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Great News! Dodger Fans Can Continue To Hate Madison Bumgarner

Muncy and Bumgarner

Remember when news surfaced that the Dodgers were in on Madison Bumgarner? Well, I have good news for Dodger fans everywhere. Bumgarner reportedly signed a five-year 85 million dollar guaranteed contract with the division rival Dbacks. Meaning we can all continue to hate Madison Bumgarner. We’ll also continue to see him since he’ll be staying in the National League West.

This proves that all of these “rumors” that the Dodgers are in on all these free agents are usually false. Normally it’s speculation from national writers or just fake buzz created by Friedman apologists and analytics fan boys. In truth, evidenced by him doing nothing (not signing any free agents or making any attempt to improve the pitching staff) for another winter. This time it seemed as if those fake Friedman mob based speculations possibly had some juice to them.

After all the Dodgers need pitching and Bumgarner despite being a despicable loud mouth is still an above average pitcher who can eat innings. While Bumgarner has posted three consecutive seasons of about league average pitching ( 3.90’s FIP from 2017-2019) he still remains a decent backend option for most teams, especially since he’s posted 200+ innings seasons over six of his last nine campaigns. He’s a workhorse and still just 30-years old. He tossed 207.2 innings in 2019.

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Most Dodger fans had mixed emotions about the possibility of Bumgarner becoming a Dodger. My opinion was a bit different than most. I wouldn’t have minded Bumgarner becoming a Dodger because I know that he could have helped. The big allure of singing Bumgarner is his legendary postseason resume which includes three championships, a World Series MVP, an NLCS MVP, three complete game shutouts (one in the World Series) and a career 2.11 postseason ERA. I have always felt that if Bumgarner can help the Dodgers than I can put all of that other stuff in the past.

If the Dodgers had signed Bumgarner than there might have been a meeting because Bumgarner and Max Muncy would have had to find a way to get over their little spat from last year. “The go get it out of the ocean” incident was hilarious, but the two men would have had to shake hands and become teammates.

Fortunately we don’t have to deal with any of that now. Madison Bumgarner is becoming a Dback and we can all continue to despise him. Carry on Dodger fam.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

18 thoughts on “Great News! Dodger Fans Can Continue To Hate Madison Bumgarner

  1. You know Scott, I don’t know why it is so hard for some fans to get it. Friedman is a liar as are the ownership and management. I predicted this before any talks were had by anyone and I have done it now for at least 3 years. You cannot let your heart dictate what is real. The fact is that Friedman is not a Dodger fan, he is there to make money and feed his family. He would not mind trading any of the team if they were Babe Ruth or any beloved player. I really do not know who his team is, he may not have one. He is not out for any fan to be happy, he is out to make money. For a good manager to be successful, he has to love his team, Friedman and Co. do not.

  2. Now Muncy can hit one into the pool off of the Mad Bum and tell him to go get it out of the pool. Look, he was 0-3 against the Dodgers last year. And he is going to a hitters park. Sf plays like a huge bowl. I think he would have helped, but is he the piece that would have gotten them to the promised land? Doubtful. Pack, I never believe a word that comes out of AF’s mouth. Never have. But there is something you need to understand and remember. AF is an employee, just like Roberts is. They BOTH take orders from ownership. They are actually not cheap. Not with a payroll approaching 200 million. They want to stay below the tax. Understandable, they are business men and they want profits. According to most estimates, they made 500 million dollars last year. When AF targets a player, and makes an offer, and this winter we know of only one offer made to any of the big 3, that has to be approved by ownership. They offered Cole 8/300. That is fact, not fiction and verified by numerous sources. Difference was the Yanks gave him the extra year, 24 million dollars more, a full no trade. Dodgers had deferred money in there. I do not think it is accurate to say AF is not a fan of the team. But it is his job to take orders from above. Yes, he values the kids in the system and has never really traded a top prospect for any player. The highest rated was probably Calhoun when they traded for Darvish. Even the package that went to Baltimore for Machado was not full of top picks. The Indians are demanding Lux in any trade for Lindor. Most Dodger fans are dead set against that. I would not include him unless the Indians expanded the trade to include Clevinger. Then I could see giving up 2 top prospects in trade. You notice one other thing, all the talk about Seager being traded has totally disappeared. No one knows what he is planning or thinking, and right about now I believe he is not making any moves until after New Years. The only way I see something happening before then is if they go after Ryu a lot harder than they have. The talks with the Indians have totally stalled because of their insistence on Lux. Padres now are supposedly talking to the Indians about him.

