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Andre Ethier’s Fractured Tibia Could Open Door For Trayce Thompson

Andre Ethier

By now you have all heard the news. The results of Andre Ethier’s bone scan have been announced and it’s not good. The official diagnosis is a fractured tibia which will keep Ethier out for the next 10-14 weeks. We knew it was probably not going to be good news when we heard that Ethier was on crutches and having to undergo the bone scan. Ethier suffered the injury when he fouled a ball off of his shin last Friday. The only good news is that he will not require surgery.

This is particularly tough news for the Dodgers. The club was counting on Ethier to solidify the left field position and Dave Roberts was even considering using him in the lead-off spot from time to time. So much for that. The timeframe for recovery would probably put Ethier on track to return sometime around the all-star break.

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In the meantime Ethier’s injury opens the door for rookie Trayce Thompson to earn a roster spot. The Dodgers will likely use a platoon of Carl Crawford and Scott Van Slyke. However we all know of Crawford’s inherent rustiness and Van Slyke is more of a part time player.

Thompson is the 25-year old right handed hitting outfielder the Dodgers acquired from the White Sox in the three-team trade that sent Jose Peraza and Scott Schebler to the Reds, and Todd Frazier to the White Sox. The Dodgers also acquired flamethrower Frankie Montas, (who is also injured), and second baseman Micah Johnson.

Thompson has not looked good this spring at the plate though. Through 18 games and 46 plate appearances, Thompson is batting just .186 (8 for 43) with two home runs. You would think that Van Slyke would get most of the playing time against left handers, and Crawford would play against the right handers. Kike Hernandez can also play the outfield as well.

Thompson’s MLB career got off to a good start last season with the White Sox. He played in 44 games and slashed .295/.363/.533 (36 for 122) with 5 home runs and 16 runs batted in while posting an .896 OPS in 135 plate appearances.

We’ll see what the Dodgers do, but this is not a good way to start the season. The Dodgers are already besieged with injuries and the season hasn’t even started yet. Not good.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

28 thoughts on “Andre Ethier’s Fractured Tibia Could Open Door For Trayce Thompson

  1. The truth is, this was not a good way to start the season BEFORE the injuries and at the end of the day, we are talking about Andre Ethier, we have been talking about this guy like he is Mike Trout lately. desperate times call for desperate measures. Sure, he would have contributed, but not nearly enough.

    Let the kids play, let it be Trayce Thompson, if we get anything out of this year it will be figuring out what Joc, Yasiel and the other youngsters are for our continued rebuild in 2017.

    I still got the under on 80.

  2. The truth is half right: It is ONLY Ethier!

    If I were the Dodgers, I would try Micah Johnson in LF and play SVS against tough LH’ers!

    I’m way done with Ethier and Crawfish!

  3. A Van Slyke Crawford platoon works for me. So would Van Slyke every day. Thompson could benefit from 5 plate appearances a night and he won’t get them here. We play Crawford until Crawford is no longer available.

  4. Why the heck wasn’t my man Dre wearing a shin guard? He fouls the ball off his shin ALL THE TIME.

  5. This Spring Training is not building confidence for the team nor the fans.

    There were lack and needs on this team prior to S.T., but now there are many lacks and needs. Best realistic answer — use the kids or the farm. And play with gusto.

    Tonight they are being no-hitted by an old K.C. pitcher. That does not help.

  6. First time I had seen Joc bat this spring. I noticed the toes of his front foot are up in the air as he is waiting for the pitch. So much for quieting his swing. But maybe its working for him…so far.

  7. We all be idiots according to some front-office fanboys on this blog…the ones who hate guys like Ethier for making too much money…the ones who want to put a AAA team on the field to help Guggenheim’s bottom line. Y’all know who you are.

    1. Who’s that? I don’t seriously think that anyone wants to make personnel decisions based on whether it helps the Guggenheim’s balance sheet. That’s conspiracy theory talk. There is one guy who absolutely despises The Trade and the expensive signings under Colletti, and maybe that colors his preferences for who plays in left, preferring an unproven prospect.

      Losing Ethier is disappointing, as is the most recent performance of the team. However, Ethier really wasn’t even supposed to be here based on all of your hypothetical trade talk. Same thing with Anderson. He wasn’t even supposed to be on the team. So when these guys go down with injuries, the naysayers need not throw their collective hands up in the air and go directly to the doom and gloom projections.

      I read a recent article somewhere comparing SVS to Jason Werth about when Werth had his breakout year. I think SVS could be starting on most teams, and given enough PAs, maybe he establishes himself as more of just a lefty masher. Between CC and SVS and Thompson, I think the team has left covered. Micah is intriguing there. I would really like to see him prove himself offensively, at the least to improve his trade value. The regular season isn’t spring training, though. You put out your best team: your proven players. Micah is a risk. Let him work on that awkward defense somewhere.

      1. Micah was the White Sox’s starting second base man last year, on the big club. And guess what, he didn’t hit much above the Mendosa line.

