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Dodgers Drop Seventh Straight Cactus League Game

Alex Wood

I didn’t expect for the Dodgers to come out guns blazing on Tuesday night after hearing the depressing news of Andre Ethier’s fractured tibia. However the club looked demoralized as they dropped their seventh straight Cactus League game losing to the Royals 3-1 at Surprise Stadium. Boy do the boys in Blue have the blues.

It was another lackluster outing from Alex Wood, who allowed three earned runs on six hits across four frames. He did strike out 4 and walk none. His spring ERA now sits at an even 6.00. At times he looked ok, and able to locate his pitches. Other times throughout the game he looked extremely hittable. His funky delivery hasn’t changed. I am beginning to wonder if we’ll see the good Wood from his days with the Braves, or the mediocre Wood from last year. I guess it’s anyone’s guess.

Alex Wood
Alex Wood

Of course the Dodger’s offense did absolutely nothing save for a walk from Rob Segedin, and a double from Rico Noel in the top of the fifth. Boy does that take us back to 2015 doesn’t it? The offense just completely shuts down and does nothing. There were very few if any line drives or hard hit balls, just routine outs. Royal’s starter Chris Young threw 4.1 innings allowing just one earned run and three walks.

The Royals scored three runs on ten hits. They scored twice in the bottom of the second frame, when Kendrys Morales, and Alex Gordon both singled. Wood balked the runners over to second and third. Salvadore Perez’s grounder scored Morales, and then a soft blooper to center off the bat of Omar Infante scored the second run. The Royals added one more run in the bottom of the fourth when Perez popped one into the left field bullpen to give the Royals a 3-0 lead. Perez drove in two of the three Kansas City runs on the night.

The one good aspect of the game was the solid work from the Dodger’s bullpen. Louis Coleman and Adam Liberatore both pitched scoreless innings. Pedro Baez looked very good as well as he pitched 1.1 innings striking out all four batters he faced. Minor leaguer Matt West came into the game in the bottom of the eighth inning and almost made things even worse. The Royals had two hits off of him in that frame, and oh god is he awful. Thankfully a nice defensive play from Alex Verdugo (sliding stop on Cody Decker’s double), and a great relay throw (and good swipe tag from Barnes) from Charlie Culberson cut down Reymond Fuentes at the plate in the bottom of the eighth inning.

This was a total 2015 game. I know it’s a meaningless game, but this type of play is frustrating to watch because it reminds me of last year so much. The script is simple. The starter gives up several runs in the early innings putting them behind and the offense falls asleep, shutting down completely. The Dodger offense had just three hits and four walks. Most of the game was nothing but ground balls and pop ups. It would be nice to them win a game.

Thank god these are just exhibition games. Fortunately this is not the time to freak out. Remember this is a long season and the Dodgers have a talented roster to pair with a deep farm system. The boys in blue will be ok. Man I tell you what, I would rather get these games out of the way now then watch them in the regular season.

The Dodgers are now 10-10-2 in cactus league play. The Dodger’s miserable spring continues on Thursday. The club will have their first and only off day on Wednesday before resuming play against the Cleveland Indians at Goodyear ballpark on Thursday evening. The Dodgers leave Glendale and come home in a little over a week. Opening day is just 12 days away. Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

90 thoughts on “Dodgers Drop Seventh Straight Cactus League Game

  1. The Dodgers are NOT in trouble. This is just a blip in the road to the World Series.

    F&Z, please do not go shopping at Dollar General and bring in some other team’s rejects. BUT just bring up Dodger minor leaguers and do the best they can.

    Most of us felt that EVERYTHING had to go right for the best to happen. But things have been out of control for some time now. Soooooo go with the kids.

  2. So what is the worst news . . .

    On March 23 — the Dodgers do not play a game today? Or, the Dodgers have lost the last 8 out of 9 games?

    New coaches (except for Honey), new trainers, new doc’s, new manager and a new guy in the F&Z make-up.

  3. I like to make my own judgments about a player’s defense and do not think the defensive metrics are sufficiently perfected to do anything more than give a heads up to somebody that hasn’t seen enough of a player to form their own conclusion.

