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Standing Pat or Not?

The MLB trade deadline will conclude today at 4pm EST. The Dodgers who are in need of a rotation guy, a power bat, and a reliever have so far not done anything of significance. But that can all change or will it?  Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you have heard of this rumor:


When I first saw this rumor, I thought there goes Andrew Friedman and his multiple team trades. The Cincinnati Reds OF Jay Bruce would fill the power bat need for the Dodgers.  These are his stats for the season.

2016 97 370 60 98 22 6 25 80 27 83 4 2 .265 .316 .559 .875 0.7

He has had great offensive stats but his defense has taken a turn for the worse since his surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee early in the 2014 season. Take a look: http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-jay-bruce-defensive-metrics-test/

Jay Bruce Defensive Runs Saved Breakdown

Year Shallow Medium Deep Range Runs | Adv. Opps Extra Bases Adv. Rate Kills Arm Runs
2008-13 3 3 -1 5 | 92 42 45.6% 5 1
2014-16 2 2 -8 -4 | 96 48 49.5% 4 -2

-All figures presented on per-1,000 inning scale –Shallow/Medium/Deep: Runs saved, based on location –Adv. Rate: Percentage of baserunners taking an extra base on advancement opportunities –Kills: Outs made by throws directly to base, without assist by cutoff man

All you have to do is take the eye test and you can see that Jay Bruce is not a premium defender. But if during this three team trade with the Tampa Bay Rays, the Dodgers could get an arm.  Then you might roll the dice especially with the way the team has been playing lately. But three team deals are hard to complete. The front office might be able to complete this though.

Another rumor that has been going around is for the Chicago White Sox’s pitcher Chris Sale.

The Dodgers seem to be offering Julio Urias for Chris Sale’s services. I don’t know what other prospects they would give up to get this deal done. Chris Sale could be a good move for the sake of taking Clayton Kershaw’s spot for now. Chris Sale would be a great help for Clayton Kershaw this season if he returns and next. I know the Whiz kids don’t like giving away prospects. So I would assume this deal does not get done.

A general rule I follow is Prospects are suspects until proven otherwise. I feel as though the front office needs to be upfront on the status of Clayton Kershaw so the fans know if the team is going all in. The team has been playing really well lately. This current core could be on their last hurrah. The front office needs to let fans know if they are in full rebuild mode and cost cutting or still trying to contend during the prime years of Clayton Kershaw and this current group.

During yesterday’s Dodger game against the Arizona Diamondbacks P Bud Norris was pulled from the game due to tightness in his back. The Front office can’t possibly think that standing pat is going to win the World Series.  Take a look at this article written by Los Angeles Times reporter Bill Shaikin

th9RLGXSIEThe Dodgers must have read Mr. Shaikins article because it looks like a move has been made. The Dodgers acquire OF Josh Reddick and P Rich Hill from the Oakland A’s for Minor league pitchers Frankie Montas, Grant Holmes and Jharel Cotton are heading to Oakland. This rumor has been going on for a while. This is a great move and that gives the Dodgers an outfield bat and a Rotation arm. Dodgers OF Yasiel Puig could still be in play for P Chris Sale.

Bravo to the Front office for making this deal. Now they can go for P Chris Sale if they feel inclined to or add a rotation piece. They still have P Julio Urias, P Jose De Leon, 1B Cody Bellinger, and OF Alex Verdugo.


James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

30 thoughts on “Standing Pat or Not?

  1. Have already heard the ANTI-FAZ-DUMBASSES call this a bad deal. Of course, if they hadn’t made a deal, they would have blasted them too. Save the drivel! You show your double digit IQ’s! Anything FAZ does is wrong. Morons! OK, I’m done. Just don’t say real stupid stuff and I won’t call you a moron.

    First you say that scared to trade and then when they do they got swindled! PLEASE!

    History will just this deal… just like last year. Rich Hill is a rental who has been pitching very well this year. He should benefit coming to the NL and he has only 76 IP this year so he should be fresh. FAZ is going for it this year. NOW, shut the hell up!

    Josh Reddick is a nice player who KILLS RH Pitching! The Dodgers may or may not extend him. The Dodgers traded Cotton, Holmes and Montas. I liked them all, but I felt Cotton and Montas were relievers and I was not a Holmes fan – EVER!

    FAZ kept Bellinger, De Leon, Stewart, Calhoun, Verdugo, Urias and Oakes and I am good with that.

  2. BTW James,

    I like your picture and no offense, but could you move the girl on the left to the middle and cut out your face? No offense, she’s better looking than you.

    If that’s not your sister, you are way above your pay grade, Dude! 😉

      1. Yes, you are a lucky man. You better take care of her.

        You don’t want my picture. I’m just an old geezer!

        I’m so old that I remember I like girls… I just don’t remember why!

  3. Chad Moriyama of Dodgers Digest agrees with me (I’m sure he thinks that as scary as I do) :

    Rich Hill is a 36-year-old impending free agent left-handed starter making $6 million, and he has a 2.25 ERA, 2.51 FIP, and 2.75 DRA. Yes, he has only thrown 76 innings this year. Yes, he is currently on the disabled list with a blister. Yes, Hill has been elite when healthy. You want risk? This is one, but the upside is blatantly obvious. Of course, if Hill didn’t have risk, the Dodgers wouldn’t be able to acquire him for a package this light.

    Grant Holmes is 20-year-old right-handed pitcher and consensus top 10 prospect in the system. Most see him as a potential mid-rotation starter or a back-end reliever, and he has a 4.02 ERA in 105.1 innings this year in high-A. He’s probably the prize of this haul because of his rotation upside, but personally I’ve grown concerned with his inability for his command to progress. That said, progress isn’t linear, and if it clicks for him at any point, I can definitely see him being a quality rotation option.

