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Dodgers Option 4 Players, Reassign 16 to Minor League Camp

Dennis Santana

We’re getting closer and closer to opening day. It’s less than three weeks away so the Dodgers have started to whittle down the roster. They’ve announced the first round of cuts this spring. A bunch of guys have been optioned/reassigned to minor league camp. The Dodgers announced the list of players to be optioned or reassigned on Saturday evening after their 6-5 win over the Chicago Cubs. Four players are being optioned and the rest of the players to be reassigned. The four players that are being optioned are listed below. There are now 45 players in camp.

Tim Locastro INF/OF

Henry Owens LHP

Dennis Santana RHP

Brock Stewart  RHP

Here are the 16 players that are to be reassigned.

Keibert Ruiz C

Shawn Zarraga C

Matt Beaty INF

Drew Jackson INF

Edwin Rios INF

Yusniel Diaz OF

DJ Peters OF

Henry Ramos OF

Travis Taijeron OF

Zach Neal RHP

Yaisel Sierra RHP

Joe Broussard RHP

Daniel Corcino RHP


Brian Moran LHP

Brian Schlitter RHP

Note that Jackson reportedly has a sore back. He tweaked his back during team workouts and hasn’t played at all since Tuesday. The players optioned were the ones on the 40-man roster, and the rest of the guys are simply being sent to minor league camp. The minor league side begin games on Monday.

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

58 thoughts on “Dodgers Option 4 Players, Reassign 16 to Minor League Camp

  1. I saw Baez and his gas can the other night, Baez is definitely in mid-season form. He needs to be DFAd, what a mess, been there done that with his guy, NEXT!!!

  2. Well Kemp went 3 for 3 today with a HR. I don’t think there is a chance in He77 that Kemp gets Packaged to anywhere. Also, he will be the starting Leftfielder and the position is his to lose. I look for a special season for Kemp.

  3. I still hope Baez can get his act together and Sierra improves so we start to recoup some (a little) of our investment in him.

    Saw a nice article on Dodgers Way about Ruiz. He’s now the number 3 prospect in all of baseball for catchers, as ranked by The rest of the top ten catchers are all at least 3 years older than Ruiz, some 5 years older.

    Although we have a lot of catching depth (and Connor Wong is never mentioned but still doing well – better than our pitchers anyways), I see some logjam clearing up if we continue to develop Farmer not as a full time catcher but as a super utility infielder than can cover the catcher position. I think that may be the next wave – no more full time back up catchers. You have your starter and a super utility player that can cover catcher and possibly third, second and first. We have several that can do this – including Barnes and Wong. Although I don’t think Barnes can do third base because of his arm.

    1. I want an electric SS that can suck up everything on the left side. I don’t give a rusty red rat’s ass what his launch angle is, I want the next Andrelton Simmons. Trade catching for it.

      Baez will be excellent – on those days he doesn’t suck. I got him at 60 innings and a 4.0 xFIP.

  4. Jake Arrieta to the Phillies for 3 years US$75 million. This is a good deal for Arrieta despite the shorter contract (and much higher per year than I thought).

    This does pose a problem for the Dodgers, as the FBZ is not going to sign onto anything more than US$10m without being assured of getting rid of US$5-6m off the books as they need the cushion to stay under the lux tax threshold.

    I still think we can sign either Lynn or Cobb to back end loaded 4 year deals with a first year and a second year opt out, and still remain under the luxury tax threshold. For example, $6m, $18m, $19m, $25m. (The $18m is important that was the QO threshold.)

    1. Just read that Lynn about to sign with the Twins at a one year deal of US$12m. Sigh. That was another blown opportunity.

    2. YF,

      You really think they need a pitcher now?

      Wouldn’t one at the deadline be better economically and for the absurdly subjective “team morale?”

      I mean they will probably make a move for a starter at the deadline anyway….

      1. We are still in spring training, but I don’t think the dominoes line up well for a deadline trade. And yes we definitely need starting pitching that can average 6 innings.