  3. The problem with the Dodgers and their arrogant front office/ownership group is they act like they have no flaws because their teams are successful over 162 games. 40 man rosters and depth means jackshit in the playoffs. Fact of the matter is, the Dodgers do not have a reliable number 2 starter. Seems like the WS teams last year both had elite starting pitching in multiples. Their bullpen is still questionable with a fading closer and a bunch of reclamation projects. Their lineup is filled with too many swing and miss guys who get exposed against elite power postseason stuff. Their manager is also a dunce. Seriously, Roberts has blown so many postseason games, but again he’s a rah rah cheer leader so he’s good to massage the egos over 162 games.

    Fact this team hasn’t made a significant move this winter speaks volumes. They don’t care. They’re in for the profits and being competitive, but winning a title doesn’t matter. Bowing out in the world series or NLDS doesn’t imapact their bottom line, but signing a 9 figure free agent does.

  4. So far they have not done anything other than add Treinen. And fan backlash is growing. They are getting raked over the coals on twitter and other blogs. Even the usually very pro ownership, Dodger Digest and Dodger Blue have been having more negative comments than they normally do. Now as to free agency they have 2 good choices left as starting pitchers, Ryu, or Kuechel. Only other way they can add a starter is by trade. They have been trying to pry Clevinger away from Cleveland and get him and Lindor in a deal, but the Indians are not making any deal unless Lux is included, and the Dodgers are saying he is not available period. So, those talks at at a standstill, and all of a sudden the Padres have jumped into negotiations for Lindor, with the idea of moving Tatis to CF if they are successful in getting Lindor. They make that trade and Dodger fans are going to be livid. Kasten is defending AF by saying the Dodgers are not cheap, they are just making tax friendly and fiscally responsible deals. Well, even though it is only the middle of December, time is running out. The good players are drying up and soon will be gone, forcing the Dodgers to have to upgrade through trades, or, go into the season with what they have. Now, what they have is a very good team that has an excellent farm system. And look at the job the kids did last year when they were forced into action because of injury or poor performance by a player. Smith replaced Barnes and was much better. Gonsolin and May came in, and Hill was not missed so much. They may just go with what they have, and see what they need at the deadline. Only ownership and AF know what the plan is.

  5. The new rumor is that they have re engaged the Red Sox about Betts. And Price has been added to the conversation also..

    1. Michael, at this point, dodgers may just have to go into 2020 as is, meaning still too LH heavy, and a rotation that has pitchers that honestly while with much upside, cannot be asked to carry Dodgers to the PS let alone a WS. Talking about May and Gonsolin. But on another blog they talked about theories as to why Freidman struggles to sign FA’s and make impact trades. Interesting read on Dodgers Nation

    1. I read that Paul. I think the platoon thing might bother position players, but not pitchers. Most would love having an offense like the Dodgers have supporting them. I think there is a lot of pressure on players who come here as free agents. This, despite their struggle to get over the hump, is a win now organization. Players signing here are under the gun to produce. And when they do not, Kaz, Anderson, McCrappy, Koehler, and some others, the fan base reacts accordingly. But when you look at who AF targets, and who he actually signs, there is a huge disparity over his definition of help, and the fans. He fanned on all of the big fish. And except for Cole, it does not look like he made an effort on the other 2. They were unwilling last year to break the bank for a difference maker like Harper, so who would think they would do it for Rendon? I believe anyone who thought they would was just fooling themselves. Now AF has backed himself into a corner. The Lindor discussions have stalled, trading any major prospects for a rental like Betts, who has repeatedly stated he is going to test the FA waters next year, is dumb. I agree with not including Lux in any trade, and he is the player the other teams keep asking for. Boston wants Smith. Well, that would be totally dumb because at this point, and until Ruiz proves he can do it at the MLB level, Smith is your #1 backstop. Trade him and then you have to scramble for a replacement and spend more money. Also, including Price in any deal, is a salary dump for Boston, and we all know how the last time the Dodgers took on their flotsam, they were hamstrung with 2 big contracts, Beckett and Crawford, who were not worth the production they were putting up. I also am not giving up on Pollock. I think he has a lot of pride, and has worked to stay healthy. He might not be the same player he was, but if his health is good, he can be a very valuable piece. Unless he is traded. Unlikely at this point. Oh yeah, Old friend Matt Kemp signed a minor league deal with the Marlins.

