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Dodgers Rally Again, Hit Three Home Runs To Beat Padres

Justin Turner

If you thought the Dodgers were going to lose their first series in over two months, then the jokes on you. The Dodgers might have teased you a bit by tussling with those pesky fourth place Padres, but there was never really any danger of them losing two of three to the Friars. No, not a chance. After Saturday night’s thrilling come from behind 6-3 win, the Dodgers did it again by coming from behind to score 5 runs in the bottom of the fourth inning and beat the Padres 6-4 in the rubber game of the three game set.

The Dodger bats rumbled in the fourth inning and connected to hit three home runs in the game. Justin Turner hitting two and Yasmani Grandal adding a two-run bomb as well. The bats had been held hitless through the first three frames by Perdomo until that five run explosion in the fourth.

Padres    4 5 1

Dodgers 6 5 1





I had high hopes for Kenta Maeda during his battle against Luis Perdomo this afternoon. Maeda had posted a 1.23 ERA in his last four starts. Maeda has certainly been pitching well of late. Of course that comes with a usual caveat. He can’t pitch more than five innings or 80 pitches in a start. He came oh so close to breaking through that and giving the Dodgers a quality start. But alas he could not.

Maeda began with a shaky first inning as he allowed a solo home run to Cory Spangenberg. That put the Padres up 1-0 before the seats were warm. The Padres would another in the first on a Wil Myers sacrifice fly and the show Pads were up 2-0. Certainly a throwing error from Turner didn’t help things in that first inning. Our red dreamy third sacker would make up for it and then some with two dingers.

Turner’s three-run shot just cleared the wall in right center field in the bottom of the fourth. Which came after Chris Taylor being hit by a pitch and a single from Corey Seager. Yasmani Grandal would follow with a two-run bomb a few minutes later in the same inning with Cody Bellinger on base (doubled). The Dodgers took a 5-4 lead.

Maeda breezed through the next several innings and retired 14 consecutive Pads at one point. He tossed scoreless innings in the second, third, fourth, and fifth frames. His pitch count was around 65 and it looked like he was on track to pitch into the seventh inning and provide the Dodgers a quality start. And give the bullpen some rest.

But he couldn’t get it done. He allowed a single and then another home run to Spangenberg, (his second of the day) to close the gap to 5-4. Maeda would last only 5.1 innings, allowing four runs (three earned) and striking out 8. Josh Fields would relieve him and record the final two outs of the inning.

Pedro Baez tossed a scoreless frame in the seventh inning, and the Dodgers got another run on Turner’s second shot of the day, (a long drive down the left field line) so the Dodgers took a 6-4 lead. Left hander Luis Avilan came in to pitch the top of the eighth inning. Here’s where things got sketchy.

Manuel Margot (remember him?) doubled to lead-off the inning and the Padres were in business. Spangenberg’s grounder advanced Margot to third with one out. The Dodger infield was forced to play up. Avilan was left in to face Jose Pirela. Score one for Avilan as he struck him out swinging. Then he got Solarte to ground out to Seager and the Dodgers got out of it.

In the top of the ninth, the big man Kenley Jansen came in and pitched a scoreless frame to secure the win and save number 32. He had some help in the field. Taylor made his remarkable diving catch on a Wil Myers sinking liner. Check it out below. What a catch!

Kenley then whiffed Hunter Renfroe and got Carlos Asuaje to ground out to end the game. The Dodgers win yet again!

The boys in blue now improve to a historically great 83-34, as they continue on pace for 120 wins. The Dodgers will take Monday off before the White Sox come into Dodger Stadium for a two-game series on Tuesday and Wednesday. Remember Yu Darvish makes his Dodger Stadium debut on Wednesday evening. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

67 thoughts on “Dodgers Rally Again, Hit Three Home Runs To Beat Padres

  1. Great win and it looks like our top hitters just take (red)turns to light it up! As long as our regular position players keep getting some reps, along with Barnes, Utley and Kike, I am ok. Although Kike could be pushed off the playoff roster if Verdugo or Ramo steals the show in September – this is another luxury that Bellinger and Chris Taylor gives us, as they play infield and outfield.

