van Slyke, and Ethier, are starters on other teams. I would no problem letting Van Slyke be the starting left fielder.

    Who was it that posted that prediction yesterday with the Dodgers at 84? I’m beginning to think my under on 92 isn’t at risk.

    Wood today v KC. Is Grandal going to play?

    1. New trainers and medical staff and yet Grandal, who couldn’t swing a bat in the off season due to his surgery comes to spring training and works hard in the batting cages, too hard apparently for someone coming off surgery, and now has forearm pain. Why not ease him back into the season?

      Bon Jovi
      The More Things Change the more the stay the same
      The more things change the more the stay the same
      Ah, is it just me or does anybody see
      The new improved tomorrow isn’t what it used to be

      Yesterday keeps comin’ ’round, it’s just reality
      It’s the same damn song with a different melody
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      Tattered jeans are back in fashion
      ‘Stead of records, now it’s MP3s

      I tell you one more time with feeling
      Even though this world is reeling
      You’re still you and I’m still me
      I didn’t mean to cause a scene
      But I guess it’s time to roll up our sleeves

      The more things change the more they stay the same
      The same sunrise, it’s just another day…

  8. I got a question. Why forearm tenderness? His surgery was ac/ labrum, correct? What’s going on with his forearm? Compensatory pain? It is his right arm. Is it in his elbow? I need details.

    1. I think it is his Grandalular thingamajig that runs from his pectoral to his tendtogetinjured thingamadugie. Dr. Bums at your service. How’s your injury Badger?

  9. I’m hobbling around pretty good, thanks for asking. I’ll be running again, make that jogging again, by mid April. That’s mid April Ryu time by the way. So, you know, late May?

    A sore forearm sounds fague. Who has that this time of year? Where in the forearm? For medical purposes the elbow is considered part of the lower arm. You know where I’m going with this. At this part of the story I can’t help but look forward and see disaster. I’m in FAntaZyland here. I thought it was the trainers. It’s not the trainers, it’s a CURSE! The CURSE of PEDRO! Or maybe …. The PIAZZA CURSE! Maybe both. There’s nothing we can do about a curse. Light some white candles, burn some sage, say several hundred Hail Tommy’s – then we must then stand up and take it like men. I humbly ask the gods to forgive us while Kershaw is still here.

    Ok, time for lunch.

    1. The Piazza curse is something I thought of when he hit his WS home runs as a Met. Never thought it was actually true 🙁
      Oh well hopefully no one gets hurt today!

  10. Well the roster just might take care of itself. Some off, some down, some out — young guys need to step up.

    We have talked before about Clayton wasting his time in L.A. now. He is great, but the shadow is over this team . . . just cannot get it together. Some days they look great, other days they just seem to mail it in.

  11. Grandal hurt, go figure, Ethier hurt, Bolsinger, Beachy, Seager. all walking wounded. Our depth is fast disappearing. It looks like this team is not as deep as thought. Good news, Turner looked in mid season form the other day. Maeda is still pitching well. The rotation after Kersh and Maeda is a land mine waiting to go off. BP has been pretty shaky the last few days too. Signing marginal players on the cheap is fast becoming the trade mark, and soon the downfall of Fried Brains and his compatriot Zorro. I have absolutely no faith in this rotation to be anything more than a 3rd place bunch. Kersh’s best years being wasted because Fried Brains is still thinking small market. There were any number of better options this winter. I am not for selling the farm, but a few extra bucks here and there would have made this staff much better than it is….

    1. If the Angels had not overpaid for Wilson and did not have the Pujols and Hamilton contracts they would want to go after those “better options” M N suggested. Why do I say they would want to do that? Because their minor league system is bare.

      The Dodgers have Urias, De Leon, Buehler, Holmes, Alvarez, Montas, Stripling, that will be phased into the rotation in the next couple of years. They don’t have to sign expensive 6 year contracts but they do need a bridge, a very short bridge. Kazmir, Maeda, Wood, and a platoon from Bolsinger, Lee, Beachy, and Cotton are that bridge. Maybe that bridge becomes stronger and better if Ryu, McCarthy, and Anderson are able to pitch mid-season.

