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Dodgers Place Clayton Kershaw on Disabled List With Biceps Injury

Clayton Kershaw

The 2018 Dodgers season has been an unmitigated disaster. The trainwreck never left the station, derailing during spring training. All of the passengers departed and the train will not be back until next season. The Dodgers have already lost Corey Seager for the entire season due to Tommy John surgery. Justin Turner has not returned from his fractured wrist he suffered during spring training. Logan Forsythe is out with shoulder problems, and now half of the rotation is on the disabled list.

Hyun-jin Ryu won’t return until after the all-star break after tearing his groin muscle. Rich Hill is still out with a cracked fingernail and the entire bullpen is filled with gas cans. The lineup is populated with utility players and has guys like Tim Locastro in it every day. Now Clayton Kershaw is joining the ranks of the walking wounded with biceps tendinitis. The Dodgers announced that Kershaw has hit the disabled list with the biceps injury. Brock Stewart has been recalled from Oklahoma City to replace his roster spot.

This makes sense now. Kershaw hasn’t been his dominating self this year and I’m assuming that all of the additional innings from last year’s World Series run and the previous postseason runs has finally taken its toll. There’s no word yet on how serious the injury is but he’s apparently flying back to Los Angeles to have an MRI/medical exam.

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It also could explain why Kershaw’s velocity has dropped this year. We’ve seen it decrease to 91 MPH, an indication that something was wrong. Kershaw said he felt it during his last start against Arizona, and again after playing catch between starts. This is Kershaw’s opt-out year and it’s pretty concerning that after having chronic back problems the last couple of years, now he’s plagued by a new injury, this one to his golden pitching arm.

What this means for the Dodgers going forward is that Brock Stewart is now going to be in the starting rotation for the moment. The Dodgers vaunted depth is basically nothing but a few paper clips, duct tape and cloth. Top pitching prospect Walker Buehler is already with the big club and there is little to no help from anyone else in the minors with the starting rotation.

It’s looking like 2018 is a lost season for the Dodgers due to a myriad of different reasons. Injuries would be a big one, but also questionable management decisions, lack of depth, and no off-season improvements have contributed to the Dodger’s pathetic season. But hey, they saved money guys!

Kershaw made 7 starts this year, posting a 1-4 record with a 2.86 ERA. He struck out 48 and walked 10 across 44 innings pitched. He allowed 40 hits and seven home runs while posting an FIP of 3.73. He allowed 8.2 hits per nine, (which is a big red flag that something was wrong) and struck out 9.8 per nine. His WHIP of 1.136 is the highest it’s been since 2010.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

24 thoughts on “Dodgers Place Clayton Kershaw on Disabled List With Biceps Injury

  1. The last 2 times he went on the DL the team truly stepped up their game. Now we will see what the 2018 Dodgers are truly made of.

    1. Good point.

      This feels different.

      Maybe Kersh is just getting his time on the DL a few months early. Or maybe we will be looking at a different reality from here out. All of this could be blip. Or maybe we keep striking out (3 in the first today) and blowing saves as we fully recognize we did not win a championship when Kershaw was in his prime.

      I’m still hopeful. I still see a ton of talent on this team and in the pipeline. Please, to all the young Dodgers, become better two strike hitters. This pitching staff is going to need you this year.

  2. Not sure what Tim is writing there. How will a span without a complete roster indicate true composition?

    Perhaps you (he?) means we will See about the teams depth?

    1. What?

      I don’t think it’s that complicated.

      The 2018 roster so far looks soft and injury prone. I’m sure there is an algorithm for it. If you look hard enough you’ll find it.

    2. Don’t work so hard at being a contrarian, quit attempting to parse everyone’s words, it gets old, try something new. It doesn’t make you look smart, it makes you look ignorant and a pain in everyone’s ass. Go kick your dog or something.

      1. Hmmm.

        Maybe I should try to insult Grandal? Or come up with a silly nickname like Ed the Dinger?

        1. Yes, just don’t do what your instincts tell you, do the opposite. Maybe you might actually become likable if you follow that advice. Felony Dufus, you never change.

  3. Why would a manager take out a starting pitcher who has only pitched 4 innings, 67 pitches, no runs, 4 hits. I guess Dummy is the only one who knows. It has got to be a stupid reason. Same reason he takes out no hit pitchers I guess. He is world renowned for that.

    1. Because Stripling is a long reliever. In 12 previous appearances he hadn’t thrown more than 66 pitches.

      This has the distinct possibility of getting weirder.

      1. Badger
        It was such a good decision by Dummy that the Dodgers are now down 2-0. He is a 1st class idiot.

        1. With tying runs on base, Barnes looks at 2 right down the pipe. Roberts may be an idiot (I don’t think so) but this offense often looks opiated. I don’t know what Roberts can do to help guys who stand and watch the game go by right in front of them. 0 for 7 WRISP. Runners left in scoring position 2 out: Barnes, A 3.

          1. To be fair, he doesn’t have anybody. They’re playing Tim Locastro and Barnes is barely hitting above the mendoza line. Kyle Farmer, Hernandez, the lineup is filled with utility players and castoffs. It’s pathetic honestly. Don’t expect them to score many runs when half the lineup are .220 hitting utility players.

      2. Badger
        With all due respect, just pitching 66 pitches does not mean that he cannot pitch 80;90, or 100 pitches. Roberts does not know what he is doing.

        1. pack, I’m offering the only explanation I can come up with. Maybe anything over 68 pitches means he won’t be available in 3 days, when he may be needed again.

          1. Badger
            That is something I had not thought of, maybe it is how much rest a person needs between starts. Thanks Badger, I could not see how any manager would risk a win on ego.

  4. I thought these players were depth? And I dare say the Padres AAAA team has looked better than us this series. I don’t know when we will hit bottom I but still feel we haven’t seen the worse yet.

  5. Scott
    To be fair, whose fault is it that there are no decent players to put in? Also, who is it that says that the Dodgers have plenty of depth? These people who are the management are at fault. They have deceived the fans over and over. They know as much about building, maintaining, and playing players as I do about Rocket Science. I don’t know when people will quit giving them a pass?

    1. Mr. Norris
      You have gotten extremely mild, please tell us how you really feel? Just kidding

    2. The Dodgers trusted basically five relievers last October: Jansen, Morrow, Maeda, Watson and Cingrani.

      Jansen has a 4.97 ERA. Morrow is a Cub. Maeda is a below-average starter. Watson is a Giant. Cingrani has a 6.57 ERA.

      This season (same point can be made about the lineup’s top four Taylor, Turner, Belli and Seager) in a nutshell

      1. Jansen is broken. Watson is gone. Cingrani is broken. Morrow is gone. Maeda is not a reliever, yet.

        The first move should be to add Maeda to the relief corps and also keep Stripling in the pen. You have 2 long men that can take the game into late innings.

        Drop Baez, Hudson, and Stewart. Keep Liberatore as a trial, Chargois, Fields, & Jansen. There is no choice but to keep Jansen.

        Unless the management goes to the farm for fresh supplies, this season is kaput. Deal with the problems early and you can save the season. If you really have depth, use it, especially the pitchers. Othewise, we have starters who should be in the bullpen, or we use a shortened rotation, which for this group is probably the kiss of death as they are infirm. You can see that FAZ wants to lose or prove that their skinflint strategy works.

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