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Dodgers Use Potassium Power To Down Bumbling Giants

Kike Hernandez

The Dodgers defeated the Giants 7-3 on Friday evening in the series opener on Jackie Robinson night. Jackie would have been quite proud of the boys in blue as they took advantage of several Giant’s miscues in the field. Kike Hernandez and Charlie Culberson drove in all the runs, with Kike slugging two home runs on the evening. This was a sloppy game on both sides as there were four errors in the game, three by the Giants. Kershaw made two wild pitches, which allowed two runs to score.

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The Madison Bumgarner/Clayton Kershaw battle did not turn out like we expected. Bumgarner had one of the worst games we’ve seen of him in some time. Bumgarner did fall victim to the Giant’s poor defense, but he did not have his best stuff. He was constantly behind in counts throughout the night, and allowed seven runs (four earned) on eight hits across five innings. He still struck out 8 and walked one. Kershaw on the other hand was much better, but was not on his a-game either. Kershaw allowed three runs, two of them earned on five hits over seven innings. He struck out six and walked none.

Giants    3 5 3

Dodgers 7 5 1




The Dodgers scored one run in the first, one in the third, and four unanswered runs in the fourth. They added one more in the seventh inning. Kike Hernandez was the offensive star of the game. The banana boy used potassium power to slug two home runs off Bumgarner and had three hits on the night. Kike was 3 for 4 with 4 runs driven in, and two runs scored. He is now 10 for 16 vs. Bumgarner. Shortstop Charlie Culberson also had a great game, collecting two hits in a 2 for 3 performance while driving in three runs. All seven runs were driven in by Hernandez and Culberson.

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Hernandez opened the game by slugging the first pitch by Bumgarner out of the park halfway into the pavilions in left center field for his first home run of the season. The Giants tied the score in the top half of the third. The Dodgers committed some defensive blunders of their own, and the Giants took advantage. With one out, Bumgarner blooped a single into left. Gregor Blanco hit what looked like a sure double play ball, but Kendrick flubbed it for an error. With runners at first and second, Angel Pagan’s ground ball single eludes the diving Adrian Gonzalez to load the bases. After Joe Panik fouls out to Turner, Kershaw uncorks a wild pitch while Buster Posey was at the plate to score Bumgarner.

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With the score now tied at 1-1, the Dodgers came back to score five runs over the next two frames to take a 6-1 lead. Kike slams his second home run of the game in the bottom of the third to put the Dodgers back in the lead. Kershaw retired the Giants in order in the top of the fourth. The Dodgers struck back for four runs in the bottom half of the inning, thanks to two huge Defensive blunders by the Giants.

In that frame, Turner walked. Kendrick singled, and A.J. Ellis reached on the first error of the frame by Kelby Tomlinson. Brandon Crawford is injured, so Tomlinson is playing for him at shortstop. With the bases loaded, Culberson’s two-run single gives the Dodgers a 4-1 lead. The Giants make another error on a force attempt grounder by Kershaw. Then Kike doubles down the left field line to plate two more Dodger runs. The Dodgers lead 6-1!

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The Giants scored two runs in the sixth frame to close the gap to 6-3. That was with Kershaw still on the mound. In typical Giants fashion there are consecutive piddly infield singles from Pagan and Panik. After a Posey grounder moves the runners to second and third, a second wild pitch from Kershaw scores Pagan to cut the score to 6-2. Hunter Pence’s ground ball single into left scores the other run and the Dodgers have a 6-3 lead.

The Dodgers come right back with another run in the bottom of the sixth. A.J. doubles, and Culberson’s line drive single to center scores him to give the Dodgers a 7-3 lead. Chris Hatcher pitches a 123 top of the eighth inning getting a strikeout on Posey. Hatcher looked better seemingly not distracted by the birth of his child anymore. In case you missed it, Austin Barnes was optioned down to make room for Hatcher as he came back from the paternity leave. Joe Blanton pitched a 123 top of the ninth inning to seal the win.

