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Prospect Gutting or Not?

Clayton Kershaw-

So far the trade deadline for the Dodgers has been like hearing crickets in your backyard. But today this info came across the web:

I feel very strongly that the Dodgers shouldn’t make this deal. You do get a stud bullpen arm in pitcher Wade Davis. With Davis the Dodgers could pick up his option for next season since closer Kenley Jansen is a free agent. Andrew Friedman is familiar with Wade Davis during his Tampa Bay Rays years. But you also get stuck with another mid rotation arm for Ian Kennedy.

Ian Kennedy is having a down year and his contract runs through 2020. Check out his stats:

2016 Regular Season 20 20 0 0 114.1 102 57 56 26 39 117 6 9 100.6 1.23 .236 4.41

The Dodgers have the money to take on the contract, which is 65 million, but should they if he is tied for MLB lead with 26 HRs allowed? I rather just have Wade Davis. I would assume the Kansas City Royals will try to pillage the Dodgers prospects for Davis.  Wade Davis’ control this season hasn’t been the same. His strikeouts are down and walks are up. The Dodgers must wait until the asking price goes down. Wade Davis is just a bullpen arm! No reason to gut your system for a bullpen arm when you really need a Starter in the rotation and another bat.

I feel the Dodgers should go in a different direction. This rumor has been going on for days.

This is the big splash the Dodgers should make. I know the Chicago White Sox will ask for a lot of prospects to make this happen. Let’s just say we could at least keep prospectJose De Leon, which we can use as a bullpen arm down the stretch. I’m all for making this move.  Chris Sale gives the Dodgers a great opportunity to win the fall classic this year and beyond. Look at his stats:

2016 19 19 3 1 133.0 105 49 47 17 29 129 14 3 0 0 0 3.2 1.01 3.18

Of course this is all contingent upon the status of Clayton Kershaw this season. Chris Sale is signed through 2019. That window gives the Dodgers two years to try and win the fall classic. Clayton Kershaw can opt out of his current contract after the 2018 season.  You have to maximize the opportunity to win with one of the best pitchers ever in Clayton Kershaw.

The Dodgers are operating in a big market with big expectations.  It’s time to stop worrying about cutting payroll and running the team like a small market franchise.

The Dodgers need to be more forthcoming on the status on Clayton Kershaw. If he isn’t able to pitch this season, then you don’t make the Chris Sale move. Realistically with only one ace, you’re not going to win the World Series this year. No reason to get rid of all your prospects at that point. Also if the fans know that Kershaw will be sidelined.  They won’t be as upset at the Dodger brass for all the crickets they keep hearing during this trade deadline.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

110 thoughts on “Prospect Gutting or Not?

  1. I saw on one of these linked sites that Edwin Rios is being promoted from Rancho to Tulsa. He plays both 3b and 1b. As we don’t have a great prospect at 3b, perhaps he’ll play fulltime there, as Bellinger is at 1b.

    UNLESS Bellinger is about to be dealt, thus opening up 1b for Rios?

  2. Very quite on the trade front so far. Could this be the calm before the storm? I agree, we shouldn’t go after Sale if CK isn’t coming back this season. Could we make to the PS with just one ace? We did with two but didn’t get very far.
    Could we make it with more bats and CK and Sale? You betcha, I think.
    BTW: Panik is back with the Gnats. That makes it tougher than before.

  3. Interesting, Boone Logan has a better FIP than Chapman…….not saying he is as good, I just found it interesting. I do NOT TRADE for Wade Davis if I am forced to take Kennedy too. He is a HR pitcher and not all that good……..A lousy version of Bud Norris. I trade Urias if I can get Sale….

