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Dodgers Pummel Rangers 12 -2. Puig Homers Twice !

The Dodgers slapped the Texas Rangers around Arizona tonight behind the arm of Brandon McCarthy and the bat of Yasiel Puig. Use whatever adjective you like – it won’t be big enough to contain all the ways the boys in blue dominated the unlucky Rangers.

Here’s how it all played out:

The Dodgers let the Rangers know who was boss right from the get-go, as Brandon McCarthy recorded two quick outs, a single, and then nothing else.

Logan Forsythe led off the Dodgers’ half of the first with a double off the centerfield wall.

And then Puig happened!

He hit a two-run bomb high into the grass beyond left-center field to give the Dodgers a 2-0 lead.

Franklin Gutierrez followed a Justin Turner single with another home run. Dodgers 4-0

After recording only one out, and walking Joc Pederson, Cole Hamels was lifted amongst speculation that something was physically wrong with him.

Then Puig happened again. The Wild Horse punched his second homer of the night! It was still early, but Puig had two home runs, two bat flips, and 4 RBIs. The Dodgers went up 6-0.

Brandon McCarthy went three strong, scoreless innings. His curveball was looking sweet. For good measure, he recorded three punchouts, two of them looking.

The boys scrambled for four more runs in the bottom of the third to make it 10-0.

Brandon Morrow followed up for McCarthy, and he kept the Dodgers rolling by striking out the side in the fourth.

Julio Urias and his old-time high socks took over in the fifth. He continued the Dodgers’ dominance over the Rangers bats with a one, two, three inning, and two more Dodgers strike outs.

Urias had a good second inning as well. He was squeezed by the HP umpire and gave up a walk to the leadoff man. He got a double play ball, but Farmer lost the ball in his mitt, so he could only pick up one out. Urias struck out Delino Deshields and got a 4-3 to end his second inning.

Urias: 2 innings, 0 runs, 0 hits, 1 walk, 3 Ks.

Darnell Sweeny bopped a solo home run in the sixth to put the Dodgers up 12-0. Yup, twelve to nothing!

Josh Ravin entered in the seventh for the Dodgers, and was immediately lit up. He gave up a two run home run and a few base hits before ending his torture. This was pretty much the only down marker for the Dodgers tonight.

Patrick Schuster #62, a side arm throwing southpaw, came in for the boys in the 8th. He was straight dealing. Very impressive. He put the Rangers down in order with 2 Ks.

Dodgers won 12-2.
They scored 12 runs on 15 hits and one Buckner.
Brandon McCarthy got the win.

Bonus notes: 

From the “Am I the only one?” department: Every time I hear Charlie Steiner say “Delino DeShields”, I don’t hear that. I hear “Pedro Martinez“. I may never let go of that one.

For the Logan Forsythe Marching and Chowder Society: Forsythe went three for three, with two singles and a double. He also scored a run. A good night for the Dodgers second baseman.

In fact, it was a good night for the Dodgers all around, the fans included.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

66 thoughts on “Dodgers Pummel Rangers 12 -2. Puig Homers Twice !

  1. Maybe we’ve got something here with Puig at number two following Forsythe. If Forsythe can have a decent OBP, and Puig can learn to lay off the low and away pitches, having the likes of Seager, A-Gone, Turner and Grandal (not necessarily in that order) coming up would wear out most starters. The big if is whether Puig can learn to lay off the low and away pitches. He’s hard to double up and can hit to all fields when he’s not being an idiot at the plate (and I think he does better when it’s not an obvious RBI situation – those situations tend to cause him to want to get a hit too much).

  2. I was impressed with Puig’s performance, but I was really impressed with Joc Pederson’s at bats. 2 walks and a base hit. He was patient, he laid off the bad pitches and he got on base…..that’s what we need from Joc.

    1. If Pederson and Puig are on top of their game, with relatively high obp and power, I think Roberts should get them at the top of the lineup (and break up strings of LHH)…


        1. The past is the past, the future is now.

          An argument against Joc at leadoff would be the contact issue. Let’s see the pitcher bunts a runner into scoring position, or the runner from 2nd to 3rd. Joc’s not the best guy to single him home or hit a sac fly.