  4. No big deal in my book. Another LH bat, another trade with one of the teams they worked for. I see little upside in the trade as Reddick crowds and already crowded OF. Hill is on the DL with a blister, so no immediate help there. But this is far from the elite players Friedman was talking about. A couple of journey men…….and yeah Mark, that is what they are…neither is elite, nor a difference maker. It did not cost all that much so it is a wash…although it ruins Mark’s plans for Montas…….our next closer I think he said…

    1. Well, it depends upon what you call a difference maker. Justin Ruggiano made a difference last year.

      The real difference makers, the Sales, the Harpers, the Trouts cost Urias, De Leon, Bellinger, Calhoun, Verdugo, Stewart and Mantas, Cotton and Holmes!

      This deal has the “potential” to be a difference maker. History will be the judge. I would do the deal. Whether it is successful is to be determined!

      Stay tuned!

      1. I respect your opinion Mark, I just disagree totally. History will only be if they get to the playoffs. And I am fine with sending a top 10 prospect for an impact player, especially a guy like Sale. Would I trade Urias, Deleon, Bellinger and Calhoun for Trout? Damn straight I would……I would throw in Pederson too….

  5. I’d say the future will judge this deal, not history 🙂

    People will bitch regardless whether we make a deal or not. Let’s judge this in October based on what contributions Hill and Reddick made to us. Then, let’s judge this in 3 years, when all 3 of those prospects we sent out should be in the bigs, and see how they’re doing. This wasn’t Urias or DeLeon for a couple of rentals, so I think we’re ok.

    Texas just sent the #4 pick in the 2015 draft for rental Carlos Beltran! SF sent their top prospect to Milwaukee for a reliever. It’s an insane market! Montas and Cotton are bullpen arms. Those are the easiest things to grow. I think our system will be ok

    1. I agree we have plenty of arms in the system. Reddick does not excite me one bit and he is a RF. So maybe Puig is on the move, but they have plenty of LH pop already…..MLB reporting that Susac is part of the trade to the Brewers for Smith……Lucroy on the move???

  6. Mark you are right (I hate saying that) about several things……but…

    Everyone here would complain if the team made no moves and many (myself included) have decried the Braintrust’s unwillingness to trade prospects. On the other hand, you have to wonder if losing 3 top 15 guys (Holmes #5, Montas #8, Cotton #13 per MLB.com) is a high price for 2 rentals.

    Montas may never be healthy after 1st cervical rib resection. Holmes has had control issues and Cotton has never developed good breaking stuff and the Dodgers have been trying to figure out if he is a starter or reliever.

    You deal from surplus and if there is anything that the Dodgers have lots of it is right handed minor league pitchers.

    If it works, then everyone will be cheering the Dodgers in the post-season – if not, it will be Johnson and Latos and Wood all over again and everyone will be disappointed.

    And Hill is on the DL so he fits right in.

    1. Dodger rick
      At least from what you have wrote, we didn’t give up to much.

      I don’t like Hill’s injury history at all.

      It is much like Anderson’s injury history.

    2. Dodger rick
      When Friedman talks about getting elite players this year, how are we suppose to act like.

      Those were Friedman’s exact words.

  7. Nothing new there Mark. We already knew all that, and more actually.

    It’s a deal like last year’s when we picked up Latos and Morse. Hill might be ok for a few starts down the stretch. A 7 inning 3 runs or less starter? I doubt it. Reddick can hit right handers so we have a platoon in RF. Oh goodie. We already have one. Now we have it again.

    I thought Montas was gonna close and Holmes was Don Sutton? Cotton leaving is ok.

    Not a particularly impressive move, but it could work.

    1. Chavez 1 -2 , 4.56, 9 HR in 41 innings. Great.

      He was a swing man for the A’s last year (see the connection?) and pitched better for the A’s then he has for the Jays.

      Dodgers gave up Bolsinger.

      1. Dodger rick
        Was it Matt Moore the leftie starting pitcher, that beat us in that last game against the Rays?

        The Giants just got this pitcher.

    2. Bobby
      How many former A’s pitchers do we have on our team now?

      This lastest guy is also a former A.

      We sent Bolsinger to the Bluejay’s , for Chavez no big loss there!

      But we were both afraid of them getting Hill, and his injury history is as scary as Anderson’s.

        1. I’m sure Barry would like that.

          He did a try out for the A’s this last spring training.

          But I thought we would get a better pitcher, not just this guy.

          Reddick is a good defensive outfielder, and hits for a good average, but he doesn’t have that much punch, and can’t hit lefties, like everyone else on the team.

          The Giants got Matt Moore, right now.

          The Giants stoled this pitcher, right from under Friedman’s nose.

  8. What happened to the “elite” players they were supposedly targeting? Montas is no big deal? Didn’t someone have him penciled in to be our closer next year? This is a token move to keep the gang at Dodger Nation satisfied. Small-market move. Memo to clubhouse: it’s up to you guys.

    1. Snider
      These are not even close to being elite players.

      Hill has only started four games in the last six years.

      The Giants got a better starting pitcher, then we did, and they already have two top starting pitchers.

      And this pitcher, is from Friedman’s former team, the Rays.

      It looks like the Rangers got some really good players too, and they also got Hamels last year.

  9. I honestly don’t know why I feel so disappointed, I expected little or nothing from the FAZhole. How can it be that the “prospects’ we just traded had so much potential last year we couldn’t trade them even for whomever it was we all wanted, and this year they have sunk in value to exchange for a lump of coal. Alright, TWO lumps of coal… I think this has to come as shock to the players, too. Of course the owners are so busy counting their money they don’t know or care.

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