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Dodgers Finally Win in Phony Book Park

Charlie Culberson

The Dodgers finally defeated the Giants 3-2 in ten innings on Saturday afternoon. Of course I was at work and didn’t get to see it, but I still enjoyed it in my mind. Knowing the Dodgers won made the day much better, even if I couldn’t see it. The Dodgers were able to at least save face by salvaging one win in this series.

Unfortunately the Dodgers were struck with more injury news. As you all have heard by now, Carl Crawford was placed on the disabled list with a rusty back (shocking news), and second baseman Micah Johnson was recalled to replace him on the roster. Crawford with back problems?! Why I’ve never heard of such a thing!

Dodgers 3 10 0

Giants    2  5 1




Scott Van Slyke had to leave the game after being hit by a pitch when he suffered back tightness. I think he is listed as day-to-day, but the Dodgers can little afford anymore injuries, especially to the outfield.

During the game Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner dueled for the first time this season and it was every bit as good as advertised. I didn’t see it, but it was I tell you what. Kershaw tossed eight innings of two-run ball, allowing 4 hits and striking out 5. The only runs Kershaw allowed was two solo home runs to Bumgarner himself (yes I am not joking) and ninth place hitter Ehire Adrianza, (Ehire!??!!?!?!). If you remember Bumgarner homered off of Kershaw last season. Bumgarner threw six innings and allowed one earned run on six hits and struck out 8. Both pitchers were not involved in the decision.

The real hero of the game was non-roster invite Charlie Culberson. The little guy made two incredible defensive plays, and drove in the winning run in the top of the tenth inning with a run scoring double down the right field corner. The Dodgers had tied the game in the second inning when Van Slyke was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded forcing in the tying run.

The Dodgers were trailing by a 2-1 score in the top of the ninth, when they rallied to force the game into extra innings. Santiago Casilla loaded the bases when Chase Utley walked, Yasiel Puig singled, and Justin Turner was hit by a pitch. With one out, Giant’s second baseman Kelby Tomlinson booted what was a for sure game ending double play, allowing the tying run to score, and ruining the Giant’s day.

For once the Dodger bullpen did not blow the game. Chris Hatcher who was last night’s gloat actually pitched a scoreless inning in the bottom of the ninth. Kenley Jansen shut the door in the bottom of the tenth to record his second save of the season.

The Dodger offense left a small arsenal of base runners throughout the game, including leaving the bases loaded in several innings. Overall the Dodgers were 2 for 21 with runners in scoring position and left 13 runners on base. Culberson, Adrian Gonzalez, and Kike Hernandez each had two hits. The game was originally scheduled to start at 1:05 PM, but was rain delayed by 41 minutes.

The Dodgers wrap up the series and will go for a series split on Sunday afternoon. In the series finale Scott Kazmir will counter Johnny Cueto at 1:05 PM.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

73 thoughts on “Dodgers Finally Win in Phony Book Park

  1. It was great to see the Dodgers come from behind on this one. Some have stated that the Dodgers are the same as the 2015 Dodgers WRISP. Yes, they were 2 – 21 today, but maybe a guy named Madison Bumgarner had something to say about that. I seem to remember him as a pretty good left handed pitcher, and the Dodgers started a few non regulars today, and yet they still won. Before today, Dodgers WRISP were 22 – 50 (44%). I am not ready to label them a solid clutch hitting team, but that seems pretty good to me.

    I know many here pooh-poohed the three shutouts of a bad Padres team. Did anyone notice that the Padres have scored 29 runs on 37 hits the last two games? Yes I know it is Colorado. The Dodgers have had 5 out of 6 quality starts; lead MLB in runs, hits, and doubles, and have made numerous quality defensive plays (and some bone-headed as well). Yes small sample, and not conclusive of all things positive, but also not indicative of all things negative. And no, I do not believe that they will end up leading the league in those offensive categories, but this is a good team that is 4-2 on the road. Not ready to call them WS champs, but I see nothing to indicate that they are a sub .500 team.

    One area of concern that has been fully discussed is the bullpen. Seeing the number of relievers signed to minor league contracts the last few days, I would say there are others who have some concern. Mark made a valid point that Chris Hatcher is not good at coming in with runners on. But Hatcher is not the only one. On four occasions this year, relievers have come in with runners on. In three of those four occasions all inherited runners scored; Baez 3, Garcia 2, and Hatcher 1. Only Coleman was able to come in and get out unscathed. In 10.1 IP, relievers have given up 9 runs on 14 hits. One positive is 15 Ks against 2 BBs. Relievers have done well when starting an inning. Only Howell and Blanton had a poor performance when starting an inning.

