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Dodgers finally Planning on Moving Julio Urias Back To The Starting Rotation Next Season

Julio Urias

The Dodgers have treated left hander Julio Urias with kid gloves for the last couple of years now. Certainly it’s understandable. Urias one of the most talented young hurlers in the organization has been on a strict innings limit due to his shoulder surgery that held him out for nearly a year and a half between 2017-2018. Since then the Dodgers have really babied Urias, refusing to start him, petrified that he will blow his arm out.

So in the meantime they’ve pitched Urias out of the bullpen as a long man. They’ve barely used him and Urias has totaled only 62.2 innings pitched this year and made just 6 starts. Despite the sparing usage Urias has been his usual stingy self, posting a 2.59 ERA and striking out 65 against only 21 while posting a 9.3 K/9 rate across 25 appearances.

The Dodgers are finally announcing that in 2020 Urias will be moving back to the starting rotation. It stands to figure that there would be a spot open considering that the club may not bring back Rich Hill, Hyun-jin Ryu, or both. Note that not bringing back Ryu would be pretty dumb, but I digress. Back to Urias’s status….

“We project him to be a starter for us next year,” Roberts said, “and many years to come.”

The young southpaw is other worldly talented. He’s been so since his break through in 2016. In that rookie campaign Urias posted a 3.39 ERA across 77.1 innings pitched while striking out 9.8 and posting a 1.99 ERA in the month of August. That was before the unfortunate injury derailed his promising career. But the kid is resilient and resourceful.

He’s come back stronger than ever. For the rest of the 2019 season Urias will be deployed out of the Dodger’s bullpen. He’s the lone solid left handed option for the club amongst a dreadful contingent of relief arms. Urias is expected to provide the Dodgers with seventh and eighth inning support before giving the ball to closer Kenley Jansen. Have the Dodgers babied Urias too much? Do you think the Dodgers have made the right move keeping Urias in the bullpen until next season? At some point they are going to have to take the kid gloves off of him and here’s hoping they do that as soon as possible.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

60 thoughts on “Dodgers finally Planning on Moving Julio Urias Back To The Starting Rotation Next Season

  1. With the injury and the way the Dodgers protect young arms, I never felt he would be a starter before 2020. Especially with Maeda, Kersh, Ryu and Hill under contract until then and the rise of Buehler. With both Hill and Ryu most likely in their final years as Dodgers, Ryu might be resigned, but it will take more than the 17.9 he is getting now to get the talented lefty back. His injury history makes any long term deal iffy. And he is in his 30’s which makes it less likely. Hill I would guess is not going to be re-signed. Over 40 and injury prone, not really an option with the kids they have coming. May and Gonsolin could conceivably crack the rotation next year. Not sure what they will do with Maeda. He is under contract for 4 more years. He is very affordable, as his base pay is only 3.5 million a year. I think he is a great candidate for trade this winter to open spots for the younger pitchers. I doubt he would be moved to the pen permanently. Dodgers farm system is now rated 3rd in the majors behind SD and Tampa. Miami and AZ are right behind the Dodgers, who were rated 7th before the season. But they had a very good draft class. Kimbrel to the IL. Lots of that going around…..on this day in Dodger history, 2017, by winning their 43rd game in the last 50, the Dodgers finished the best 50 game stretch in MLB history.

    1. Michael, correct on what ya say about Ryu, he can be re-signed and he himself may decide he wants to return so he may not allow his agent Boras to railroad him so to speak. If the length of a deal is OK, then fine. The $$ annual amount, IDK. As far as position players for next year, Lux, if all goes according to plan should be up here but not as a utility player. Obviously for Lux or any other player from within to get here, roster moves must be made to make room.

    2. Urias is the ABSOLUTE WORST pitcher that I have ever seen. He ALWAYS walks players and hardly never puts them out. He cost the Dodger’s the World Series a couple of years ago. He gave away the 9/14/19 game to the Mets by walking 3 out of 4 players in a 9-0 game in the 9th inning. He should NEVER be put on the pitcher mound when the Dodger’s need to score. In fact he should be dumped from the Dodger’s immediately. It is almost like he is helping the opponent win. It is also like Roberts wants the opponent to win also when he puts Urias on the mound in the 9th inning of a 0-0 game. Urias is a guarantee of losing the game. I guess that’s why Roberts puts him out there when he needs to put an experienced, good pitcher out there – anyone except Urias.