    I haven’t seen Micah Johnson enough to make up my own mind about his defense. But anecdotal stuff I have read indicate that he is too stiff and doesn’t judge popups well. Based on that, I think he would be another Manny Ramirez with speed in left field.

    I continue to predict that Crawford will not be on the team on opening day and Ethier’s injury does not change that. I know, i know, payroll…

    I think the Dodgers will start the season with Thompson, SVS, Pederson, and Puig as the outfielders and Guerrero will be a backup infielder if he is on the team.

    1. Curious that you predict CC will be gone, yet Guerrero will stick around. My money is on Guerrero getting DFAd first. He really can only play third…and not that well, and Kendrick was taking reps at third. I think Guerrero’s fate was almost sealed when he showed up to ST fat.

      I dunno….not having CC around would open things up for SVS and guys like Micah and Thompson to show what they have at the big league level. But you know….you just know…that if the Dodgers let CC go, then the Giants would swoop him him, he’d play…and do well; and the Dodgers would be paying for it.

      1. Dodgerpatch, sometimes I really go out on a limb and predict the less likely thing to happen. I don’t know why I keep getting this thing in my head that Crawford won’t make the team and why it stays there after Ethier got hurt.

        I think Crawford has more in his tank and will be a good player for somebody. Because he will probably miss quite a bit of the season with an injury it is a shame he makes so much money. But, I still think if the Dodgers paid enough of his salary, some team will want him.

        I don’t think Guerrero will make the team over Crawford. I was just trying to say that if he does make the team, it will be as an infielder.

        1. You still miss the point that they are NOT going to EAT 41 MILLION dollars in salary…….cutting Guererro, who stinks defensively and has no position, is far less expensive

          1. How can I keep missing “your” point MN? That is a sunk cost. So far Crawford is better than the other options the Dodgers have but since Thompson and SVS are capable of handling LF, there may be a more urgent need to swap a position player for a pitcher on the 25 and that makes Crawford vulnerable to be dropped or traded.

            Now, MN, tell me I am missing “your” point again about Crawford not being tradeable.

          2. Dodgers spent close to $ 90 million last year for players to be elsewhere or home. that is more than twice of what’s left on Crawfish’s deal. It’s only ST but that .111 average so far should mean that others should see more time in LF for remaining of ST.

    2. Bums the White Soxs gave Micah Johnson, the starting job at second base, last year, on the big team. And he didn’t hit much above the Mendosa line. It wasn’t just about his defense, he didn’t hit big leauge pitching. And in an article someone from here posted, it made the point that Micah would have a problem with his arm, in the outfield.

      1. Speed guys take longer. Johnson did’t get that much of a chance to prove himself. He will show the team at AAA if he can play 2B or not.

  4. You could be right Bum. I have no idea what these guys might be planning. Crawford has looked terrible, but he’s a slow starter. Ask Mark. Cost him 500 push-ups. If Crawford stays healthy, he platoons with SVS in left. Thompson, though he had minimal success in a small sample last year, hasn’t exactly lit up Spring pitching. He goes to OKC for at bats. Johnson? Tell me, why is he here?

    Ethier will be back. Who knows about the pitching.

  5. Not sure if I would call that a great relay from 2B as it was up the 3B line. I didn’t know who the 2B was. It was Culberson. But the sweep tag was very nice.
    Meaningless ST game that’s all.
    If Lee pitches better than Wood would it be wrong to say he is the #4 starter and Wood drops to 5?

    1. I think Wood is on a short leash. I already think of him as a #5. I like the idea of giving the short relievers a day off every fifth day by pairing two starters for the #4 spot. Those two starters would not be used as relievers between starts and would warm up for a game like normal starters do. one starts the game and the other comes in in the 5th or 6th innings depending oh how the game was going through the first 3 innings.

      Maybe Lee and Frias are paired to start the year. Maybe Wood and De Leon are paired as well.

      That gets me back to only having 4 outfielders. It probably means Guerrero doesn’t make the team as well.

      Starters: Kertshaw, Maeda, Kazmir, Lee & Frias, Wood & De Leon.
      Relievers: Jansen, Hatcher, Garcia, Baez, Libatore, Blanton, Coleman
      That’s 14 pitchers. Crazy? I am good at crazy, so yes, just enough crazy.