    Mark is also right in that a team cannot buy a bullpen. However I have a concern as to what value FAZ places on a high quality bullpen. I am not saying they are wrong. I just place a higher value on relievers. I have always believed in a high quality bullpen. There are no quality relievers available right now, which is why FAZ is scouring the waiver wires for journeymen relievers, looking for that magic in the bottle. Others value relievers quite a bit more than FAZ. Ken Giles goes to Astros for 5 players including 2 of the Phillies top 15 prospects. Drew Storen goes from Nationals to Blue Jays for Ben Revere. The Dodgers do not have a Ben Revere to trade. The Rays traded Jake McGee to Colorado for Corey Dickerson. The Dodgers do not have a Corey Dickerson to trade. Everyone calls for a trade of Guerrero, Lee, and other lower level prospects. But that is not going to get it done. The Dodgers are going to need to find internal solutions to the bullpen, and they do have options. I think Wood eventually ends up in the pen. I would like to see Chris Anderson get a shot as he is a hard thrower who also happens to be a pitcher. Or Jharel Cotton. Yimi Garcia needs to go back to the minors and learn how to pitch. I am not convinced that Baez will ever be a quality reliever, but he belongs more than Garcia right now. He is at least trying an offspeed pitch. Urias and De Leon will probably be available around June, but they would need to be last resort types, as they both need to build arm strength and lengthen their games.

    1. AC I wonder why Yimi and Baez came up over C Anderson, and Cotton, if Anderson and Cotton have velosity and can pitch. They must also have more pitches, then Yimi, and Baez too.

      I’m suprised that Yimi didn’t learn from last year, because remember he was so good at the begining, and then had a streak of giving up, a lot of HRs.

      I would think that that would make Yimi even more careful, about letting the ball leak right down the middle of the plate.

    2. Relievers today are so specialized they don’t like coming in with men on. You bring them in to start the inning. And they can only pitch one inning, so the pen is only as strong as its weakest link. Baez has been terrible with men on, which is why it was surprising to see him come in with bases loaded Friday.

  2. Got a question for you, when you and Mark say you cannot “buy” a bullpen, does that only mean with money, as in purchasing a free agent?

  3. During Spring Training I predicted that Crawford would not be on the 25 when the season started and to the boredom of readers here, I repeated that prediction too many times. I missed it by 5 games. 5 games. 5 lousy games.

    I worry about SVS. He has issues with his back. Nothing major. Mostly muscle spasms. But it could cause him to be unavailable but still on active 25. I like a healthy SVS and think he is a valuable piece on this team. But maybe he and Kendrick might get a very good relief pitcher or maybe Bauer with Wood going to the bullpen. That would thin out the depth on the Dodgers but I like Culbertson and Kike’ is playing much better than I even hoped he would.

    The only thing I have wanted to add to this team is a 1.5 pitcher and a great reliever. I was very confident with everything else and I am more confident in this team after 6 games. I like the way they are playing and it looks like the team is implementing a game plan every game.

  4. I still think the roster has an odd structure to it, but I’m hopeful. I do look for more injuries. I don’t know if this bullpen is good or not. Still a lot of questions.

    Bummer about Crawford, but not surprising. He’s the leader of the Dodgers hurt parade.

    Kazmir v Cueto. Who you got? Vegas has SF -120. 7 runs O/U. I’m way up on my picks so far this year. Nobody in here plays with homie so, I’ll keep it to myself.

    That win yesterday was one that every team gets a few of during the year. 2 for 21. Tying run scores on an easy game ending double play ball. We got lucky. But, as you’ve all heard before “luck is the residue of preparation”. Maybe this our year because we are prepared to be lucky. Rather be lucky than good… the harder I work the luckier I am….luck is simply the advantage a true warrior gains in executing the correct course of action … Luck?! Shit happens….. etc.. I’m ready to be lucky. Maybe it’s our turn.

    1. Luck might have played a part in games 5 and 6 so the Dodgers are .500 in luck games.

      Kazmir vs. Q8oh will interesting. I’m taking the under.

      I also like the Dodgers in this one 3 to 2.