          How about Puig at leadoff instead?

          I assume Forsythe will probably get the nod, but he’s a bit milquetoast for a leadoff, don’t you think?

          1. I think Forsythe, Puig or Pederson at leadoff have their issues.

            I would try Forsythe first. I think mentally he’s a better fit at leadoff, and I worry about him hiring later in the batting order, especially at Dodger Stadium where he won’t be much of a power threat, and teams will play him that way.

          2. 3 for 3 last night, I have never and will never like having a power hitter and RBI man in the leadoff roll unless his name is Ricky Henderson….prefer the Brett Butler type.

  3. I don’t know what to think, after Hammels was taken out.

    Does anyone know what Hammels velocity was last night?

    It is hard to tell just how well our hitters were really hitting.

    I think Puig has looked serious, and has had his full concentration in most of his at bats in spring training, and that is a good thing.

    I just hope he doesn’t go back to pulling the ball, after he doesn’t get a hit for a while, because Puig is at his best, when he is hitting the ball, to the right side.

    It was kind of a bummer, that the Rangers didn’t have many of there major league players,in the line up.

    McCarthy looked good, but with out real major league players in the line up, it is hard to tell, just how well, he was throwing.

    He did have some good curve balls, for third strikes, but we will have to see his next outing.

    I don’t understand why they have kept Corey’s injury, as a secret.

    This is only spring training.

    I am bummed that Corey is going to miss most of spring training again, like he did, last year.

    That is why Corey didn’t have a Corey month, in the first month, of the season, last year.

    1. A. You worry too much. B. It does not matter because it was a spring game. C. Players like Seager who take pretty good care of themselves are usually going to have the same kind of year that they have had before because of their preparation. D. They did not keep Corey’s injury a secret. We knew from day one he was having problems. They did not know it was actually his oblique until the other day. But Corey is 22, not 32, so he should be fine. As far as not hitting the beginning of the season, many MLB players have that problem. There is not one single reason to worry about that stuff now. Corey needs maybe a week and a half of games to get ready. With 3 weeks left in spring, there is absolutely no reason to fret. As for Hamels, well he got hammered. His pitches were hanging. It does not matter what kind of stuff he had, what matters is that the Dodger hitters took advantage of what he threw. Like I said the other day. It is spring, it means nothing. They are all working on parts of their game. They are not even playing at full speed yet. That happens the last week before the season starts, and the Rangers have 8 players in that worthless exhibition that is the WBC. Waste of time in my book.

      1. Michael

        First, I am not worried, I am just saying the obivious, that that wasn’t a typical Cole Hammel’s performance, so don’t characterize me, is being worried.

        Secondly Like you said, most of these players, know there bodies well, so I am suprised, someone like Corey, didn’t realize, that it was his oblique, and not his back.

        And because it is only spring training, I don’t put much into certain player’s at bats, but it was good
        to see Joc, not try to hit every ball out.

        I didn’t like that most of his hits were HRs, before last night, because he needs to work, on making better contact, and having better at bats.

        That is what Bellinger has been doing, in spring training.

        And we already know that both Joc and Bellinger, can’t hit the ball out.

        1. Different players. Bellinger is a contact hitter for the most part, and he has a pretty swing. He is going to be at least a 25 HR a year guy when he makes it to the bigs. Joc is getting away from that all or nothing mentality. And even though 3 of his hits were homers, 2 of them were of the line drive variety. As far as Hamels goes, well it was his first spring outing. So maybe he just was not locating the ball where he wanted to. Ryu goes today…will be interesting to see how long they leave him out there.

          1. Michael

            Like you said, this is only spring training, so we won’t know, what Joc will do, until the regular season.

            And Bellinger is more then just a contact hitter, scouts have said, he has the most power, of any player, in the minors.

          2. He is a contact hitter with exceptional power…..I meant when I said that you worry too much is that is the way your posts sound. Like you are worried. If not that is ok. I take very little away from spring training, for rarely does anyone who is not on the roster break through and make an impact, and if they do it is usually a pitcher…..Like Brandon Morrow is looking like he might make the team and push Hatcher right off the team.