Kershaw is now 17-7 against the Giants in his career, and 3-4 versus Bumgarner. The Dodgers improve to 7-4 on the season and are now 3-1 at Dodger Stadium. Man Beating the Giants feels so good. The series continues on Saturday night with a rematch from last Sunday’s game. Johnny Cueto will match-up against Scott Kazmir again at 6:10 PM. Great game! Happy Jackie night! Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

65 thoughts on “Dodgers Use Potassium Power To Down Bumbling Giants

  1. I do not mean this in any way to take any credit away from Jackie Robinson but I didn’t hear Branch Rickey’s name mentioned a single time through the celebration. I really hope Rickey’s name was mentioned and I simply missed that because that would be a real shame to not include him. The Robinson family always speak of him most respectfully by the title Mr. Rickey and I’ve always admired the fact they obviously recognize how instrumental Rickey was in making it happen and completely for choosing Robinson. Rickey’s head wasn’t on the block as was Jackie’s but the project’s design was all Rickey’s. He didn’t do it for wealth, he did it to do right and is very much a hero in the story. Rickey is a 5 star general not only in many things baseball but human rights as well. So here’s to you Robinson. And here’s to you Rickey.

    1. Quas you are right, and that is missed, and that wasn’t as bad as Jackie, but that wasn’t a popular thing, in that time. And think God, that happened!

    2. Absolutely right! It’s a shame Mr Rickey doesn’t get mentioned as a pioneer of social justice. I also feel the 1947 Dodgers were just as vital to the cause because they didn’t collapse under the weight of this grand experiment. They stuck together and bested the Cardinals to win the pennant.

      Applause for Mr Rickey and his 1947 Dodgers!

  2. Nice comment Quas. Rickey was the general. They thought about bringing Campy up first, but Rickey did not think Campy had the right temperament. Campy was to easy going. Good post.

  3. Let’s not forget how we got Kike and that he is still only 24. He’s not a baser-stealer, but he is an excellent base runner and he has excellent power. Since he can play all over he has been labeled a “utilityman” but I have been saying he’s a guy who will hit .290 with 25 HR if he plays every day. Remember, he was a Rookie at the start of last season. This guys energy charges up the team.

    When it’s all over and done, it’s likely that Kike will be the only DIRECT trade piece left from the Dee Gordon trade… and that ain’t bad (I have not given up on Hatcher), but the trade will have to be evaluated by who the Dodgers get for Barnes and Kendrick. I believe that both will be traded this year. I like Barnes a lot, but unless Ellis or Grandal go down, he’s expendable as Kyle Farmer is getting close.

    Kendrick, Barnes and a few other mid-level prospects could net the Dodgers quite a haul. I’m watching for that!

    1. I don’t think they should trade Barnes. He doesn’t have the knees of a catcher, because he is new to the position, and he is becoming a solid catcher. He just needs consistent at bats. AJ is getting older, and Grandal, has to prove he can stay on the field. Grandal needs to play, and get some at bats, we need offense for the catcher position. Do you think there are any bad feelings, between Grandal, and Roberts? Remember, some of the pitchers in SD, had a problem with Grandal, and Roberts was there.

  4. VEry nice start with Kike going yard on Bum. That kid needs to be in the lineup as often as possible.

    How long to the Dodgers stay with Pedersen getting any time on the field? Is it justified to keep in on the roster just to have his late inning defense? With Thompson and Kike on the roster, is there really any room for Joc? I think the Dodgers could do better for themselves and for Joc. Send him down, let him bat (ie. strike every day) and hopefully learn what it takes to be a quality hitter, each and every at bat.

    The Blind Squirrels found another nut, all be it a small one.

    Refreshing change to not be berated, 2 minutes following game conclusion, for not posting when the Dodgers win. Small sign of balls dropping and some maturity emerging? Probably not.

    1. Peterson will get plenty of playing time with Dodgers as the left handed half of the center field platoon. I disagree with those who think he should be playing against lefties. We have some stud right handed outfielders, Hernandez, van Slyke, Thompson. Peterson can get it together against righties this year and work on hitting lefties later.

      How about that Culberson? Former Midget first round pick. Looks like the “blind squirrels” found another nut.

    2. For well over a year I was berated and ridiculed on a daily basis for supporting FAZ, so when I dish it back out I am immature? THAT’S TOO _______ TO RIDICULE!

    3. Yet you post an immature response to non-comments to troll for response? Maybe you really pine for the attention – even negative attention.

      Why would they send Pederson down? The team just sat him against a leftie. A better argument can be made, and has been by AC, Nosler and others that he should be batting against lefties, too. Joc has the talent. He needs to mature into a consistent major league hitter. I don’t think he’ll even cut down on the strike out rate to league average, but he he can become a better hitter. He’s actually doing well so far. If he tanks again, maybe he will down, but it’s not going to happen now.,

  5. He’s pitched 12 inning this year and allowed 4 hits. He is 2-0 and his ERA is 0.75.

    He’s Mat Latos.