  4. Expected more buzz than there is, but that will all start Sunday most likely since the Dodgers hit the road on Monday. I really thought that if they were going to trade for Archer, they would have done it while the Rays were in town. Bruce is becoming the primary bat target according to some pundits, and Lucroy is no where to be found on their want list. They must obviously feel that Granny is up to the task, or at least they are willing to carry his low batting average. I look at they get a slight upgrade at starter, Grey, Archer, or Moore, and a reliever, which pretty much cancels out Davis if they have to take Kennedy too….of course they could always release him and eat the cash…….uh….NO….Someone suggested they would go after Bruce and Reddick, but I doubt they want all 3 starters LH hitters, and Bruce is a defensive down grade from Puig.

  5. I find that I can’t get behind any big splash trade. Not knowing if Kershaw is100% big splash sounds too costly. I don’t believe we do this without Kershaw.

    Looking at pitching match ups over two months away is difficult. It was easy with Kershaw and Greinke, but I’m not convinced any of our starters will still be strong in October. Hell, they aren’t strong now! Sale makes it easier for me to believe we have a shot at one post season win every 5 days, but Sale will cost a future ace AND THEN SOME! I don’t do it. De Leon? I don’t know anymore. I used to believe with his 95 mph fastball and Major League change he was ready now, but where is he?

    It doesn’t feel right to me. This whole season just doesn’t feel right.

    1. It has been a downer….that is for sure…they are winning,, but it almost feels like they are losing. Read a story today that Dodger players are for trading Urias only if it nets Sale. And most can still not believe that the front office did not pull the trigger on Hamels last year…..they felt betrayed….

      1. “they felt betrayed”

        And I don’t blame them. Many of us did. I think that’s where we here were divided into two camps, the FAZ and the FAZ nots. Hamels would have made the difference. This year? I just don’t know one or two will be enough. I could be wrong.

          1. But they said even after last year, some players, still think they are going to do something to help the team.

    2. How do you know Urias is a future ace? How many “sure things’ have flopped at the big league level?

        1. If you draw a line on a map from Las Vegas to Death Valley, I am about midpoint on that line, about 5 miles from the California border.

          1. West, not South (Searchlight) or South-West (Baker). It is Pahrump if you want to try to find it on a map. Believe me, there is NOTHING worth seeing here… It was over 115 yesterday. Why did I ever leave Orange County….

  6. Take on $60+ million in salary through 2020 mainly to avoid giving Jansen an extension? Please tell me no one in the front office is that stupid.

    I get that Sale is about five years younger than Hamels, and more importantly almost half the price, but who knows what a difference a whole year of Hamels would have made? Now with the uncertainty over Kershaw, I think you need to get a #1 starter. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

    1. Your guess about the front office is about as good as mine, as they have never been very upfront about trades, and some they have made have boggled the mind…but my gut says ownership puts the KYBOSH on any deal including Kennedy……

    2. Wondering
      I was just curious and I thought I would tease about that prison on the way to Vegas.

      I haven’t been to Vegas in quite a while so it has probably changed a lot on that road.

        1. Don’t really hate it, it has lots of advantages. Like all of us, I complain about the bad things I don’t like, and fail to give credit where credit is due for the good things about it. If I’m counting right, there are 5 traffic lights here; A traffic jam is being seventh in line at a red light. Property is cheap, food is very reasonable, I can see millions of stars and hear a car going down a street two blocks away at night time. The city name is an old Ute Indian word meaning “water from the rocks” because there are many natural springs here. Plants that can stand the heat grow very well here. Peacefull is the word for it.

          1. Canon City where I live in Colorado has close to 13,000 people, but it is as small town as anyplace I have ever been. Very quiet here. My street dead ends to the back of the old Territorial prison, which is still in use. I get to see stars at night, have a river running right through the middle of town, ( The Arkansas), and can go to Denver to see the Dodgers for less than what is costs in LA. We have 3 super markets if you count the Wal-Mart super store, 2 movie theaters with a total of 3 screens……the advantage there is it costs me 6 bucks as a senior to see first run movies…usually in a half empty theater. It can get hot, up to 94 this week, and you really have not much to do at night. But good fishing is close, and you get to see lots of critters. Deer have been on my street which is close to down town, have seen bear, mountain goats, rocky mountain big horn sheep, buffalo, elk, and bald eagles…… get the drift….it ain’t LA…..