      1. He has shown flashes of talent Nancy. This year he’s been a little up and down but they haven’t used him well. I don’t believe he’s a reliever. I think he performs better as a starter.

    1. As a major leaguer he still is a baby. With his injuries and lack of work due to limiting his innings, he is not that old. He has pitched in exactly 51 games. A mere babe experience wise.

      1. Urias will obviously get an increase in innings while starting next year but yes he is still young. If Urias does return to the rotation then it is obviously hoped that Dodgers address the lefty reliever situation during this coming off season.

        1. Bluto, he has always been groomed as a starter, whether next year or next week. It looks like he has a chance to go back into the rotation now. Stripling had a set back in his re-hab. His injuries have kept him from being a starter for any length of time at the big league level. But next year we will find out if he can be successful in that role. In spite of his nasty stuff, he still makes too many pitches and sometimes has trouble putting hitters away. Lineup has 2 changes today, Martin is catching and Rios is playing 1st. Cody back in RF.

        2. Bluto
          You know as well or better than most that all you have to do to get me to post is write about what genius AF is or Dummy is smart or does not have any responsibility for losing or better yet just say sabermetrics and our FO is good.

          1. ???. You crack me up, Package! Wonder if “Bluto” is actually AF or Roberts!

            We will never know?

          2. Well Pack, ol buddy, our FO is good. 4 straight division titles says so and 2 trips to the series. I do not like saber metrics or some of the moves and non moves he makes, but they keep on winning. And this year they are so far ahead of the rest of the division, that those guys cannot even glimpse the tail lights on this bus. More like a M-1 Abrams tank. I am no big fan of AF. But what he is doing keeps working. I wanted some sort of name reliever at the deadline, and from all the reports I read, they tried. They just did not feel the asking price was worth the player they were trying to get, so we ended up with Negron, and Kolarek. Negron has been a pleasant surprise. A couple of clutch hits, and a couple of really unexpected homers. Kolarek has been in 2 games. He has not impressed at all as all 3 hitters he has faced have reached base. But he has time to get better. As far as Roberts goes, I am not a huge fan of his lineups or his in game management skills. But he is really ham strung right now since so many key players are injured. And they are lucky that the kids are producing. Taylor, Freese, Kike, Verdugo, Hill, Stripling all key pieces to the success they have had are out. Gyorko, who is expected to help against lefty’s is re-habbing as we speak. DR has a skill set the Owners and FO love. He is more than anything else, a great communicator. And he has managed to get his entire roster playing time. Not easy. Only 1 player has appeared in every game, Muncy. Belli right now looks like he needs a rest. Pollock is nursing a hammy. I may not like the manner in which AF does his job, but the team is exciting, only the Yankees have fewer losses. They lead the NL in HR’s and shutouts. Except for Maeda, the big 3 , Ryu, Kersh and Buehler are a combined 32-6! No starting trio in the majors can match that. Granted, 4-5 have been iffy since Hill went down and Maeda has not won a game since May. But that is a pretty darn good indication of how good the pitching staff is in spite of the bullpens fiasco’s. They are 46-15 at home. Over .500 against teams with a +.500 record. 18 games in front of the 2nd place team, leading the NL in win pct. and ERA. I do not see my friend that you should have anything to complain about. Be happy they are this good. Only 45 games left..

  2. Austin Barnes hitting .310 at OKC. He has homered in 4 straight games….must be a lot more relaxed down there now that Ruiz is out for the year.

      1. Possibly, but he has always hit well where ever he played and was pretty good in 2017. Since then he has fallen off a lot. I just hope he finds himself. Kid is a good defender and a very good game manager. Players weekend just happens to fall on the weekend the Yankees are in LA. That’s cool, but I would much rather see the Yanks in their road grey’s than those carnival uni’s

        1. Unless something unforseen happens it appears that Will Smith is here to stay and most likely be the starting catcher next year too. Barnes? IDK what happens going into next year, WSS.. let me ask you this, do you or anyone know if Smith can play other positions, such as 3B or 1st base? Just a thought to maybe save his legs on occasion if he can but at age 24, it’s not really any issue now.

      2. Barnes building up his trade value nicely for us …. It’s the best thing for him and for the Dodgers.

        Rather than pout, I’m happy to see him getting into a groove and maybe a team with more catching need will trade for him. Lord knows there are a lot of non-hitting catchers out there. AAAA level catchers are still quite valuable.