    It’s easy to look back and say he was a bad acquisition by the Dodgers, but he’s been solid for the ChiSox. We will never know, but I think the failure of this deal was not on FAZ, but rather Honeycutt and Mattingly! The guy is a solid pitcher – they just didn’t handle him properly.

    While we are talking about former Dodgers… how about that Hector Olivera? I think his signing cost Engle and Guerrero their jobs with the Dodgers. FAZ was lucky to get him traded!

    1. Mainly agree, Latos has been a solid pitcher, but, also a “knucklehead”. The deadline deals for him and Johnson, were very Theo like. At least, we are not saying, “I wish we had kept Seager/Urias/DeLeon.

      Yes, lucky to have traded Olivera and for a good haul.

      1. Didn’t we pay $30 million for that haul?

        It’s good to be rich.

        Latos and Johnson, for whatever reason, didn’t work. Seager and Urias were NEVER in anyone’s trade plans. We had two untouchables. Still do.

        We have a few good young players that deserve more playing time. It would appear the only way they get it is either through injuries or platoon. Until more guys get hurt, we platoon. I anticipate more geezers going on DL as season progresses.

        1. Badger the bonus we paid Olivera, was almost the same as his total salary, I believe. And Johnson, was definitely a big mistake, and should have never been brought to the Dodgers. Who is he pitching for, this year?

        2. And “for whatever reason” Latos chunked, it still was a good move and a reasonable low risk gamble. Too bad he was an idiot and the experiment didn’t work, but he thought process that went into that move was sound.

          Guys got fired for the 30 million Olivera bonus, but the Dodgers did pretty well to turn that into Wood, Thompson and Montas.

          It’s been discussed ad nauseum, but Amaro asked not once, but twice for the trio of Pederson, Urias and Seager for Hamels. Could the Dodgers have pried him from the Phils for De Leon and some other lesser guys? Maybe. We’ll never know.

          1. Dodger patch I didn’t say a thing about Latos, because I agree with Mark. That it was Honeycutt, and mostly Mattingly, because Mattingly can’t handle conflict.

            But I also heard the other day, that Latos, was finally healthy. I said that Johnson, should have never been brought to the Dodgers. And I don’t think he is pitching, on a team, this year, but I could be wrong.

            I never liked the signing of Olivera, because the Dodgers didn’t really need him, and I didn’t like what I saw, with his medical record, and because he hadn’t played baseball, for a while.

  6. Kike is swinging a hot bat right now. Donnie would bench him for today’s game so that he could cool down….we’ll see what Roberts does.

    1. You are not alone, Watford Dodger! He looks old & slow behind the plate and at the plate to me.

      I would like to see Barnes come back in a few weeks and, if possible, make AJ a coach that can be put back on the 25/40 man rosters if injury to Grandal/Barnes.

      1. I saw it too. Unless he was crossed up, and I don’t believe he was, both wild pitches should have been handled. He actually stood up on a pitch in the dirt. I don’t remember ever seeing a Major League catcher do that. And maybe his stick will improve, but he looks like a Mendoza candidate to me. We need better behind the plate.

          1. That cost us two runs, and if you think about it, the Giants really didn’t, score many runs, by there own means.

  7. Roberts needs to get Grandal playing regular, so he can start hitting. Grandal did have a solid line drive, that was caught, in his first game, but Roberts, needs to start playing him. I wonder if there is any bad feelings between Roberts, and Grandal? Remember some of the Padre’s pitchers, had a problem, with Grandal. I am not sure that Roberts, was in SD at that time, but I think Roberts was.

    1. I believe Dodgers will be facing a number of righties, starting today. Grandal could still be nursing an injury, but if not, will be in the lineup. Not aware of anything between Roberts and Grandal.

  8. I guess I haven’t so much as noticed that Ellis is getting slower as I have noticed how quick Barnes is.

    Barnes has a history of being a contact hitter with a good eye. I haven’t seen that so far this year. He may be swinging too hard. I think that is is fixable and maybe within a couple of weeks he could be back. The problem is so will SVS and Culbertson is playing well.

    I think Mark is right. There will be a trade. I wonder if Kike’ can play second as well as Utley or Kendrick, given their age? If so, might be nice if Kike’ were to become the regular second baseman.

    Kendrick and SVS to Pittsburgh for Ray Searage. Or more seriously, Kendrick to the Angels for Houston Street.

    1. Kendrick….I think he was signed for the likelihood of that solid .285 batting average he hits every year. He defense slipped last year, and that was on display last night. He’s still a good deal at 10 million for someone, but better think about moving him now while he has value at ten mil.