      1. There is a prison on Hwy 95 near here, that’s where OJ lives… There is a fairly new one here in town, primarily to hold people for deportation. Our County, Nye, is the third largest in the country, we might be bigger than some Eastern states. But the whole county population is less than 40,000, and three quarters of them live here in Pahrump. But we’re not crowded, that 30,000 people is spread out over an area as big as Orange County, (I think). Lots and lots of room for sagebrush, jack rabbits, and rattlesnakes.

          1. Don’t know where Canon City is. I’ve been to Colorado prairie dog shooting but that was about 20 years ago. Seemed awful hot when I was there but that might have been the humidity and the fact I was coming out of Orange County where summer temperatures don’t get much over 80. Winter gets down to 50 or so. First winter I lived here it got down into the 30s and I thought that wasn’t bad at all. Then comes summer and 110 degrees,;when it dropped down to the thirties that winter, I could really feel the difference. It’s not so much temperature but temperature change that affects us, I think.

        1. Canon is 32 miles west of Pueblo on Hwy 50. About 8 miles from the Royal Gorge…..when I come to LA I take the 50 to interstate 70 to the 15 and down to the 91 freeway to get to my sis’s house……coldest it got last winter…………..8 degrees with a wind chill factor of 15,, so it was -7……..

  7. Last year I kept asking “who starts game 3”. They told me “Brett Anderson”

    Now I”m asking “who starts game 2?” Hopefully their answer to my question this year is better than their answer last year.

        1. It is to bad that Anderson isn’t ready yet, maybe they could have got rid of him.

          I don’t know if a team would want him, with his injury problems.

          But maybe a team that has a lot of injuries in there starting rotation, would take a chance on him, for the rest of the season.

          1. I don’t know if a team would want him, with his injury problems.

            The same was said about McCarthy!

          2. Are they shopping McCarthy? Because I don’t think anyone will trade for 4-6 weeks of Anderson.

          3. And the only people dumb enough to sign McCarthy were the Dodgers to a ridiculous contract….what have they got for that 18 million paid so far……..5 wins….not much return for that much cash…..Anderson at least lasted all year, then they were stupid enough to tender him when there was no way he was turning down that much money, now over 100 games into the season they have gotten zip on that deal……seems to me, the money could have been better spent elsewhere….

    1. Bobby
      After they traded Kemp for Grandal, and that nothing pitcher, I don’t trust them that much.

      All I can think that a pitcher like Sale and Archer, don’t come up to be traded often, so they are thinking like this might be there only chance.

      And maybe next year, there are still not to many good starting pitchers aviable

      And they may be thinking not only for this year, but the year that Kershaw can opt out.

      1. Any GM in baseball would do that trade again in a heartbeat!

        Grandal is 2nd in HR among catchers and has a .328 OB% while hitting .304 in the past month. Watch and see what he does!

        Here what MLB Trade Rumors said about Kemp:

        The other names on this list simply haven’t performed well enough to make a trade seem reasonable. Tomas is hitting for power this season but still showing poor plate discipline and playing sub-par defense. That’s doubly true for Kemp, who has one of the lowest OBPs of any qualified hitter and still has gobs of cash left on his deal — though he is slugging .488 and has swatted 23 long balls.

        1. Kemp has a .281 OB% – That’s BUSH LEAGUE!

          Who in their right mind would want Kemp over Grandal! That is insane!

          1. He drives in runs….at a better rate than Granny……that being said, there is no way they take him back

        2. Mark
          The Dodgers today, still need a right hand power bat.

          And have needed one, since Kemp was traded.

          Where is the Dodgers right hand power bat?

          Grandal has way to many pass balls.

          Anyone who knew this team, knew that the team’s offense, would suffer, because Kemp was traded.

          And this team’s offense has suffered since Kemp was traded.

          How many of Grandals HRs, were more then just a solo HR?