        Deadline trades comprise of rebuilding teams unloading proven vets with unwanted dollars and years in exchange for prospects. The Dodgers are making sure they stay below the lux tax threshold, which means they are not going to deal prospects for more salary. I suppose you could have, in theory, two potential contenders trading vets to each other but this almost never happens.

        That said, things could change in a hurry. We may be able to trade Kemp to an AL team that needs a young catcher, or a team could want Grandal if they have injuries at catcher. We are ready to unload Grandal for far smaller returns than what a team with a top 5 starting catcher would usually want (and all teams knows this that’s why Grandal haven’t been traded yet). Grandal had a great day today at the plate, but everyone knows by now he is the very definition of streaky and crashing to the mean.

        My view is that the best window to trade Grandal and Joc is closing, and the best chance to sign a starter to a low salary deal is also closing. I’ve been right on several moves (and non-moves) last year, and I expect to be correct on these as well.

        That said, I was very much on board right from the start with our 3 team trade that gave us Alexander and Peter, and I think those two will be major contributors this year. I also think we will see Farmer play a lot of 3B and do very well this year there, and I think we see better than 2017 contributions from both LF and RF, although I expect Turner, Seager and Bellinger to have down years.

        So, all in all, my very early general feeling is that we are likely worse than 2017, but better than 2015 and 2016, and we need an extra gear in the playoffs if we are to reach the WS again. Our extra gear last year was Maeda (McCarthy was a bad call). This year, that extra gear I hope will come from Urias and Buehler in the post season. Two young pitchers who don’t walk anyone, and who the other contenders haven’t seen much of, could be very useful in the post season.

        1. YF

          I agree, remember how effective Walka was, for the Cards, after they brought him up later in the season.

          He was almost unhittable at that time.

  5. “You really think they need a pitcher now?”

    I do. Well, need may be a little strong. Want may be more accurate. We actually have (had) 9 starting pitchers listed on the depth chart, which is why I’ve been talking about it. (Kinda surprised nobody had an opinion on that) The pitcher I think we need is a RH 6-7 inning #2 behind Kershaw. I thought Arrieta was a fit, so are Lynn, Cobb and Archer, but I don’t see any of them coming our direction. A deadline deal for one is indeed possible. So is staying under $197mm, with the right deal. I think Darvish only cost us $6 million. We can do something like that again. Will they? Eh, who knows. Depends on well the 9 (now 7) are doing at the end of July. It’s my nescient couch potato opinion that our older top starters, which is all 5 of them, are going to need time off to be effective in October. It would be nice to have an inning eater added to that group. Buehler could be the guy if they use him sparingly in the first half.

  6. Nobody of consequence sent down and I was not even surprised that Stewart was sent out. Font has pitched better. He made a ton of pitches today that’s for sure. Jackson played in the game today by the way. Grandal even hit the ball hard… Gomer would say surprise surprise surprise!!!!! Good news, Seager hit a couple of balls really hard.

  7. Well, guess I will have to give FAZ a little credit. AGon is hitting a smooth .192 with no HRs and only 1 double while Kemp is blistering hot. An outstanding trade even though it was only for the money. Kemp may have one of the best years in his career. He deserves it if only he is not bitten by the injury bug.

    1. Both of those guys have been around long enough not to need to show much in Spring Training. While AGon has bee remarkably consistent month to month over his career, the only months in Kemp’s career stats that show an OPS over .900 is March/April. Last year his slash line for those months was .321/.345/.732. That’s an OPS of over 1.000. I look for him to start out like he usually does. The tell for me will be around June. Last year’s June slash of .239/.286/.359 says something. I’m going to guess one or more of his spark plugs got fouled. He looked gassed by Sept/October – .170/.182/.396. He looks better now, that surely will help. The key will be keeping him well rested through the summer months….. or trading him to an AL team…… I’m not saying I think that is what will happen. I have no inside information, just a gut feeling about FAZonomics.

    2. Package

      Agone’s numbers in spring training don’t mean anything, unless he is still hurting.

      But Kemp had a good day yesterday, and I am not surprised at all.

      I still have never read or heard any source say that Kemp can’t hit, so I am more surprised anyone thought differently.