      1. And not one of those guys is MLB ready right now……I said lets not sell the farm, but there were better options than the BROKEN DOWN dregs they signed, is that so hard to see????? McCarthy> ? Please, they have no clue if either he or Ryu will be ready, and Anderson is out 3 to 4 months. I was not saying sign guys to 6 year deals, what I was saying is that there were guys with better track records health wise. Cotton got bombed this spring, Bolsinger and Beachy are both hurting. Bolsinger has already been declared not ready to open the season. I have little to no faith in Kazmir, he has shown crap this spring. I watched Wood tonight, and he was ok, but surely not a # 3. Maeda has pitched well. If if if if……….tired of if’s. They blew it last year when they went on the cheap. Behind Kersh and Greinke they had crap. We have a good minor league system, that is great. Not all those guys are going to contribute. They have pretty much lost confidence in Lee, who is considering returning to football. You mentioned Montas. The guy is on the 60 day DL, then it will take at least a month for him to build arm strength, and another month at the minor league level getting game action in. You act like you are the all knowing guru, I know a lot about this game too, and just because I do not toe the company line with this saber metric FO, does not mean I do not see the big picture, and right now bud, the picture is lousy….

        1. “I was not saying sign guys to 6 year deals, what I was saying is that there were guys with better track records health wise.”

          Who did you want to sign, then? You have Greinke, Price and Zimmerman and Cueto in that tier, and then you have the drop off to guys like Kazmir, Samardija and Maeda. Who else is there? What would you have done differently?

          Some of you here wanted to sign Greinke AND sign another FA like Price. I mean, how much money do you want to spend? ….and do you want to block the youth movement?

          If you accept that the Dodgers need or want to sign players now to be a bridge to the future, I don’t know that you could be doing a whole lot better than what we have now.

          I get wobbly sometimes about the course the team is taking and wonder if it would have been better to just capitulate and spend oodles of Gugg money to buy every FA out there and buy some WSs, but we’re staying the course.

  12. I agree with you Badger about SVS. On many teams he would be a starting position player with perhaps 25-30 HR per season(more in Colorado and maybe Wrigley). With us he will always be a bench player playing only when another player gets hurt or needs a rest. A shame to waste his bat like that.

    1. SVS was just coming into his own in 2014 and had injuries in 2015. This is maybe the first year that he might be fully ready to be a full time player. Thompson may also now be ready for a full time spot.

      Crawford will probably miss many games with injuries. But when healthy he can be an asset as a platoon player in LF. I say platoon not so much that he can’t hit lefties but that SVS does it better

  13. Nacasico is pitching well for Pittsburg. What does that tell you? If he was still pitching for the Dodgers, he would be the same pitcher as last year. Dee Gordon said he would not of been the player he was last year, if was playing for the Dodgers. What I am saying is that our entire coaching staff was screwed up. We still have Honeycutt. I was hoping for an entire new staff.

  14. They always pitch better when they leave. Maybe Greinke will win 22 this year.

    Every year we kvetch about having too many outfielders or too many pitchers and somehow it always works out that we’re watching the waiver wire looking for help. Maybe there’s something to this curse thing. Dodger Stadium needs an exorcist to dispel the McCourt Miasma.

    1. Dee was taught to play second, in the off season, by his God father, who is a hall of fame player. His improvement, has nothing to do with the Marlin’s coaches. And Dee wasn’t happy, that Mattingly was his new manager. He said, that maybe Mattingly would be different in Miami, with less pressure. but he wasn’t happy, at all, about Mattingly. Dee felt the pressure, of playing in LA, and that is why, he had trouble making throws.

      1. Dee gave the Maimi coaches credit for his improvement specifically Perry Hill I think is his name and the hitting coach telling him to just hit the ball. Not worry about trying to hit the ball on the ground

      2. Dee had to attack his ducks one at a time. I sad way back he’s putting it in his bank and it would eventually come all together. I said he’d be an allstar. I also said he’s a future HOF. Don’t bet against that.

  15. I got nothin.

    Wait, maybe I do.

    “Why then don’t you act when you see the danger of your conditioning? The answer is you don’t see… seeing is acting.”
    J. Krishnamurti

    That might help.

  16. I got something. A shoutout to Brooklyn! He’s missed by me and I’m certain many here ditto that. Hopes he’s okay!

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