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Get Ready For More Noah Syndergaard!

Noah Syndergaard

As if we haven’t been subjected to enough lousy pitching this season, get ready for Noah Syndergaard the sequel. He’s coming back and the Dodgers are prepared to lose even more games while in a playoff race. Syndergaard who has been on the injured list with a blister since June 8 is apparently preparing to return to the Dodger’s rotation. Meanwhile Dodger fans are preparing to barf.

The Dodgers have had one of the worst pitching staffs in MLB this season and their refusal to stop using ineffective pitchers is a huge reason why. Syndergaard has personified ineffectiveness this year in what has been a horrendous season for the 30-year old veteran. Syndergaard or “Thor” as everyone refers to him as, has posted a 7.17 ERA across 55.1 innings pitched in 2023. Those numbers barely scratch the surface of telling you how bad he has been. Although to be fair, that 7.17 ERA should tell you everything you need to know.

The Dodgers signed Syndergaard this winter hoping he could reclaim his injury riddled career. It seemed like a low-cost high reward acquisition. But if you consider the hoards of injured pitchers Andrew Friedman has signed in free agency during his reign, how often has one actually worked out? One could argue that it has worked a couple of times, but way more often it has not.

During spring training we saw Syndergaard’s velocity plummet. He’s been a shell of his former self. By the start of the regular season he was giving up at least 6 runs per start. He’s allowed five earned runs or more in six of his twelve starts. He’s struck out 38 and given up 77 hits, while posting an 11.5 hits per nine rate. I can translate for you what Dave Roberts is talking about. He’s basically telling us that the club is going to let him lose as many games as possible to justify Friedman’s moronic signing.

If this were any other team Syndergaard would have been given his unconditional release weeks ago. But this is the Dodgers and they’ll keep running him out there, start after start, and infuriating loss after loss. I understand the Dodgers need starters. Almost their entire rotation is injured. Clayton Kershaw is out until after the all-star break and maybe longer. Dustin May is out for the year, and Ryan Pepiot is on the back of a milk carton. There’s just no reason to give Thor this much rope, or any rope for that matter. The guy is cooked. No amount of crossing your fingers, toes and hoping that he “finds himself” is going to turn back the clock. Please don’t punt anymore games Dodgers. I’m begging you.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

23 thoughts on “Get Ready For More Noah Syndergaard!

  1. Please, No More Syndergaard!

    A $13MM THOR-ne in the ass! I guess with a that much money forfeited to Noah, the Dodgers feel they need to give him as much rope as possible. In the heat of a pennant race and push to make the playoffs, the Dodgers cannot afford to waste away games. They are already falling in the standings and they really do not need any help. Syndergaard is dead weight on a run away elevator to the basement. Are the Dodgers sure that the blister on his thumb is work related, or could it be from Noah sucking his thumb in the corner of the clubhouse?

    Yes, he should have been pink slipped long ago. A gamble that Friedman hopefully regrets. You would think that over the years of failed dumpster acquisitions, the Dodger Brass would learn a lesson and hold Friedman accountable for his error in judgment. That is the whole problem with MLB, there is absolutely no accountability, as they continue to foot the bill on the Fans while they still rake in billions and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Current rotation barely manages 4 innings per start, adding Syndergaard will only tax the already abused relief corps even more.

    Dodgers, do yourself a favor….Cut Syndergaard, eat the $13MM, and move on.

  2. “Meanwhile Dodger fans are preparing to barf.”
    This should sound outlandish, but it may not go far enough for me. Nice straight to the point article/opinion. With all the money that goes through this organization, they need fans like Scott to let them know that some of the fan base expect them to be more proactive in some areas.

    Thor’s struggles can be felt, almost physically, by the fans watching him pitch. Always on the ropes, desperately seeking for the perfect location to keep the ball off the tee.

    Dodgers may need to come up with a better plan than Thor, rookie starts and bullpen games. My question is: do they trade for one ace or two innings eaters? P.S. NO JIMMY NELSON!!!!!

  3. While of course I agree with you on Noah, who wouldn’t. But to say Friedman’s reclamation projects don’t work out often is flat out incorrect. Anderson and Heaney come to mind just last year. Players come here because our staff performs miracles. However, if Noah’s velo is gone, he needs to be a real pitcher, and we haven’t seen that yet.

    1. Most of AF’s reclamation projects and signing of injured pitchers have not worked out. Yes, Anderson and Heaney worked out. But, name some more. I can’t think of any.

    2. Paul, yes, the Dodgers have resurrected a few careers. Anderson and Heaney… where are they now? Dodgers a nothing more than a MLB Garage for overhauling pitching careers. Then, they let them drive off into the sunset, never to return again.

      Unfortunately, Dodgers/Kerlan-Jobe could not perform miracles with Thor-ne…. A true basket case destined for the Junk Yard.

