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Dodgers Make it Rain Home Runs in Pittsburgh For 90th Win

The Dodgers returned to PNC Park a day after Rich Hill’s near no-hitter was ruined because of incompetent offense. The Dodgers were looking to wrap up the four-game set with a series win in an afternoon delight on getaway day. Hyun-jin Ryu battled Chad Kuhl in the series finale. The Dodgers have stranded an arsenal of base runners throughout the series and did the same thing again on Thursday afternoon. Fortunately the Pittsburgh skies opened up and the Dodger bats rained home runs upon PNC Park as the boys in blue slugged three home runs in their 5-2 win over the Bucs.

Hyun-jin Ryu turned in another solid outing as he limited the Pirates to just one earned run on four hits across six stellar frames. Curtis Granderson, Yasmani Grandal, and Adrian Gonzalez all hit home runs to back Ryu and the Dodger bullpen did their thing to preserve the win. Chris Taylor collected three hits to go 3 for 4 with a stolen base and an RBI single. Granderson hit his third home run as a Dodger that landed in the Alleghany river. The Dodgers won their 90th game of the season.

Dodgers 5 14 0

Pirates    2 6 0





The Dodgers also made a couple of outstanding defensive plays throughout the game that helped Ryu. Justin Turner made a terrific backhanded stop and throw from foul ground on Josh Bell’s chopper in the bottom of the third. Logan Forsythe made a nice over the shoulder type catch to rob David Freese in the bottom of the second as well.

The Dodgers hit two home runs in the top of the eighth to extend their lead from 3-2 to 5-2. Grandal and Gonzo delivered the blows that inning. For Gonzalez that was just his second home run of the season. The Dodgers collected 14 hits and stranded 14 men on base. They were 3 for 14 with runners in scoring position.

The Dodgers got some fine bullpen work from Josh Fields, Tony Watson, Pedro Baez, and Brandon Morrow to finish the game. The highlight was Baez striking out Andrew McCutchen in the bottom of the seventh with runners on the corners.

The Dodgers fly back home for a weekend series against the Brewers that begins on Friday night. I’m sure the Dodgers will be happy to get home. It seems as though they’ve been on the road for most of the month of August. (Checks schedule) Yes actually they have been on the road for most of the month. They’ve had a brutal schedule. Chase Anderson will counter Kenta Maeda in the series opener. Magic number: 15.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

56 thoughts on “Dodgers Make it Rain Home Runs in Pittsburgh For 90th Win

  1. I finally figured out what was wrong with A-gone. He was hitting too many balls to left and center field. He pulled a pitch and got his homer. Was it my imagination, or were there an inordinate amount of balls hit to the warning track? This road trip has been a total wake up call for Puig. He has consistently gotten on base. A lot of walks with a few hits sprinkled in. Watson is scary to watch. Fields is scary too. And lately I need a bi-carb the minute Baez comes through the gate. Morrow I am trusting more and more with that express he can throw. 90 wins, Not even September yet. Unfrippenbelieveable. But so much fun. Joc hitting .250 at OKC, Andre heading to OKC for more re-hab. Kershaw to start for OKC this weekend.

  2. I don’t think it’s possible, but it would have been cool to clinch the division before September 1. In reality just a matter of time.

    Agon 6 for 31. Just pointing it out.

    Please respond MJ!

    1. Artieboy

      First I didn’t know that you were thinking about Cody.

      I think Agone is replacing more Joc or Forysthe, not Cody.

      Agone did hit the ball out today, so I think that is a good sign.

      He has only played in 7 games I believe, and he has six hits like you said.

      But I do think it takes a little longer to get your timing back, if you have been out, as long as, Agone has.

      I do think Cody is fine in the outfield, but he hadn’t played rightfield much, and I thought Roberts should have played Cody, in left.

      But really Cody is good in every outfield position, including center, so I think that was just something that happened.

      It really had nothing to do with Cody playing in the outfield.

      Cody just miss stepped.

      I would feel differently, if Cody didn’t feel comfortable out there, but he feels comfortable in the outfield.

      He is as good as most of our other outfielders, and he doesn’t have that deer in the head light look, when he is out there.

