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Dodgers Release Jose Miguel Fernandez

Jose Miguel Fernandez

Anyone remember Jose Miguel Fernandez? The Dodgers signed the Cuban infielder last January on a minor league contract. He was supposed to compete for a job on the big league roster as it was believed he would be able to jump into the major league fray immediately. That never happened and reports are indicating that Fernandez has been released by the Dodgers.

We saw Fernandez briefly during spring training of this season. The 29-year old appeared with the major league spring training camp, but we were not impressed. So the Dodgers sent Fernandez down to double-A Tulsa. That’s where he spent most of his 2017 season until an injury in late July ended his year prematurely.

To be fair, Fernandez did play well down in Tulsa. Fernandez batted .306/.366/.498 with 16 home runs and 64 runs batted in over 369 plate appearances. Fernandez walked 24 times and struck out just 33 times while posting an .864 OPS. In 90 games Fernandez split time between first base, second base, and third. He saw the majority of his time (57 games) at second base.

Apparently Fernandez had some kind of injury which didn’t allow him to play after July 29. Fernandez did hit .319 with 37 home runs in the Cuban Serie Nacional league, but hadn’t played since 2014. The Dodgers originally signed him to a 200,000 dollar signing bonus.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

72 thoughts on “Dodgers Release Jose Miguel Fernandez

  1. Like I said on the last thread, no great loss. The guy played decent but pretty much had zero shot at coming to the majors especially since they already had Utley back. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was nice and quiet. I went to my friends house for dinner. Then I ventured to Wal-Mart and braved the black Friday hoard. I needed to get a new TV for my bedroom because my 50 inch died after 5 years. I sent it to a tech, but he has not been able to repair it, so I bought a 39 inch Wally World had for 125 bucks. Works pretty good to. I was reading the article that Badger sent on the last thread about Morgan’s letter to the HOF electors. I did not agree with Passan at all. But I was reading the comments section and it struck me that some fans are really hung up on this drought the Dodgers have had between Championships. Well I look at it this way. 30 years is a long time, but it is not that easy just to get to the big show. The Dodgers have had 5 shots in a row at getting there and only made it once. Does that make what they have done the last 5 years any less an accomplishment? In my eyes no. Look, the Giants went 54 years without winning one. The Cubs over 100. The Red Sox went 86 years. There were fans of those franchises who never saw their team win. The Indians have not won since 1948..the year I was born. So that’s 70 years coming up. The Expo’s – Nationals franchise has never won. Nor have the Rockies. And look at all the great ballplayers who never tasted a championship. Ted Williams and Ernie Banks to name just 2. And believe it or not, the great Ty Cobb never tasted the fruits of victory and he had 3 shots at it. 30 years does not seem that long in comparison. I think most Dodger fans are more irked that the Giants won 3 in a 5 year span. Sports are like that. Fame and fortune are fickle mistresses. The Dodgers last won when on paper, they were a far inferior team to the A’s. This year, they were the better team on paper……but you play the game on a field, not on paper and stuff happens. Guys like Scott Brosius get 3 rings, and Ted Williams none.

    1. I agree that Fernandez is no great loss. Not sure why it deserves to be the topic for a new thread. Passan’s column is more topical and more interesting. Should those players get considered? My feeling is – of course they should. Obviously some would have been on the ballot without having used steroids. It’s also my opinion that PED’s include amphetamines and the use of steroids is a separate issue. Heck, Viagra is a PED. And it’s known by EVERYBODY that greenies have been used for decades. Steroids is a different wad of gum. I am as certain as I can possibly be that many players took the risk just to get that life changing guaranteed contract. I am against steroid use but honestly, would I have taken steroids for 8 figures of guaranteed money? Of course I would. Especially if my employer ok’d it, which MLB did. How can we blame the players when there was no penalty in doing it? I will not take issue with those who want Bonds et al in the Hall. I’ve given you the reasons why. If I had a vote, I would be one who made those guys wait. And I would be requesting asterisks by any record, especially Bonds’. Those records are too important.

      As for not winning a champion, everything you said was true but what is also true is that I don’t give a crap about any other team’s drought. And Ty Cobb was by all accounts a racist dick. Screw him. It’s a shame about Banks and Williams but I think if asked they wouldn’t have changed anything. They played baseball for a living. What fan wouldn’t want that?