    1. Michael
      Exactly what have I complained about lately? I do not like the way they do their jobs and that is my opinion. I think both are terrible. Yes, the players are performing but those two are not making Dodger baseball exciting in my opinion. I am not giving Roberts a pass on anything and I sure am not giving Friedman one when he could have improved the bullpen and did not. You are the one who has jumped ship to those guys and I am not doing it.

      1. I have not jumped ship. I just recognize a good job when I see one. You are so blind in your dislike of both of those guys that you are ignoring the big picture. Sure, I am pissed they did not trade for a quality reliver, but I ask you, who were you willing to give up for say Vazquez? That being said, he was never really on the block at anything close to a package they would be comfy with. You complain almost every post you make, and they are here for all to see. I did not say they were making Dodger baseball exciting. Quite the opposite. I know it is the players. But who signed or traded for those guys? That’s right AF. Who puts them in the lineup or leaves them there in clutch situations? That’s right Roberts. I do not think he is a great strategist and he has been outmanaged in 2 world series, but he communicates with his players. They love playing for the guy. That part is obvious since you hear absolutely nothing about clubhouse problems like you did when Mattingly was manager. He takes players aside and chides them in private when the do not play the way he feels the game should be played. AKA Pederson when he did not run out a ground ball. He pulled him. He is not afraid to do that. I might not agree with all of AF’s moves, and most of Roberts constant tweaking of the lineup can be frustrating and irritating, but you cannot deny it is working. Enjoy the ride…….

        1. Michael
          The Dodgers are winning not because of Dummy and AF but in spite of them. Many current Dodgers were already here before them. You know this. That is exactly what I am saying, they do not get credit for what has already been achieved. The Dodgers were winning before them but no W.S. just like now. This is their 5th year and you would think they had won the W.S. every one of the 5 years by the so called fans such as yourself. Who is accountable for not winning the W.S.? I sure do not want to hear the corporate answer, NO ONE. Bottom line is that they have not won the series and they are no better than those before them. Case closed.

          1. So called fans? You crossed the line there bud. I am as big if not a bigger fan than you. I know more about the teams history than you have ever dreamed of knowing. Yeah it is their 5th year. Yep, no world series titles yet. That’s on the players. Winning and losing is on the players. As for how many players were here before they got here, that number has dwindled every year. Turner, Kershaw, Jansen, Seager Pederson, Garcia. Maeda, Ryu, Urias, Baez, Verdugo and Bellinger all drafted or signed by Colletti and crew. 12 of the 40 on the roster. Not counting the IL. 3/4 of the team was brought in by AF. They get no credit for 4 straight titles? That’s ridiculous. Some of the players drafted and signed by AF are now key contributors to the success of the team. I , unlike you, so not expect them to win the series every year. I have seen them win and watched them lose. The whole team is accountable when they do not win the series. The manager shares some of that, but winning and losing lies strictly with the players. Any moron knows that. You can place blame any where you like, Kersh choke is a lot of peoples favorite, and his post season stats hold that to be a fact. In this last series, they were totally outclassed and beaten by a much better team. In 2017, key players had a bad or more than one bad game. Bottom line is they got beat. Are they better than the previous FO’s and ownership, that story is not over yet and won’t be until they sell the team or AF is fired. Then you can close the book on what they have done. Right now, they are the best team in the NL. How would they have fared in 17 had Jansen actually saved the 2 games he blew? How about if Bellinger, the ROY had not been struck out 17 times. A few clutch hits here and there would have been nice, and I have not even mentioned the colossal choke job by Darvish. The series went 7 games, they had home field and lost. Blaming that on the FO is ridiculous. Sorry, you don’t have an argument. You are one of the few who feels the way you do. But never ever question my being a TRUE fan ever again. You will always lose that one. You also did not answer the question, who in your mind was a decent package for Vazquez, or say Greene or Smith…play GM and thrill me with your baseball knowledge

  3. Paul, Smith has also played some 1st base. He is pretty athletic and could possibly play the outfield or 3rd with a little time there. As for Urias, yeah, he is 22 years old. But he has had 2 surgery’s that cost him time. This is his first full season in the majors. Yes he is a starter and will be used as such next year. But this year in spring he was not used that way at all. This off season, they will obviously address the bull pen and any other issues they feel they need to address. Lux will get some reps in September if all goes right and a long look in spring training. Adjustments will be made. They will figure out just who is going to be where in the outfield and infield. Rios and Ferguson recalled, Gonsolin optioned back to AAA and Verdugo placed on the IL with a oblique strain.