      The reason that Roberts played Cody in right, was because Roberts wanted Granderson to play, where he was going to be play, on a regular basis.

      But I think Roberts should let Cody play in the outfield position, that he feels most comfortable playing.

      Granderson can play in every outfield position, and he did play center on the Mets quite a bit.

      And really Granderson played in right mostly I thought, when he was on the Mets.

      But I do trust Roberts to do the right thing!

      And this is really just a try out for Agone, so there is nothing to lose, by letting Agone, try to hit.

      Agone is a better hitter, then Forsythe and Joc, and a few other players on the team, if he is healthy.

      And if he isn’t healthy and doesn’t hit, he won’t be in the line up.

      And that is something that we all should already know, after the front office sent Joc down, because he wasn’t hitting.

      And Cody will be playing everyday, once he is fine, and Agone isn’t going to change that, or affect that, in any way!

      But what do you think?

  3. I have been on this throughout the season, but if we go into the playoffs and we are relying on Fields, Watson, Baez, and even Stripling, I’m afraid we are going to be in real trouble. Hopefully we can count on Maeda to be a real help out there and the kid, Ferris, can be all that he is being billed to be, however getting AAA players out and getting batters in the MLB playoffs are two different things.
    Our offense is making me a little nervous as well. We clean house on the lesser of pitchers around the league but seem to really struggle against some of the top guns and to some extent struggle even with some of the lesser guns. Or better put, we have trouble scoring runs at times, we get plenty of hits but hits left naked don’t make wins. However, when Ed Dinger, Taylor, Seager, Turner and others are all going good then we have no worries. So can they all get going and peak when it counts?

    BTW Puig is really starting to get it. Walks, key hits, extra base hits, what more can you ask for? I’ve always been a big fan without waiver, dude is a stud and his star is only beginning to rise. Watch for a national coming out party for him this playoff season.

  4. Let me start this as simply and directly as I can: Badger and Jonah are vicious liars! They can talk all the smack they want, but I have had enough. It’s time to prove who is right in Federal Court.
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  5. One final thing:

    Badger and Jonah and Tru Shit (Original Dodgerman) would never say this to my face. They are cowards who like to pretend they are something they are not. Keyboards give them power.

  6. Impressive relief outing by Walker Buehler tonight. After an error and infield single, he retires 8 straight, with 4 strikeouts.

    In his last 4 relief outings, Buehler’s stats are:
    7 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 12 K, 0 BB (29 batters faced)

  7. Mark you can do whatever you want, but you wanted to start your own blog so take it there. The internet is the internet. I bet many didn’t even bother reading the 1992 decision and if you want to post the 1994 acquittal that’s fine. But threatening long time posters here with lawsuits, etc. crossed a big bright line and I am calling you out here.

    And snarking that it is quiet here is just a cheap shot. There are plenty of times this blog is active when yours is not. I go to Cervenka’s ThinkBlue site everyday, which has 2-5 posts max per day, and I imagine so does everyone on this blog and your blog. So what. It’s not a contest. Get over it.

    And I imagine people are just waiting for another thread to be started so they don’t have to read your rants.

    1. And also, if you want to come after me, you are welcome, you have my email and I’m easy to find given my work. Furthrr, as a site sponsor with access to everyone’s emails and other info, I think you just violated a number of laws with your rant, particularly for outing Badger which is just an attempt at intimation pure and simple, when all you had to do was post your 1994 acquittal info and be done. Instead you just put your family’s assets in jeopardy. Grow up.

  8. Timmons, take your personal business elsewhere. This site is for us who wish to discuss baseball, not your legal problems.

      1. I do not read everything that gets posted here. I dislike you and have said so. Commenting about you is a waste of energy to me. You are persona non grata. Get over yourself.

  9. YF,

    I crossed a line by calling out people who have defamed me on the same forum where they have repeatedly done it. Defamation is against the law? Where were you then? I have a legal right to take action and the place you start is on the forum where they started it. It is obvious you have zero understanding of the law and the fact you think I violated laws proves it. Sometimes it is better to not say anything than to say something stupid.

    Both you and Michael Norris said nothing when they slandered me, but when I exercise my right to challenge their claims, you tell me to take it elsewhere. We have documented several dozen times where Badger and Jonah have made false and slanderous statements. I have not posted here until now since I left and I won’t post again. This was for the purpose of starting or stopping litigation.