  4. Yes, very impressive performances last night. Good times to be a Dodgers fan!!!!

    I was most impressed with McCarthy and Urias (Morrow too). A healthy innings eating McCarthy would be huge this year.

    Bonus notes:

    From the “Am I the only one?” department: Every time I hear Charlie Steiner say “Cole Hamels”, I don’t hear that. I hear “Corey Seager and Julio Urías”. Still can’t believe some here wanted to trade them for Hamels. I may never let go of that one.

    And while we are at it, Who was that foolish poster that wanted to trade Joc Pederson for some relief pitcher. I’m just glad FAZ is in charge and not that shortsighted poster.

    Lastly, interesting article on one of the guys Phils got for Hamels. I didn’t know Hamels was 0-2 in three playoff starts for the Rangers. Can you imagine if Seager and Urias were in Philadelphia and all we had to show for it was an 0-2 playoff record from “un-clutch” Hamels?

    1. First off, nobody with any sense wanted to trade those two guys for Hamels, and judging from what the Phillies got from Texas, that was not happening anyway. So why worry about crap that never happens?

      1. Problem is, many with no sense wanted to trade those two guys for Hamels. Of course, NOW those same people insist Hamels could have been gotten for a couple 2nd tier prospects.

        And I am not “worrying” about that kind of trade since FAZ has been in charge. Pre FAZ we had plenty of reasons to worry about that sort of trade, some still give Oscar nightmares. Me too.

        1. Boxout

          Except Hill, who is still debatable for some, there trade deadline trades, have not been that good, for some.

          And don’t get Chili started, on this subject manner.

          1. Boxout

            I thought about you and your son, when I heard they put 1000 more on the ground, in Syria.

        2. NOBODY in here ever said they would trade Seager and Urias for Hamels. Just because you keep saying it doesn’t make it true, and in fact the more you say it the more ridiculous it makes you look. So by all means, keep at it.

          Michael, anytime someone references a back issue I take notice. Oblique injuries are nasty. You ever have one? It can take a long time to recover. Corey is young. He should be ok. But if he needs time they have to give it to him. Not knowing any details makes it worse for fans.

          Joc in leadoff. I don’t know he would have the same OPS numbers he put up at the bottom of the order. In theory he might become a good leadoff hitter, but pitchers will approach him differently in that spot. He swings and misses A LOT. That would have to change if he’s leading off. Maybe this is the year his Z-contact% will go up and his O-Swing% goes down. One can hope.

          1. I have had back problems for years, and I pulled my oblique years ago. I was in a lot of pain for months, but could not really take the time off for it properly to heal. So I just grinned and bore it for a while. Now it is just arthritis and old age…but the damn thing still hurts most of the time.

    2. Boxout

      Hammels has pitched three games in the post season, for the Rangers, and in two of those games, he only gave up two runs.

      And in the other game, he had a stinker, so those two losses are deceiving.

      He has pitched better for the Rangers, then Kershaw has pitched for us, in the post season, in the last couple of years.

      And Hammels is getting paid, a lot less, then Kershaw is.

      And Hammels is having to pitch to nine hitters, unlike Eickhoff, who pitches to eight hitters, and to a pitcher, so there ERAs, are also hard, to compare.

      And I don’t think either side of this argument, has been able to find out which prospects were offered, so I don’t know which side is right, and since we have no one in the front office, this argument still is mute.

      1. With 20/20 hindsight, we have a very good idea of who we would have had to give up. TX gave the Phils five players including three who immediately became their number 2 – 4 prospects and Eickhoff (and another player). So what three prospects could we have given to instantly give the Phils their number 2 – 4 prospects without Seager and Urias?

        Was it you who wanted to trade Joc Pederson for a relief pitcher?

        1. Been over that a dozen times. Why keep posting it when you don’t listen? It was a package that DID NOT include who you said it did, and led with a pitching prospect that was ranked much higher than any of the prospects Texas gave up.