      1. Was just using those teams as a comparison. Yeah, to us 30 years is a lifetime, but imagine rooting for your team and never seeing them win at all. I have seen 6 so I am not as worried about it as some. And I know how damn hard it is just to get there. As for the HOF, well in some ways I am a purist. I like when players did it naturally. But I also know they got greenies and shots. I remember reading about players getting cortisone shots for just about any ailment. Ty Cobb was a racist and more, probably one of the more despicable human beings who ever played the game. He also, according to a story I read, beat the crap out of a guy who was crippled. Just think how great Mantle might have been had he not 1. Hurt his knee, and 2. Went on so many late night binges with his buddies. I blame the MLB hierarchy for the PED and steroid mess. They ignored it for years. Bonds was a great player before he started using. But a player as old as he was could not have put up the numbers he did in those last few years without help. He improved as he aged, and that is way too abnormal. I think fessing up removes some of the stigma for a few players, but those who continually denied even though the evidence is against them, well that is kind of admitting you did it. Clemens was a great pitcher. Of that I have no doubt, but he is another one of those guys that you just naturally dislike. They had the talent and the numbers. Whether or not they ever get into Cooperstown is up to those who vote.

  2. Looks like it’s just us Michael.

    I’ve been reading several articles on where framing is headed and how valuable fooling umpires actually is. I was wondering which umpires are the more easily duped and might there be a correlation between the worst umpires and the best framers. Didn’t find anything yet, but did find some interesting reads. This is one:

    So many mistakes being made, but no real move to do anything about it. Allegedly umps are getting better. But, 84%? That’s a low B grade for the highest level of play on the planet. Doesn’t Major League Baseball deserve an A grade from it’s officials? Apparently not.

    1. Wow. That is one hell of a read. The percentage has gone up some, but it still is pretty lousy in my book. What is really amazing is the discrepancy’s between some of these umpires. I know when I watch a game that if the ump is consistent calling balls and strikes for both sides, I usually am ok with that. But seeing the home team, road team table was pretty interesting stuff. The advantage to the home team is infinitesimal. But there are games when the Dodgers are on the road that it seems like the ump is really giving the home town pitcher and advantage. I have felt that over the years umpiring has deteriorated a lot. I see way too many pitches that are not even close called strikes and pitches right in the zone called the other way. Pitch cast helps sometimes, but I have seen it say the pitch was a ball when it obviously crossed the plane as a strike. And I was totally surprised that Angel Hernandez was not on the list of worst strike callers. That guy and CB Buckner are two of the worst in the majors.

    1. Slow news day…Hot stove is ice cold right about now. Dec 1st things will start to heat up, and it is a holiday weekend….

    1. There is also a rumor the Dodgers moved Baez, after they found out the 20 second pitch clock, will be implemented in 2018!

      1. I heard a rumor that Ohtani will sign with the Yankees and Sabathia will then be signed by LA. Oh, also we will sign Bryan Shaw.

          1. Sabathia is a FAZ magnet. 37, 14 wins, 148 innings of near 3 WAR. He’s a $16 million contract just waiting to happen. Shaw is a workhorse. I could see these moves materializing.

  3. Gotta love the rumor mill! Fact, 20 second pitch clock in 2018. Baez will lose his composure in that amount of time. Question, do they put a time clock on hitters who futz in and out of the batters box so much? It is not always on the pitchers. I remember Mike Hargrove, better known as the human rain delay.

    1. Umps can get the hitters back in the box. Warn ’em once, then count to 3 and call a strike. I doubt they would do it but they could. If the hitters give them any crap they can just call the next 3 pitches strikes no matter where they are. Could be nobody would notice cuz they miss so many anyway.

      1. If MLB really wanted to speed the game up, they would limit bullpen changes, and make a pitcher, face a required amount of hitters.

        I don’t think young people are concerned with the game being so slow, because they are on there

        phones, 24, 7.

        Catchers constantly going out to the pitcher, won’t be stopped by this 20 second clock, and that takes up more time, then a pitcher out there on there own, pitching.

        And the Dodgers need to have there catchers go out to there pitchers more, especially during the post season.

        Look how Molina use to go out his pitchers, and McCann went out to his pitchers more then Barnes did.

        But that is not on Barnes, because this was his first season, but the Dodgers in general, need to do what these other catchers do, on other teams.

        Because that can change the momentum in a game, or get your pitcher back to pitching better.

  4. I’ll try to warm it up:

    Ohtani to the Yankees.

    Cubs get very active.

    Moustakas AND Stanton to giants. Dbacks sign Martinez. While FAZ is looking at the old and infirmed, West rivals make moves.

    We will find someone to follow in the footsteps of Branded McBrittle, Donuts Anderson and the Evanesce Kaz Daddy (where’d he go?) but no big deals are needed so no big deals will be done. There will likely be another Dravishian deadline pickup as the starting pitching will show cracks when looking forward to the finish.