      Yes, the Dodgers should obviously make a trade, but “Beggars Can’t Be Choosy”. Other teams are licking their chops, for a chance to steal prospects from the Dodger Farm. Dodgers will have to sacrifice a lot (money + talent + draft picks). They have waited too long, and are no longer buyers, and are now beggers, desperately seeking sympathy from its’ competitors.

      Dodgers are in a bad situation right now, and everyone knows it. Mercy is for the Weak, and the Dodgers will get no Mercy, that is for sure.

    3. flat out incorrect? Can you list a few here? because Anderson and Heaney weren’t reclamation projects. Anderson was a productive regular starter for many years before signing with the Dodgers. Heaney you might be able to call a reclamation project, but while he was mostly terrible throughout his career and constantly injured, he wasn’t a reclamation. Not sure what miracles you are referring to, but I would like to hear your thoughts. and BTW, Syndergaard is cooked beyond a well done steak.

  4. If the Dodgers starting staff was not so injury riddled, Syndergaard would probably be gone. However, AF is very stubborn and will not admit when he is wrong. Still hasn’t really admitted that his signing of Bauer was a huge mistake. The Dodgers don’t need to be a dumpster diving team. We have the money to get good players. This is not the McCourt Dodgers AF.

    1. absolutely correct in that AF is too stubborn to ever admit mistake. But it goes beyond this. The front office just does not believe that starting pitching is valuable. That’s the root of the problem here. It’s similar to how they don’t believe base-running is valuable. They think they can win without it. We all know that they may be able to get away with this line of thinking for a few weeks in the regular season, they’ll get bounced out quickly in the playoffs. Starting pitching is the name of the game and without it, they will continue to lose.

      1. Pitching and defense win championships. Run prevention trumps run production in most cases. Especially in the playoffs.
        Baseball has changed and evolved. AF and company are not keeping pace.

        How about those Reds?

    2. Heh Heh, you are so right OhioDodger! Anywhere else, Noah would be on the streets of LA, competing with LA Homeless for a spot on Sunset Blvd, to pitch his tent. He could also get free room and board at the LA Grand Hotel, courtesy of Mayor Bass. At least he can go to bed, haunted with the roar of Dodger Stadium. We cannot feel sorry for the clown since he does have $13MM in his pocket courtesy of AF. Ugh, makes my stomach turn thinking about that.

  5. You are probably right, Scott. But, although they may or may not have been reclamation projects, the Dodgers definitely gave them a chance to redeem themselves. Confidence and self esteem can go a long way, especially when other teams have given up on you and tossed you in the dumpster.

          1. Heh Heh… soon as the team heard that THOR-ne (in the ass) was throwing a Sim Game in prep for possible return to action, they seemed to kick it in gear! The kids don’t want a ride in the elevator, back to the farm…. Someone would have to go to make room for Syndergaard on the roster.

            Good to see Muncy smiling and having fun again!

            Bad news on Daniel Hudson. That too, could have inspired pitchers to dig deep and “Show Up”!

            Go Dodgers!

  6. Definitely not looking forward to Thor-ne in the Ass’ possible return. But to add to the misery, the Dodgers sign a journeyman pitcher Tyson Miller, who was a frequent rider in the elevator from the Minors to the Bigs…. Good luck with that. To add insult to it all, they sign a former member of the Cheating Ass-tros organization, Jake Marisnick, a washed up 11-yr veteran…. Seriously? Friedman is definitely Dumpster Addict.

    With Vargas demoted back to the farm (he needed it), it seems that the Dodgers may be counting on Mookie playing 2nd base more often, as they add another outfielder to their already a abundant stash.

    Not looking promising, Dodger Fans.

  7. Thor, the $13MM dumpster acquisition. A big “Thorn in the Ass!”

    Don’t get too excited, Bluto. It’s just the struggling Mets, worthless Angels, and hopeless Pirates…..teams they should beat.

  8. Will the real Catman please stand up? Seems Thor also has more than 9 lives, as does Gonsolin. As the Dodgers pitching staff again reveals its vulnerabilities, Syndergaard continues to survive the chopping block to hang around as a last resort emergency starter.

    The Dodgers offense could not keep up, despite a 1st inning grand slam by Max Muncy. (Wow, seems Muncy likes playing in his hometown of Texas). After the grand salami, the Dodger offense flatlined, ending with a 2-8 RISP and eight goose eggs. Many blown scoring opportunities.

    Rookie Sheehan had a rough time, unable to close the door on many two strike counts, allowing eight hits and granting five free passes in the process. All resulting in 90 pitches and 8 runs in just 3 2/3 innings. Bullpen to the rescue, but the damage was already done, and offense was non-existent.

    The trade deadline is looming. Will the Dodgers make a move for an expensive rental? Urias and Gonsolin have been inconsistent, the Rookies are trying their best to help, and now, Kershaw’s return has been pushed back to about mid-August? Speaking of expensive rentals, the Phils sent prospect Mickey Moniak to the Angels for a guy named Syndergaard. Look what Moniak is doing in Anaheim? Look who foolishly picked up Syndergaard for $13 Million? Go figure.

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