      1. I concur with ya here, Michael and especially about Betts as a 1 year rental.. At this point let me ask you this:
        Why not sign Josh Donaldson to that 4 year deal he apparently is asking for? He’s a good enough defender, a RHB with power, and in maybe the 3rd or 4th year why not set him up to be the next David Freese type guy who then could come in sparingly like Freese did and may be as productive as Freese was while not enduring wear and tear of being in there daily. Just a thought so that 4 years would not seem like too much for someone his age.

        1. I would go along with that deal. Gives them good defense, and a solid bat. And with the strong possibility that the DH is implemented in the near future, 2022 is the time most think it will happen, he could step into that role seamlessly. I also resign Ryu, or go after Kuechel. They need another good starter unless they are going to strictly rely on the kids.

          1. Rather than Donaldson for big bucks why not Turner for another year then Rios? Another year of crushing minor league pitchers, with 100 grounders a day and a all up and 3rd base might be solved for 5 years.

  6. Badger,
    Don’t give Friedman and company any ideas. They are already full of it. It is past time to bring in some top tier free agents to put them over the top. What they are doing now isn’t getting it done. As much credit as many give them, just winning divisional races is a far cry from a W.S. win.

    1. And as of now this all LH hitter heavy lineup won’t get it don either. Rios is OK but another LHB. We already have besides Bellinger and Muncy, there’s Seager, Verdugo, Lux, Pederson, Beaty. And Package206, I fully concur with your last sentence here.

      1. Are you seriously blaming a “left handed lineup” for our failure to get it done? So if Castellanos had been in the lineup instead of Pederson we would be World Champions?

        We led the league in scoring and OPS. We led the league in home runs and total bases. We led the league slugging. I don’t know what needs to be said here to prove to you that right hand hitter isn’t going to put us “over the top”. Oh, and here’s another pesky stat that might confuse you – we led all of baseball in pitching. All of that and we get bounced early.

        What is it that will get this current group of obviously superior players to perform in October? Better on field management is a must. A better bullpen is clearly in order. A right handed bat? Yeah, sure, whatever. If it will get people to stop talking about it I guess I’m ok with it. Maybe if we had one we could go 31-21 against left handers instead of 30-22 and win 107.

        This team appears to be a carbon copy of Kasten’s Atlanta teams. The only difference is they haven’t lucked out and pulled one out of their ass yet. Now we are getting the “major change” rhetoric. Yeah sure, trade a few young stars for Lindor or Betts. They are right handed and will no doubt be just what the team needs. Hope so anyway because neither are gonna stay here once they hit free agency. Only one thing is for certain in all of this – Friedman WILL get outbid for the top free agents.

  7. Seems to be a lot of quiet out there in Dodger land right now. Even the rumor mill is quiet as to anything AF might do. He is running out of options.

  8. You can hear the crickets in Dodgerland. Lots of chatter on twitter about Lindor, Clevinger, and Betts. Nothing being said about Price right now. My point is as long as the Indians keep insisting on Lux and May, that trade never gets done, and they are trying to make Seager a part of any deal for Betts, but the Sox do not need a SS. Therefore, it is my humble opinion neither trade comes to fruition.

    1. I also concur Michael, that neither deal gets done. In the case of Boston, they cannot expect that much in trading a guy with only 1 year of team control left. No team in their right mind would trade guys with some years of team control for a guy they most likely lose after that 1 year.

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