    3. Package

      The best thing about that deal, was getting rid of McCarthy and Kazmir.

      I was watching the MLB Channel the other day, and I saw Anderson on the list of free agents, and I wonder if he is going to get some more free medical care, and more money from another team.

      With the way the market has been, I wonder if another team will give him more guaranteed money, but I don’t know if the Cubs gave him guaranteed money, but if they did, he is doing more then ok.

        1. Package

          We actually have the same starters as last year, except McCarthy, because Kazmir never made it out of the minors.

          But I do agree with you that it would be good to have another starter.

          Because Wood had to go out a couple times last year, because of soreness to his rib area, but at least Hill is not having any blister problems this year.

          I think Ryu just needs to get some more work in, in spring training, because he has been experiencing with the spin, on his curve ball.

          But Kershaw, Hill, Wood, and Maeda almost look ready.

          I want to see Buehler pitch some more too.

          What do you think about Cody’s added muscle?

          I am hoping his added muscle doesn’t cause him to lose to much of his flexibility.

          Because Monday was talking about the flexibility that Cody has to have, to swing his bat, like he does.

          And you know anything someone builds more muscle, they tend to lose some of their flexibility.

          1. MJ
            Yes I hope Cody can return to form. I hope there is no sophmore jinx for him. Hopefully that muscle will turn into great numbers but he has a lot of work to do. Watch out for the strikeouts. Don’t forget that the team also lost Darvish.

          2. Cody has underrated hands and wrist. Remember how well he bunts? I think he’ll be ok – meaning he will improve some but will still have lower stats than last year, because pitchers will be going after him with sliders and curves down and in. When he learns to to lay off those, look out. But I don’t expect him to make that jump this year. He could help himself by bunting more.

  8. MJ
    Yes I hope Cody can return to form. I hope there is no sophmore jinx for him. Hopefully that muscle will turn into great numbers but he has a lot of work to do. Watch out for the strikeouts. Don’t forget that the team also lost Darvish.

    1. Package

      But remember Darvish, and actually Morrow, were not on the team in the first half of the season.

      But I am concerned if there will be any real decent starter, available at the trade deadline, so I understand your point.

  9. MJ I don’t recall anyone here saying Kemp can’t hit. What was said is he has no value. If you read his stat lines at either BR or Fangraphs you will clearly see that his batting has always had value, but his defensive metrics have been troubling for quite a while. He’s had DH written all over him for some time. Hopefully with a lot of work this Spring his defense will improve to the point he doesn’t totally suck out there. I’ve always believed that defense can be improved with hard work. Some guys don’t give a sh*t (Manny) but maybe Kemp does. He’s looked ok so far, right? I haven’t seen any games but I did see one play that I would rate “remote” on the “Inside Edge Fielding” scale. If he can get to 0 dWAR he will have value. Right Bluto?

    1. Right Badger.

      Zero value when one factors in defense.

      I haven’t watched a single game, so I wouldn’t know if he’s playing poorly or well or OK in the field.

      1. 0 dWAR means his offense gives him value. Can he get to 0 dWAR? Big question mark.

        I got mlbtv again so I’ll start checking in soon. Seen highlights. Some impressive young players to watch.

        I’m excited about this year – which makes it just like every year since ‘59. Wait, I did take a break in the summers of ‘67-‘68, had other things going on, but each Spring it’s about baseball for me. I love the Dodgers. I like this team. Who knows, maybe they’ll convince me as the year wears on.

        1. Peter has been the surprise of the camp so far, and Peters has played well too. While Pederson, who has multiple options remaining, is striking out a ton and hitting under .200, Kemp, Toles, and Verdugo all well over .300 and playing great ball. Peters has 2 dingers and was until yesterday hitting over .400. Ruiz, the kid catcher has been very good hitting and shows a lot of poise behind the dish. Farmer is raking the ball. He is also looking really good behind the plate. He has been working on his pitch framing and getting lower to present a better target for the pitchers. Here is a kicker. One of the best relievers out of the pen so far has been Venditte. He is getting hitters out both LH and RH. I am thinking he has a shot at this pen since I have yet to see Fields pitch at all, and Baez has been abysmal. The one down note is that Trayce Thompson, who I have always liked, is hitting over .300 and playing very well. But being out of options, and unless they actually do trade Kemp, or decide to option all of their lefty outfielders, which will not happen, he is going to be lost after spring training because he will not clear waivers.