      Barnes will be back soon but he and Johnson will probably be the players replaced by Grandal and Kendrick.

      Injuries are sorting out the structure of the team.

  5. Bobby, I know what you were saying about Chapman not being available currently due to suspension, but I’m curious as to why Faz suddenly did an about turn, having at that time deemed that signing a second elite closing pitcher to go with Kenley was what the team needed – to perhaps cover the 8th & 9th innings between them, or alternatively have an elite arm at Robert’s disposal to use in the right circumstance as we have seen the situation arise in this first week of the season?

    I can’t help but think a pen with Chapman in it would look SO much better.

    I know people will throw the “Knucklehead” argument out there, and that one is enough, but in answer I say that funnily enough, Puig played his best ball when alongside Hanley & the ” I can see you”gang.

    Why, having identified the need for another elite arm for the pen, did Faz decide to go for the cheaper, less effective options in Blanton & Coleman?

    What changed, Coz from where I’m watching, Chapman would look great in our pen & really be an important piece of the jigsaw?

    The cheaper options never seem to work in the long run.

  6. Watford said:

    The cheaper options never seem to work in the long run.

    SAY WHAT? That’s actually where the best bullpens come from – you are only off 180 degrees!

    The Pirates and Royals had the best bullpens last year in MLB.

    Look at the Royals pen:

    Greg Holland – Drafted by KC in 2007
    Kelvin Hererra – Drafted by KC in 2006
    Wade Davis – Acquired in a trade with TB for James Shields/failed as a starter/moved to pen
    Ryan Madson – Signed for $850,000 as a free agent in 2015
    Franklin Morales – Signed as a free agent in 2015 for $1,850,000
    Luke Hochevar – Drafted by KC in 2006/failed as a starter/moved to pen

    There were several others, including Joe Blanton, but KC’s pen was built on the cheap with homegrown and junkpile acquisitions.

    Mark Melancon – Acquired in a trade in 2013 while he was making $525,000
    Tony Watson – Drafted by Pirates in 2007 Draft
    Arquimedes Caminero – Purchased in 2015 from the Marlins $515,500 salary
    Jared Hughes – Drafted by Pirates in 2006
    Antonia Bastardo – Acquired in a trade with Phillies – $3,100,000
    Joe Blanton – Purchased for the minimum from the Royals (the Angels paid his salary)/failed starter/lights out for Pittsburgh.

    The successful teams with the best bullpens didn’t go out and buy or trade for high-priced guys like Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, Craig Kimbrel or Darrin O’Day. They build a pen! It’s like buying a Hooker and saying it’s a Wife! It doesn’t work that way!

    In my opinion, the Dodgers are studying which pitchers might step up and which ones need to go back down. Someone will need a 2B in the next 2 months and Howie will be traded, especially if Utley continues his health and Johnson and Kike keep up their growth. If a team in the race needs a 2B or 3B, the Dodgers got Howie on the cheap and he could deliver an excellent reliever. The Dodgers have lots of options for the pen internally and it’s way too early to throw in the towel on any of these guys.

    Of course, some people just have an innate ability to KNOW that these guys are all bums after just 6 games. I’m not that good, so I have to see it play out!

    I’m with Bum – just ditch CC already. This is beyond silly! Charlie Culberson is a baller. We need those guys. The real CC (Culberson) can play LF and all over the infield. Done deal – Bye, Bye Crawfish!

  7. By the way, the Dodgers are #1 in the NL in Starting Pitcher ERA.

    Are you guys focusing on the pen to obfuscate how good the starters have been because you have been saying such stuff all off-season?

    Just wondering….

    I’ll tell you this – the starters won’t keep up their 1.83 ERA, but the bullpen won;t keep it’s 5.52 ERA either!

    1. Mark it was normal for everyone to question the bullpen, especially after the first two games, against the Giants. And it has been a issue, for now three years, if I don’t count this year.

      And the team’s you mentioned, can’t buy relievers, because they are small market teams. The Dodgers have more resoures to make that happen, just like the Yankees, and the Red Soxs.

      And sometimes, buying a pitcher, might be the best option, if they want to keep one of there young players. And even you, we’re not happy, with the bullpen’s performance, and that was normal to feel that way.

      It might be the pitching coach, like you have said, especially after two pitchers, have left the Dodgers, and have become pretty sucessful, and I know it is still early with Nacasio.