  8. Well put Patch!!! I think at this time the OF is the least of our problems… Hitting with RISP leaves as usual a lot to be desired…
    SP is the problem with #5 by committee… Pen is shaping up…
    I’m heading down Saturday to ignite the team!!!

  9. I know exactly who snider is referring to. You can call it “gloom and doom” and others can counter with “pie in the sky”. Whatever. I think it’s a numbers game. The stats on pitchers surgeries have been presented. Read them, don’t read them, doesn’t change them. It isn’t inaccurate or even hyberbole to suggest the FAZ plan here is to avoid any high priced pitchers for a couple of years. I contend that’s a choice, others contend the Dodgers are trimming payroll out of necessity, blaming the trade for not having enough resources to compete for Price, Scherzer, Hamels etc. And now we find ourselves right where some thought we would be. Losing Ethier, while unfortunate, isn’t a death knell. Same could be said if Grandal goes down again. But watching guys like McCarthy, Anderson and Beachy go down warrants a gigantic f’n I TOLD YOU SO from all the “idiots” out here. By the way, well played Roger. One could even argue Ryu was overdue for an injury and watch out for Maeda. Asian pitchers are all trained and prefer 6 man rotations.

    The strategy of signing multiple high risks pitchers hoping one or two will actually return to ace status is risky. Meanwhile the gints sign two studs, the Dbacks steal ours, Price, Zimmerman and Hamels continue to pitch and so far pitch well.

    I guess we just wait and see what’s next. 7 losses in row doesn’t mean much hey? It’s just practice.

    1. I saw Friedman commenting on his depth, and guess what, he wasn’t doing much talking, like he was before. And guess what, Greinke is still pitching. The problem with all of this, is that the Dodgers are not a small market team, in a trashed stadium, in Florida. When Friedman was GM for the Rays, he had to do things like this. The Dodgers don’t have to do it this way. And let’s see what happens, to all of the money they spent on Cubans. They went for Quanity there, instead of quality. That may be ok, considering not many prospects, make the big leagues. You can’t sign these injury prone pitchers, when pitchers, are probably the position, that has the most injuries. And if you remember last year, they traded Haren away, to go out of there way, to sign Anderson.

      1. I agree here, and I was never in favor of them wasting $$$ on Anderson, McCarthy last year and getting those injury risks they signed this year. It’s on the FO for poor judgement here and enough with Crawford. Let SVS have LF full time for change until Ethier returns. I am sick of Crawford wasting a roster space that could be better served by a younger pitcher or player.

        1. Crawford hit .300 and stole 25 bases in 2014. If they can get the 2014 version of Crawford they won’t miss Andre. Now if he goes down again, and we all know there is a good chance of it, then SVS can take over full-time. Of course we may all be crying about Schebler getting dealt at that point too. For those who want to get rid of Crawford, this is truly the best opportunity for that too happen. If Crawford can hit like he is capable of, the Dodgers are more likely to be able to deal him for something even if they have to eat 60% of his salary.

    2. Well…..what about the stats on pitchers past the age of 30? Do they start the inexorable decline that comes with Father Time? Is it a “risk” to sign a 32 year old pitcher to a six year exorbitant contract? What’s the history of signing expensive free agents over 30?…especially pitchers? Have they typically panned out played or up to their contracts? Have teams gotten good ROI from signing these expensive contracts? What’s Cliff Lee up to these days? Or whatever happened to Roy Halladay? For all I know, that guy’s still getting paid. Why did the FA market dry up for Kendrick? He’s only 32 and is coming off a string of solid high WAR years and consistent hitting. Can you even predict with any certainty that a player will decline as he gets older? Who’da thunk? I dunno, is it better to sign one really really expensive high risk player or pay a lot less for a gaggle of high risk, high upside players, prospects and solid players. Do you want big stars who plant butts in the seats, or a collection of really solid pieces that can easily replaced with other solid pieces?

      The Dodgers can sign whomever they want, I suppose. They could’ve outbid the DBs for Zack….they could’ve signed Price…and they could have had Hamels. It’s only Guggs money. Is there a payrol limit? …at all? Half a bill? ….More? Do you want to build a sustainable franchise or just go “Eff it!! I’m buying every FA in the league and buying a WS, goddam it!” The Phillies won a WS or two. How are they doin’ these days?

      The Giants signed studs? Who? Is Cueto an injury away from bust? Did Samardija lead the league in runs allowed last year? Those are great signings, but Maeda is gonna get injured because of that sixth day thing…..guaranteed.

  10. Badger, you got me puzzled!!! Who are the studs SF signed??
    Maybe $$$ is the difference, but I never suited up for a loss…

  11. MJ… The Haren to Anderson swap, continue please…
    I’ll never be a FO apologist, but the crystal balls some of you have are admirable…

  12. Patch, you go now!!! I can now go volunteer with a smile on my face knowing there is reason for hope in some people’s thinking…

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