    1. Many have indicated that the manner in which FO and Roberts manage the regular season games and have been successful obviously, and lineups may not be the ideal way to run things during a playoff and or WS In short, it works in the regular season but not in the PS necessarily. and I have read somewhere that might be the case for them dropping 2 WS in a row on their home field.

      1. 2018 they did not have home field. The Red Sox were the best in the majors last year and they had home field advantage. Boston only lost game 3 at LA.

        1. Michael, one item that ya may have left out in answer to Package was that one of the main reasons, besides the ones you mentioned as to why Dodgers lost both WS was that our pitching staff could not keep the baseball in the yard…23 HR’s allowed in these 2 WS (12 games combined). Honestly cut half of those Astro’s 15 HR’s in 2017 and I honestly believe we walk away with a WS ring. I concur that Boston was way better than our team in 2018 and in part because we had a platoon lineup that wasn’t that successful as it was during the year. I know we did not have home field advantage in 2018, but was referring to the fact that we lost both WS while playing on our home field.

  4. After pounding the Cards in Game 1, the Dodgers take game 2.

    Game 2….. a very balanced offensive attack, coupled with another Kershaw gem…. very effective with 9 K’s. Only one walk, and no dingers.

    Another bullpen scare, with Kolarek and Baez creating some meltdown drama in the eighth inning. Baez was able to power his way out of the jam, and Kenley, looking like the Kenley of old, slams the door.

    Early YouTube game today. Looks good for a sweep and a first win for May.

    Starting pitching looking good for next season. After all the trade deadline drama, the Dodgers finally decided to tap their own farm system. Instead of trading for an expensive band-aid, and losing their prospects, The Dodgers are finally giving the kids a shot, basically out of desperation. With Buehler ready to assume the role of Ace of the Staff, and the Dodgers ready to cut the leash on Urias, they also have Gonsolin and May ready to challenge for a spot in the rotation. The Dodgers will possibly have a very young and strong pitching staff. Kershaw will be back to mentor the kids. Ryu may not be back, and Hill might better serve the Dodgers in the pen. Also, if Gonsolin and May do not make the rotation, they could be strong candidates for middle relief, along with Maeda. In the case of Maeda, I hope they can restructure his contract incentives, more based on relief role, rather than starting. Kenta can still make a run for the rotation next year, but like Hill, it might be better if he works out of the pen.

    So, things looking bright for the Dodgers’ pitching, Offensively, they have
    The Kids Beaty, Verdugo and Smith, with Lux and Diaz probably ready to take the jump to the Bigs.

    The future is obviously promising, but do they have what it takes to win the World Series this season? We will have to wait and see.

    Big series coming up with the Yanks. This will give the Dodgers a real test. Too bad they will not be wearing their traditional, legendary battle uniforms . Dodgers also have Braves, Rays, Orioles, and red hot Mets on the docket.

  5. Not impressed at all with Kolarek so far. 3 hitters and all have reached base against our lefty specialist. But the guys behind him have bailed him out. May looked good and made one mistake and leaves trailing 1-0. Flaherty is pitching a gem. Dodgers have 2 doubles, but really no offense. Pitcher has shut them down. 3 innings left to at least tie the score.

    1. Yeah, Kolarek has shown nothing, so far. Amazing that Yimi bailed him out. Kelly has shown some positive results lately…. that is encouraging!

  6. Wow. Another amazing walk off win. Ol’ Man Martin this time!

    What a great pitching duel. May and Flaherty were awesome. Flaherty silenced the Dodger offense, with 10 K’s in 7 innings. May had one mistake, but kept his cool, and kept the game in reach. Yimi, Kelly, and Sadler strong out of the pen.

    5 straight wins! “Don’t leave early!”

  7. Kelly arrived to Spring Training in February, and his arm arrived in LA in July. He is starting to look like the guy that had been hoped for. GasKanley is looking better especially if he only pitches once a week. Look for Kelly to possibly be the real closer if things progress as I see it unfolding.

    Walk off with a sweep of the Cards. Goldshmit was get under wraps this whole series and he had just begun to get his stroke prior to arriving in California about a week ago.