  8. So if Faz were ready to pull the trigger on Chapman as we know they were, they must have thought that to buy an elite piece for the pen was the right thing to do?

    Can’t have it both ways

    1. Maybe they realized the error of their ways. Also, I have heard that Kenley was not happy about it – it would have impacted his earning potential going forward. Andrew Miller already has his deal and he is happy to set up. Personally, I think it was more what was going on with Kenley that what was going on with Chapman. I think FAZ realized it was a bad move for the team.

      1. You say you cannot buy a bullpen, but provide a long list of relievers in KC that were either purchased in free agency or purchased through trade of assets.

        W’s right. You can’t have it both ways.

        The way to build is different in every city. But one thing is true everywhere, talent evaluators are an organization’s most valuable asset. How’s FAZ done with that so far?

        1. You are missing the point, as usual.

          KC and the Pirates didn’t go after the big name guys – they grew them or got them in minor trades. They were mostly guys no one else coveted. That’s the point!

          We also have the most talent in our system of any organization – that’s how they have done!

          1. Signed, signed acquired drafted by someone else is all over your post. There are many ways to skin the cat, and those ways are all demonstrated in how KC built that pen. They have great talent evaluators there. That is how teams without money must get things done.

            And it might be beneficial to see how they have drafted. It’s interesting to note that in the last 12 years they’ve had a top 5 pick 7 times. You have guys that talented in your system it gives you options.

        2. KC and Pittsburg couldn’t afford big name guys. They had to do it on the cheap. The Pirates have a great pitching coach and both teams obviously have very good scouts or have been lucky.

          Seems to me a team that could afford to spend $250 million plus on payroll could afford to splurge a little to fix part of the team that has been its Achilles’ heel for at least the past two seasons.

          1. Makes sense to me snider.

            Finishing as a playoff team so often doesn’t allow a team to draft high. How else are you going to get what you need if not through a purchase?

            And I didn’t get an answer yet regarding definition of buy. And I ask that question in all seriousness, for at the deadline every year there are buyers and sellers. What is it that teams are buying and selling? Assets, of course. You can build a bullpen, or a rotation, or strengthen your lineup, through these deadline deals. They are done every year.

  9. All winter I was hoping that Puig would get off to a great start. Obviously he has, but I have noticed other things that almost overshadow his great start. I have seen him on the bench sitting next to and talking with Turner and Van Slyke — apparently he is not acting out some sort of grudge. He took his mother on an early morning sight-seeing trip in SF which says something. Also, Nomar and Orel have been saying really good things about his approach at the plate. And when the cameras sweep the dugout, it seems Puig is always up front cheering. In other words, I am seeing a lot more positives than negatives, and I am really happy for him.

  10. I do not think this team has an odd structure to it. We have 5 starting pitchers, Seven in the bull pen. Eight starters, and 5 subs. This team is going to be just fine. Roberts and coaching staff will make the difference in the end. I liked what Roberts did on Saturday and brought Hatcher right back into the game. That showed the confidence he had in Hatcher. This should help Hatcher.

    I agree with you Mark that Hatcher throws other pitches. But why on Friday night did he only throw fastballs and did not adjust to the umpire? Then he throws one right down the middle. On Saturday he used three pitches and looked good. Really good. I am just having a hard time inderstanding the pitch sequence on Friday night.

    1. Idahoal good point, and that Rookie catcher, struck out, on curve balls, earlier in the game, when Stripling was pitching. And any professional player, can hit fastballs, across the plate.

  11. One more thought. I like the way Barnes calls the game. I am an old catcher. I watch the catchers all the tome. I think they are the engine to the team. Barnes makes pitchers use all of their pitches. Just a thought.

    1. I “got” to listen to the SF announcers on Extra Innings because that was my only choice yesterday and they raved about how Ellis called a perfect game and that Stripling never once waved off his signal. They went on to say how Ellis nursed Stripling along.

      Everything I have read or heard about Barnes is that he is given a game plan by Ellis and Honneycut; that Barnes is learning how to call a game in the Majors. I have also read and have seen that Barnes is an excellent catcher that is a very good pitch framer.

      I think Barnes is a very good contact hitter with some pop and has great ability to swing at only strikes, but he is struggling to get his bat going and might be dipping during his swing. That dipping needs to be fixed. He would benefit from a couple of weeks in OK when Grandal comes back.