        3. I don’t want Kemp back but I’m not thrilled with Grandal either. July has always been his best month, so I agree we’ll watch and see.

      2. Don’t worry, Faz isn’t going to trade for Sale or any other “expensive” (to acquire) player….

      3. Michael
        I agree with you.
        The talk when they first signed Anderson about all of his injuries being freak injuries, was BS.

        We all know how easily he can get hurt, because he isn’t a very good athlete.

  8. I want to apologize for taking leave of my senses and trying to make dope-fiend moves. I have subsequently put down the crack pipe and here is my final answer:

    I do not trade Urias, De Leon, Holmes, Stewart, De Jong, Verdugo, Rios, Bellinger, Calhoun or Cotton.

    Contrary to what Badger says, the trade for Hamels ALWAYS involved two of these three players: Seager, De Leon, Urias. MLB TRADE RUMORS said this:

    The Dodgers showed more interest in Cole Hamels than they did in either Price or Cueto. They were completely closed off to the idea of trading either Corey Seager or Julio Urias, though. He adds that right-hander Jose DeLeon wasn’t available in talks for rental pieces, which could imply that he was at least attainable in Hamels talks.

    You are right in saying that we don’t know which ones will pan out – SO KEEP THEM ALL!

    I would do these trades:

    Puig and Barnes for Braun (Dodgers take Brauns salary) – take it or leave it!

    Davis and Kennedy for Howell and Yimi Garcia. Then flip Kennedy to a team that needs a 5th starter (Boston) and pay $30 mil of his salary.

    1. Mark
      Braun has five more years left on his contract.

      You are complaining about Agone all the time, and he has only two years left.

      And he has played in the most games then most anyone else on the team for the last few years.

      Braun not only missed most of the season, for finally getting caught, he has been in and out of the line up, the last couple of years, for some kind of nerve problem in his hand or wrist.

      1. That is true. The Rangers gave up a lot. I read the same article (that posted about below) and it said that all 5 players were going to make MLB contributions.

        I like A-Gon. I just don’t like having 3 bad contracts that cost us $60 mil a year. We could stand $20 million in Brauns last 2 years.

  9. I read that the Dodgers only offered 80 percent of the prospects that the Rangers offered for Hamels last year.

    I read this some where today.

  10. I wouldn’t trade most of those named in Mark’s response unless we get a young, controllable ace. And then I’d use Guggenheim’s deep pockets to minimize the number of prospects we lose. Why, so reluctant? Prospects are NOT anything close to “locks” to be stars and not even solid contributors, but we’ve held onto these kids this long for a reason. We are THIS CLOSE to seeing what they can do for us which will be th validation or the repudiation of the philosophy this management team decided upon. Much as I’d hate to I’d be more prone to trading players like Puig or AGon, because we know what they are. Puig is most likely what he’s going to be – unfortunately, AGon; much as I like him, is in undeniable decline.

    1. Dan
      That might be true, but it might be because of his neck or back.

      I read somewhere, that Agone’s neck or back, was starting to feel better now.

      Maybe that is why he hit those two HRs in ST. Louis, I don’t know.

      Right hand power is obscure in baseball right now, that is why Mark has mentioned Braun.

      The Dodgers probably should have kept Kemp, and traded Puig, if this is all Puig is going to be.

      I do know it was a salary dump, and Puig’s contract is small.

      But our team doesn’t hit leftie pitchers well.

      And Scott and Howie are the only two players that do.

      Turner has reverse stats against lefties, and Puig was hitting 229 against lefties, so those two right hand hitters, don’t help.