    I amazed that Kersh has really rebounded and is really performing very well.

    We have had a ton of injuries throughout this season, both pitchers and position players, yet we keep rolling along.

    If this team had a decent bullpen, you may be looking at a team with another dozen victories on the record.

  8. I loved Martin’s quote after the game. I have never been so happy to hit a lousy ground ball….pretty cool stuff. Lucroy signing with the Cubs. Lots of players getting DFA’d. Rosenthal cut loose. Holland getting his walking papers from the D-Backs. Panik is getting waived by the Giants. Dodgers have some options if they feel any of those players can help.

  9. Rotation for next year looks to be shaping up as: Buehler, Kershaw, Urias, Gonsolin, May.

    Maeda is #6, probably mostly bullpen, with Kelly and Jansen. They’ll put a few other stiffs in there to fill it out and cross their fingers like every year.

    Ryu and Hill are gone, they won’t play here for what the Dodgers will offer.

    1. Hill will be over 40. His chances of being re-signed are pretty slim. But he might catch on somewhere else. His injury history will be a problem though. Ryu, interesting guy. I think he could command a 3 year deal similar to what they gave Hill. 48 million. More years than that I doubt. They do not seem inclined to give any pitcher a deal longer than 3. Now, would he take it? I would think he would if he was comfortable in LA and did not want to go to another team. He has been pretty successful here and a bonus, he is a lot younger than Hill was when they signed him. I am not just tossing May and Gonsolin into the fire that quickly. They have the talent, now they need the results. Dodgers get too and lose the series again, and the pressure will really be on the FO to get a star. For Maeda to go to the pen, they would have to restructure his contract I would think, because his incentives could never be reached as a BP guy. As far as not playing here for what the Dodgers will offer, I beg to differ. The Dodgers have been very patient with those two. They have nursed them both through injury’s and in Ryu’s case, close to two years of inactivity. I think Hill will be elated to get any offer’s. Ryu will command more than the QO since he cannot receive it again, but I also think he will definitely give the Dodgers a home town discount if they are interested in keeping him.

  10. I see a real possibility of Ronald MacDonald being a bullpen guy this post season. He throws hard and is aggressive but just can’t get thru the order the third time around. Sounds like a perfect bullpen guy, damn he is only 21. Next year he has a real chance of being a starter in LA, just needs some more time mature and learn from the likes of Koufax and Kersh to help him understand the art of pitching.

  11. Good win.
    Good team.
    Good org.

    Good to see a new poster.

    Wish package, snidefan, Watford, and the others would post.

  12. What I am so impressed with is the way the “call-ups” have jumped into the fire and ran with the opportunity. With all the injuries and shortcomings of the opening day 25-man roster, AF’s dumpster diving, and fan’s panicking and demanding the Dodgers make a move for an expensive veteran, I have always said that they only had to look in their own barnyard, to find the badly needed help. So many people, as well as Dodger Management, have said that the farmhands were not ready yet.

    These “Kids” have given this team a much needed spark. The boring offense, the “automatic outs”, the lack of situational hitting, and stagnant pitching staff that had totally taxed the bullpen, night after night….. these problems have more or less gone away. The icing on the cake is the never say die attitude, with all the late, come from behind victories and walk off wins. These prospects never quit.

    I do not know if it is just adrenaline rush and the excitement of being called up, but what ever it is, this has been a great ride, that I do not want to get off. The inspired play has also really sparked the veterans.

    I said all along, “Let the Kids Play!”. Whether or not Management had heard my cries, or they decided to call up the kids out of desperation…. what ever it was, it is working.

    I am almost sure that when the tired Vets return from licking their wounds, these kids will be thrown in the hay-wagon, back to the farm. It will be a sad moment, but unfortunately it is the reality of Dodger player development philosophy. So, we’ll have just have to live with it…. enjoy it while it lasts.

  13. Lux at it again, another multi hit game. Kid is coming to a ballpark near you soon….like September

      1. Paul,

        I Hope Lux comes up soon. His numbers are incredible!

        But you know Dodger philosophy,… The “Kid” is too young, and Not Ready for the Bigs”.

  14. This day in Dodger history, August 8th, 2003. Eric Gagne sets a major league record by converting his 39th consecutive save to start a season. You can look it up! No game today….AZ here tomorrow.