  12. Injuries will likely dictate the roster. As the older less fit guys tweak and scroinge the rest of the year, I think the younger, mid 20’s younger that is, will step in. I mentioned this on the other thread. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I put those guys in now. It’s my opinion that Barnes, Johnson and Thompson, all 25 or older, need ML at bats now so they can be experienced for the pennant drive. We started this year with injury prone guys in LF, 2b, 3b and in the rotation. We have 4 ML second basemen, questions in the bullpen and a starting rotation that is going to be in flux all year long. I find these things add up to odd. al, and others obviously, are not concerned about any of this. Again, we’ll see how it all plays out, but I look for night after night, day after day of different lineups, looking for that winning combination. I kind of miss the days of knowing who it is you will see on the field when you show up to the park.

    1. I haven’t bought in on Johnson yet but I have with Culbertson, Barnes, Thompson, and now Puig and of course Joc. I think if the Dodgers want a left swinging outfielder then maybe by July it should be Bellinger if Ethier is not fully 100% ready.

  13. With a clean inning, Hatcher threw 28 pitches, giving up a walk and a hit. It’s a good thing it was clean to begin with because I guess it got a little messy in the ninth. I didn’t see it, but it looks like there was another scare to get the game to the 10th. Manager Rose Color right now appears to have a love affair with Hatcher. I’m not sure why. Maybe the stat sheets bear it out. It’s nice to see the giants lose a game like that because they win so many just like the Dodgers did yesterday. They steal the game at the end. I prefer to be ahead from inning 1, but the lead at the end is what counts. Rain in the Bay Area. Lucky to get this one in.

  14. Bum, I was with you on that Crawford thing in spring. We were both off by a few games, but I find him to be pretty useless on this team. I still think SVS and Trayce play better D than him anyway.

    Wat, if the geniuses thought Chapman was worth getting, Im thinking they see the value of trading for another elite bullpen arm. Season has just begun; they can still make a move for another stud bp arm, if we need it.

    If we can pull out a win today with our co-ace, we will have done what we need to do: split a 4 game series on the road. I’ll take it

  15. Yesterday the team wasn’t good with players, in scoring position, but they have out hit the Giants, in tee last three games, so that is something positive.

    The Giants have only hit really well, in the first game, that Wood pitched. And the Giants are suppose to be the great hitting team, not the Dodgers!

    Without the Giants HRs, they have not done to much, at the plate. I was little frustrated with the lack of hits, with runners in scoring position yesterday, but Bumgarner, really pitched well in those situations, and sometimes, you just have to credit the pitcher.

    I hope they come out today, and are agressive against Cueto, and do better, with players, in scoring position. And the two question marks, at the begining of the season, Puig, and Pederson, have done really well.

    And I think they will keep it up. Roberts and his coaches, are making the team, look like a new team. And they are playing more like a team, then in the past. And Utley is doing everything he can, to help this team win, and has been a good igniter in the lead off position.

    I hope Kazmir pitches a good game, and has his change up, working really well today, because that really messes with right handed batters.

  16. On the subject of Tommy John: It seems like there is benefit for a position player to convert to a pitcher somewhere along the way up the system. The elbow doesn’t take such a beating in amateur games or in low levels of minors. Maybe those are the guys the suits should look for. Guys with some pitching experience but not the pitching stars. Hard to find.

    1. Puig would fit that description 17. That would be fun. I can see him now trotting in from RF, taking his 8 warmup pitches and letting loose with a couple of fastballs. You make a great point. Position players have had less strain on their arms. Verdugo was a pitcher that could hit too well for him to stay a pitcher. But every position player that can’t hit should be looked at for their potential to pitch.

  17. Mark, I stand behind no one in support of the starting pitching. I am also supportive of the position players including the old man at 2B. My one complaint is the bullpen. I believe the pen is what has defined the team during the playoffs, and the single biggest reason for playoff disappointments. I like Hatcher, but he is not the lockdown 8th inning setup. That to me is the biggest hole in roster. Neither Baez or Garcia are that pitcher. Hopefully Coleman can emerge in that role.