      1. How so Packman? I think I am quite visible. I read, I read some more, I add 2 and 2 and then wonder what 4.

        Stanton to the coast makes sense. giants have plenty of money for a big outfield bat and also need a third baseman so Paul Bunyan and the Moose in the Bay fits. We don’t need to go big. We won 104 and went to a Game 7. We have basically the same team we’ve had for over 2 hundred wins. These moves all make sense, including signing Sabathia for 3 and $36mm, asking him to pitch less than 150 and greater than 2WAR. It doesn’t matter he’s another left handed pitcher, he’s old and he’s cheap and he can get anybody out when not asked to go 200. I’d like to get Cobb but I think he goes to the Cubs. Just a hunch.

        You see it differently? Let’s hear it.

        1. Badger
          1st, I don’t see the Dodgers winning 104 again next year. That was definitely an outlier. I guess they could, but not with the same team. 2nd, no Sabathia for me, it won’t happen. He is too good for FBZ plus he will turn into another McCarthy. Hurt all the time. Stanton and Moose to Frisco? Bet they don’t get either. I think Stanton goes to the Dodgers or Yankees. I like Cobb but again, too good for the Dodgers. You are visable and have a great sense of humor.

          1. Well said.

            Especially that last part.

            You know I’m all in on Stanton. Guess I’m just buying the giants interest. There was a power outage in the Bay Area last year and I think they want to address that while at the same time giving the middle finger to LA. Moustakas just looks like a giant.

            I too have the under on 104. Seems to me Bluto took the over on 60 wins…… something like that.

            I think I read in a local paper that Martinez likes it in Arizona and I know the dbacks want to keep him. Not sure how the $ shakes out but you know billionaires don’t mind blowing holes in the deficit. It’s just money and there is plenty of that. Doesn’t matter it’s borrowed. The owner of the dbacks has about a 500% return on his investment. Most of the team is arb eligible. They can afford Martinez.

    1. Could see all of those.

      Maybe not the Arizona $$, but the rest could happen.

      I could see the Dodgers make moves just to clear up roster spaces. Grandal/Toles/Pederson/Ryu so Verdugo/Smith/Beuhler have places.

    2. Badger

      That is the problem, there are not any really good starting pitchers that will be free agents after the 2018 season!

      And Bumgarner is the only real good starting pitcher, that will be a free agent after 2019, and that is, if the Giants don’t sign him, before then.

      That is why I thought it might be good to sign Darvish, if we could get him for a good deal.

      And it would be great to get Darvish and Ohtani, especially since Otani won’t be that much.

      If we got both this guys, we could trade one of our starting pitchers, and the other position players, that everyone doesn’t mind giving up.

      We could get a good set up guy, or another player or pitcher, that can help the team.

      1. MJ
        Isn’t that just like you? Hate on Kershaw and then want to sign the real loser of the W.S. on the pitching side. Darvish for a good deal. Ha! Plus you want to kick in Bumgarner for who knows how much? Did you know that Bums blows up all the time during the season? Then you think Ohtani is a cheap pickup. Guess you don’t think 20 mil just to transfer him over here is much? You also want to trade a pitcher, who? Kershaw? Wonders never cease to amaze me.

        1. Package

          Please read my posts very carefully, because you constantly misrepresent, what I wrote!

          I didn’t even mention Kershaw in my post!

          And I didn’t say I wanted Bumgarner, I said he was the best starter, that will be a free agent, after the 2019 season.

          But if the team had a chance to get Bumgarner, I wouldn’t be upset if they got him!

          Because Bumgarner pitches even better, in the post season, unlike some pitchers!

          And Ohtani is not going to cost as much, as these Japanese pitchers usually cost, because he doesn’t want to wait another two years.

          And about Darvish, I don’t know if we would have made it to the World Series, without Darvish.

          Darvish pitched better, in the previous two post season series, then Kershaw did.

          My point was, there are no really good starters, to trade for, at the trade deadline, in the next two years!

          And I don’t think we can win it all, without another top starting, pitcher.

          But the front office might go the other way, and pick up a couple really good relievers, in a trade, to shorten the game, like the Royals did, when they won it all.

          1. MJ,
            We were always talking about the WS. Thats it. Now you want to change to the regular season after telling me that we were not talking about the regular season with Kershaw. I know you did not mention Kershaw. I was reminding you of past posts. Do you really think the Dodgers would have made the Post Season the past 5 years without Kersh?? You keep changing the rules! Stop trashing Kersh! Like when you said “Because Bumgarner pitches even better in the post season, UNLIKE SOME PITCHERS” of course meaning Kersh. You better drop to your knees and pray they resign Kershaw.

