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Dodgers Trade Rumors: Potential Corey Seager Swap Ideas

Corey Seager

For the record I think moving Corey Seager would be a big mistake. However Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Cincinnati Reds have been showing interest and have contacted the Dodgers about Corey Seager. I have no idea how much juice these rumors have, but I would doubt the Dodgers trade Seager this winter. Yet there is a possibility the Dodgers move him next winter. We have heard rumblings this offseason that the Dodgers were considering trading Seager. Maybe there is a bit of truth to these rumors?

If the Dodgers were to trade Seager, I think it would be dependent on two things. The first would be that Seager has two years left of arbitration and after that will be eligible for free agency. We all know that Andrew Friedman is cheap and rarely participates in free agency. The Dodgers may not sign him and you would figure Seager would leave to go after his first big MLB pay day.

The now small market operated Dodgers wouldn’t care because they have top prospect Gavin Lux. Although I think Seager is a better hitter than Lux. As I discussed in a previous article, Lux looks like more of a top of the order contact hitter. Seager has more power, at least equal on-base skills and is basically a more productive hitter. We won’t know if this evaluation is true until we see Lux perform in 2020. I could be wrong, but this is what I say based on Lux’s first taste of MLB action last season.

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Seager still had a strong season despite missing time due to injuries. Seager recovered from Tommy John surgery rather slowly before finally getting hot and seemed to get his timing back in the middle of the season. Overall Seager slashed .272/.336/.483 with 19 home runs 87 runs batted in and a league leading 44 doubles in 2019. Seager’s 2019 campaign was about 15% better than league average offensively. On average throughout his career, he’s been about 25% better than the league average hitter.

If the Dodgers moved him this winter it would predicate on the Dodgers going after and signing Josh Donaldson. If this were to happen, I would assume Donaldson would play third base, Justin Turner would shift across the diamond to first and Lux would slide over to shortstop. That would leave Max Muncy open to play second and or mix and match with Chris Taylor, Enrique Hernandez or someone else.

But if this becomes reality, who would the Dodgers want in a potential Seager deal with the Reds? I think any deal with the Reds would need to involve one reliever and two top prospects, and possibly one other MLB ready pitcher. The Reds are trying to claw their way back to relevancy and I am sure they would be delighted to upgrade the shortstop position from Freddy Galvis to Corey Seager. So what could a hypothetical deal between the two clubs look like? I like Michael Lorenzen.

Lorenzen is a two-way player. He’s an effective late-inning right handed reliever that can hit and play the outfield. The Dodgers wouldn’t need his hitting abilities, just his skills as a pitcher. Lorenzen notched 83.1 frames in 2019 while posting a 2.92 ERA and punching out 85 hitters and limiting hitters to 7.3 hits per nine. He’s been solid and durable. But the Dodgers also need a starting pitcher.

Perhaps Sonny Gray or Anthony DeSclafani could be involved in a potential swap? Gray had a nice rebound year in 2019 by striking out 205 and posting a 2.87 ERA over 175.1 innings pitched. Descalfini could be ready to break out.

If the Dodgers wanted just a haul of prospects maybe they could ask for a couple of the Red’s top prospects. For example Young infielder Jonathan India could be an enticing piece. Or perhaps first round pick, left hander Nick Lodolo would be someone that would pique the Dodger’s interest?

I don’t know who the Dodgers would want in return or who the Reds would make available. I’m throwing out possible names. I do think this could be something that could happen with Seager quickly approaching free agency. And you all know how Friedman handles free agency.

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

23 thoughts on “Dodgers Trade Rumors: Potential Corey Seager Swap Ideas

  1. If it isn’t Suarez, forget it. I do not see the Dodgers weakening them selves at all, and trading Seager weakens the team. The chances Donaldson signs in LA are very slim. They could do this another way if Seager was not so stubborn. He has resisted a move to 3rd. That would open 1st for Turner, slide Lux to SS and make Muncy the every day second baseman. I think Lux needs to show he can make more consistent contact in the majors before I move him to the top of the order.

    1. Agree Michael.

      Rosenthal brought up the Reds only in context of a Lindor trade so the Dodgers wouldn’t have two SS both entering FA in two years. I’m not sure how that was missed in this article.

  2. Luis Castillo? I don’t think it’s happening either, at least not until Lux has proven himself. Seager struggled a bit with LHP for the first time last year, so he could bounce back. Don’t really see what signing Donaldson has to do with it.

    1. An idea as far as Donaldson goes would be he could bat 5th behind Bellinger to offer RHB and protection in the lineup. Otherwise Bellinger gets pitched around, especially if Roberts has guys like Kiki and or Taylor hitting behind him.. If that were the case I can’t imagine Bellinger would see very many pitches to hit at all.

      1. With as much money as he wants, Donaldson is not coming to LA. He wants a 4 year deal in excess of 100 million. No way this bunch signs a guy who is almost as old as Turner to that kind of a deal. Belli gets 11.5, Kike 5 something, Strip, Seager, Urias all in the fold. Baez, Muncy, Taylor and Pederson did not agree today. Dodgers and Muncy 675 thousand apart. Dodgers offering 4, Muncy wants 4.675. Pederson and LA about 1.2 mil apart. Joc want 8 something, and LA offering 7. Baez wants 4, LA says, 3.25. Gyorko now with the Brewers, and surprise, it is a MLB deal, not a minor league contract. All the trade chatter has quieted down. Also, Betts is getting 27 million. So, If the Dodgers were to trade for those 2, the Red Sox would have to take at least 20 million back in salary for this year. Joc and Pollock would do that, or close to it anyway, otherwise, monetarily it will not work for LA.