      2. I will answer your question Bluto as I have watched all the games that have been televised. Kemp has looked good in the field. Yesterday he made an outstanding try for a short fly to left and barely missed it. He looks like he is taking better routes to the ball than in past years. I would say he has not disappointed anyone out there. As a matter of fact the Dodger outfield over all has looked pretty damn good on defense. Other than another Puig brain fart the other day where he missed the cut off man, they have performed well. Even the rookies.

    2. Badger

      Most here knew Kemp can hit, but most here also knew that Kemp could probably improve on defense too, especially with the weight he has lost, and the way teams shift on defense, along with a better attitude.

      And I was just talking in general.

      I don’t always buy war, because it is so hard to measure how a player’s defense, takes away from their offense, but I guess we will see this year.

      And even saber metrics acknowledge they don’t have a percise way, of measuring defense.

      But there are still people that don’t want to buy into Kemp yet, but it is getting harder for people to not take notice.

      1. A player’s defense doesn’t take away from his offense. They are two different measurements that by algorithm measures add up to WAR. Offensive WAR is easier for me to comprehend. dWAR is a bit more mercurial to me. Take what Michael just said about that Kemp play. Looked like it was a great effort that just came up short. But what will be exactly measured is how long the ball was in the air, what measure of delay in Kemp’s reaction, how much ground did Kemp cover once he started and probably a few other things too. Metrics might measure that play negatively.

        1. Badger

          I understand War.

          And I know how they measure war on defense, and offense.

          I just don’t think saber’s measures on defense is a percise science, and sabers say that.

          And if it isn’t a percise science with the way they measure defense, how can I believe war is a true measure of a player’s worth.

          1. It is what is being used by everyone now. If it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be so popular. I buy into the science. I also know it’s evolving, as it must.

    3. Kemp likes the limelight but fears to be embarrassed in front of the LA crowd and media. I will take decent D anyway I can get it out of him.

  10. Brock Stewart and Dennis Santana are going to be kept as starters in AAA. I’ve read that no decision has been made for Stripling (starter or reliever,) but that Font will be a long reliever.

    Henry Ramos being transitioned to a relief role.

    Peter Gammons has a long piece on chemistry and coaches, a bit on the Dodgers is excerpted below:
    One day this week, a discussion arose in Glendale about Matt Kemp’s rejuvenated demeanor this spring. Oh, his defense doesn’t show off his old high school basketball skills the way it once did, but he’s lost weight and is hitting and seemingly joyous. “I believe that some players are impacted by team culture,” said one Dodger executive. “The culture here is really good.”

    There are few better people persons on the planet than Dave Roberts. His coaching staff is energetic, highly intelligent and socially skilled. But the culture begins with Andrew Friedman. Because he is somewhat shy, extremely bright, analytics-minded and now working with Farhan Zaidi, one of the most creative minds in sports, he often gets referred to as a nerd. In fact, Friedman was a first baseman at Tulane, and is one of the most legitimate baseball junkies I know. Last week, when I arrived in Glendale, he excitedly told me there was a B game on a lower field, a good place to watch Tony Cingrani and Walker Buehler and some of the talented young White Sox players with some of the Dodger evaluators. And watching Friedman’s close interactions with players was illuminating.

    Yes, the Dodgers may have nearly as many analytics experts as the M.I.T. faculty. “I think having all those people working with us actually makes it easier for a manager and his staff to spend time with the players,” says Roberts. “They do so much preparation, we can spend more time with the players than we could if we had to do all the game planning. There’s a lot more individualized coaching in the game today, and the guys upstairs allow the coaches the time to do the specific work they need to do. The important thing is to make the information understandable for players.”

    1. Henry Ramos? The outfielder? That guy can flat out hit. I do not see him as a pitcher at all. He hit .351 last year at AAA….are you sure you do not mean Cesar Ramos a pitcher on OKC’s roster.