    To respond to Badger, to me buying a bullpen is going out and overspending either on FA or trade for a position that cannot be counted on from year to year, as is the case for most relievers. Colletti tried that with League and Wilson. Disaster. I think FAZ diminishes the value of a bullpen from an investment standpoint (no big $$$, or high level prospects. They are probably right. The Dodgers have options to replace anyone in the pen, except for Kenley. Maybe I am impatient, but 28 years is a long time and I am not getting any younger. I was not before or am not now advocating an overhaul. All I wanted was that 8th inning lockdown setup; specifically Jake McGee. Maybe McGee falls flat, and Sipp and Bastardo don’t justify their contracts. We already know that neither Ken Giles or Drew Storen entered the season as closers. There are no guarantees, but you need to try.

    1. AC Giles is not the closer now, because the coach is sticking with last year’s closer. And Storen the same thing, but Storen was a closer, before Papabon, came to the Nationals. These decisions were only made, because of senority, not performance.

  18. OK arm chair GM’s… With 3B Solarte going down and Ross on the DL do you think the Madres will be calling??? What do they have to offer that we would want???

    1. I doubt that the Padres will deal, but I wouldn’t mind getting Andrew Cashner. He is going to be moved in July anyway. This is his FA year. Not a big time investment.

    2. I like Cashner, I don’t know what else they have, but, Guerrero sure would look good in a Padres uniform.

  19. P.S. “Grandal will be back soon and our staff will be even better”…
    True, by getting more wind sprints in while covering the dish on passed balls…
    I watched Yeager throw 25-30 pitches from about 3-40 ft in front of Grandal in the dirt… Being an ex catcher, he was amusing to watch to say the least…

        1. Lets start with Goldy, but we may have to take back Greinke, which defeats the whole purpose. OK, how about, we keep Grandal, but give, Bolsinger and Gonzalez (and cash) for Goldy and Greinke (we’ll pay the whole salary). Do it FAZ!! OK, OK they aren’t that desperate yet.

  20. Infielder-outfielder Zach Walters and outfielder James Ramsey have been acquired by the Dodgers from the Indians in exchange for cash considerations.

    Print the tickets!

    … oh wait, they are just organizational depth!

    Who knew?

    1. More of those 100’s of FAZ moves. I don’t know for sure, but, I have got to think, FAZ has talent evaluators, coaches, trainers and every other type of necessary personnel in Glendale, to assess all these players looking for a nugget! If true, good job FAZ!!

      All this organizational depth can cause problems, as AlwaysCompete has pointed out, but, isn’t it better than being caught short?

    2. Do you think FAZ discussed Bauer (or others) with the Indians? I do. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall (or better yet, have my own private, drone insect on the wall) listening to those talks.

  21. Yesterday’s score card looks like a Rorschach chart! I didn’t understand hitting Barnes for Joc with a RH pitching. But at least we won.
    Do we have a lineup yet?

  22. MJ, I don’t disagree about Giles or Storen. My point was that the cost was too high, especially for a non closer. There are potential bullpen candidates but because they are by nature inconsistent from year to year, it is generally not worth the price. There are exceptions to inconsistent relievers, but not many.

    1. I think Storen was really good in the regular season, as a closer, he has been like Kershaw, in the post season. But I think in a set up role, he would be fine. I know AC, you have tried to get is a set up, all year, and I agree with you.

  23. dud dew: “I have been struck dumb by their tactics. Possibly the worst bang-for-buck job ever done in the game”. Really? FAZ’s biggest money, whoops, argued on this board is McCarthy $48M/4 yrs. DFAing Crawford is over $40M ($60M including luxury tax) down the drain, he wasn’t a FAZ signing.

    snider fan: “Seems to me a team that could afford to spend $250 million plus on payroll could afford to splurge a little to fix part of the team that has been its Achilles’ heel for at least the past two seasons”. Maybe the point is, they can’t/won’t keep spending $250M plus on payroll. I am willing to bet any amount of push-ups, Dodgers not in luxury tax territory in 2018. Any takers?

    Idahoal: “One more thought. I like the way Barnes calls the game”. This kid looks like a baller to me also. Very, very valuable to Dodger organization.

    Badger: “Injuries will likely dictate the roster. As the older less fit guys tweak and scroinge the rest of the year, I think the younger, mid 20’s younger that is, will step in”. Its nice to have DEPTH. By the way, whats wrong with Turner, Utley and Kendrick covering 2nd and 3rd? These old guys give us the best shot at a championship this year, but it’s nice having younger guys to step in if they all go down.