        2. Boxout

          No I never said we should trade anyone, because I was not up, on our prospects, so I didn’t think, I could make a good judgement, about that.

    3. Not trading for Hammels meant Brett Anderson pitching game 3 in NY. Look how great that performance turned out.

    4. Michael

      No big deal I meant more, that we should just take it as spring training, and nothing more.

      I didn’t see the hangers yesterday.

      Add with Corey, I was just hoping he would not get hurt again, in spring training.

  5. Well, I know for sure that I am not the only one, but:

    1. Every time I hear “DeShields” I do in fact hear “Pedro Martinez”. I lived in Boston during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and everyone knew I was from LA, so I don’t think I will be hearing voices anytime soon. (I did win a near-mythical wager on the Lakers one time, which I’ve shared once on a Lakers blog, maybe I’ll share that story one day here.)

    2. I hear crickets when I hear Hamels. Seager and Urias? I don’t think even Rangers fans are hearing that, or anything close to that.

    3. I may (focus on “may”) be hearing “Holmes, Montas and “Cotton”‘ when I hear “Rich Hill” and “Reddick” or “De Leon” vs. “Forsythe” in a few years, however; although right now when I hear “Reddick”, I hear sh*t.

    1. There were a number of suggestions put forth by those of us who wanted that third starter. We could’ve flipped Peraza, ranked 30th on MLB, along with DeLeon, ranked 20th and bettered the Texas offer. I contend FAZ wasn’t all that interested in Hamels.

      1. Absolutely right. It isn’t what he can (or could have) do, it’s what he wants to do. Many opportunities available but he chose not to do them.

        1. Jonah

          One of those viruses tried to get me here, but I out smarted them, this time, so I guess I better try a different place, to down load on my phone, to protect me better.

        1. Jonah

          Remember I did down load one for my phone, but I guess it didn’t work.

          But I am going to go to the tread you posted, and down load another site, tonight, so thanks.

          1. MJ,

            You might want to try AVG (anti-virus Guard) it’s totally free to use for personal usage, and has an anti-virus protection license for your phone. I use it on my computers and phone and it works pretty well. For the record there are no viruses here but of course there are many over the internet. You might see a pop-up add or two here every once in a while if you click on one of the adds by mistake, but those are not viruses.

    2. YF

      I feel sorry for Astro fans, because there front office, gave Reddick, a five year contract, that isn’t much lower then what Turner got.

  6. FAZ has not traded for a front line player since he took over. At least not until he traded for Forsythe. Everyone else he has acquired has been a fringe player or a platoon guy. He especially has not targeted #2 or # 3 type pitchers….I do not expect that to change anytime soon.

  7. I still wonder about the 5th rotation spot. Ryu looking good today, but I like what Wood brings to the table.

    My current mindset (will change within the hour, I’m sure) is that Wood’s flexibility will keep him in the ‘pen. But I’m definitely putting too much stock into a spring training outing.

    Otherwise, everything looking pretty good.

    Did people read Dylan Hernadez’ (did I spell that correctly?) piece on Ethier today? Nice column and mentions that Ethier isn’t going anywhere given his 5/10 rights. Hopefully he can be part of a good platoon. He probably means Toles starts in AAA, right?

    1. Yes, that’s a nice piece. Also there’s the recent info that Ethier is taking ground balls at first base. Seems like he wants to try to get his last contract (after this year) with us, and he knows even with a low amount and his bat, he’s going to have to be more versatile. However I don’t think he’ll get resigned even then; we have too many kids needing spots.

      1. Ethier is in an interesting position. As are the Dodgers in dealing with him. It’s a contract year, and we all know what that means. We are essentially paying him $20 million so it might be a good idea to help him earn his next contract by driving him like a rented truck. Who knows, with enough at bats he might put up 2.5 WAR, earning what he’s getting paid.

    2. Bluto

      Yes Ryu looked good today, and I hope the best for him.

      And I like Wood too.

      Wood has pitched really well, the first two times through the order, so he would be a pretty good, number five pitcher.