  11. More cuts today. Lowe was released, Buehler sent to AAA. Segedin was sent down too, considering he has played little this spring that was no surprise either.

  12. It is looking more and more every day that the 2 outfielders who will man LF will be Kemp and Toles. Pederson has been missing in action all spring, Thompson is having a good, but not spectacular spring, and Verdugo just lacks experience. The bench is pretty much set. The backup catcher, Utley, Hernandez, and the spare outfielder. Now it is just the bullpen that needs to be filled out. Looks like Font will be one of those guys…..

  13. Another former Dodger pitcher with arm problems. Jharel Cotton sent back to Oakland for an MRI with elbow discomfort.

  14. News from around:

    Willie Calhoun was sent to the minors by the Rangers. I still think he’s in a great position (pun!), with a good team, to do well.


    On Yadier Alvarez’s Spring:
    Big year for him. I’m still in and have heard his camp has been good, he was in early and is in shape and working on the right things.

    On Keibert Ruiz and Will Smith
    Question: Keibert Ruiz is 19, true catcher, tore up Low A, after holding his own as a 18 year-old in a tough hitting league. Just finished his first major league camp with six hits in ten at bats. Like or love?

    Longenhagen: Like. Love Will Smith.

    Nice article by an author I don’t know at Dodgersdigest about Buehler adding a change:

    Old friend Grant Holmes was sent down by the A’s.

  15. Just realized, I’m in moderation on my iPhone and I picked up my iPad and double posted. Got interrupted by a phone call from prison and didn’t realize I had already posted it. If I weren’t in moderation that wouldn’t have happened. Hashtag IRRITATING.

      1. Yep. Wife’s son got life for something he didn’t do. It’s going to be a lifelong fight for us. Most here already know the story.

        Also had the dishwasher and refrigerator take a dump in the same week. Bought new ones today. Been weird around here for some time. Karmic bulldozer in the Badger den.

        Looks like Scott cleaned up my issue. Thanks.

          1. I LOVE MJ’s response.

            Whether intentionally or inadvertently the 2nd and 3rd sentences flow together.

          1. Good one Bear!

            “What bummer.

            How old was your fridge?”


            Sounds like it was written by Emily Dickenson, ey Bluto?

  16. Was just looking at my 2017 Dodger media guide. I wanted to go back and see some of the moves Colletti made while he was GM. Pretty interesting stuff. Different owner no doubt and a way different way of evaluating talent, but Ned did a decent job. His teams had the highest winning percentage in the NL during his tenure. They also made the playoffs in 5 of his 9 seasons, so Ned was pushing the right buttons. His first trade was on Dec 13th 2005. He acquired Andre Ethier from the A’s for Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez. His last trade was in August of 2014 when he got Kevin Correia from the Twins for cash. In 2006 he made 10 trades, the most notable being Izturis to the Cubs for Greg Maddux. In 2007 he only made 4 deals, the most notable being Mark Sweeny in August for the stretch run. It is also notable that in the 2006 off season they made no trades at the winter meetings. In 2007 they did make 2 trades in spring, both for bench players. 2008….He made 3 trades….first one in July for Casey Blake…that cost the Dodgers Carlos Santana….the catcher not the rocker……then on July 31 he traded for Manny Ramirez….we all know how that turned out and in August, he went out and got Maddux again. From 2009 until his last trade he picked up some interesting players. Some helped and some did not. George Sherrill, Ronnie Belliard, Jon Garland, Jim Thome, Ted Lilly, Juan Rivera, Hanley Ramirez, Brandon League, Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton….the trade…Gonzo, Crawford, Beckett and Punto, Nolasco, Mike Young, Darwin Barney, He made most of those trades because McCourt was in so much financial trouble he could not go after premier free agents, and we all also know how well the team drafted. So all in all, Colletti did a damn good job with what he was handed. He can smile knowing a few of the players he had a hand in acquiring are doing so well with the big club. By the way, Jim Thome hit none of his 600 plus homers as a Dodger…….Boog Powell hit none when he was a Dodger also….

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