    I read a funny quote yesteday, Josh Reddick was lamenting about his team, the Astros, being in a funk because there were no deadline moves. Apparently he forgot what a major funk he put us all in by himself when he arrived as a deadline pickup last year.

    A lot of analysis in the blogosphere about what to do with Ryu and Maeda in the post season. I see a few things developing as I look at both pitchers and the roster. First, don’t bet on anything when it comes to the health of our starters 1-4. Ryu and Maeda may still be needed as a fourth starter. But assuming that everyone is healthy, based on what I see, Maeda is the most vulnerable in his first inning. And Ryu’s pitch repertoire is just as good as Avilan in relief, with better control. So I’d probably keep Maeda as a long man to mop up blowouts, and dump Avilan in favor of Ryu – that is as of right now. Dayton may surprise us all when he gets back (if he gets back).

    Also, I was uneasy that with such a big lead on the league, Kenley was called in to pitch on an early game after an appearnce last night (however with tomorrow an off day so I am not too fussed). I think Roberts should start giving Morrow and Baez some save chances (I prefer Morrow). Kenley I think has the second most innings of our relievers, at least he was at the break – from feel alone I think he and Baez have gained even more separation on innings used vs the rest of the bullpen. Of all the players on this team, Jansen is the hardest to replace, even more so than Kershaw (but I believe Morrow could do a good job if he was put in a closer role, or maybe Cingrani shocks us all by throwing and commanding his slider a lot more).

    1. YF

      The thing about Ryu in the bullpen is that he has the hardest time getting ready to pitch, I guess that is because of the shoulder injury that he had.

      But I trust him over Maeda too, but Maeda has improved a lot, and sure has Ryu!

      Ryu is just a pitcher, and he has always been.

      He was hurt when he pitched that last game in the post season, against the Cardinals, and he pitched a really good game.

      I have always liked him!

      But you are right, I am always concerned about injuries, and which is odd, I am not worried when it comes to Kershaw with an injury.

      His back had nothing to do with his prior disc injury.

      In fact his disc is totally back to normal.

      With his disc it was caught so early, that it had a chance to heal, and it is healed.

      And Kershaw has strengthened his muscles that support his disc.

  2. Turner awoke from his minor slumber with 2 blasts. Perfect timing. I guess Spangenburg must have eaten the same breakfast cereal that Justin did. That’s two Padres who you do not associate with the long ball hitting two homers in a game. I read a lot about Ramos and Verdugo. And yes, there are players who could be DFA’d or released to make room on the 40. But I do not see that happening. Look at it this way, Gonzo will most likely be back next week. I think they drop a pitcher or put one on the DL when he comes back. That I believe will happen. Most likely candidate is Stripling. CK is throwing a sim game this week. So most likely his rehab starts next week. Ethier is re habbing at RC right now. He will probably not be activated until September. Neither played today at RC. There will be a few guys coming up in September, most likely Farmer will be back. And there is a lot of talk about Buehler coming up to fill a role in the pen. He got a save at OKC today. If Verdugo and Ramos are called up, they need to move two players from the 40 man roster. So my question is who goes? Hatcher is going no where, he was activated today, Morrow? Not a chance, he has been one of the best out of the BP. They are not going to release any of their starters. Fringe guys who are on the 40 man can be moved. Eibner is still on the 40 man and has not been moved to the DL yet, but he is out with TJ surgery and will be gone a long time. So they could move him. Paredes could be moved also. He is no kid, and is on the 40 man. But I see no clear path at this time for either Verdugo or Ramos.

    1. Michael

      They said Agone would join the team in Detroit this week.

      And I saw that Buehler struck out five hitters, in the two innings he pitched.