  11. 1 – I don’t believe that all prospects will be All Stars. You pick a few that you are going to hold on to no matter what; the rest you have to decide if they worth more if you hold on to them or as trade chips.
    2 – I don’t know who the few are that have to be kept; I hope that the Braintrust does. It can’t be all of them or even most of them.
    3 – In the past few days, Mark admitted that for the right deal, he would trade Kershaw. Badger admitted that he would have traded Seager if he could get Mike Trout. NO ONE IS UNTRADEABLE.
    4 – I for one believe that the Dodgers will make some kind of deadline deal. The interview with unnamed players on gives you at least one good reason – the players felt let down last year and the Braintrust can’t let that happen again. If the players don’t believe in the management, that would be a bad thing.
    5 – All of this being said, the team has scant chance in the post-season without Kershaw so if they don’t have a good prognosis on his return this year, they should only make deals with multi-season impact. Getting Sale or Archer will be good for this year and for the next few seasons, so it would make sense whether Kershaw returns or not.
    6 – Young controllable players and prospects are the coin of the realm here – no one is going to want someone like Gonzalez who is 34 and makes $21MM/year. If they make a deal it will be prospects and younger players.

    1. I have read that Sales strike outs, have went down, and I wonder how his body will hold up in the long run.

      He also has a weird delivery, so that might not be a good thing.

    2. Rick, would you do Urias plus two other top 5 prospects for Sale? Archer could be had for less. Both of them would make a difference, but one? Your point about the future is a good one, but I don’t do it. However, I wait anxiously to see what FAZ will do.

      1. They said some teams are going to wait until the end, to get the best offer.

        That is teams like the White Sox, and Rays that has these two pitchers.

      2. I’m not sure about 3 top 5 prospects (Urias plus 2 others) for Sale. He’s a difference maker for sure, but…?

  12. Kemp is a contract that can’t be moved. FAZ swindled SD. Let me repeat. Grandal has a .328 OB%… and rising. Kemp’s is .283 even though his BA is higher.

    Many of you “mis-remember” Grandal’s PB’s. He has 6 to Ellis 2, but has almost twice as many innings. They both have the same identical fielding %, but Grandal has a higher range factor. They both have the same SB%.

    Lucroy has the same # of HR and 50 RBI in 100 more AB’s. Grandal has 39 RBI in those 100 less AB’s. After hityting .295 in April, Grandal hit .114 and .169 in May and June but has hit .304 in July. Give him another month and two and see where he is at. You may like him better than Lucroy then.

    Some of you are victims of memory!

    1. I don’t advocate changing catchers mid-season – bad for the pitchers.

      Grandal has better than average power for a catcher and is a high OPB guy. We could do a lot worse.

      He is not a good defensive catcher. He doesn’t pass the eyeball test. He doesn’t receive well – doesn’t block balls in the dirt. His game calling skills have improved from working with the real thing, Ellis. He doesn’t throw particularly well. He is good a pitch-framing, if that is a thing.

    2. I don’t wasn’t Lucroy he would cost to much.

      This was only about that trade.

      And that pitcher we got, is even worse then Grandal.

  13. Giants just traded for Nunez from the Twins. His numbers?

    .296, 12 HR, 25 SB, Plays all 3 IF positions.

    A good get.

  14. I’ve watched Grandal for two seasons now. I have agree with rick. Grandal has lazy habits behind the plate. He’s not a good hitter, but does have a good eye and is dangerous enough with a stick in his hands that pitchers are cautious with him, resulting in base on balls. I personally don’t buy the framing bit, but it’s a thing that is measured and helps his value. If it weren’t for that his dWAR might flatline. I think we can do better, but I prefer him over Ellis. I’d still like to see Barnes given a real opportunity.

    Agree about Nunez. The giants seem to do well with these type of additions.

  15. I’d take Matt Kemp back if the Pads paid a large portion of his contract. He’s a nice #6 type hitter now. I don’t, however, know enough about his arthritic hips to know how healthy he really is.

    I also agree that getting a brand new catcher for the pitching staff is a change too big to be made with 2 months to go in the season. So no to Lucroy. Grandal seems to have woken up a bit with the bat anyway.

    Most importantly, Wash is up 3-1 on sf going to the 6th inning

  16. “nice #6 type hitter now”

    He has a .283 OB% – Pederson has a .323 OB% and he’s a problem. Plus, Kemp is HORRIBLE in the OF. I’ll bet we could get him back with the Pods paying half his salary. He’s that bad.