      1. According to a story on FANRAGS he is. If he feels that he cannot play effectively because of the neck issues, it only makes sense. The story was written by Robert Murray. I found the post on twitter. Then again according to Dodger blue it is false

    1. Package

      The Dodgers were 8 games back to the Giants at the Allstar break, in the 2016 season.

      But they were still able to in the west, without Kershaw, for most of the second part of the season.

      You better hope we can get another good starter, or Buehler starts pitching like an ace, or the Dodgers might not make it back to the World Series, even with Kershaw!

  5. It is fun to speculate. But until something happens we have no clue. The fact is that both the Cardinals and the Giants have made trade offers to the Marlins. We also know that 3 of the pieces the Giants offered were Panik and Beede and OF Chris Shaw. There was also talk that Dee Gordon is part of the deal. There are also reports that the Cardinals offered their #9 prospect, Alcantra, a pitcher. The Dodgers and the Red Sox were according to the story getting ready to submit their proposals. As of right now, no proposal has been submitted. The winter meetings start in 17 days. The Giants might be trying to strike early before everyone is meeting face to face. My opinion is that there is maybe a 10% chance that either Ohtani or Stanton become Dodgers. No matter that the Dodgers have 40 million coming off the payroll. Reasons being, FAZ likes their prospects, and so far they have refused to spend money on big ticket items. They got Darvish cheap. Stanton instantly makes them the favorite and it would be a bold move. But I firmly believe that they do not land either. Ohtani wants to be a 2 way player. That fits better in the AL than the NL. He would not have a position on the Dodgers. All teams were asked to submit a synopsis of how they would use him to his agents. Miami is not going to accept LA castoffs for a player like Stanton, so deals including McBrittle or Kazmir are nothing more than pipe dreams. The reality is that the Marlins want players who can play now, and prospects for their future. The Dodgers have a much better chance of landing Osuna or Yelich than they do of landing Stanton.

  6. Another fun story on ESPN written by Buster Olney. Has to do with how some deserving HOF candidates are going to get the shaft because of the way the voting rules are now. There is also a list of the 10 players most likely to be traded during the season.

    1. Mr. Norris
      The only reason some players get screwed is if you count Bonds, Clemens, Sosa ect. ect. as players who should get in. I do not.

      1. He was referring to Scott Rolen, Fred McGriff because they played in the steroid era. A lot of fans do not realize that Fred McGriff hit exactly as many home runs in his career as Lou Gehrig. And also the fact that they cut down the years a player could be on the ballot. Case in point, former Red Sox outfielder, Jim Rice who made it in on his last year of eligibility. The HOF ballots have been filled the last few years with guys accused and those who did use PED’s. Because they can only vote for 10 players, and some writers keep voting for Bonds, Clemens etc., it takes votes away from players who would most likely receive more consideration if they were not on the ballot. This is Rolen’s first year on the ballot. He needs 5% to stay on the ballot. There are also a couple of players who are on for the first time who are pretty much locks for induction, Chipper Jones and Jim Thome, you could also throw Trevor Hoffman on that list. That was what he was referring to, no Bonds, Clemens, or Sosa. Rolen’s was one of the best fielding 3rd basemen in MLB history and a damn good hitter.

        1. I am not saying Rolen or McGriff should not get in. I am saying Bonds, Clemens, Sosa and others should not. They(some sportswriters) keep trying to make a case for them to get in, even to the point of not voting at all. Fine, let them go, no loss. I do not believe in opening the floodgates and letting cheaters get in. If some have gotten in there is nothing that can be done but why just say let them in? I agree with the current HOFers and keep them out.

  7. Warmed up in here.

    In reading at ESPN I noticed an article on where Stanton should go. In it were projections for every team to which he is linked. The Dodgers? 45.1 WAR to the end of his contract, making him worth every penny. The giants? Over 46.

    1. Badger

      Good job, it worked!

      Friedman has already said, the Dodgers could accommodate Ohtani’s wishes.

      And with the way they use the ten day DL, I don’t doubt that!

      And I don’t think Friedman would go all the way to Japan, and take Orel with him, if the Dodgers were not interested in Ohtani.

