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Dodgers Need More Innings From The Rotation

Los Angeles Skipper Dave Roberts and the rest of Dodger’s management have fallen back into a nasty habit of using the entire bullpen every single night. Once again we saw the devastating effects of this in the Dodger’s 5-3 loss to the Dbacks on Friday evening. Using 5-7 relievers every game is not a sustainable strategy for success. Anybody who has ever watched baseball for any amount of time knows how important starting pitching is, and how important it is for the starters to go deep into games.

When the starters go deep into games it not only prevents the bullpen from being overworked but its efficient effects carry over to the entire team. The Dodger relievers have thrown the third most innings in the majors so far through this shortened season. The starters rank tenth out of the 30 teams in MLB in innings tossed.

Yes the bullpen has been mostly great so far this season, but how long will that last if they are being asked to throw 5-6 innings each night? That’s the quickest way to burn out your entire bullpen. In a few weeks it’s bound to catch up to them. Not only that, but when you use 8 relievers, the odds that all of them will throw zeroes is very low. At least one or more are bound to give up runs. It’s a very weak strategy.

I understand that the starters are not built up yet. The only starter to pitch past the fifth inning in 2020 has been Ross Stripling. Friday night’s starter Tony Gonsolin was pitching quite well after four innings. He hadn’t allowed anything and he had made just 63 pitches. Wouldn’t it have been a better strategy for the Dodgers to let him pitch another one or two innings to take some pressure off of the pen instead of bringing in a rookie that had never pitched above double-A ball? Would Gonsolin’s arm fallen off had they let him pitch another inning at least? I doubt it.

If the starters aren’t built up yet then the Dodgers are going to have to get another pitcher on the roster that can give them multiple innings. Dennis Santanta Can’t be the only guy that can eat innings. The rest of the guys can’t just be one and done pitchers. The Dodgers should be considering getting an additional arm who can fill the role of long man.

Either way you look at this, the Dodgers have to start letting the starters go deeper into games. You saw what happens when 5-6 middle relievers are used per night again. Victor Gonzalez had to pitch and the only guy available to relieve a struggling Blake Treinen in that fateful eighth inning was Joe Kelly because nobody else was available. So who pitches tonight when Julio Urias is removed in the fourth inning after 50 pitches? It’s time for the Dodgers to stretch out the starters, acquire another long man, or they will continue to lose.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

11 thoughts on “Dodgers Need More Innings From The Rotation

  1. Dodger starters are accustomed to pitching 5-6 innings. Once they reach that 90 pitch threshold they peter out. Because this Dodger pitching philosophy has been embedded in the heads of these Dodger starters, they are not conditioned to go deep. They have been brainwashed into thinking that 5 innings is all that expected of them. I agree, this needs to change.

    We cannot blame the pitchers, you have to look at management. It is really stupid to expect so little from your starters, and put so much on the shoulders of the relievers. Starters need to go at least 7-8 innings.

    1. Starters haven’t been and won’t be going “at least 7-8 innings”.

      What game have you been watching for the past decade or so?

      1. That’s what’s wrong, Bluto. These pitchers are spoiled, and will never again make 7-8 innings, Especially if the Management continues to handle these starters with kid gloves, and just expect 5 innings from them. Kind of sad that they make millions to come out every 5-6 Days, pitch 1/2 a game, and then throw up there hands and say, “My job is done! No longer my problem.” Where is their heart?…. I guess, in their piggy banks.?

        1. … what have I been watching this past decade, or so? A poor facsimile of the “Real” game of baseball. Really sad. Especially with a 60-game sprint, the pitchers should take more ownership, that is all I am sayin’.

        2. I’m totally confused where you are coming from Bluefan.

          Do you think this change just happened? Do you think it’s the one area where the owners decided to go against their business instincts and create an environment to pay premium players more for less?

          Do you think it’s the baseball people trying to find ways to lessen long term value and player development?

          Here’s a tip. Pitchers are going fewer innings because:

          It’s in the team better interest
          It’s in the player’s (and players’) better interest
          It’s in the game’s better interest.

          1. It’s all about money, has nothing to do about the nationL pastime… and definitely not for the “real” fans.

            But I hear you, Bluto.

          2. There are no ‘real’ fans. There are no ‘fake’ fans.
            It’s always been about money.
            Those who run teams (GMs, managers, players) are all about playing the best baseball.

            I’m glad you “hear” me, I don’t really get where you are coming from.

          3. No Prob, Bluto.
            Makes for good conversation.
            That is what these blogs are for, I think.
            Don”t ake me too serious.
            Great game tonight. DR finally put Mookie L/O last two games. Muncy looks happier too. Also, Belli needed that rest.
            Go Blue!

  2. If less pitchers were allowed on the roster then the existing pitchers would have to pitch more innings. Maybe then we would truly know which staff was the best?

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