      That leaves room for 11 position players.
      Grandal, Ellis, Agon, Kendrick, Turner, Hernandez, Pederson, Puig, SVS, Thompson, Utley

      1. Bum I really have trouble, watching Wood pitch. I want him to do good, and show us, he is better, then we saw last year, but it is hard. He looks so hittable. I am hoping it is just spring training, and we will see a different Wood. What is it about Wood? Does he look to hitable to you Bum?

  6. I just read over on TrueBlueLA that TWC dropped the asking price for the Dodgers Channel by 30%. Maybe there is hope a bunch of us can actually see the games this year. Keep those fingers crossed

    1. Asking price was never the problem. Any Dodger fan would be glad to pay $5 or even maybe $10 a month for the games. But TWC way overbid the broadcast rights, they have to pay the Dodgers an average of almost $350 million a year. Two million Dodger fans paying $5 a month isn’t going to make a dent in that. TWC demands every single customer, Dodger fan or not, on a cable or satellite system, pay $5 a month. A large percentage of them make it quite clear to their provider that won’t pay it. And rightly so. Some of us would object like Hell if our cable company raised our bill $5 a month so they could provide 10% of their customers with one channel that that rest of us have zero interest in. The Dodgers are playing hardball with TWC, not renegotiating the contract to something they can actually afford. At some point TWC may go bankrupt which would suit the Dodgers fine, they could sign a contract with someone else.

      1. Loser every provider, makes everyone pay for channels, that they don’t want to pay for. I think the Laker channel, caused most of this.

  7. Crazy is good Bum… Especially with this mash unit we got deployed at Camelback…
    I’m struggling between Blanton and Garcia…
    As everyone knows, I gotta go with CC with Guerrero history…

  8. Well I saw Friedman talking about his depth, and he wasn’t doing much talking, like he did, before spring training. The problem is that Friedman had to make these type high risk transactions, when he was the Ray’s GM.

    The Dodgers are not a small market team. The Dodgers have many more fans, and money, then the Rays. Because the Rays are a small market team, they are like the under dogs, so if they can stay in the division race, that is something that is better, then expected, especially in a division, against the Yankees, and the Red Soxs.

    The Dodgers have the most expectancy to win, in all of baseball, so Friedman is not going to get away, with the Dodgers just barely staying in the division race. And if the Dodgers don’t win the division this year, there will be a lot of noise, and it won’t be on Roberts, it will be on the front office, because the front office, has brought in there guys.

    And about how the front office signed these risky pitchers, and then loudly, claimed, that they had so much depth. When the pitching position, has much more injuries, then the other positions, I would think, that it is better, to trade or sign pitchers, that do have a decent history of making there starts. Because like I said, the pitcher position, has the most injuries. Why would a GM on a big market team, sign risky pitchers, to fill the starting rotation? In fact the front office, went out of there way last year, and traded Haren, so they could sign Anderson. And they allowed Anderson, to take all of there odds away, by giving him a QO.

    Anderson was able to take another year, because of the front offices, blindness, to being able to get another pick. And when that happened, all of the odds of Anderson, being able to pitch another season, injury free, went way down, and they were very lucky that Anderson, was able to pitch that one season.

    I never thought that Bolsinger would be the Dodger’s starting number five pitcher, at the begining of the season, this year. And now the Dodgers number five in the rotation, is a pitcher, that is even farther down, on the pitching rung, then even Bolsinger. This is all because they filled the starting rotation, with a bunch of risky pitchers. And now because of injury, we are even farther down, then those pitchers. And it wasn’t like these two pitchers, were even ever good enough, to take big chances on, in the first place.

    1. Well said! FO missed the boat in the off season as far as the big club goes. Kashmir, Wood, Bolsinger Beachy, McCarthy and of course Ballet Bret Anderson are all risky investments and I am afraid we will suffer the consequences in 2016. I get not giving Greinke that $ 206 million the Dbacks gave him but Freidman and Co. could have made better choices, or let’s just see what a couple kids might do.

