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Dodgers Release NLCS Roster

We got our first look at the Dodger’s NLCS roster this morning. There weren’t many surprises. The position player roster is exactly the same as it was in the NLDS against the Braves. The surprises are on the pitching side. Namely Julio Urias making the 25-man roster, and Scott Alexander did not.

I might have chosen to keep Wood off the roster instead and added someone like a Josh Fields, or Ross Stripling. Wood hasn’t pitched well since the second half of the regular season anyways. His stuff was just off, and his lone appearance in the NLDS was not a successful one. After he allowed that home run to Freddie Freeman, I think the Dodgers have probably soured on him a bit. I don’t expect him to be used much in this series. But that’s just a guess. The Dodgers should be careful using Urias though. Maybe high leverage situations may not be the best. Some young pitchers can get rattled in a playoff series of this magnitude. Maybe not Urias per se, but it’s something to consider. Scott Alexander was interestingly left off the playoff roster. I won’t shed a tear there. His chronic control problems have balanced out his ability to induce ground balls. What good is he if he comes in and walks two batters before we ever see a grounder?

Anyways, game 1 of the NLCS between the Dodgers and the Brewers begins tonight at 4:09 PM PST. Clayton Kershaw will toe the rubber for the Dodgers as Milwaukee sends veteran and fellow southpaw Gio Gonzalez to counter. You can catch the game on FS1/Fox. Check your local listings for stations. And of course, Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

14 thoughts on “Dodgers Release NLCS Roster

  1. I hope Urias is up to the challenge. Not a good time to flirt with the chances of rookie hibby-jibbies (i.e., Buehler). It will be a tough task to be the situational answer to hot hitting Yelich. A lot of pressure to put on the kid.

    MIL will be attacking the Dodger offense with a couple of lefties, to expose the vulnerable “Dodger Lefty Lineup”.

    Is “The Smirk” going to lead the Dodgers’ power surge into the NLCS, or will he belly-flop? That, I think will be the key. Manny has to attack these lefties. The Dodgers have to attack early and pile on the runs for an early lead, with a comfortable insurance run cushion into the late innings. Kemp has to prove his worth…. take advantage of this opportunity to start, and run with it.

    Kershaw has to take the reins, and be the dominate Dodger Ace he can be. Take this first game, and set the table for Ryu and Buehler victories. This will provide Hill with a comfortable three game cushion.

    One game at a time. Go Blue.

  2. Glad to see Julio on the roster. He’s been just nasty when he’s pitched. Hopefully Dodgers will keep rising to and beyond the level of their opponents. Go Dodgers

  3. Urias, although young, is no rookie. He has more experience than Buehler professionally. He has been in high pressure situations before. His stuff is nasty and he proved that at the end of the year in the few chances he got. He has pitched 4 innings and struck out 7. He will not even pitch that many in this series. With Cingrani out, and Alexander sometimes ineffective, it makes sense. He is more of a strikeout pitcher than either of those guys. I would have not had Wood on the roster though. Kind of redundant since Ferguson does the same job better.

    1. I’d say Urias has the best stuff, maybe outside of Buehler, on the staff right now. With Kershaw’s loss of velocity and Hill’s lack of variety.

  4. Starting lineup…… Taylor LF, Turner 3B, Freese 1B, Machado SS, Kemp RF, Hernandez 2B, Bellinger CF, Grandal C, Kershaw P. Bellinger and Kershaw only LH hitters. Milwaukee’s lineup…….. Cain CF, Yelich RF, Braun LF, Aguilar 1B, Perez 2B, Moustakis 3B, Pina C, Arcia SS, Gonzalez P.

  5. I’m pumped for tonight game. The playoff pit is forming in my stomach.
    I’m hoping to see my dog run around the house tonight. He gets crazy when the Dodgers score because he can tell I am excited.
    My keys to the game: patience at the plate, pitch around Yelich as much as possible, crisp defense and avoiding the big inning (I know, I am really going out on the limb here)

  6. I am soooooooooooooooooooo glad Grandal is a free agent this winter……..2 passed balls, 2 errors and ofer 2 with 2 K’s. The guy is WORTHLESS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kershaw not good tonight either….So come on RYU tomorrow…

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