      And he threw 22 strikes, and he got 11 swings and misses.

      He just might be our set up guy in the post season, if he continues to pitch like that out of the bullpen!

      1. While we are talking about Buehler, how about Wilmer Font? He went 6 innings again and only 1 run allowed. 6 Ks and 1 walk. I want to see this guy in September.

  3. If I were Roberts, I may be thinking, do I spend September trying out the youngsters, or do I give AGon and Ethier some chance to get their timing back? It’s not mutually exclusive, but when push comes to shove a hot veteran beats the hot youngster, especially when the open spots are part time roles.

  4. Good reads.

    I see that Harper’s agent strongly agrees that something should be done about slippery bases. Duh.

    I have two questions :

    How would you prepare this team for a post season run that ends with a win?

    How do you think FAZ will do it?

    When I do that exercise I come up with so many different possibilities it makes my head spin.

    Hill, Maeda and Ryu are still pitching, which frankly I find remarkable. Wood continues to pitch better than anyone expected. Taylor is better than I thought he was. He’s better than anyone thought he was. That includes both gm’s that made the deal for him. Though Utley and Forsythe have overall numbers that on paper don’t impress I have no problem with them platooning through November. Play AGon and Ethier as much as possible the rest of the way. If they are 100% by October 1st I put them both on the roster. They deserve it, but only if they are indeed 100%.

    Those who said this team was deep turned out to be right. Since I underestimated Taylor and Wood, didn’t even think we’d see Bellinger, and thought we might lose every starter in the rotation for possibly months at a time, I was wrong. This could very well be the team to do it. The pièce de résistance was the addition of Darvish.

    May the baseball gods shower grace upon the 40 man and keep them all on the field until November.

    1. Badger

      I heard on MLB Central today, that Tom Verducci was going to talk about the bases, and what needs to be done to stop that from happening.

      Agone is suppose to join the team in Detroit, and maybe he will serve as our DH.

      I don’t see a lot of playing time for our everyday players, that are called up in September, but we will probably see a lot of Buehler.

      But it will be interesting to see how Verdugo does at the plate.

      I think we need to see if Agone is healthy and can hit right now, because we do have two places in our line up, that are not doing that well.

      And neither player, can hit like Agone, if Agone is healthy enough, to drive the ball.

      Forsythe has hardly any extra base hits, he has been quite like Reddick was last year, mainly a singles hitter, and I think that is because Forsythe is trying to bring his average up badly, so he is not swinging for extra base hits.

      And Reddick played terrible defense in right last year, and let’s see how Reddick plays for the Astros in the post season.

      I think that he knows the pitchers so well in the American League West, is why he is hitting ok this year in that league.

    2. No one knew that Taylor would be this good.

      And I only know one person who thought Wood would be this good.

      But Wood was hurt when he came over here, but both Wood and Taylor worked out in the off season, to get better.

      And most MLB player, work in the off season, to get better, or just to stay as good as they are.

      I don’t know what Joc did in the off season, but he should definitely work on his hitting, with the right person in the off season.

      Like I said before, I don’t understand why he doesn’t work with Ward, like Puig does.

  5. Badger, you are not the only one who has underestimated this team. I am still amazed at how it all came together for them after beginning the season on a somewhat sour note. Who woulda thunk it?!

    I think it is too early to call anything about the preparation for the post season. There is still a lot of baseball left to play and since there is little that is wrong with the Dodgers, why should they make any big decisions to change things.