      1. Yeah, I think you’re on to something there patch. We don’t really need Kendrick. Never did. But trades this early in the season are rare. Something could be done, of course, but I’m not expecting anything big.

        Barnes traded? I don’t know about that. He’s had success at the plate in the minors, and his versatility is something I believe FAZ and Roberts all appreciate. With Ellis playing like a 50 year old, we might want to hang on to Barnes for a while. If Ellis snaps out of it, then ok, maybe. But if he doesn’t, he has to go and we live with Barnes. The way I see it, if Barnes and Ellis both struggle equally at the plate, who would you choose as your second catcher? I take Barnes.

        1. I agree Badger, and like I have said, Barnes doesn’t have the knees, of a catcher.

          And that is why he is quick, and he is also becoming a solid catcher.

          And like Bum said, Barnes just needs consistent at bats, but he needs to get them, in AAA.

          I don’t want him for a back up, this year, but it is better, to hang on to him, in case Grandal, can’t stay on the field.

  9. Nobody here have anything to say about Culberson?

    I have been talking with some “knowledgeable”, Midget fans. Strangely none of them can tell me why Midgets dumped, 1st round pick, Culberson. Doubly strange, they don’t want to talk about, the buffoon, Tomlinson. How sweet it is!!!

    Badger, are you answering the phone these days? Ask those Midget fan friends of yours, about Culberson. I would really like an answer to my question!!!

    1. Small sample size, but let’s hope he’s a late bloomer. Never rated highly in his minor league career, which is why he bounced around, and he hit less than .200 last year with the Rockies. There is always that occasional diamond in the rough. The FO gets chided for signing these reclamation projects, but every once in a while……like Bolsinger.

      I wonder what happens when Bolsinger comes back. Stripling has been earning it so far.

    2. You can call box, I’ll pick up. Most of my midget friends are old softball buddies I don’t really talk with regularly anymore. We exchange snarky texts these days. I’ve been in Arizona 8 years now. Dback fans aren’t nearly as obnoxious.

      I’m on the Culberson train. I didn’t know who the hell he was before Spring Training, but I did notice him in Glendale. Pleasant surprise. He’s a baller. I like guys like that.

      I think this team has real potential. Having Pederson and Puig hit changes everything for me. Especially Puig. He adds dimension to our lineup that was missing last year. I just ask the baseball gods to please allow this team to play most of the year injury free. And may all 5 starters, all 12 of them, go 7 every time out.

  10. I hope they can hit, and knock Cueto out of the game. Cueto’s fastball, was only 90, the last time they faced him. Did anyone notice that Bumgarner’s fastball, was mostly 90 last night too?

    I hope Puig comes back, and has better at bats, tonight. It looked like he was trying to hard, to get a good hit, and try to make something happen. It is like Puig wants to be a star, in games like last night, when a lot of famous people are at the game, and because it is a national broadcast.

    He needs to slow down, and take the pitches he gets, and the breaks he gets, especially if he wants to hit well, in the post season, when there is good pitching.

    If someone hits a HR, Puig seems to try to do the same, and that takes away, from his at bats, because he doesn’t wait for his pitch. He has done much better this year, so I don’t really like saying anything.
    But I hope he can learn, that he needs to slow down the game, especially in big publicized games, like the game last night, and in the playoffs.

    When Puig reacts like that, he takes himself, out of the game. But I do have to give him credit, for the way he has been playing on defense, and most of his at bats, because he is doing all of those things better, and the right way.

  11. The hated giants are now starting to hurt. Crawford has a hip. Adrianza has a broken foot and will be out 2 months. A bullpen guy is on the dl with an elbow. Love it. I’m hoping that the toll of the last 2 years is having an effect on Bumgarner. Time will tell on that one. The price of 3 rings? They would all say it is worth it. I agree. I would take those problems along with those 3 trophies. Now, for Cueto to suck again. Nice game last night. The first one is the best one. Now 2 more. Do we like a platoon with Seager? I don’t, but it may take some pressure off. Platooning with Pederson is a good idea for the same reason. I hope Kaz is good.

    1. Yes, Midgets are starting to test their depth. I like the results so far!!! The bullpen guy is Romo. I like him not being 100%.

      Seager, is an everyday player. I would like him to get regular rest, with Culberson filling in against some lefties. 162 game season takes a big mental toll. Regular rest is good. He was 0 for 8, I believe, before last night. Perfect game to rest him, so he can keep his mind right.