  9. Trying to build and compete is a tough thing to do even without injuries to key players. The prospect with the most trade value vs team value right now is Holmes and I’d hate to trade him for the now vs his future possible contributions. This may or may not be a good year for the Dodgers but regardless of that the future is incredibly bright with future stars and role players. I will take that every time over mortgaging the future for the now with no guarantee of success. The owners and FAZ ARE heading in the right direction IMO.

    1. Since –
      1958 That argument is getting old, because no one here, is suggesting that. I, and no one else, is saying that they want them to morgage the future, or give away top prospects. Because FAZ took such big risks, on these pitchers, that have went down because of injury, this is wasted money, that may have got the Dodgers a better pitcher, without such big injury risks.

      Dodger rick has continued to state this good point, for quite a while, and his point was merited then, and is merited today, especially after all of these pitchers, have went down. The Dodger’s number four and five, in the rotation, looks like it looked last year, after Ryu, and MCCarthy, went down. I thought that the Dodgers would win more games, in the three, Four, and five spots, in the rotation this year, to make up for the loss of Greinke. But now it doesn’t look as good, because of these predictable injuries, of some of these pitchers. I hope Ryu can come around, and Puig can have a good year,, and Cory will be ready to play on opening day. It is still his first year, and he is going to have to play on the big team, with little preparation, but hopefully, he got enough preparation, in the minor leagues, to play this year.

    2. Hey, you seem familiar, LOL But true as far as not mortgaging the future but they should have known the real risks of signing these ‘stop gap’ pitchers and other than CK and Maeda this rotation looks awful at the outset.

    3. I don’t see how trading a player such as Holmes is mortgaging the future. Of our top 30 specs 21 are either OF or P. That’s 70%. If we one strength it’s those 21 players. They are nor all going to make it and some will be traded, like it of not.
      Also don’t forget two of our FA at the end of this year are Kenley and Turner. Who will take their place should they decide to leave?

  10. You hang in there Since 1958………. There’s alot of crystal ball balls floating around…
    Yep with 50% of these kids panning out were moving in the right direction..

  11. Injuries are a risk in any sport. Many injuries that the Dodgers have sustained this Spring are things that couldn’t be anticipated or are just part of the game (like Ethier, Seager, for example). Others are the result of design.

    Branch Rickey used to say that “Luck is the residue of design”. The design flaw over the past 2 years is the decision by the Braintrust to hire every injured or injury-prone pitcher they could find and trust to luck that enough of these guys would survive to allow them to field a team. As Dylan Hernandez wrote in the LA Times yesterday, ” “The Dodgers rotation is starting to unravel, which should be no surprise. It’s not as if a medical degree was required to predict that a group of broken-down pitchers would break down again. This was the risk the front office assumed with its long-term plan, which is to be in 2020-something what the World Series favorite Chicago Cubs are now. That strategy explains why the pitching staff consists of primarily spare parts while tens of millions of dollars are being invested in Latin American teenagers.”

    In the meantime, last year’s weaknesses (inconsistent bullpen and bad situational hitting) have not really been addressed. We have essentially the same bunch in the ‘pen as last year and the same guys in the everyday lineup as last year (except Seager of course who will be a big upgrade over Rollins).

    There are those who think that a different manager and coaching staff will somehow transform the bullpen and get people to hit better with 2 strikes or with a runner on 3rd. That remains to be seen but seems unlikely. I agree with those who think that young relievers like Garcia or Baez will probably improve with a year of experience under their belts, but major league veterans will likely perform as they have in the past, so to think that the Dodgers’ regulars will suddenly become more productive hitters are likely engaging in wishful thinking.

    There are enough veteran bats on the Dodgers to make up for the loss of Ethier. What the team doesn’t have is enough veteran pitchers to make up for the loss of starter after starter. In light of this, I would like to see if any of the prospects have the right stuff. Let the kids pitch!

    1. Dodgerrick, I could not have said it better myself! All very true about this team and as it stands, with this broken down pitching staff they will be lucky to finish 3rd.

  12. Boy, it’s horrible that these games all count! I mean, spring training means everything. This is the end of the Dodgers. One game decided it I guess. I guess I’ll just cancel my MLB subscription because the Dodgers are toast.

    Seriously, that is the way many of you think. I need to get some fresh air. This old stuffy stuff is giving me a migraine.

