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Cody Bellinger is Impressing Early This Spring

Cody Bellinger

There’s a new hashtag spreading around twitter like wildfire called “Codylove”. It’s referring to the love that Dodger fans have for first base prospect Cody Bellinger. The youngster is a 20-year old prospect originally from Chandler, Arizona. He’s the heir apparent to first base when Adrian Gonzalez finally gets too old to play. He’s been red hot this spring too.

Bellinger was drafted by the Dodgers in the fourth round of the 2013 amateur draft. He bats and throws left, and made his professional debut for the Dodgers in 2013. Last season he was with Rancho Cucamonga and batted .264 with 30 home runs and 103 runs batted in while playing in 128 games. He posted an .873 OPS in 544 plate appearances.

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He was slotted in at DH a lot for the Quakes last season but when he was in the field he was normally penciled at first base. He also has some experience in the outfield. He’s played 26 games in centerfield. Bellinger is 6’4, weighs 180 pounds and has a very powerful frame.

Bellinger has a nice powerful classic stroke. He’s slightly bent at the knees but stays upright with little movement. He doesn’t have one of those big leg kicks like Justin Turner. He drives through the ball with his arms while his lower half stays still. He used to have a lot of movement before he swung. He would rock back and forth and wiggle the bat while waiting for the pitch. Apparently the Dodgers have been able to quiet all of that movement. Now he’s pretty stationary with a powerful uppercut swing.

He’s got other tools as well. He runs the bases pretty well and has a good throwing arm. His range in the field is limited, but I would probably guess that the Dodgers want to bulk him up a bit. He’s tall and skinny but has some speed. He’s very athletic and seems to have good fundamentals.

He has some plate discipline too. He walked 52 times in 2015 while playing for the Quakes. Bellinger posted a .336 OBP. He has a career .341 OBP in three minor league seasons. He’s played in 226 minor league games.

This spring he’s played in seven games and is batting .500 (6 for 12) with 4 runs scored. He went 2 for 2 against the Rockies in the Dodger’s 6-4 win over the Rockies on Sunday afternoon. He doubled in two runs and drew a walk.

Bellinger is still a long ways away from being big league ready. He’s got some stuff to work on. Apparently his hands drop, which could give him problems hitting off-speed pitches. However he’s only 20 years old, but has a ton of talent. Bellinger has the tools to be a very productive major league first baseman. I love Adrian Gonzalez, but his career is winding down. In a couple of years Bellinger will probably be ready to take over at first base. When that happens that hashtag should get even more popular.

Do you have Cody love? You will soon.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

32 thoughts on “Cody Bellinger is Impressing Early This Spring

  1. I think Tulsa will start Angelo Songco @ 1B for his last hurrah and Cody will be starting mid season or earlier… At least I’ll get to see him at Rancho for a few more games…
    I’ll bet OKC mgr. Bill Haselman is looking at what coming his way out of Camelback and wants to get season started…

    1. Pete – trust you are well & looking forward to your visit to Glendale.

      Tomorrow I’m off to the Emerald Isle for 4 days of golf & Guiness.
      Playing the K Club & Druids Glenn and enjoying all that Dublin has to offer on St Patrick’s Day!!

      Gonna be a heavy week…

  2. I have been away traveling but recently spent some time catching up on the blog. It has been refreshing to see how you are running, commenting and blogging Scott, keep up the good work and stay true to yourself and your interests. If you do that, you will gain many interested posters that will not grow weary of your insights. Thumbs up!

  3. I love Bellinger, but I love Adrian too…and Adrian is far from done. Let him play as long as he’s at the top of his game–he’s the quiet leader you can always count on for a tough at bat and more often than not, a clutch rbi. Don’t rush him into the long good night of retirement. Fortunately Cody can play the outfield too. That could be the way to start him out, while Adrian is still the cornerstone.

    1. Its still a crowded outfield and as things stand now it will still be when Bellinger is ready for the MLB.

      1. He can replace Ethier and give AGon some needed rest at first. I’m not sure if Puig will still be here in 2018.

      2. A crowded OF is still an issue for this FO to resolve. and it may not be an easy one to fix, but since FO was so generous in paying players to play elsewhere or go home last year, they might want to consider doing a bit more swallowing of a very horrific contract with CC. All the other OF on the 40 man roster are more valuable because they are not limited to just LF as CC is, and he is wasting a valuable roster spot a younger player who may be able to contribute a bit more.

        1. Can’t argue with you there Paul. Crawford is essentially a 20 million dollar fourth outfielder. Although he has looked good this spring with the bat at times.

