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Rumble in the Bronx

The Los Angeles Dodgers struggled once again against lefties yesterday and followed it up with a predictable 3-0 loss.  The Dodgers had their right handed line-up against the New York Yankees C.C. Sabathia who turned into the Sabathia of old against the boys in blue. The Dodgers hoped to rebound in the rubber match with Clayton Kershaw taking the mound. This was a matinee affair with Michael Pineda on the mound for the Bronx Bombers.

Kershaw was making his second start since returning. His last start against the Miami Marlins he went three innings and gave up five hits and two runs taking the loss. On the season he is 11-3 with a 1.81 ERA. Michael Pineda of the Yankees has underwhelmed this season with a record of 6-11 with a 4.94 ERA. What ended up breaking out was a pitchers duel and two rain delays. This game wasn’t much of a rumble in the Bronx as both teams couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. An old Tommy Lasagna saying.

Kershaw was a lot sharper in this game.  The game was stopped twice due to rain. Kershaw ended up going five innings yielding one hit and striking out five. Meanwhile Michael Pineda ended up going four innings giving up two hits and two walks. He left the game early due to an injury. The Yankees bullpen pitched the rest of the game just like the Dodgers bullpen did once Kershaw left.

In the fourth inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd for the Dodgers and one out Andre Eithier grounded into a double play. In the bottom of the fifth inning with Kershaw pitching a perfect game, Starlin Castro of the Yankees reached 1st base on an error by Justin Turner. Chase Headley then followed that up with a single to break up the no-hitter.  Didi Gregorious then sacrificed the runners over.  Kershaw then came back and struck out the next two hitters to preserve the shutout.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, two runners were on with Pedro Baez on the mound facing Gregorious. Baez got him to fly out.  Then Luis Avilan came in and got Brian McCann to fly out. In the ninth inning is where all the action took place.

The inning started with Delin Betances facing Corey Seager. Seager reached first on an error by Starlin Castro. Seager then stole 2nd.  Then Justin Turner came and delivered a double to score Seager.

On the double by Turner when he slid into second his head hit Starlin Castro’s leg. Turner seemed to have some neck discomfort.  Then Adrian Gonzalez line out advanced Turner to third. Yasmani Grandal came up and hit a grounder to Betances who tried to get out Turner at home and threw it to the backstop. Turner scored to make it 2-0. The Dodgers scored two runs because of two errors by the Yankees. Kenley Jansen then came in and got the save for the Dodgers. There seemed to be a lot of life in Jansen’s fastball. The Dodgers take the series from the Yankees and coupled with the Giants getting swept by the San Diego Padres, the Dodgers are 5 games up in the NL West and the magic number is 13.

The immediate concern is the status of Justin Turner.

Well since hearing that I can sleep well tonight.  So it’s on to Arizona.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

58 thoughts on “Rumble in the Bronx

  1. Instead of being able to get a stream of today’s game I get a virus on this damned computer. At least Dodgers win and Giants lose and I credit my screaming-hair-pulling anger had cast bad energy upon the Giants. But dammit, I’d liked to of been able to view! At any rate, CHEERS! And lets see a seasons high of better than 5 tomorrow. 13 is the magic number!

    1. Quas
      They are going to broadcast some Dodger games, on channel five I believe, but I don’t remember when they are starting, but probably soon.

    2. Get Avast it’ll block the malware. Feed4all done. Google baseball streaming or free baseball streaming and try a few of those. 1st row works ok but need Avast anti virus and add blocker or add blocker plus.

  2. Kersh was nails, the bullpen did a good job, and the offense was pitiful, but they scratched out 2 in the 9th. Better late than never. Giants swept by the Padres……in SF!!!!! 5 game lead with 17 to go. That 4th division championship in a row is getting closer.

    1. Last nights 5 runs in the ninth inning loss broke the backs of Midget fans. I talked with a couple this morning, before today’s loss, never heard so much whining. They say, SF hasn’t had a bullpen for years, everybody knew it, except management. I tried to act sympathetic until they told me that even though Midgets wouldn’t be in playoffs, they wouldn’t be rooting for the Dodgers. They think our team and its fans are deplorable. I agreed, some of us are proud deplorables.

  3. For Mark’s benefit, I haven’t been posting (I assume that I am a “negative” poster in his eyes) because my wife has been in the hospital since Sunday night and will be in the ICU for a few more days after having undergone emergency surgery.

    As to the hory old “glass half full” metaphor, I would simply say that I am a realist. i prefer to tell you how many ounces of water are in the glass and that is enough for me. Some people say that’s negative, but I don’t look at the world though rose colored glasses. they may be Dodger Blue colored but not rosy.

    1. Dodgerrick, sorry to hear about your wife, hope she is on a quick road to recovery.

      Be careful, Mark has already made veiled threats regarding his guns he owns and his willingness use them, from his demeanor I think he may be capable of anything. He is tightly wound and has some loose screws floating around in that narcissistic brain. Hell he may show up at your wife’s hospital, so don’t mention the city you are in. I suspect that we don’t hear much from Badger anymore due to the Timmons factor that has invaded this site.