      But if Ryu could ever get back to the pitcher he was, he is like a number two, but I know it is way to early, to think about that.

      I saw that article about Ethier, and I am going back to read it, since you recommend it.

      I like both Ethier and Toles.

      And I know Toles will get up to the majors, sometime this year, if he goes to AAA at first, with the way our front office, use the forty man roster.

  8. Badger: “There were a number of suggestions put forth by those of us who wanted that third starter. We could’ve flipped Peraza, ranked 30th on MLB, along with DeLeon, ranked 20th and bettered the Texas offer.”

    BIG PROBLEM with that trade proposal, Peraza didn’t get acquired until one day before Hamels was traded. It is hard to trade someone you don’t have.

    Badger: “I contend FAZ wasn’t all that interested in Hamels.”

    Wrong again. It was widely reported that FAZ was in on Hamels trade discussions. They were interested just not for Seager and Urias, which also was widely reported by EVERYONE except you.

    1. Please. Trades involving multiple teams and multiple players at the deadline are done all the time. Amatuers.

      The only place I ever saw both Seager and Urias mentioned was done so by Timmons. He insisted that is what Philly was asking for and that is what it would take. Ridiculous. Since you buy everything that guy says you bought that nonsense.

      Ryu did look good. If he and McCarthy can go 5 every 5th day it would be most beneficial. I don’t see that lasting until September but that’s ok because other guys can take over later.

      Ethier puts Toles in Oklahoma.

          1. Badger

            A British writer, wrote an article about it, before the inauguration, and it was about two Russian banks, and there server, connected to a tower, you know.

      1. Good retrieval bluto.

        The FAZ had Hamels but got cold feet. Not surprised. De Leon and SVS? I hadn’t heard that but if true no doubt players would have been a tad upset by that balk.

        Again, Urias and Seager were never on the table and clearly the deal could have been done without them. The FAZ fumbled that one and came out of the scrum with Latos. Sigh.

      2. Bartender Molly Knight? You have to be kidding me!

        All you have to do is look at the FACTS! Texas gives up FIVE prospects, including three who immediately become the Phil’s 2, 3 and 4th best prospects. And then add in 25 yr old Jerad Eickhoff who threw 197 IP of 3.65 ERA ball in 2016. But a cute bartender tells you, oh sure, DeLeon and VAN SLYKE would have got it done and you guys actually believe that. Too funny. Stop and THINK why would the Phils have had any interest in 30 yr old Van Slyke? They wanted YOUNG prospects. LOTS of young prospects.

        I can see Molly is cute, but use the big head fellas!

        1. Yeah. I’ll go with Molly.

          And there’s no indication of “cold feet” that sounds like added commentary or an attempt at adding a context where it doesn’t exist.

          It’s reported that Texas swooped in with a better offer, which happens all the time in my experience.


          1. Now this could make sense!

            Perhaps FAZ had made it clear “No Seager or Urias”, but, DeLeon and others are available. Phils held out looking for a better offer (from Dodgers or others) and got it! I can see this scenario.

            Agreed, the Badger “cold feet” commentary is hot air!

            Keep us posted on how you and Molly are doing! She looks like a keeper.

          2. “the deal* fell through when the Dodgers front office got distracted by other potential deals. Texas capitalized on LAs indecisiveness ”

            * the deal was “a package headlined by SVS and De Leon”. Obviously other players were involved.

            Distracted? Indecisive? Not exactly words that would give fans confidence in the new front office.

            Maybe cold feet was inaccurate. I retract that analysis and substitute “duh, which way did they go” in its place.

            Maybe we are choosing to interpret this differently. I read they were close to a deal but it fell through because of the Dodgers indecisive. I read it that way only because the words on the page said exactly that.

          3. I like Badger’s tactic of changing the perspective when he doesn’t like the facts.

            His first point was that the Front Office didn’t really want Hamels, oh wait they did?

            Then they got distracted by other deals, a pox on their house for that.

            I don’t really know what’s going on here, but if one looked at the comments only one would suspect we have the Phillies or the Diamondbacks, and team with a clueless front office struggling to stay in the middle of the pack.