    Remember how bad Joc was last year? He had a 2.3 WAR – Kemp had a .6! Point six!

    This year, Joc has a 1.4 WAR (and he’s been bad). Kemp has a .2. You can put a camel in RF and he’d so better than that. Tommy Lasorda would do better than. Do you realize how bad Kemp is and how smart FAZ was to unload him when they did? Grandal is still 27 and some guys take longer to develop. I believe he’s finally healthy.

    You may not think he passes the eye test, but pitchers like throwing to him. Catchers tend to have some extreme years. Lucroy has had years at .264, .265 and .263. Brian McCann has hit in the .230’s 4 out of the past 5 years. Russ Martin his .290 in 2014, .240 in 2015 and is hitting .228 now. Gone are the days when catchers hit .320 with 40 HR like Bench. Even Posey, who is an elite hitter is hitting “only” .285. SF is considering moving him to 1B.

    I think with all the fireballers and crazy movement on pitches today, catchers just get beat up. Look at Mauer – that didn’t last long.

    I am fine with Grandal and I think he will get better. I still say he’s a 25 HR guy! Maybe this year!

    1. Mark
      You know Kemp is a good hitter, and you would have perfered they traded Puig.

      I don’t buy those saber metric numbers on defense, and that is where Kemp gets evaluated low.

      Kemp is not that bad in rightfield.

      How often in even a week, does an outfielder make a game saving catch?

      Outfielders catch routine flyballs, most of the time.

      And the same saber metrics that you are using to down Kemp’s value, is the same defensive saber metric numbers, that the Cubs gave Heyward that big multi year contract on.

      And Heyward offensive numbers, are not even close to Kemp’s numbers!

      And why are you comparing Joc to Kemp.

      Joc is playing centerfielder and Kemp is playing rightfield.

      And I don’t buy those offensive ops numbers, because they reward walks as the same as hits, and they consider strike outs, the same as any other out, and that is not true.

      First if someone gets a walk, and there is a runner on third, the runner doesn’t score on a walk, and the runner would score on a hit.

      When a player strikes out, they don’t advance any runners on base, and runs can’t score off third, like a sac fly out will do.

      Also sabers don’t value batting averages at all, and that is bs.

  17. Kemp sucks ….. until he’s up WRISP. Then it’s a slash line of .323/337/.570. That’s an OPS of .907 when it counts and something we just don’t have in our lineup. And he plays better outfield than Joe Camel, but it’s true he’s not great out there. His clutch hitting and RBI totals should give him better WAR, but, it doesn’t. FAZ is on the lookout for more cost effective production.

    Off to climb a rock with Dave. Maybe by the time we get back we have Sale, Bruce and Davis. And Archer. Lucroy and Braun. Tommy Davis and Shawn Green. Scioscia.

  18. Johnny Cueto is starting to do his annual 2nd half drop off.

    He has a 3.33 ERA in his last 7 games.

    Samardzija has a 5.95 ERA in that span.

    Matt Cain has improved to 4.24 in his last 7 games. IMPROVED?

    Jake Peavey is 4.70.

    The Giants only other starter is Suarez and he’s 4.88.

    Everyone has pitching problems.

    McCarthy is 2.39

    Maeda is 4.23

    Kaz is 4.00

    Norris is 3.53

    We need Kershaw back.

    Brock Stewart went 6 last night and allowed 2 hits and 1 run at AAA.

    1. Mark
      That new player that the Giants picked up is going to be in there line up tonight.

      I hope this doesn’t start there push for the pennant, like Scutero did.

      They seem to know what obsure, but good player, will make a difference for them.

      And they don’t have eight former GMs, in there front office!

      I hope that doesn’t happen, but it has happened three times, already.

    1. Wondering

      If we had half of the players or pitchers, that baseball insiders said we were very capable of getting, we would be stacked.