    Bobby: “Bum, I was with you on that Crawford thing in spring. We were both off by a few games, but I find him to be pretty useless on this team”. Yes, looks like more of the same, but, right now only a 40 man roster spot. We are getting a little thin on LH hitting outfielders. DL unless completely healthy.

    1. What’s wrong with Turner?

      Nothing, I hope. At age 31 he’s not likely to improve, though just staying on the field will be a huge thing for him. Will he play more than 126? Projections are mixed. We will see others there for several games I suspect.

      I still believe we are stuck with Crawford. A couple of key hits late in the season would be fine with me. I’m sorry to see this happen to him. He was a helluva a player at one time.

      I’m a Barnes fan. His bat isn’t ready, and it won’t get ready on this team. He has two catchers and four second baseman in front of him.

      You know, I would like to see a game or two with Barnes, Johnson, Thompson, Seager, and Hernandez all in the lineup at the same time. And put De Leon on the mound.

      1. Will Turner play more than 126? That is my point. Kendrick/Utley is a very nice backup. I think there will be plenty of playing time for Turner/Kenrick/Utley.

        Agree on Crawford.

  24. I agree with all of you on CC. It is time to move on. You cannot allow him to hold back a prospect.

    We will have to wait until May to know what we really have in the bull pen. Then changes will be made if we have some one not doing their job. I like our starting line up. Utley is playing like a kid. That veteran leadership is good. Right now Kendrick would be on the bench. I have not been disappointed in any of our young kids. Seager, Culverson, Barnes and Thompson are all doing a very good job. A lot to be happy about.

    1. A bunt! Mattingly never would have called that play. That’s what I like: aggressive baserunning and play calling – making something happen.

      Puig’s laying off those pitches. I think it’s going to be a breakout year for him.

      Nice hit by Thompson

      5 runs is a nice gift to Kazmir. Let’s hope he doesn’t let up an shows he was a smart signing.

      …Badger’s team is now 2-4. They need to make a significant turn around if they’re going to get to the 109 wins Truther predicted.

  25. Agree about the bunts. About time we see some baseball being played here!

    Puig laying off those outside breaking pitches reminds me of 2004 Beltre, who stopped lunging at those pitches as well. He wound up having a solid year. I think same with Matt Kemp in 2011 or 2012.

    I eventually want to see Puig bat 3rd, using his speed ahead of the slowpokes. But for now, Turner is our most professional hitter, so he belongs there.

    1. Aren’t they telling each other, that Cueto is changing his delivery, and time of his delivery. Barnes really had a bad at bat there. He swung at pitch in the dirt, because of Cueto changing his delivery timing.

  26. I hope they are telling each other, that Cueto is changing his wind up, and quick pitching.

    They need to continue to attack on offense, like the Giants do. Kazmir should have had a closed down inning there.

    I think that was Puig’s worse at bat, in a while. Kazmir got behind on the count in SD, he can’t do that with the Giants.

  27. Texas now needs a catcher and might go after Lacroy or the SD catcher according to MLB rumors. The Dodgers have Grandal and Texas has Tolleson as their closer and Hammels as their ace. Is there a trade possible that might get the Dodgers a pitcher?

    San Diego has a starter, Ross, and a third baseman injured. Might they prefer to have Kendrick, Lee, Beachy, and Cotton for Cashner?

    1. Kazmir is pitching behind on the count, and not fooling anyone. I think they should save Coleman for later in the game.

      But Blanton is our long guy unfortunally, so who can they bring in? It is pretty bad, when your spotted five runs, and you give up six runs in four innings. Why doesn’t any of the Dodgers hard hits go out, they always hit the wall?

  28. This hasn’t been a well conditioned team in a while. New guy maybe didn’t get to them right away. Changes like those might take a while. Have to earn the trust of professional athletes. Even if it’s been wrong, they’ve been doing the same thing for a long time.

    Kazmir. Not surprised. That’s all I’m going to say about him.

    My Masters picks sucked. But I know little about golf. Spieth is the real deal but I find him uninteresting.

    Back to the game. A 5 run lead gone in minutes.

      1. Bum they are swinging to the timing of his delivery, not the pitch. Cueto only pitching 90 tops, why is Puig and Barnes swinging at balls in the dirt? Cueto isn’t pitching as fast as his delivery looks.

    1. How is Cueto still fooling them? They have to know that he is changing the delivery of his wind up? He is getting 90 miles by Puig, and Puig has looked bad twice. Now Pederson.

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