    With Agon coming back, we gain an experienced bat and fielder for the playoffs, but we actually don’t need him to start. The only reason to even think about changing the lineup is Pederson and his underachieving, nascent bat that seems to go cold at least twice a season. He is the only player on this team that I’d like to see gone next season. He hasn’t shown any real improvement in the hitting department and to be quite frank, is too fat to play CF. When I think of a centerfielder, my icon is Willie Mays. Speed, accuracy in fielding, both clutch and power hitting consistently through the years. I know, he’s a legendary player, but he carved out the position for many who followed him. Pederson could definitely take a rest for the playoffs if he doesn’t turn his game around lickety split. My patience with him ran out 2 years ago. Even Grandal has come around and broken out of his slumping ways that the last 2 seasons brought. With Agon and possibly Ethier being ready, Joc could be an afterthought. Why bring 2 rookies up barring injuries when we have both the talent and chemistry to get it done as we are. Forsyth needs more time. We’ve already seen him on fire at times. His injury threw him off his stride. This guy hit 20 HR’s last season!

    For pitching, I like what we’ve got as starters, even Ryu and Maeda as #5 and 6, and possible going to the bench for long haul assignments. Cingrani could be a great pickup. I like his stuff a lot along with Morrow, Baez, Fields, & Avilan/Watson, of course Kenley. Get rid of Stripling.

    And Norris, stop bullying MJ. We’re beginning to think you are a mysoginist. She is as much of a fan as you are.

  6. Jeff
    I don’t think anyone knew this team would dominate like they are.

    How could anyone know that Bellinger would be up, and be our fourth hitter this year.

    Or know that Taylor was going to be a big part of this team.

    Actually last year that one saber site picked the Dodgers as the best team, because all of their depth.

    And I think they predicted the Dodgers this year too.

    I never thought this team would turn the corner, like they have this year.

    But I have always been a big supporter of Roberts, and his coaches.

    I could see the change with this team last year, because of Roberts influence on our players.

    Jeff thanks for the support but Michael and I, are just fine, I understand where he is coming from, but thanks so much!

    1. Bobby

      That isn’t like you!

      I really had no idea until after we started heating up.

      I thought we would be good, but just not this good.

      But I am happily surprised, because it is fun to see a team gel this way, especially with our young players.

  7. Solid posts by everyone today.

    Remember – it’s how you finish. Anyone on this team could hit .400 or .150 in September. That includes Forsythe and Joc. I’m rooting for 30 guys playing well enough to be included on the post season roster. A healthy Ethier AND Gonzalez? Damn. What a scary freakin lineup.

    My confidence level remains high.

    1. Badger

      I think you could be right, about Forsythe and Joc!

      I know you have said, that Forsythe has been a streaky player, but I am not aware of his pattern.

      But Joc did get hot in September last year, and hit 7 HRs, and he didn’t hit well in August.

      1. Just last year Forsythe slashed .341/.425/610 in March/ April. In August he slashed .290/.382/.559. I’d take either of those in Sept/October. If not, we have RH options for that position.

        1. Badger

          I was thinking about Forsythe today, and I don’t think I have seen him even hit the ball to the warning track, much at all, this year.

          And it seems like he only hits singles, unless he can hit a ball down the right or leftfield line, for a double.

  8. September always bring surprises.

    The Diamondbacks got spanked by the Cubs, who are in a dog fight with the Cardinals. We have out Pederson, the Cubs have their Schwarber, and maybe one of our guys turns into an 2016 October Schwarber for us this year.

    And I’m curious to see how Calhoun’s career plays out vs. Schwarber.

    I read an article in Fangraphs saying more and more young players are true outcomes hitters. To me, that’s an epidemic. Maybe we need to adjust the WAR formulas to penalize hitters a lot for failing to get an RBI with a man on third and less than 2 outs, and to penalize a starter more for failing to pitch past the 5th inning. Or a reliever who walks his first batter faced.

    1. YF

      I have compared Calhoun to Schwarber in the past, and I am curious to see what Calhoun can do at the major league level too.

      Especially with all that east coast bias, concerning Schwarber!

      But I do give the Cubs credit, for sending Schwarber down to AAA, when he was not hitting.

      I think the Dodgers should have probably sent Joc down to AAA when he stopped hitting, in his first year in the majors.

      And I think Schwarber has been more of a complete hitter, then Joc has.

    2. YF

      I think the sabers need to stop equating strike outs, as the same as other outs, for that same reason too.