    …and to say to sue you too shows how little reasoning ability you have. What can I sue you for? Now, if you want to jump in and slander me then I have a reason. You cannot imagine how expensive it is to defend yourself in a lawsuit, so it’s not wise to try and goad someone into suing you.

    This systematic slander by Badger and Jonah has been going on for over a year, and yet you guys act like I’m in the wrong. What a bunch of BS!

    1. Mark, based on what’s on this blog it will be an uphill battle for you to sue the posters for slander. You can spend however much you have, and maybe you can outspend others here and litigate them to hell, but given equal resources you have no case. It’s just intimidation and bullying. OJ was acquitted and people can think whatever they want of OJ, and that’s just America. If you want to post something then post a pix of your acquittal and be done with it, and call it a day. That will do more to prove your case than your bullying and blustering, and in fact I had thought poorly of you before your case and irrespective of your case.

      1. Thank you, Y F, for your defense. Badger and I have been talking and pretty much decided an apology might be the quickest and easiest way to get this behind us. You and TB,T&T would be welcome to join us in a group undertaking.
        One has to wonder what bed Scott was hiding under while a marauder was savaging his blog, just what hold does Timmons have over him? Perhaps later someone will discuss his lapse of security information that was allowed off the blog. I am sure there are rules against that. WordPress, the company whose software he uses, would be involved in any lawsuit generating from the security breeches that have occurred and they would likely tighten up some rules.

        1. Jeesus Jonah you need to get a grip. Despite what you may believe I do have a life outside of this blog. (Sometimes) and I don’t have time to censor or moderate every single comment that flows through here. There have been over 50000 comments since it’s inception.

          The fact is I had no idea Mark posted anything until late last night. Again I don’t have time to read every comment. Naturally I expect everyone here to act like adults and keep personal stuff off this blog. This is a place to talk baseball not personal stuff.

          I’ve never banned or censored anyone here. There is no “security breach ” as you put it. And everyone uses WordPress. Its an industry standard blog platform. Now don’t involve me in this. I have nothing to do with any of this back and forth bickering between you badger and Mark. From now on I want this personal stuff off my blog. If you want to fight mark then that’s fine, fight with him offline or via email or whatever. The Dodgers are on pace to win 115 games and I actually have to waste my time writing a post about this.

          I like you Jonah but geez I’ve had enough of this fighting. Get back to baseball or I will start censoring over here. I would hate to do that but this is getting out of hand. so either apologize to Mark or go to court or whatever. I don’t give a crap. There’s a game on tonight and that’s what I would rather talk about. Magic number is 15 reportians!

          Get a grip. (Your friendly administrator)

          1. Well excuse me! Silly me, I thought maybe you had the right to ban him from posting on “your” blog, especially knowing he and some of your commenters have an ongoing agenda. I am going to leave anyway as soon as I post an apology but some of the others may still remain if they choose to deal with you. There are several reasons for apologizing, not the least of which is that I am guilty of being stupid in believing unconfirmed information about a person. I was taught better than that and I am disappointed in myself. He may have been guilty, he may not, I truly do not know.

          2. There’s no need for the snark Jonah. You were the one insinuating that there was a security breach and that I was hiding under the bed while the site was being ravaged. You tend to get squirrelly with conspiracy theories sometimes. Silly. There is no big brother over here. This is just a Dodger blog. A place to talk baseball have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.

            Now you’re threatening to run away and hide yourself?

            You may want to stick around as the Dodgers are on quite a run.

            Fyi I can ban anyone but have yet to do that to this day. I feel that’s unnecessary except in the most extreme circumstances and this doesn’t qualify in my opinion.

            So be nice please.

          3. The following is an apology Badger and myself have collaborated on. If TB,T&T and Yeh Fei wish to join in on it, it is fine with us.