    1. Come on Mark! I was saying this WAY before spring training, before the injuries, I believe my under 80 prediction was met with a ton of animosity from the optimists on this blog, looks like the truth is setting some people free right about now….how can you say with a straight face that this team is not a disaster right now?

      This is the ONLY off season you will have me on record bashing a Dodgers team, I want nothing more than to be known as the dumbest blogger in Dodger history when they win the World Series this year, BUT, that ain’t happening!

      This is the most ridiculous pile of junk I have ever seen come of a Dodgers team, EVER.

      I’m not talking 2018, I’m talking 2016 and if anyone seriously thinks this team will compete, more or less win a title, I have to think your somewhat crazy.

      1. History will record who is crazy. We are all on record. We will see who has sight and who has vision. I did not want Andre and CC anyway so I am not bummed.

        Contrary to what many think the pen is dramatically improved. This team will be good and if Puig can extract his head from his butt, they might be great.

        I am not worried about the pitching.

    1. You take Chad’s quote out of context:

      “Inevitably, some mouthbreathers will say this post is being traitorous scum towards Kershaw or whatever, but bashing Kershaw is definitely not the point of this.”

      His point is not that the Braintrust is without blemish, but that he himself is not intending his article to paint Kershaw in a negative light.

      Nice try though.

  13. The Truth Hurts — wait, I give the Dodgers (with the present roster) about 79 wins. Without even seeing the Giants, D-Backs, Padres, or Rockies — the end of the season just might see: Giants, D-Backs, Dodgers, Padres, then Rockies —

    But do not bank on that. Coming in 3 for the Dodgers might be over thinking.

    The Padres and Rockies both might have better teams and win even more games.

    Any word on the SS kid?

    1. I agree Rodger Dodger, 3rd is my prediction with 79, we are on the same page, that makes at least two of us idiots!

  14. I think Mark just called truth a mouthbreather. Hmm. I’d pay to see that match.

    I’m not surprised to see more injuries. We seem to deal in them. We are looking for injured players. What you focus on expands.

    I have no idea the talent level of this team. The old guys could lead the way with this group. Utley, Kendrick, AGon, Crawford, all past prime but all good hitters. Turner could be added to that bunch too. Puig, Seager and Pederson are all 25-30 home run potential. SVS can hit, as can Grandal and Ethier. But even if they all do, does this team have the starting pitching?

    Dbacks look like they can still hack. Giants? Pence is back. My gut tells me this division is going to be won by who pitches best.

    1. Badger said he has no idea the talent level of this team. Either do I. It is more of a mystery team than most and is very hard to guess what their season will be like. That is why some want to say they will win 95 games and others want to say they will win 78. Both can make their case.

      The team has talent and Puig, Seager, Pederson, Maeda and Kazmir are the five players that have to excel for the Dodgers to 95 wins. I think most of us agree with that. That is a scary 5 to have so much influence on the success of the team. But if they do real well the Dodgers will do real well.

      If those 5 play at replacement level the Dodgers will struggle to win more than 80 games. Turner, Agon, Kershaw, Jansen, will probably have great years. Two relievers will probably be better than they were last year and everybody else will probably just do their typical thing.

    2. “This isn’t dissimilar from my complaints about how the front office has built the rotation, at least in that signing Greinke would’ve likely paved over a lot of problems as they rebuild, and if any team could eat a pitcher’s declining mid-30s period it’s the Dodgers. Furthermore, I also agree with the growing sense of dread that Kershaw could be deemed expendable in 2019 or that he’ll willingly want out.”

      Chads DD article

      uh oh Badger, the WORD is in there, why doesn’t this guy get chastised?

      1. Too much negativity on DD? Mark it down!

        Chad makes some good points, but I would point out that while the Dodgers surrounded Kershaw with enough talent to get to the playoffs three years running, they fell short in the bullpen in 2014 and in the bullpen AND the rotation in 2015. Not to mention leaving Mattingly in charge.

  15. Yet as I remember SVS, he seems to dive for a ball in the outfield, and injure a leg or arm or back or something. Then out for a month or two. Not good if that happens this season.

    Kendrick looks like injury to happen to those legs.