      I also think they need to stop equating walks, as the same as a single also.

      And those three outcome hitters are so boring to watch, but you find yourself, rooting for a player like this, to just get a walk, to keep the offense going, and to keep the rally going.

      1. Im not crazy about Forsythe. I acknowledge what you say about him. But as bad as he has been, Forsythe has a .363 OBP. That is pretty good. I’m hoping for more out of him, but am prepared to accept him as is. He’s been good against lhp – .903 OPS. Platoon him and hope he has one of those stretches he’s capable of.

        1. Alright, if he can get on base against left-handed pitchers, play him against them only and hit him lead-off where he can be driven in, for he doesn’t drive in runners on base in front of him well. That bullshit that batters only hit well in certain lineup orders doesn’t hold water, for after the first inning, it’s all changed anyway…

          1. Except the 8th batter in the NL and the first batter, which has the pitcher batting in between for at least 2-3 times per game.

        2. Badger

          He hitting 237, and he has struck out 88 times, without any power.

          And he is hitting 199 against righties, and his OPS against righties is 546.

  9. Bragan’s Brainstorm[edit]
    In 1957 major league manager Bobby Bragan placed his best hitter in the leadoff position and the remainder of his lineup in descending batting average order. Earnshaw Cook in his 1966 book, Percentage Baseball, claimed that, using a computer, Bragan’s lineup would result in 1 to 2 more wins per season. A recent computer simulation demonstrates the superiority of Bragan’s lineup.

    1. A 1966 book? What would today’s algorithm’s deduce?

      The way Bragan did it is how many did it back then. In general it was speed at the top, your best hitter 3rd, your power 4th, your second best power 5th and everybody else 8th. I’ve always contended, and retrostats bear it out, that good hitters from yesterday put up good wins above replacement numbers. The biggest difference I see is the two strike approach and the acceptance of strikeouts. Every night we see doinks and bleeders become base hits. Protect the plate and force the defense to make a play? Nope. Hold the bat at the knob and swing for the fences. Doesn’t work for me.

      1. My own view is that it’s not the sabermetrics fault but just general laziness amongst the SABR crowd. There are so many tools, i.e. metrics, but poorly integrated and inconsistently applied, and there is far too little pursuit of trying to develop better stats. Instead of just trying to defend and set up straw man arguments, most SABRphiles should really look at and scrutinize the stats that are used and critique the application.

        A good example is exit velocity. This is a very telling metric. More telling for pitchers, especially relievers. But it is not well used in SABR stats and mostly it just degenerates into some sensationalistic and click hunting tweets glamorizing the hard hittIng hitter, similar to HR distance, never mind the result. A hard hit grounder at 3rd or 1st is easier to turn into GIDP than a soft roller either way. And a 450 foot home run counts the same as a 380 foot home run.

        I see that Bragan article which simply used BA. It makes sense even when using a simple old-school stat (the main thesis there is , if you only get 3 outs, bunch your hitters together that have the highest probability to get hits – it’s the bunching that is implied in the order). I am not sure more run gets contributed, however, doing the same thing using OBP, and if there’s not that much value in terms of additional runs then maybe we should question OBP as superior to BA, and come up with a weighted OBP that does not give a walk the same value as a hit. Or penalize a batter for failing to bring home a runner from 3rd with less than 2 outs, or reward an out that moves a runner.

        Or how about valuing and ordering your relievers just based on exit velocity against? Or why not use OBP against stat for pitchers, instead of using batting average against, isn’t a walk a bad thing for pitchers as much as it is a good thing for hitters?

        Just a bunch of professional laziness and cherry picking. Once in a while there’s an article that catches my eye and I like for its thoughtfulness, but to me I think the metrics are flawed and the SABR professionals need to look harder at the stats their using and get more rigorous sports mathematicians, to come up with better stats.