      1. Got this when I googled ladodgersreport

        We’ve Only just begun…An Opinionated Dodger site for Opinionated Dodger fans that throw tantrums and curse at people when the Dodgers lose….Opinions!

      2. Why did you post this? Seriously.

        This has to be maybe one of the worst things I’ve ever read here. Crazy BOB, who I think really is disturbed, suggesting Mark was gang raped in prison was really bad, but this is pretty close.

        There have been complainers and naysayers here venting their collective spleens here all year. I read Fried Brains, FAZhole is very popular – contributors here have complained about everything, from the relief pitching, starting pitching, hitting, Dave Roberts is a puppet…anything you can think of that is remotely less than ideal that has befallen this team has been blamed on the front office. I have no problem with fans venting their frustration, but Mark and me and anyone else has a right to voice his opinion, too. Mark, in this case, is just simply right, and has been proven right by the standings. He can gloat all he wants.

        I don’t always agree with Mark. Actually when I first started posting here I didn’t even like him. But I’ve been here long enough to get a sense of who people really are and what their character is. That post of yours is a reflection of your character. For you to make that accusation, that Mark is actually going to murder somebody is, frankly – and excuse my language – fucked up. It’s just awful.

        Probably, if anything, the opposite is true. It appears Mark really doesn’t give a rat’s behind about you, or BOB, or Wondering. It seems he actually has a life. It’s actually you who has an unhealthy preoccupation with him. Think about that for a little bit. Do you know what it means to project? If I was to choose anyone whose comments I’ve read here who is potentially unstable enough enough to do something rash, it wouldn’t be him.

        I think you owe this board an apology. I think you owe Mark an apology. And if you don’t like the tone, it starts with you. You know….be the change you want to see..

      3. Robin (I know your name) and what city you live in. I have never made any such threat. You are an ignoramus and a liar!

        I regard that as slander and libel. You have one chance to apologize for your lies, but I suspect you will not! The only threat I will levy is an attorney.

    2. Dodger rick
      I hope you and your wife are ok through this.

      And you have a right to your own opinion!

      And who wants a site where everyone agrees, I don’t.

    3. Now that I’ve vented a little bit, did anyone else catch Passan’s preening self-righteous smear piece over on Yahoo? This is a good example of why I really don’t care for Passan. It displays what is now the archetypal millennial Social Justice Warrior standard operating procedure of attacking the person, by either screaming at them, grabbing the microphone, or, in Passan’s case, smearing him rather than making a coherent logical argument.

      If Passan wants to make a case for Colin Kaepernick to do what he does, make the case. Appeal to reason. Appeal to people’s moral sense of right and wrong and justice. Argue that La Russa is wrong, but do it in a respectful way and make a case that is compelling. He simply attacked La Russa and impugned his character by bringing up the DUI and the fact the managed during the PED era. …totally irrelevant…and sleazy.

      The comments almost universally bashed him. The comments in response to piece in ESPN about the alleged inherent racism in baseball were nearly unanimously negative. I really hope there is a pushback against this SJW world view.

      1. I read it and it was total tripe. The guy has not one clue. As for Kaepernick, he disrespects every one who has ever worn a uniform to protect this country, and I will never watch any game the NFL plays again. One of the Bronco players lost an endorsement deal for kneeling during the anthem.

  4. It’s nice to know that FAZ will be kicking the tires on this guy. He could slot in nicely with all the young studs in the pipeline. Right-handed bat.

    Gurriel began his pro career in Cuba at just 16 years of age and batted .277/.362/.426 in 305 games from 2010-16, including an impressive .344/.407/.560 with 10 homers and eight steals across 59 games in his final season on the island. Capable of playing both shortstop and center field, Gurriel showcased his skills at both positions today, per Sanchez.

    I know most don’t like the Cuban signings, but, I do.

  5. Five games up and the days are dwindling for the Gnats. I’d be a liar if I said I am sorry for them. Our series starts today with the snakes and the Gnats have the Cards. I’m not saying it will be easy for us I’ll take 3 out of 4 anytime. The Cards are no pushover as they are neck and neck with the Gnats for a WC position.
    Consider this though: The Cards have the BEST AWAY record in baseball while the Snakes have the 2nd WORST home record.

    1. Richie
      All of those facts don’t mean a thing, at this time of the year, because we still have to play the games.

      I hope that our players, are going to make sure the beat the teams they should beat.

      And they don’t under estimate any team.

      Because for teams like the Dbacks, beating the Dodgers and the Giants, is there World Series.

      I just hope our team’s lack of hitting, is about the time change, and nothing more then that.

      Because there last couple series, they have had trouble hitting and scoring runs.

      But the way they attacked the Yankees big closer, was inspiring.

      Because I don’t give Castro an error on Corey’s hit, because Corey’s hit, was hit pretty hard, and he had a hard hop to glove.