            Oh what a refreshing relief reality remains.

          4. Yeah, you’re right. I thought the purchase of Latos was what they wanted to do. Sure looked like it. You pointed out that they made an offer for Hamels and were close to closing the deal but got distracted. I find that a bit disturbing, seeing as how we lost Hamels and gained Latos. You don’t seem to mind. Different strokes.

            And the point is not, as you infer, mismanagement has made us a non playoff team – the point is we needed a strong #3 to close the deal and what we got was a weak #5. We paid for that decision. And yes, as a fan I pin that deal on the guys who made it.

  9. Well here is another place, besides Timmons, mentioning Seager and Urias for Hamels. Facts are Facts!!

    “Their refusal to part with Seager and Urias, ultimately, is why they could not come to terms with the Phillies on Hamels. Philadelphia’s match with Texas netted the Phillies, according to Bleacher Report sources, top prospects Jake Thompson, a right-handed pitcher whom ranked as the No. 4 prospect in Texas’ system, outfielder Nick Williams (No. 5), catcher Jorge Alfaro (No. 6), right-hander Jerad Eickhoff (No. 17) and right-hander Alec Asher (No. 29).”

    1. Hmmm.

      Scott Miller, who I think came out covering the Twins.


      Molly Knight, who wrote a book about the Dodgers under Guggenheim.

      I wonder whose sources may be more accurate…

  10. Ranked in the Texas system? Their system was middle of the pack if memory serves. Seager and Urias were ranked 1 and 2 in the best system in all of baseball and 1 & 4 in MLB Top 100. They weren’t ever going anywhere and everybody knew it. Again, De Leon and Peraza were ranked HIGHER THAN ANYBODY PHILLY RECEIVED!

    Once again facts have no meaning to you. I’m done with this debate. Texas got Hamels. We got Latos. Moving on.

    1. “You don’t look at batting average, home runs and all that”.

      Depends. If your hitting .300 with 30 home runs somebody will be looking at it.

      1. Badger

        It isn’t Toles fault, about what the front office looks at.

        Like it said in the article, Toles didn’t know much about saber metrics, until he got in touch with our minor league director.

        And that was refreshing that Toles didn’t know before.

        You don’t think that Joc is very aware that if he doesn’t gets enough walks, that his over all numbers, will go down.

        They call Joc and Grandal saber metrics darlings, because it is only people really into saber metrics, that see there over all value.

        And if either one of these players don’t get enough walks, there OPS will go down.

        Because you know that they have not hit for a decent enough average, and that, and to many strike outs, will bring there OPS down, if they don’t get enough walks.

        I would think you would like a player like Toles, that does hit for an average, and he does play good defense in left field.

        I know he made that error in that last game, but before that, and that one bad throw, he was playing very good defense in left, and had thrown out a least three players out.

        We haven’t had a leftfielder, who was able to throw runners out at the plate, in a long time.

        1. MJ – it’s my opinion you take care of business at the plate the numbers will take care of themselves.

          1. Get a good pitch to hit. Do not chase anything out of the strike zone. That alone increases your odds

          2. Have an idea up there. Talk strategy with your hitting instructor. I’d recommend talking it up pitchers to. What is this going to do to get you out.

          3. Hit the ball where it’s pitched. How many times do you see Major League hitters role over on a pitch? If you’re fooled, and it’s a STRIKE, let it go if it isn’t strike 3. If it is strike 3 try to square it up back through the middle. Even big leaguers are guilty of trying to pull that pitch and it ends up a weak grounder to to the pull side.

          It’s amazing what can happen when you just show some freakin discipline at the plate. The good hitters do all of what I just mentioned. The strike zone is now the size of a box of corn flakes. Take command of it and the numbers will add up in your favor.

          1. Badger

            Our players also need to foul off good pitcher pitches, and wait for the right pitch.

            But really Toles was a good contact hitter last year, and the only player besides Corey, who hit 300.

            I know he didn’t have a lot of at bats, but he had almost the same amount of at bats, that Kike had in the first year.

            And he did that, at every level, he played in.

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