        1. Correction about the last part above – I think the “use” of the metrics is flawed. Better metrics always helps but mis-use, whether unintentional or misleading, is what I’m criticizing. And I’m not talking about this site or it’s community.

          And the overall importance is that the mid-use has real effect on how the younger generation of players play and are getting paid going forward.

          1. Do you really need a lot of statistics to enjoy a ball game? You know what Mark Twain thought about statistics.

    2. Jonah

      That is why teams bat their best hitter, second now, in the majors!

      Because that second batter, will get more at bats, then anyone, but the lead off hitter.

      I think they place them second, to also give them more RBI situations, then the lead off hitter.

  10. Timmons called Strike Two on me for calling his posters,( many of whom post here also,) “yes men” because they always agreed with FAZ’s and Robert’s decisions, never questioned them or disagreed. I called Strike Three myself and left. The bone of contention was about trying Puig in the fifth spot. Until Roberts changes that, everyone will swear that’s the only place he could possibly hit. then when he changes it, they will swear by whatever he says then… I got along fine for 70 some years without baseball blogs. Obviously I’m not well suited for them since I think for myself.

    1. Well, for me and I think many others on this site, Jonah you are much welcomed here. I just posted my thoughts on the SABR guys because, other than a few who are willing to look at the stats and be more critical, the rest of them are just part of a herd. I enjoy baseball fine with and without stats, and I do appreciate new metrics and new ways of thinking. I follow the Lakers and see how rule changes and new tools are getting the game back to the 80’s style which is great.

      Part of the fun of following a team for decades is to look at where improvements and be critical of the team at any time without being called any names.

  11. Is Timons censoring again?

    I can see Puig as a potential middle order hitter – power and speed – and in the second half he’s OPSn .885. Great number for the 5 hole. But he didnt do it batting 5th. Leave him where he is at this point.

    If I read him right, I feel the same as YF regarding the sabre movement. I get the value of all the math, and there are mounting examples of it working. I’ve already mentioned what bothers me most about it. There are some things I think remain undervalued ( backing up bases, bunting properly, hitting behind runners, speed in general, stolen bases in specific) and some things I think are overvalued (framing) but I know it’s all here to stay so I’m trying to adjust. I use the term WAR only because that is what sabremetricians value. That’s what they look for so in an effort to understand their priorities I must learn to understand what it is they value. I think WAR is an evolving thing. At least I hope it is.

    Obviously this isn’t the group of players I would have put together starting two years ago but I cannot argue with where the team is now. Can they finish? Can this group close it out? Stand by.

    1. My opinion (and you know what that’s worth) is that too many people get hung up on the numbers and try to quantify the game to the point it becomes statistics and nothing else. Just enjoy it and don’t think about it too much. It is a game, not an accounting class…

      1. I lean that way too jonah. Obviously some numbers have been around as long as the game has. I’ve always been a big on base percentage guy. Learned that from a Little League coach. Just get on base, any way you can. I think on base plus slugging is a worthy stat to value. I would think that stat is used in every algorithm in baseball.

        Baseball metrics are found on blogs and in organization computers. I don’t ever consider them when watching a game. I notice speed, hustle, defense movement on balls in play, plate discipline, and hard contact, but who quantifies any of that in the moment? Scouts might. Fans don’t.

        I’m not letting the changes in the game interfere with my ability to enjoy it. At least I’m trying not to. I have more wtf moments these days, but that’s true about most everything I see happening in this world. Patterns of awareness. I still say we are not evolving as a species, but that’s a topic for another day.

        1. Agree we as a species are regressing. I think the human God designed has run its course. He needs to stop production and bring out a new, vastly improved, model…

    2. He’s not censoring those “speaking truth to power.” Jonah was in there calling Bumsrap a “waste of space” among other things and he was politely asked to stop. Jonah didn’t stop because he can’t help himself, because he’s butthurt because he thinks Timmons stole his idea about Puig batting 5th (or whatever it is. I don’t really even now and I really don’t care), and he’s angry because some people – not all – perhaps agree with Timmons and not him.