            Mr. Timmons is 100% correct in his statement that most of us have no way at all of knowing if data gleaned from the Internet is valid or not, and that later data which contradicts the first data is available. Listening to politicians should have taught us that. The old saying,” If you can’t say something nice about a person, say nothing at all” also comes to mind. As the allegedly superseded court document was all the information we had, we have come to the sad conclusion that in truth we do not know for sure the guilt or innocence of Mr. Timmons and therefore apologize for any pain or discomfort our statements may have caused him and agree not to mention such things to anyone in the future. We hope this will put an absolute end to this discussion.

            This is the last post I shall make here. If it defuses the situation, fine; If it doesn’t, whatever will be, will be.

        2. Jonah, I see no need for me to apologize. I read what I read and kept my views and my questions to myself.

          I reacted because I do not think anyone should threaten lawsuit on a blog, just like I did not think anyone should pressure another to post or not to post, here or elsewhere. I have never pushed my views on anyone but I will speak up when a line is crossed. Mark goes on to call me names and try to claim I know nothing about the law. That is laughable but I will let it go.

        3. Jonah, please reconsider leaving as I value your insights. You were always with me on the other site and encouraged me to find another site but in looking at this situation I feel you belong here. You have done nothing wrong in my opinion and I am proud to call you friend.

          1. Oh he’ll be back. He’s sad that before, and he’s been back like two days later. But honestly, I don’t like being ordered on my own site to ban other users. Mark never comes over here. He’s been over here like 3 times in the past 6 months and only because other people were talking about him and his case. I don’t like being told “Ban him and everyone will come back” nonsense. He’s already gone! He has his own site and never comes over here. So I have to ban him now for other posters? I think the threats to sue were ridiculous, but Jonah and True Blue brought him over here by talking about his case. If you don’t like the guy then stop talking about him and ignore him. I’m really annoyed by this whole thing.

            I like Jonah and Badger. I hope they don’t leave. I like everyone here, but come on. Everyone needs to chill out. Otherwise they can go over to some of the other sites and start talking politics and see how fast they get banned if they think I’m (and this site) are so terrible.

      2. YF,

        If you didn’t think poorly of me, I would question my sanity.

        See, you have a right to an opinion about the Dodgers, but you ignorance is vast when discussing legal matters. You should stick to the Dodgers.

        1. Mark, just because you think you understand the definition of slander does not mean you understand what it means to litigate a slander case. If slander cases are so easy Trump would be broke.

          I reacted because it’s wrong for you to threaten people the way you have. You want to clear things up, just post your piece and go back to your blog.

          I don’t brag about my knowledge in any subject, and I generally don’t assume that someone knows less than I do about a profession unless I am trained in that profession, and I encourage you to do the same.

    2. First off, why should I defend you when I have no knowledge of what the truth is? And since I really dislike you anyway, why would I even consider it. That being said, it is your problem, not mine.

  10. Jonah,

    Where are they any breaches of security? I do not have access to this site, except the same way you do. By reading what is here. Scott has nothing to do with this. He allowed you to say what you said and gave me the same courtesy. I may disagree with you but I have not slandered you, and no one, especially Scott has breached security!

    WordPress is not a party to any of this.

  11. Sorry you have been so offended by the court decisions that I read from, maybe the courts misstated what actually occurred. Obviously some pretty serious stuff was involved for it to go to that level and information to be posted on public court proceedings. I can only base things on what I read, that the court put out there for public consumption, I think your beef should be with them, not those that read the stuff. Good luck, you have to live with yourself, only you and the ones directly involved know the truth. You have your own site, you don’t like it here and we don’t like you here, so let us part ways from this point forward. There you go, an officially apology for pointing out what I have read in a public document.

    1. Classy and erudite as always True Blue. Always good to move the spotlight onto others within six words.

      Perhaps we should just be thankful for the lack of curse words and homophobia.

    2. I apologize to everyone on this board for the direction this has gone. I signed on to and fully support the apology Jonah posted above. I accept and am sorry for my role in this.

      I believe True is right in his recent post – discussing public records and the decisions made in court documents is not slander, it’s public discussion of a court ruling. But that said, again my sincere apologies to all.

      I will be reconsidering my participation here. I wish nothing but good will to those who I know would do the same for me.

      God bless and Go Blue.

  12. Note to Jonah and Badger. Do not leave this site because of Timmons. You add insight and passion to this blog. You apologized to him. End of story. Continue chatting with those of us who consider both of you friends.

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