    Our new SS kid, who knows how he will respond and the come back. SS takes a lot of strain on the legs and back.

    AGon is AGon, just a year older. Hope he paces himself there. Cannot wait for him to hit a triple. Coming chugging around 2nd base . . .

  16. I just wish that the front office, gave Roberts, in his first year, a better starting rotation of pitchers, like Mattingly had.

  17. Good thing these games don’t count'S'&season=2016&season_type=ANY&league_code='MLB'&sectionType=st&statType=pitching&page=1&ts=1458769935394

    Pick at stat. Hitting, pitching, fielding. The Dodgers are playing middle bottom baseball.

    This is Vin’s final year. Hopefully those left standing all have career years.

    Happy trails Joe.

  18. It is time to send an application to the MLB office to obtain permission to apply for a prescription for Adderall for every LAD player.

  19. I wish to lodge a formal complaint. The Truth Hurts called me crazy, but I can’t call someone a moron or idiot!

    It’s not fair – I tell you!

    You may be right…. I MAY BE CRAZY…

    For the record, I did not call anyone “Mouthbreathers” but some of you do protest too much. hummmmmmmmmmm……

    What emboldened most of you to lambaste the Dodgers is yesterday’s game? Did any of you REALIZE how many starters the Dodgers had verses how many KC had?

    Come on man!

    The truth hurts, but I hurt more! 😉

    1. In comparable Mark. The Royal’s have a top line bullpen, and almost eight position players, who know how to play, and make contact, almost every time they hit. And most of there players, are very good defensively.

  20. I may just chill out until May and come back and jump on you guys with both feet! I have too much going on. I started a new company and sold my old company. I am the new VP of Sales and Marketing of the company who bought us, but the new company I started has the distribution rights to North and South America to a product that can change the world. For real! So I may be out for a while and you are free to call me crazy… but paybacks are a ____________!

    1. Okay see you in May and congratulations. Hopefully the world gets changed for the good. Be careful when you change things. We already have the climate changing the world.

  21. Someone asked why I use two monikers.

    I don’t know, but on my i-Phone, I am Mountainmover and on my laptop I am me.

    I can’t ‘splain it!

    1. Best of luck Mark. It’s good to see your posts. Aren’t you going to ST soon? A new product to save the world in North and South America? Sounds like a Cubano Dominican American switch hitting, left and right throwing pitcher/left fielder trainer. Now that would change the world. Once again good to see your posts.

  22. Mark, I did not mean you were crazy! I meant in general, if anyone at this point sees the Dodgers winning the World Series, I might think they are a “little” crazy, lol.

    My love for the Mountainmover has never waivered!!! Even through these tough times!

    1. Calling me crazy is OK. You may be right. I may be crazy – but I just may be the lunatic you are looking for.

      You know down deep that I will be back and call you a moron! 😉

  23. Not going this year, Tim…. again.

    The product is a new nano technology media that immediately sucks the electrons out of bacteria on contact. 6 log reduction. The EPA says it is the most amazing thing they have ever seen.

    I am just distributing it to the water treatment industry. It is also being used in waste water treatment, bandages for burn victims, killing hepatitis and other blood diseases and a billion other things.

    Look for my website soon:

  24. What is it’s tittle? I’ve got to look into it! You had better put a warning to keep away from from the kitchen or we’ll all be eating flat bread!

      1. Roger Maris was a neighbor. He and I were friends in that I used to see him fishing at Wildwood Lake. Being such good friends I left him alone.

        1. Badger after I wrote the comment below I looked at your link you posted way above. And that depressed me. Dbacks number one in hitting, and higher in pitching, then the Dodgers.

          1. Last year the Brewers were #1 in Hitting.

            The year before it was Colorado.

            Meaning: ZERO!

  25. I think that it was a good day off, for not only the Dodger players, but for all of us. It has been really going down hill. Tomorrow is a new day, maybe the Dodgers will look much better, and more importantly, we all will feel better. A new day almost always makes things better.