      Sound ridiculous? It is.

      If some of you folks don’t like Timmons, great..fine…your prerogative. But just STFU about it, already.

      1. Why are you so obsessed with what others think about Timmons? Are you related to him? Are you personally involved with him? Do you consider yourself to to be this board’s psychoanalyst? You tell people here to shut the f up about it but you go on an on defending that guy. Let it go man. People are free to speak their minds. In here anyway.

  12. With Kershaw, Wood, and Darvish, backed up with Taylor, Seager, Turner, and Bellinger, their chances are looking awfully good to finish it. No team will be able to match up with their pitchers save Washington on their best day. This is the year! Destiny!! lol

    1. Good read.

      An important line stated by McGwire:

      “I was lucky enough to get my feet wet,” McGwire said. “It helped me understand what it was all about.”

      I read that and think – Verdugo. It would be a great idea to give him a taste of the big leagues in the September call up. He could share a few plate appearances with Ethier. Andre just needs to get some work in. Verdugo only needs 30 at bats in front of 45,000 people. Food for thought.

  13. Jonah
    Mark just asked you to be nice and he did it nicely. Jonah, you have strong opinions and that is great. We all have opinions. That is all we have on this site or any site. Just because somebody does not agree with you does not classify them as followers.

    I do not agree with you on moving Puig to the 5th spot in the line up. 1. It was tried and he did not do well. He batted .033. 2. He is comfortable in the 8 spot where he is batting .278. 3. This is just my opinion. If you move Puig to the 5th spot and he fails, will he be the same batter as now moving back to the 8th spot. I am not sure he would be. Puig has great physical tools, but I worry about his mental make up. Puig is in a good place right now, just leave him there. If it ain’t broke, leave it alone.

    Again these are my opinions and I have just as much right to my opinions as you have to yours. I am not a follower and do not classify me as a follower. I was Superintendent of Schools for 18 years. You do not become a Superintendent for 18 years by being a follower.

    1. Your last statement first. Everyone that gets promoted is most likely a follower. You do not get promoted by disagreeing with your boss. Never. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, happens all the time. I have no problem with Mark, he runs his site well and leaves people alone, for the most part. What I got into was there are quite a few people there who parrot his positions, like they are currying favor. That would annoy the Hell out of me but he seems to accept it as normal. Joc was one of the best center-fielders and was a bargain. Until some stories were written stating otherwise. Mark jumped on that bandwagon and so did all his followers. Prior to that nobody looked at Joc. Except me. I’ve been dissing Joc and Forsythe for some time, with no one agreeing with me until recently Joc is being re-examined. They are still down with Forsythe but now his boat is starting to leak. As soon as Mark sees blood in the water (excuse the mixed metaphors), all the clones will change sides to be behind him. And that bothers me although it’s not really any of my business. It is really better I don’t post there anymore, saves me and everyone else further frustration. I’m not really a blog kind of guy so I might not post much here either. No loss.

      1. Join the ranks of those who said “enough!” jonah. I still hear from several I first met 20 years ago.

        Al, congratulations on your success. What state? I was in education for a while and must confess I was not prepared for the petty politics that exits within that industry. I have to agree in principle with Jonah regarding your last sentence. Obviously a Superintendent is a leader, and just as obvious is the fact you had to follow some rules and play that political game to climb that ladder. It’s a steep climb. I didn’t complete it as I ran out of money after 15 units of my Masters program at USF. Not sure I was meant for it anyway. I find your posts to be well presented, even when I don’t always agree. I hope you keep posting here.

    1. Is there another way to make mistakes?

      And, do you often forget where you left your keys?