          1. Just so ya know, of course Paul is my real name, and I will use (PDF 1965) for this comment board and it’s the abbreviation for my name on the Dodgers. com site (pauldodgerfan1965.) Call me Paul if ya like. But now as far as Crawford is concerned Freidman needs to step away from this bias he appears to have because of the association with Crawford in the TB days.. I was very upset when they traded Scott Schebler away and it was a numbers problem and Crawford is simply a waste of roster space. Schebler, if given a chance might have served Dodgers much better, as he handles LHP pretty well, and has both power and speed. But at least i am glad Schebler is having a good ST with the Reds.

          2. Welcome Paul!

            I think we all agree that Crawford is pretty cooked. He’s very rusty and reduced to a part time player because of injuries and old age. I was kind of puzzled that they traded away Schebler too. However they did get three good young players back in the trade from the White Sox. I always thought Schebler could be a 25-30 home run guy if given enough playing time. He has a very powerful swing.

      1. Yep. But I don’t see it happening unless we are sellers. And though that is a possibility, I don’t think it’s likely. Do you?

      2. I read where Cody Bellinger came into ST actually weighing in at 210 LB’s. He does look somewhat bigger but most likely ain’t done growing yet.

  4. At least the Brewers are showing the game on tv today, so it’ll be available on, or thru the Dodgers or Brewers site

    It’s fun to go thru a thread a day later and read about baseball, and not people’s political opinions!

    1. Bobby, or anyone, they say it is a free audio video broadcast today. When I get to the, what do I push? I know they have the game and match up, up at the top, but what do I push, or do, to get to the broadcast, once I am on Brewers. Com? I am not on MLB TV, but last time, when Bobby listed the info to get to the audio video broadcast, I could get the game.

      1. I heard it’s a free audio webcast today. Thankfully when the season begins, I will have MLB.TV free with DTV MLB Extra Innings.

  5. Emerson, I don’t know if your pen name is after E,L & Palmer, but they were one of my favorite rock groups…
    I’m happy to see you’re a Agon fan and it will a somber day for me when he hangs it up… There are a few folks here that would like to see him traded and that’s about as ridiculous as the Madres ever letting him years ago!!! No doubt Cody will have his shot soon, but for now it’s Agon and I’m happy …

    1. Hi Peterj–I got the name Emerson-Lake at Dodger Fantasy camp in Vero about 20 years ago. Mike Scioscia was my manager (his first managing gig!) and he was giving everybody a baseball name–and he named me “Emerson-Lake” because my real name is Palmer. I loved it. If I ever go again (would be the 3rd time) I’ll put Emerson-Lake on my uniform. By the way, Scioscia was a great manager even then! One of his great stories (actually it was Mickey Hatcher’s story) was that when he was playing in the Dominican one winter, the dodgers sent him an exercise bike with an odometer on it, and told him to rack up 15 miles a day to lose a few pounds. Hatcher was over at Scioscia’s house having pizza in the living room one day when he heard someone upstairs pedaling away on the bike. When he went up he saw the Dominican kid Mike had hired to run up the miles for him. Anybody know where Hatcher is now?

      1. Cool story.

        Good question about where Hatcher is. I have no idea. Did he get another job after the Angels dumped him? I know players really like him.

        1. He’s an amazingly funny wild man–I’m sure Scioscia misses him–the front office fired him over Mike’s head–good luck to him wherever he is…he could have been fired for any number of transgressions, but all in the name of a good time.

  6. Watford, I think a few pints will be in the forecast… Keep your head down and the damn thing in the fairways…
    Camelback 26 thru 28…

  7. This was posted elsewhere. What do you think? How about a 4 for 1 trade with Seattle? Send them Turner, Guerrero, Kendrick & Frias for Kyle Seager. (Add Crawford and a sack of cash). The Seagers can hold down the left side of the infield for a number of years and free roster space.

    1. Interesting. I think Seattle might want younger talent. I just looked, Seager makes less over the next two years than Kendrick does! They may want to hang on to him until his contract gets closer to $20 million.

  8. Really, you got Turner (like him) who is physcically questionable (knee) at this time and the future, Guerrero who has proved nothing yet (he needs to play to enhance his trade value) and Frias, really FRIAS ??? I know I didn’t mention Howie, cuz I like him… For Kyle Seagar…
    Put the bong down slowly and put your hands up…
    Badger, you’re absolutely right about wanting kids and some of our top ones…

    1. Peterj, another answer might be to say if you too would like to have the Seagers on the left side of the Dodger infield or not. There might be other players you think Seattle might be more interested in than those offered. Seattle is all set at third and second with Seager and Cano.

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