        1. All these guys deserve what they are asking. Especially Muncy. There is no need to drag this out. Reconstitute the Division Champion, do it now, and while you’re at it motivate the younger players with at least 2 roster spots. On my team that’s May, Gonsolin and Lux. Beaty probably deserves a spot too, so maybe Kiké or Taylor can be traded.

          This is a playoff team already. They’ve proved it time and again. There will be opportunities all the way to August so stop it with the continued trade intrigue and motivate the 26 we have on board.

          1. Deadline is July 31. There will not be any trades in August anymore, unless they get a player who is not on the MLB roster.

          2. Be careful not to reduce the already limited RHB on the team. Beaty , a LHB can earn a roster spot as a utility player, not a starter but I would also give Kyle Garlic another shot at making the roster as well.

          3. The day after July 31st is August. I’m aware there are no trades after that, and that is why I said all the way to August. That’s over 7 months from now. A lot can happen in 7 months. I happen to believe a lot WILL happen between now and August.

            As for that RHB everybody seems to be Jonesing for, I regurgitate, which means to repeat – give me hitters who can hit. It doesn’t matter who is on the mound, it matters who is in the box. We led the league in scoring with the guys we had. You want to change that chemistry? I think change for change sake is a really bad idea. Seager, Bellinger, Verdugo, Muncy and Lux can hit anybody. Pederson? Ok, He crushes 61% of the league’s pitching to a 3WAR. Platoon Pollock, Hernandez, Taylor with him 31% of time. Problem already solved.

            I like this team. I like the veterans and I like the young guys we have ready to prove themselves. I’m excited about the coming season.

  3. As far as Seager is concerned, my initial guess is he won’t be dealt but that his agent who is Boras will take him out on the FA market which means that after the 2021 season there’s a good chance that Seager will be elsewhere come 2022.

    1. Sort of like Lindor in Cleveland.

      Let’s make the most of the next two years. Frankly I can see as much production from Seager in LA as Lindor will get in Cleveland. It will be interesting how they compare over the next 300+ games.

      1. Badger, to your point about having guys who hit both hands of pitchers well, I concur, but Dodger FO does not feel there are enough guys that fall into that category. Lux is still somewhat unproven, as he was only called up last Sept. But every time the Dodgers face a LHP why then does Roberts and Co change up the lineup if they felt enough of the starters had reasonably good splits against them. Back in the day we NEVER saw those 4 Infielders (Garvey, Lopes, Russell and Cey) being taken in and out of the lineup according to who they are facing.

  4. I misread there Badger, forgive my gaff. Betts most likely will not be traded. Red Sox owner has backed off of that some. Says he is more focused on putting a winning team on the field. Price right now has a 55-45 chance of being traded. Bradley JR. though is still on the market. Dodgers have an interest in signing Danny Salazar. Former Indians starter who has been out for a while. He came back last year and strained a groin and did not pitch again. AF’s cup o tea!

    1. No problem Bear.

      Salazar? Why? What does he offer we don’t already have?

      I read that bit about the Red Sox. Why wouldn’t they try to complete? To do otherwise makes no sense. They might project to fade, but I believe their listed wins total sits around 90. That suggests they can compete, especially with a positive move. Their Division looks tough, with New York and Tampa sitting where they do, but Boston fans have come to expect a reach for post season. They still have an impressive middle order, and the still have Sale, Rodriguez and Sale

  5. I do not know why they want Salazar at all. But it has been reported on several Dodger blogs and is on twitter too. I guess they like what he was before the injury bug bit him. Paul, I am not so keen on Garlick. He had a few good AB’s and a couple of homers, but he seems like a I need to play everyday player more than a platoon guy. Beaty is ready to hit all the time. Garlick did not look like that at all. And I personally do not think he can crack that outfield rotation as long as Kike, Taylor and Pollock are around. If they add another RH bat, I have to think it will come in the form of an infielder. Frazier signs with Texas.

    1. I am not suggestion Garlick takes a starters job, but Dodgers evidently feel Beaty may just be a utility player and in a small sample size they didn’t think he was good enough against LHP, therefor we saw him have only 4 hits in 32 AB’s against them in 2019. As far as Garlick goes, I understand why he and most guys want to be in there every day if that is indeed what they were doing in the minors.

  6. Lux will be given opportunity to figure out Major League left handed pitchers. He hit ‘em in the minors, no reason to believe he won’t here. Platoons are available if necessary.

    I don’t see room for Beaty or Garlick. Unless of course Verdugo isn’t ready to go. We have Pollock, Pederson, Hernandez and Taylor. That’s an abundance of outfielders. For the record, I don’t trade Joc. I’d like to see him improve his average but 36 home runs from a platoon guy looks pretty not too bad to me.

    1. Fair enough as far as Lux against LHP goes . he did well enough in the minors and although the sample size was small in 2019, keep in mind that hitting MLB pitching is at a whole different level. IDK the exact numbers but if I recall Joc was an everyday player when he was given the CF job in 2015. He hit all comers in minors well enough to earn a stating job. But again hitting MLB pitching (RH or LH) is much more advanced difficult compared to the minor leagues is all I am saying.

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