      1. It will only have worked if he signs with the Dodgers. Big point, the Dodgers can only offer him 300,000 dollars as a signing bonus. And they cannot back load any contract. Now, he can get some sweet endorsement deals is LA, but he can get MORE money, and just as good endorsements in New York. Plus he can automatically slot in as the Yankees DH. Manipulating the 10 day DL is not even going to come close to giving him playing time when he is not pitching. Where are you going to play him? The outfield? He is not a polished player out there. You going to bench Puig, Taylor or Toles? He can’t play 1st base in LA. He might be a good hitter, but he still has to prove that he can. I just do not see him as a fit in LA. Not unless the NL adopts the DH and that is not happening. Not anytime soon anyway. It will all come down to where he feels the most comfortable. And my prediction is that he goes to an American League team, most likely the Yanks, but the Mariners because of the success of Ichiro have a lot to offer him too. As a matter of fact I would go so far as to say that if he were to sign with the Dodgers it would be a huge surprise.

        1. Mr. Norris
          Man, just let the cream rise to the top. If Ohtani turns out to be as advertised then the Dodgers will find a place for him in both places. If he turns out to be a good hitter or pitcher he will fit right in. Toles and Puig may not be here for long so just let it happen. I would love to see something other than vanilla and that includes getting Stanton also.

          1. Michael

            If he wants to play with the Dodgers, the Dodgers will fulfill, his wishes.

            And Friedman has already said, the Dodgers would do that.

            Every team in baseball would make it work, to sign Ohtani.

  8. I see you still remember that Cody can play the outfield? All because of Roberts buddy Agon. Gonzo is a real problem. He needs to go quick!

    1. Package

      The only reason Cody was brought up to the majors, was because he played outfield.

      And I am sure he may be out there, at times, next year too!

  9. I think the FBZ will make a huge push to try to get Ohtani. He’s going to be under team control for years, wants to play for the Dodgers, and the FBZ is not going to pass this up. Getting Ohtani will be a major coup for a 100 win team. He is absurdly cheap and will allow even more cost cutting going forward.

    I will also be hugely surprised if the FBZ gets Ohtani. I do not think they are able to land the big deals when there are multiple suitors. They’re arbitragers not deal makers. Just my opinion.

          1. Visible. With vision. A Visible Visionary. V-squared. V-squared with a quarter. I’d flip it again but it wouldn’t change the result.

            It just seems like a fit. NY has been home to many Japanese players, they can pay him, there is plenty media money to be made and he can keep the same routine he has been on.

            That said, maybe he wants to play and work in Los Angeles. Let’s face it, the choice is his.

  10. Like I said, , and I am not going to crawfish here and change my mind, there is to my mind a less than 10% chance he signs in LA. He is a better fit in the AL, and like Badger said the Yankees have done well with Japanese players. It is my belief he will not sign with the Dodgers.

    1. Michael

      The point is that no one knows what he wants, and like Badger said, it up to him.

      My point is that any team will Accommodate his wishes.

      1. Okay MJ, look at it another way. When in the entire time they have been in charge of this team have Friedman and Zaidi ever taken on a high priced free agent or gotten into a bidding war? They do not have enough cash to pay this guy what he is going to want, and will not be able to for a while. Why do you think the Yankees and a couple of other teams have traded for international signing money. Now the Dodger could post more money for the guy, but that only allows them to talk to him, it does not GUARANTEE he signs a contract and like I said, the most he can get from the Dodgers is 300 thousand dollars. Thinking that guy is going to play for that kind of money is wishful thinking. And there also is the fact that he does not actually have a second position to play. You guys can get caught up in your pipe dreams all you want. I am a realist, and reality shows me that he is going to go to an American League team because he is a better fit in that league.

    2. Well I’m not going to work myself up (too much) over Ohtani. Like I said above I don’t think the FBZ can close the deal. They’re better at finding hidden nuggets. I’m with Michael on the probability, just a different algorithm.

  11. Badger

    That is the truth!

    But LA has the largest Japanese community in the US.

    And I hear the weather is much better in LA, but if he wants to play on any team, that team will accommodate his wishes.

    1. I think LA is a cultural fit. Better weather too. But I agree with Michael- I don’t think FAZ’s “letter” to the agent will be as compelling as the one from NY. Ohtani can step into a Yankee uniform and have nearly the exact same routine he has had as a professional in Japan. The Dodgers, with no DH and enough outfielders to field 2 slow pitch teams just can’t make the same offer – including $3.2 million less in paychecks. If he decides he wants to play in LA I will be pleasantly surprised.

  12. The largest community does not mean spit. It just means there are a lot of Japanese. It has no bearing on where he is going to go. Hell, Ichiro went to Seattle, Matsuzaka went to Boston, Matsui went to the Yankees and that’s where Tanaka is now. Nomo and Maeda came to LA as did Saito. But this guy is a whole different animal. He is young, and all his earning power is ahead of him. He is not going to go for a paltry 300 thousand. His agents will make sure of that.

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