    2. Wondering
      I know where you are now.

      Isn’t that the place that people have claimed to seen UFOs at?

      Didn’t that radio guy live there.

      I can’t think of his name, but I think his first name is Art.

      And he had that radio show that came on at 11, or 12 at night.

      1. Yes, Art Bell did his nighttime broadcasts from here. We’re maybe 40 miles from Mercury, where the atomic tests were done back in the 50s. The government restricts entry to thousands of square miles of ? north of here. It is called Area 51. Because of the restrictions, people theorize there are secret military bases, landing sites for Aliens and who knows what else in that area. But it is all just guesses. The Jack Nicholson movie, Mars Attacks, was made in this area I understand.

  19. From Bleacher Report: Final Predictions at the Trade Deadline:

    Dodgers will land Archer and Reddick. No details as to who we would have to give up. Also Sale and Davis will NOT be traded. Just FYI and Good morning!!!!

  20. Well the Giants already got there player, that can make a difference for them.

    And the Marlins have gotten a starter and an arm for the pen.

    How many former GMs do the Dodgers now have in that front office?

    With all that depth in the front office, they better make the right moves.

    1. And I don’t want to see the Giants get that one player, that is not a big name, that takes them to the World Series again, and we all have to watch!

      Especially with our front office, having so many former GMs in the front office.

      But maybe that is the key word former GMs.

      I don’t understand why they would hire a Padres former GM, what did he do for the Padres?

      1. GM’s from the Rays, A’s, Blue Jays and Padres……when you think of winning baseball, those are some of the top organizations that comes to ones mind.

        1. Spot on. Only one of them got their team to the WS and he’s still trying to prove it wasn’t just luck or Maddon.

  21. Meanwhile, those giants lost last night, again.

    We are now just 2 games out. This will be the most exciting weekend of the year to date; they play 3 at home with Wash. We have 3 at home vs AZ. Trade deadline is 4 days away. Stuff is going down in these next 4 days!

    AZ is throwing out 3 guys against us, each who has an ERA above 5. This series has to be MINIMUM 2-3, and should be a sweep if we handle our business.

    As I thought yesterday, Edwin Rios is off to join our star studded Tulsa team.

    1. Bobby
      The good news is that we only face one leftie starter in this series.

      And they have beaten Corbin before, but no game or series, is a sure thing, because this is baseball.

  22. The Dodgers have to do something to send the right message to the team. They’ve stepped up in the face of a real challenge and deserve the chance to go for it. I just hope management doesnt put too serious a dent in future plans. Archer and Reddick works for me. That shouldnt require Urias.

    The giants funk won’t continue. Every team goes through this. It’s fun to see when it’s their turn.

    1. Badger
      I would lean towards Archer too.

      I feel that he will be able to make all of his starts, and is still young with good stuff, and a good fastball.

      And like you said, he should be got for a little less then Sale.

      Reddick shouldn’t cost that much either, and he is hitting 300 and has a little pop, and plays good defense in the outfield.

      His left hand bat, is the only problem with Reddick, and hopefully Billy Bean doesn’t get to much from our front office, for Reddick.

      And anyone that counts the Giants out, haven’t watched to much baseball, because Bochy unfortunately, will have them playing well again.

  23. Ned doesn’t count because he is not in baseball operations. Neither is Tommy… Neither is Kasten.

    So they have:

    Friedman – President of baseball operations

    Byrnes – VP

    Hunsicker – Advisor

    Anthopoulos – Advisor

    That looks like 4 – not 8 to me…. unless I missed a few.

    1. Mark
      I think your probably right it isn’t eight, but I believe there are more then four.

      And Colletti and Kasten, are both former GMs, and they are still with the Dodgers.

      I am not familar with Tommy, but Kasten and Colletti do count, and I believe that Friedman does answer to Kasten.

      And all of these guys are former GMs, and work for the Dodgers, and if any one of these guys can help, I am sure they are used.

      And we do know that info is big with Friedman, along with collaboration.