      Re Joc, his swing has bothered me for a while now. He’s having a difficult year and I wonder it it’s because the league has a book on him and he’s refusing to read it. Forsythe is a streaky hitter that needs to find one of those monthly grooves. His lack of power is troubling but is something that has happened in LA before. His home and away splits this year tell a story as does his career splits vs RHP. He just doesn’t hit right handers very well. No doubt FAZ knew that and that is why Utley. Calhoun/Forsythe would have been an interesting platoon. Not sure what the plan is going forward, but I think we can expect another veteran LH bat at second.

      1. Do you think FAZ will pick up his $8 MM option while he has Barnes, Kike, and Taylor for a lot less money? That is another thing that Timmon’s clones couldn’t seem to understand.

      2. Why not Taylor to replace both Utley and Forsythe? Agon will still be here next year so Bellinger might become an outfielder. And we allegedly have a couple of good ones in Oklahoma threatening to break down the door… Plus Toles, Joc, Puig and Kike. I cannot see FAZ paying Forsythe $8 MM.

    1. Interesting Al. Does the name Dave Frazier mean anything to you?

      We were looking at the possibility of a move up that way. To Boise. Any plans are on hold until that F35 proposal is ironed out.

  14. Had to take some time off. I got angry and it is not like me. But if I offended, well all I can do is apologize.

    1. I must have missed it. You are an “on your sleeve” guy, so knowing that I sure don’t take your passion in a negative way. Even when you’re going around with MJ I know that you’d still open the door for her. That’s good enough for me. Can’t speak for her but she seems like a woman who can handle a debate.

  15. Jonah.
    I said early this summer I thought we could do better in centerfield and right field. Since then Puig has gotten better. He still cannot hit left handers. Puig gets a pass because he is an elite fielder. Joc has regressed in batting and should be replaced. He is an average centerfielder. I have been saying this all year.

    Forsythe hits left handeders pretty well. I have said and will continue to say we should platoon Utley and Forsythe.

    In your first statement you are saying that to get promoted you have to be an ass kisser. You said it nicer than I. That may be true with some people. I have never been an ass kisser in my life . I always try to do the job well and hope I was recognized for it. In almost every case I was and am proud of it. I am not a follower and never have been. When you use the word “never” you are immediately wrong. “In most cases”, may have been a better statement.

    1. Perhaps. Schools tend to be highly unionized. Unions tend to always support Democratic candidates. If you had campaigned, supported Republicans, that might have created a difficulty. Or if you had disagreed with the school board about how they dictated class size or subject matter, would you have then been promoted? Pointless discussion, it’s over with, let’s stop beating that horse…

  16. Relief Pitcher A J Ramos of the Mets has cleared waivers. I think we could use him and he still has a year of arbitration left.

  17. Badger
    The name Dave Frazier does not mean anything to me. I live in Meridian which is a suburb of Boise. I cannot believe the F35’s will come to Boise. However, the City of Boise is campaigning to bring them in. For those who do not know, the F35’s are very loud. I have never heard one. That is what I am told. They would be stationed at Gowen Field, which is within the city limits. To show you how screwed up City Government can be, they have passed a law to ban loud mufflers on cars. Good idea. Then they want to bring in the F35’s. one other thing, the state of Idaho is probably 80% Republican. Very conservative.

    1. Frazier is the editor of the Guardian. It was through my research on the F35 proposal that I met him. We hit it off right away. Interesting guy. I read his book “Drafted! Vietnam at War and Peace”. His experience in Vietnam and mine could not have been more different.

      There are YouTube videos comparing the noise levels of the F35 and the F16. The 35 is by far the loudest warbird in the Air Force. As you know, Meridian is in the flight path of Gowan. If I were you, and I’m not, I would voice an objection to the board. It’s a deal breaker for us.

      We have some friends who are moving to The Preserve in Eagle. That is where we were looking too. We also looked at some of the projects in Meridian. Can’t recall the name off hand. Meridian looks like a charming place.

  18. By 2014, the program was “$163 billion over budget [and] seven years behind schedule”.[18] Critics also contend that the program’s high sunk costs and political momentum make it “too big to kill”.[19]

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