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Dodger’s Outfielder Mookie Betts Stopped by Downtown Ralphs, Creates Vaccine Awareness

The Dodgers are playing a series in Miami against the Marlins. Meanwhile tens of thousands of Grocery store workers, associates are risking Covid exposure to support their families, stock shelves and keep everyone fed. These people are hard working. What they do every day is very honorable and they deserve our respect. Dodger’s outfielder Mookie Betts dropped by a downtown Los Angeles Ralphs (on 645 W 9th St) last week to help create awareness for Covid-19 Vaccinations and show his appreciation for Grocery Store associates and other frontline workers.

Mooks will be working with Kroger, the company that owns Ralphs and many other stores to help drive more vaccines to undeserved communities. The pandemic has hit home for many communities, but especially at-risk communities. The worthy cause is near and dear to Mookie’s heart. Here’s what he had to say.

Mookie at Ralphs

Mookie Betts Ralphs

Check out some of the photos from the event, and the video below. The next time you are out at the store picking up dinner, or groceries say thank you to the store workers before you leave. They certainly deserve at least that much.

In Los Angeles, we’ve experienced a lengthy shutdown during this pandemic. I think we can all agree we want our lives to return to normal.  The best way to do that is for each of us to get vaccinated. My friends at Ralphs have been on the front lines since the beginning, and I’m honored to join their efforts to encourage each and every Angeleno to Take One For Their Team and get vaccinated-Mookie Betts

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

3 thoughts on “Dodger’s Outfielder Mookie Betts Stopped by Downtown Ralphs, Creates Vaccine Awareness

  1. Sometimes a break from baseball talk is good, and to give shoutouts to ballplayers that go above and beyond in the community, especially during the COVID pandemic, is significant. The only thing that is a bit disturbing is that Mookie chose to select Ralphs/Kroger as a team partner. A billion dollar food chain that chose to close stores, many in lower income communities where infection numbers are higher, rather than pay “Hero’s Pay” to its’ workers.

    That being said, How about them Dodgers? After a nine game winning streak, the Dodgers go to Miami and could have taken over the lead in the West, but DR chose to rest three superstars in Game 1 and go with a patchwork lineup, and Game 2, yank Gonsolin too soon, and revert to exhausting the bullpen, even though he had declared Game 3 as a bullpen game. Let’s give our starters an extra days rest… seriously? Dodgers always fail to take advantage of schedule and instead of going for wins, they choose to play down to their opponent’s level, and get embarrassed in the process. How about that Dodger defense? Costly errors and sloppy play. Overshifting, creating gapping holes in the defense, leading to cheap, excuse me hits. What about Smith’s careless play behind the dish? How about the inability of pitchers to check and hold the runners, allowing the opponents to steal bases? How about the Dodger Offense? They have reverted back to their boring ways.
    Game 1: 2-9 RISP, 11 LOB, 13 KO’s?
    Game 2: 2-11RISP, 14 LOB, 12 KO’s?

    Anyway, congrats to Dodger All-Stars. Muncy, CT3, well deserving, Betts maybe no so. JT well deserving, but got snubbed. No Dodger pitchers? Seriously? MLB has turned this All Star game into a circus. All Stars should be the best players, period.

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