      Culberson, appears to be, at least that very good fielding back-up shortstop, we needed. He had a couple nice plays at short last night, strong arm. I agree with Badger, he is a gamer and I like that also.

      dodgerpatch, I believe Culberson had a bad back, he missed all of last year, maybe, he was playing hurt in 2014. He appears healthy now, I hope we find out why Midgets drafted him in 1st round.

  12. A new name to watch: Kyle Garlick at RC. 2d year from so cal area college. He has hit 300+ at every level so far, with some pop. OF. On Latos: It is obvious that pitching in LA is different. It is not for sissies. Grienke ate it up, but most can’t. I’m not sure why. It seems that Stripling isn’t phased by it yet. He said something funny after the last start: He was happy with the first start because it made him believe he belonged in the big leagues, not just lucky to be there. Interesting guy. A stockbroker in the off season. I’m not sure that is good. Bernie Sanders probably won’t like him.

    1. Bernie loves everyone. Just tax Stripling at the same level we former middle class members are taxed at and Bernie will be happy.

      Private Garlick. ’emember him?

      I think you’re right about pitching in LA. I was thinking this morning, is Honeycutt consulted on pitching acquisitions? He has to work with them, I think I would ask him his opinion.

      1. Badger: “Bernie loves everyone. Just tax Stripling at the same level we former middle class members are taxed at and Bernie will be happy”. I don’t think so!! Killary just proposed a “sensible” extra trillion in new taxes. All the while, saying, Bernie’s 70% rates are irresponsible.

        Bernie won’t be happy until the WHOLE world is getting “equal” income. And the reality is, it won’t be at American middle class levels.

        Moral of the story: Everybody is equal under socialism, except, those who are more equal! That is, until the government runs out of other people’s money, then all hell breaks loose. See Venezuela.

        Do we want to do politics or baseball?

        1. Boxout7, I am learning things here. We seem to agree about so many things Dodgers and yet disagree about so many things politics.

          1. Yes, we agree on Dodgers, but, I suspect we are 180 degrees apart on politics.

            I seem to remember, you have bought into the “global warming” scam. Just send the UN half a trillion$/year and the oceans will start to recede. No thanks.

            But at least we agree, Dodgers are the best!!!

        1. We already are all equal box. Just ask your minister/preacher/pastor/rabbi tomorrow. He’ll confirm it. What Bernie wants is nothing more than fair play. And I don’t mind talking any topic as long as we remain civil.

          1. Don’t need to ask my Pastor tomorrow. I already knew it. Problem is, I am not the latest “snake oil” salesman claiming all he wants is “fair play” for everyone. Only thing necessary is making him, Judge and Jury.

            Bernie and you need to remember: Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbour’s.

  13. On Jackie Robinson: As a kid in the 50’s I loved him and had a bat with his picture on it. Big ol’ fat handle. But reading newspaper articles of the day of his breaking in, it was not a big story at all. A small paragraph or 2 in the Brooklyn newspaper. My take is that at the time, he just wanted to play baseball, and the Dodgers gave him that opportunity. A tough go with the racism of the time. Racism then didn’t have a name. National attention to the subject came with school integration and the Brown v Board of Education Supreme Court case in the 50’s, which integrated public schools and became the law of the land.

  14. … maybe they keep Barnes and trade Farmer. They don;t need them both.

    I thought the same about AJ – he looks old.

  15. Box, good call on Culberson; he must have some talent to be a Giants’ 1st round pick . Maybe he’s figuring things out. If he’s that good, it makes moving Seager to 3b eventually easier? Just a thought.

    Kike should be playing 5 days a week for sure; let him rest somebody different every day, and let him lead off every time he plays. He makes things happen ; love guys like that.

    He can play LF, CF, 3b, SS, 2b for us. Do that routine weekly. He gets his 500 ab

  16. I see a trend. AJ has a very un-Ellis type game and now he is getting to old and slow. My guess is Kershaw will want to see a few more games before wanting to retire AJ.
    It was a bad game. An earlier post indicated that Joc should be sent down. Alex Wood has a bad game (okay more than a few while with LA), and he is a bum that needs to go. Utley was judged based on what he did during an injury year, and signing him for $7M was ridiculed. Should Culberson start over Seager because of the two games against Bumgarner? We (yes we, I am including myself) are too quick to negate players after a bad game. Alex Wood is one of my favorite Dodgers, and even I was looking for a new role for him after his 1st start. Alex will have meltdowns again, but he will be more positive than negative. He is what he is…a back end of the rotation starter.