      So there are probably seven former GMs from the info that you wrote.

  24. Until August 25, the giants play one playoff team after another, except 3 with the Phillies. We must take the lead BIG TIME by then. If not, we face a long September. My bet is that the suits now place less value on Urias than before the season started, making him more trade worthy. I agree. He seems to be more of a project than before, not the can’t miss prospect. He is probably still 3 years away from being a productive starting big league pitcher. I’ll take Sale for that. If that deal requires Urias, ok. I read somewhere that unnamed players say we need a big time starter or a shut down reliever, not a hitter. I agree. With Seager on the big team and with Urias not the favorite he was, a trade for farm players should be easier. Of the pitchers, Sale is the guy. He might be a bit odd, but he has guts. And he can chuck it.

    1. I read somewhere that from a monetary (years of control) standpoint,
      that bringing up Urias now and starting his clock already was a mistake. Reason being that
      he will not help all that much this year because of an inning limitation, and that he will
      continue to have that be an issue for the next 2-3 years.
      He will have burned through
      most of his cheaper years before he starts to really have meaningful impact on the BIG club.
      As a latin American I like the idea of him being a Dodger, but I want my MLB team to have the
      best team now, not in some future maybe, so at this point I could see, and get behind him traded.
      BUT, only if Kershaw is able to return healthy THIS year.
      I believe we need a right hand bat with pop and contact skills, An Archer type, and a Davis type. If Urias
      and a little more can get that then lets roll even if it means Kennedy, and Braun.

  25. James Moya: first time reading your posts. Cheers to you!

    As far as the trade, Sale would definitely help. Lets see what FAZ does. We already have McCarthy who, IMHO, is a better pitcher than Kennedy.

    But we also need a bat. I asked if Puig was on the DL. Apparently not, so it is still day to day with the hammy. Either way he isn’t in the lineup and the Toles/SVS combo in right doesn’t seem to provide much hitting.

    1. Artieboy
      Toles hasn’t got a hit in the last two games, but before these games, he has hit, so we need to be a little more patient with him.

    1. If there is a Red Flag to Josh Reddick, it’s that he’s a LHH. Lifetime vs LHB-.222.
      This year-.172. Rich Hill is 36yo and also a FA and injury prone(welcome to the Dodgers).He’s been excellent last year and this year as a SP but he’s history says otherwise. Has he come up with a new pitch, changed his arm slant, has a new position on the rubber? IDK.

    2. Somehow you just knew it would come down to Oakland and Tampa, didn’t you?
      Both players are rentals so they should come cheap…but where are we going to find replacements for them next year? And how does it solve our problem vs LHP?

  26. In times past, when the Dodgers traded pitching prospects, I was mostly OK with it. I though Webster would be a back of the rotation guy, buy that hasn’t happened. I thought Evoladi would be a back of the rotation guy too. I didn’t like THE TRADE, but it wasn’t what we gave up – it’s what we got. I did expect Rubby De La Rosa to be a #2 or #3 and that has not happened.

    The current cadre of pitchers is another story now. De Leon and Urias have the upside of a #2 and #1 respectively. Stewart is a #3, IMHO. De Jong may be a #3, but Oakes, Stripling et al are all back of the rotation guys. Montas and Cotton are bullpen guys. I like all of those guys a lot!

    I get that prospects are “iffy” but this may be the best bunch I have ever seen. Some are going to be pretty dang good!

    1. That’s how I read it too 1. I want to keep all of the good ones. Urias, Bellinger, De Leon, Holmes, Verdugo, Diaz. The rest can be used for the gamble this year. And it’s a roll of dice this year.

  27. Man this is such a sellers market.

    If we were having a poor year we could have totally made out big by selling some of our players !

    1. What I don’t understand is why we’re not trying to sell some of them even as we try to get others. Names that we really wouldn’t miss like SVS, Howe and some others…

      1. If the Dodgers don’t want Howell or Van Slyke, why would someone else trade a good player for them?

        It takes something good to get something good

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