      I know he has handled a play like that before, but that isn’t a routine play, at all.

      And Turners big hit isn’t suprising, because Turner has the knack of hitting in the clutch.

      And that is why I want the Dodgers to resign him.

      I think his problems with lefties, is only an adjustment he will need to make, to hit lefties better next year.

      And Roberts putting the runners in motion was a risky but a good decision, because he had the runners test the defense, and the defense broke down.

      I have to admitt I was wondering why the heck Turner was trying to go home on that hit back to the pitcher, but it worked, and the anoucers said that Roberts had Turner go on contact.

      Good thing we won, because I was upset with Ethier, for not hitting that one pitch to the outfield.

      1. Come on MJ, Ethier has been sitting for almost 5 months, he played a handful of games in the minors against less than major league pitching and you expect him to come out hitting bullets? They are trying to get him playing time and see if he can contribute. And also, give a little credit to the pitcher and the scouting staff who obviously have a book on Andre that is pretty accurate. Personally I thought activating him at this point in time was not the smartest thing to do. But they felt he might be able to pinch hit now and then. Those last 2 games, Yankee pitching was stellar, so give credit where credit is due.

        1. Michael
          I like Ethier, maybe Roberts should have waited, and put Ethier in the line up, in Arizona, where Ethier always hits well.

          I was just irritated, because he only needed to hit a flyball into the outfield, but he didn’t swing at the perfect pitch he got, to hit the ball in the air, and waited until he had two strikes.

          And that Yankee pitcher, struck out almost everyone when he had two strikes.

  6. I see that some folks on here still want to throw stones at others. Like Rodney King once said, can’t we all get along. I have thrown my share since I first came on here, but a self reflection made me change my mind about that tact. All it does is make for a lot of hostility that is not healthy for anyone. I will still voice my opinion about the FO if I think they have done something that does not make sense to me, and even rag on what I consider to be a bad trade or signing. But I will also respect the other guys right to his opinion. We are, after all, all Dodger fans. With differing views, and backgrounds and baseball experiences.

      1. F the fray. It’s all about Dodgers, that’s what I keep thinking about. Magic Number is 13, and no bs drama on this board can get me down, knowing we’re not that far away!

      1. Thank you Mark, you have mine also although we have disagreed on some things. ……PS……I still do not like Grandal! LOL

        1. He will grow on you…. but so will moss! 😉

          BTW, I have no problem with disagreement. I know you have said you don’t like Grandal because he doesn’t smile (I think you said that) and I’m fine with that. I just don’t like baseless complaints. I’ll address some of the others later.

          1. No, I do not like PED guys, call it a personal quirk. Do not like drunks or druggies either. To me it is a character flaw. We had guys like that in the service, and it affected moral and performance.

          2. Like his power, but not too keen on that batting average. If he could do that and hit .260 he would be pretty good. Goes into slumps a little too often for me.

  7. I”m glad Ethier is back, but at this point of the year, we don’t need to give him at bats to help his recovery along. There are 2.5 weeks left in the year. Unless we’re up 8-0, we need the 25 playoff guys playing every day and every inning from now on. Not Ethier or Rob Segedin etc. Let them play in garbage time.

    1. Bobby
      I agree with you on that.

      And I also agree with you about playing the regular line up, against leftie pitchers too.

      Let’s give our regular line up the consistent at bats, right now.

    2. Bobby
      I bet you will be tuning in to that Giant Cardinal game tonight, and all week end long!

      I will be to, if there game is on TV Too.

      1. Tonight I”ll pay attention to both games on the phone. I”ll be at the Gin Blossoms concert in Pasadena, but will have to check scores at times!

  8. Kershaw v Bumgarner on Monday. Norris goes on Sunday. Can’t we do better than that? Chase Field is a launching pad so I expect a few balls in the seats. Hopefully most are ours. Should be Kershaw, Hill, and Maeda next week against the giants. Hopefully the Cards will beat them to a pulp, and we can put a few nails in their post season coffin in this even numbered year.

    1. We have plenty of pitchers on the roster, why can’t we set Norris and Kershaw back a day so they start Monday and Tuesday? The extra day’s rest would probably help them…

    2. Bobbie 17
      I feel the same way about Norris too.

      Why can’t Stewart pitch this game instead, especially after the way, that Norris pitched in his last game?

    3. Deleon is pitching on Sunday. Norris is taking Urias’s spot in the rotation as they are going to use him out of the pen the rest of the way. So it will be Kersh, Hill, and Maeda against the Midgies.

  9. Kyle Farmer got 3 hits in a loss yesterday, playing catcher. Hit 5th in the lineup. Watch what they do with him in Spring Training next year. I think the suits are high on him.

  10. BTW Rick,

    I wish you and your wife nothing but good. I know we disagree on certain things, but most of what you write is thought out and I respect that. We can disagree – I just like real verses imagined stuff, but in a tough time my thoughts and prayers are with you. Godspeed!

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