  26. Point is this. This team is not a championship caliber team right now. The pitching staff is in disarray and the injuries are piling up daily. The front office took the cheap route, and it is showing. I heard all winter about the depth of the pitching. Well in the space of 3 weeks, it has disappeared. There is plenty of depth at the minor league level, that is maybe year away. They seem to have given up on Lee. Bolsinger will not be ready opening day. Beachy is a question mark. Ryu , McCarthy, Montas, all not before June at least, and Montas and McCarthy most likely post All Star break. Frias is an option, but has not pitched a lot of innings so far. Now the OF is in flux again with Andre out 3 months. Seems to me, there are far too many holes for this team, at this point anyway, of being anything better than a 3rd place club….

    1. But what part of all of this doom and gloom picture you paint is the Dodger’s fault. The outfield is in flux because of Ethier? Well, that’s overstating things a bit, and you really can’t blame the front office because he broke his leg. Be thankful they flipped Olivera way back when to eventually end up with Thompson and Montas and Micah.

      The only thing you can criticize the Dodgers for is not signing Greinke…or signing Price in lieu of Greinke. I hope you’re not saying the Dodgers could have signed both. That Time Warner deal wasn’t that good.

      I don’t see lots of holes in the at least the starting lineup. It is, in all honesty, pretty solid from top to bottom. It’s still a question mark if they can hit WRISP, but if each player plays to his historical mean, then it’s pretty good. Pitching is an issue, again, same as it was last year, but it will be better from #3 down when we get guys back.

      I’m not ready to write off the season like some of you are.

      1. I don’t believe anyone has thrown the towel patch. It just feels wrong to a lot of people, that’s all.

        And while it’s true our lineup has potential, have you taken a close look at what the other teams in our division have going on? I checked the box score of the Dbacks game yesterday. They had 12 guys hitting over .300, 9 over .333 and 4 over .380. And before you say “it’s only Spring Training”, this Division had 3 teams in the top 7 in MLB last year and we weren’t one of them. Arizona was 7th in all of baseball in avg. and second to Colorado in scoring. The Dbacks can hack, and their starting pitching looks better than ours right now. And, they aren’t even the best rival in the division. That title may go to the f’n giants. It’s not doom and gloom, it is just numbers. Our division has some interesting looking numbers floating around.

        1. I would count Truther, Bob and possibly DRick as those who have just flat out said the team stinks and that they predict a bad season.

          Who knows? They might be right. I think it’s doubtful, but we really can’t predict that now, can we?

          Interesting take by a writer who writes for a Giants blog. He’s a Gnat lover! Still, even he’s less bearish on this team than some of you are. BTW, I like this guy’s writing.

          1. I am not as pessimistic as you think that I am, but I am not too optimistic either. This is for the following reason:
            1 – The team has won 92, 94 and 92 games the past 3 years. The Braintrust has done very little to improve the team for this year.
            2 – The team was .500 in games not started by Greinke or Kershaw last year. Greinke was 19 – 3 last year. They haven’t done enough to make up the +16 they lost here to be as good this year as they were last year.
            3 – The weaknesses in last year’s team were the bullpen (except Jansen), situational hitting (especially with RISP) and the back of the rotation. The ‘pen is essentially the same as last year’s except Blanton instead of Nicascio. Not a huge improvement. They have the same offensive players as last year except of course that Seager will be a big improvement over Rollins, but I don’t see how this improves the situational hitting that much. The Braintrust’s plan to build a rotation on the cheap by hiring injured or injury-prone pitchers has backfired like it did last year, and our current #2 and #3 guys are both potentially good but potentially a disaster too (Maeda and Kazmir).
            4 – The other teams in the division (Giants and D-backs) are both better this year than last, and we play both teams 19 times this year, so it will be tougher to win as many games this year as last, all things being equal.

            I expect the team to win 88 – 90 games and be in the hunt for the division title. I don’t think that the way the team is set up now that they contend for the Series.

      2. We’re Dodger fans, we never give up. But I still think Ryu is the key, and with Ethier out, Puig is the key. I wish he was a smarter hitter,

  27. Good read.

    I don’t see this current Dodgers team as championship caliber. Sure, they are good, but great? I don’t see it. That doesn’t mean I’ve entirely given up on the season. I’m still hopeful a miracle can happen. But I don’t know that FAZ is pulling the right strings for this to work THIS year. I’m still waiting for them to actually do something that is targeting “now”. This has stall written all over it.

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