    1. He couldn’t win the ROY award that season so he decided to win the ROID award instead. Mission accomplished.

    2. “Game Over!”…. Yup, Game Over for Gagne. Too bad he got involved with cheating baseball. Too bad. Those were fun times. My son’s first Dodger Jersey. I Still have his Bobblehead.

      I do not think he got one of those grotesque “faux-fur” goatee T-Shirts.?

  15. Dodgers-D-Backs pitching match ups for this weekend. Game 1, Buehler-Ray, Game 2, Maeda-Young, Game 3 Ryu-Leake.

      1. Par for the course. Joc still cannot hit lefty’s. But they are also an outfielder short right now, and not sure they are going to play Pollock since he has a slight groin strain. There are only 3 OF’s on the roster right now. All the rest are infielders. No doubt White and Negron will get starts. Only 1 D-Back hitting over .300 against Buehler, Walker, the 1st baseman is hitting .333 against him with 2 dingers. Martin, Turner, Seager and Pollock have HR’s against Ray. I was wrong, Marte is hitting .393 against Buehler. No dingers though. Lets hope Buehler continues his dominance at Dodger Stadium.

        1. Yeah, Joc just cannot hit Lefties… I do not understand it. I think that the Dodgers have brainwashed this poor guy into believing he can’t!

          Walker is the only Snake to pose a threat to Buehler? I think Walker deserves to be “Walked”!

        2. I would think that soon they would rectify being short in the OF.. come to think of it, up until now most were concerned with an OF log jam, go figure. As many have said White has not shown much at all so WSS.

  16. Announced today that the Yankees and the White Sox will play a game next year at the Field of Dreams in Iowa. They are building a 8,000 seat temporary set of stands. Sox will be the home team. There will be a see through wall where the corn is in the outfield. The game will be televised. Pretty cool, still one of the best baseball movies ever. If you build it, they will come….Brock Stewart optioned to the minors by the Jays so they can activate Zack Godley…has to suck for Stewart who was hoping for a real chance to show his wares….Godley has been God Awful all year.

    1. Wow, that is awesome. i have to see this game! Where do you find all these insight gems, Michael?

    2. Hey Michael,

      Heard today on the news that they will not be playing on the actual field. They do not want to mess it up, and it does not meet MLB dimensional standards. Instead, they are building a new field/stadium, adjacent to the actual field. A nw 8000 seat stadium… maybe a future home to a Minor League Team?

      1. That is correct. The new field that construction was started on yesterday will over look the original site. The facility though is a temporary one like the one they built at Ft.Bragg a few years ago to honor the military. Game will be on a Thursday next year in August.

  17. What a disappointing game, Dodger bats (Ol’ Lefty Lineup) go silent. Dodgers could only manage. Two measly hits, and double-digit strikeouts.

    Relief fails to save the gem by Buehler. Just when we think Kenley has saken off the yips, he blows a two run lead, and save, giving up a two run dinger to Dodger nemesis, Carson Kelly…. the new Goldschmidt.. Urias surrenders the backbreaker HR, also by Kelly, and loses the game.

    Two incredible defensive gems by Bellinger, wasted.

    Bad call by upmires on that foul tip. Ball hit the top of Pollock’s wrist as he backed away from the pitch. He did not swing, and ball did not hit the knob of the bat. How could the review Umps miss that? Time for a littel retaliation on the Snakes, for Bradley’s and Ray’s foolish behavior.

  18. A weak start by Buehler, but he settled in. Still only 5 innings, so he left the job to the bullpen. Other than May…. mission accomplished. Kenley did a fine job, and DR made the right move for a change, by not pushing Kenley for a 6-out save. Takes a lot of pressure off of him, and lets him know that there are others who can close. Kolarek and Kenta sealed the deal…. outstanding!

    On the other hand, the offense was sputtering and misfiring again. 3-16 RISP, and 13 KO’s. Nine hits, and only 3 runs. The Dodgers having to depend on another desperate, late inning rally. They should have won this game, “hands down”! Belli’s struggles continue, and it looks like he will end up “moonwalking” to the NL MVP. He better send Yelich a Thank You note and take him out for a expensive dinner.

    The bullpen will be the key. The starters just do not have what it takes to gut out 6-7 solid innings. I hope the offense can kick it in gear. They sure have been flat lately.

    Yanks lost, but the Astros say, “Hello!” Yikes!

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