    We are 11 games into the season. There are going to be players who mess up, go in slumps, make base running errors, don’t throw to cutoff, but over a 162 game season they are also going to have great games (like Wood).

    With respect to Barnes, I hope he will not be traded. AJ should not retire now, but I doubt that LA re-signs him next year, and Barnes makes 25 man then. Farmer is a 2018 ETA. One trait that I see in FAZ is that they do not seem to consider diminishing values while holding onto players. Barnes can be a valuable trade piece but FAZ looks at “what if” scenarios. What if Ellis or Grandal go down? And one of them will. Barnes or waiver wire? Austin can get a good return, but LAD needs him for 2016. Lee is still at OKC because “what if”, even though his value has been diminished because he was not moved. This is why it is not the 25 man roster that is important, but rather the 40 man. Yes some may ridicule the term depth, but where would the Dodgers be without Barnes, Thompson, Kike’, Utley, Culberson, Stripling…None are Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, or Clayton Kershaw, but all are solid MLB players who will help LA win.

    With that being said, I will still question Howell, Baez, and Garcia. But I know that there will be others in the organization who will step up…the kids as well as Sean Burnett, Sam LeCure, and Dale Thayer; all waiver wire additions needed while the kids get more experience. Go Kaz, beat the SF.

    1. AC I just think that Roberts needs to get Grandal playing consistently, so he can start hitting. Grandal is a switch hitter, so he shouldn’t be platooned, to much.

      He should be playing tonight, so I hope he has some good at bats. We need his offense, at the catcher’s position.

      And Utley, Cory, and Joc, should all be playing tonight, and I hope that they all, can come back, strong. And hopefully, the Dodgers can finish off Cueto tonight, and get him, out of the game quickly.

      And I also hope, that Puig has learned from the last time, he faced Cueto. And he doesn’t allow Cueto, and his quick pitches, to mess with his at bats, and with his timing. How many innings does everyone think, that Kazmir will throw tonight?

    2. AC I think the depth that people have a problem with, is when the front office, signs injury prone pitchers and calls thems, depth.

  17. Might as well shut the site down if it isn’t for an exchange of views & opinions which will change according to how the players/ Dodgers are doing.

    It’s what fans do.

    I’m not sure what you’re hoping for?

    1. I am not hoping for anything other than to state in my opinion people have been too quick to criticize. It is an observation, not a call to shut down a site. I included myself. If people want to call Elis too old, or say that Pederson should be sent down, or that Wood is not a ML pitcher, you or others have every right to do so, and this is a perfect venue for that. But at the same time, if I think people are too quick to criticize, or if I believe FAZ are making good moves, then I should be allowed to critique those contrary to my point of view. Do I not have the right to be positive in my view of FAZ and the direction of the Dodgers or are only people who want to criticize allowed to participate?

      1. Read carefully.

        Most in here are positive & negative in even measure. They watch the games and make comments. Don’t be too keen to tag people as either positive or negative. It’s really unnecessarily creeping into things here.

        From your comments
        You seem to have assumed that there is a problem with your position on Faz.
        No one commented on it but you wanted to make it an issue.

        It isn’t. That’s the point. It doesn’t matter.

        1. I saw comments up and down this thread on FAZ. Or don’t Blind Squirrel comments count? But that’s okay, I was not responding to that or anyone else’s FAZ comments, or any other specific post. I was simply making an observation.

          In reading carefully, you said “Don’t be too keen to tag people as either positive or negative. It’s really unnecessarily creeping into things here.” I did not realize there were rules on what I could or could not say. In your world it’s okay to say that AJ looks old, or that Pederson belongs in the minors (both comments made on this thread), but I cannot comment or disagree? Then you said, “From your comments, You seem to have assumed that there is a problem with your position on Faz. No one commented on it but you wanted to make it an issue.” Actually that was not my intention at all. But if I offended you in some way, just know it was not personal, and you can ignore anything else I write. Or you can call me a moron…either way I am fine.

          1. Once again you are not getting it.

            Where does it say above that you “cannot comment or disagree”?

            I am advocating the opposite, because that’s the idea of the Blog. You mentioned a trend towards negativity when a player has a bad performance – I’m saying that is to be expected & comment away, in any way you want.

            You then changed your position saying that “are only people who criticise allowed to comment?”, as if you were being castigated for having a positive outlook.

            You mentioned “rules” on what you can say. Again totally wrong.

            I get it – you want people to agree with your take – unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

            Once again you have your opinion- you just have to accept that other people will have theirs.

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