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Dodgers/Indians Potential Trade: Would You Trade Yasiel Puig For Corey Kluber?

Yasiel Puig

Well would you? It’s a tougher call than you may think it is. Reports are indicating that the Dodgers and Indians have been discussing trade scenarios. One supposed trade talk involved Yasiel Pug and Cy Young winner Corey Kluber. Would the Dodgers actually trade Puig for Kluber? And if so, would that be a worthwhile exchange?

When looking at this from once angle, you would look at the fact that Puig is entering the final year of team control. He’s under salary arbitration for 2019 before entering free agency for the 2020 season. Is he in-line for a huge payday? Would the Dodgers be willing to give him a huge payday? Perhaps the Dodgers should dump him before they lose him to free agency and get something more than a draft pick compensation, presuming they offer him a qualifying offer.

Puig had a productive season in 2018, slashing .267/.327/.494 with 23 home runs, 63 runs batted in and a 120 OPS+ across 444 plate appearances. He stole 15 bases and posted an. 820 OPS in 125 games played. It’s also important to note that he’s not nearly the hitter he used to be when he first broke into the majors. In 2013 he posted a .391 OBP and batted .319. In 2014 he posted a .382 OBP and batted .296. His batting and on-base skills have seriously declined since he’s turned into Mr. launch angle.

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Of course Kluber is one hell of a pitcher. The two-time CY young winner finished the 2018 season with a 2.89 ERA and won 20 games while striking out 225 in 215 frames. Kluber finished third in the Cy Young voting and is a three-time all-star. Despite being 32-years old, Kluber is signed through 2019 but also has two remaining option years which are both team options. Kluber earned 10.5 million dollars in 2018 and is due to earn 17 million in 2019 and 17.5 in 2020.

Apparently Cleveland is in need of outfielders and the Dodgers have plenty of those. The Dodgers would conceivably have Kluber for three years if they were to exercise his option years. Kluber has won at least 18 games over the last three seasons. It goes without saying that he’s an outstanding pitcher.

But would trading Puig be a mistake? It might be worth it to pick up a starting pitcher of Kluber’s caliber. It’s hard to acquire a pitcher of Kluber’s talent via free agency or trade. Acquiring Kluber would give the Dodgers a devastatingly talented starting rotation. Should the Dodgers try and package a deal surrounding Joc Pederson and Chris Taylor instead? Would Cleveland even entertain that? What’s your opinion on this potential deal?

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

17 thoughts on “Dodgers/Indians Potential Trade: Would You Trade Yasiel Puig For Corey Kluber?

  1. A 32 year old pitcher, hmmm, they have a tendency to start breaking down around the 34 year mark (or sooner). With this FO, it is more likely they wait until Kluber breaks down, then they make some stupid move to obtain him. At least that has been this FO’s M.O.

  2. It seems like an easy call–three years of Kluber vs. one year of Puig. As you point out, the Dodgers have a lot of outfielders. Of course, they also have a lot of starting pitchers and shit for a bullpen.

  3. I don’t know why the Indians would do the trade but I’d be for it even if we have to give up a pitching prospect like Yadier Alvarez or Mitchell White.

  4. Question for those who’d like to see the Dodgers move on from Friedman.

    What record do you think the Dodgers would have to fall to, in order for the team to let Friedman go after back-to-back World Series?

    I’d say a 60 win season, but I’m not even sure of that.

  5. The talks have included other names, Carrasco and Bauer. I think the Indian’s would be more inclined to move Bauer than Kluber. And if it was Bauer or Carrasco, I do not trade him 1for 1. But from all I have read, Yan Gomes is in the discussions too. It seems like it would be a 4 for 2 type deal if it is Kluber with Puig another player and a couple of prospects heading to Cleveland. One guy on twitter keeps saying the Dodgers should go after Russell Martin. My belief is if the trade for a starter, Friedman almost has to trade away one or two of his own perhaps in other deals. The holes need to be addressed and we all know those are C, 2B and the bullpen. Bluto, I am not sure a losing season gets him fired. This will be the first one he is on his own per-se unless he hires a GM from outside the organization since he seems to not want to use Byrnes or any of the other baseball VP’s. Today is also the non tender deadline. I think if they non tender anyone it will be pitchers. Fields, Cingrani and Garcia would be the prime candidates. The Reds non tendered Billy Hamilton, so he is now a free agent.

  6. Well Gomes is off to DC. They are talking to Maldonado’s agent and still in talks with Miami about Realmuto. No one was non tendered.

  7. Kluber for Puig would be great. I am a huge fan of Puig but that trade makes sense. Several other combinations also make sense, We may have a major trade with Cleveland or just some discussions while other things get done. Moving Woods and one of our catching prospects and one or two of our outfielders not named Bellinger … moving Max M … upgrading 2nd base and adding a catcher … adding a good reliever … adding another good starting pitcher … all that makes sense …don’t think Cleveland will yield most of what we want. Satisfied with what we have but if there is an upgrade, go for it! Anyway, I will be in Saddleback in March to see what we have and cheer the team! I am not for any of the 6 – 10 year signing with any of the free agents.

  8. The Dodgers don’t have any pitcher approaching the level of Kluber. Kershaw used to be there. Perhaps Buehler will be in the future.

    Trading Puig, a player that has never reached his so-called potential, or perhaps he has reached it this past season, is not in the same league as Kluber. To ask the question ‘should the Dodgers trade him for Kluber’, makes no sense to me at all. They should be so lucky to get Kluber. Who else do they have to include in this deal to make it work?

    1. There is a crowded crop of free-agent catchers, maybe 20 or more. Grandal, Mesoraco, Wieters, Hundley, Ramos, Maldonado, Lucroy, Chirinos, and Rivera are a few. There are a couple that could be had by trades. However, I like two … McCann (28) who will probably be a free agent and Wieters (33). Both are good season vets who might find a couple of years in the warm west coast to become a partner with Barnes and teach the new prospect catchers to frame, toss out runners and block balls. I would rather have one of these than spend a truck load of prospects for Realmuto. I rather have good defense catchers for few bucks and spend the money on 2nd and relief.

  9. I wouldn’t trade Puig for Kluber. Maybe a Pederson, CT3, Toles or a mid level prospect. Kluber is 32-33 years of age. Was great the past 3 seasons. But his drop off is due soon, being a pitcher. We already lost out on Gomes, Garrett Richards, and now Cleveland looks to extend Carrasco.

  10. Luis Avilan non tendered and a free agent now, Trayce Thompson signs a minor league contract with the Indians.

  11. I am beginning to have serious doubts that this will ever come to fruition no matter who they want. Mets are also talking to the Indians about Kluber. We all know they do not really need starting pitching. Although Kluber makes it a stronger rotation, it just does not seem like something Friedman will do or pull off. We all also know he does not like getting into bidding wars when prospects are being offered.

  12. The Dodgers continue to boast that they have an abundance of pitching, yet they are ready to talk of aquiring more arms, at the cost of losing key prospects. Many of the pitchers they are considering, are ones that have potential arm issues, to add the already crowded list of walking wounded pitching crew. To even concider trading Puig is rediculous.

    The other issue is the catching situation. Again, they are willing to lose prospects and aquire a 31 year old, one and done, “band aid” catcher. Again, they are not willing to give Barnes a chance to get more playing time, or they continue to hold back prospective catchers in the farm, saying they are not ready to come up, or are even willing to trade them away. Bring up Ruiz, and give Barnes a fair shot at being the starting catcher. Stop doubting these players, and undermining their confidence…. “Let them play!”

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