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Dodgers Win One For Dad on Father’s Day

The Dodgers gave all the fathers out there the best gift a Dad could receive on Father’s Day; a win. The Dodgers beat the Cubs 3-2 on Sunday afternoon to win the series over the Chicago club three games to one. It certainly wasn’t easy. The Dodgers had to survive a late game rally by the Cubs in order to prevail. But hey a win is a win is a win.

Dodger’s starter Hyun-jin Ryu turned in another sterling performance. The Korean left hander allowed just two unearned runs on seven hits over seven frames while striking out eight. He lowered his ERA to an MLB leading 1.26. He didn’t get the win but he definitely continues to be a front-runner for the National League Cy Young award. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins it.

Chicago starter Jose Quintana was good too. Although with the weak lineup (Hernandez batting lead-off again?…Really?) the Dodgers put out, it wasn’t hard. Quintana allowed just two earned runs on six hits while striking out three. The Dodgers plated a run in the bottom of the first when they got a single from David Freese and drew three consecutive walks. Max Muncy knocked in the run with a bases loaded walk.

The Cubs would plate two in the top of the sixth to take the lead thanks to a Justin Turner throwing error, Kris Bryant bloop single, a Wilson Contreras squeaker through the infield and a sacrifice fly from David Bote. Ryu remained in the game.

Cubs       2 9 0

Dodgers 3 7 1





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Cody Bellinger’s solo home run over the center field wall to lead off the bottom of the sixth tied the score at 2-2. The Dodgers could have had more in that inning when Taylor doubled, and Muncy singled and took second on the throw home. The Dodgers had second and third with nobody out. But Russell Martin looked foolish and struck out swinging. Alex Verdugo pinch-hit for Kyle Garlick but the Cubs intentionally walked him to load the bases. The Dodgers let Ryu bat and he struck out. Then pinch-hitter Joc Pederson grounded out to end the frame. It’s a shame that the Dodger bullpen is so bad that they had to let Ryu bat for himself there. Plus with all the stupid platooning there are very few pinch-hitting options available on the bench.

The Dodgers reclaimed the lead off of the Chicago bullpen in the bottom of the eighth. Taylor walked and moved over to second on Muncy’s grounder. Then Martin poked a flare single to left to score Taylor. The throw home was close but Taylor does a superman like dive into home plate just beating the throw. The Dodgers take a 3-2 lead!

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Of course nothing is ever easy with an inferior bullpen. Kenley Jansen blower of Saturday night’s game was called in to pitch the ninth again. Ross Stripling had pitched a scoreless eighth previously. Albert Almora singles and Jason Heyward walks. Kyle Schwarber’s grounder moves the runners over to second and third with one out. Good thing the Cubs have not been very good this season with runners in scoring position, but some poor base running helped the Dodgers get out of this. Victor Caratini grounds one back to the box but Almora was running on contact. He tried to score but Kenley tosses to Martin just in time to tag him out. With runners on the corners and two outs, Javier Baez lines out to Verdugo in center as he makes a nice running catch. The Dodgers survive!

There’s some adjustments that need to be made but the Dodgers are still the best team in the National League. That should make our Dads pretty happy. For all of the Fathers out there, from all of use over here….Happy Father’s Day! To my Dad especially, I want to say Happy Papa Day!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

22 thoughts on “Dodgers Win One For Dad on Father’s Day

  1. Taylor initially looked like he was going to be out by 2-3 steps but Contreras choked. I think either Barnes or Martin gets Taylor there. Love it.

    Ryu still awesome.

    We can’t have Taylor and Kike both starting. So unfair to our pitchers when they do that. You’re looking at basically four easy outs for 6 innings (Taylor, Kike, our catcher and our pitcher).

    1. A great quote from Martin and a reason why I think unathletic catchers (like Grandal) are way overrated by the current system.

      “When Jansen got ahead of pinch-hitter Victor Caratini with two strikes, Martin called for a slider in the dirt. Martin’s block of the breaking ball prevented Almora from scoring on a wild pitch.
      “The last thing I wanted him to do is throw a strike slider there,” Martin said. “In my mind, I’m anticipating that exact pitch. You’ve got to be ready for it. His job is to throw that pitch. It’s my job to block it.”

      Jansen (or Kershaw or Maeda) are not throwing that pitch in the dirt with Grandal behind the plate and a runner on third, and the other team knows it and will load up on the pitcher even in a 1-2 count.

      1. Very good point on Martin allowing pitchers to throw pitches down in the dirt. Those little things don’t show up in stats but they are a huge difference. Never liked Grandmal, to me he is an overall failure at catcher, the stats just don’t bear out the real stuff regarding that position.

        Get your tickets now for the off-broadway show, Gaskanley on a Hot Tin Roof. I’ll say it again, if GasKanley is our closer in the post season we have a huge problem.

        1. Well then, don’t be too alarmed, because KJ will be the Dodger’s closer come this PS. Dodgers may fortify the BP at the deadline but my guess is that at least for the rest of 2019, Kenley will be the closer.

  2. Another quality start by Hyun Jin Ryu “wasted”. 7 innings 0 BB, 8 K’s,. Just gave up 2 runs. In a tough 6th inning started by a JT throwing error.

    Dodger offense once again sputtered with 2-8 RISP, 9

    Kenley made it look all too difficult, by walking the first two batters he faced.

    I know that bringing in Kenley to “close” is the typical protocol, but he has been having problems, and this was his third straight appearance (due to poor offensive support). While Stripling continued to throw in the bullpen after being pulled for our “designated closer”, Jansen struggled, and almost blew another save and game. Strips could have easily stayed in, he was pitching fine. Jansen even admitted that he did not have it Saturday, and was not ready. Why was he brought in, just because it is what they do? The offense has to give Jansen a 3-run cushion of insurance, anymore. One run is just not enough.

    Sometimes, these typical Dodger protocols end up hurting, more then helping. How about managing to the current situation? Don’t make these moves, just because it is what they do?

  3. Damn it, Bluefan, quit stating sensible ideas for the Dodgers, leaving a pitcher in the game that is kicking ass just isn’t going to happen. Look if you follow the logic of some, you have a high paid closer and regardless of how he feels or his history indicates, you simple MUST put him into the game, duh! You see if you keep repeating the same strategies you obviously will get a different result. Remember these major prinicipals from now on and quit bothering us with logic, here goes:
    1. Always put in GasKanley regardless of circumstance or recent history data.
    2. Lefties NEVER EVER hit opposing L-word pitchers.
    3. NEVER EVER reward great performances by letting a player play the following day following said great performance.
    4.NEVER EVER dump a high paid FA that is a flop, stick with the guy and make sure the suffering continues club-wide. That way, the payroll department and the rest of the team can suffer equally.
    5. Constantly frustrate your players in the minor leagues with any means possible.

    That should do it, Bluefan, enough of your silly postings, lol

    1. LOL, but true. In fairness, Bellinger, Muncy and to an extent Verdugo do seem to hold their own against LHP.. But as far as that goes, it’s the few RH bats we have that don’t necessarily hit lefties all that well.
      Bellinger himself hit 3 HR’s in this series with the Cubs..all against LHP. and if I have numbers correct here Bellinger has 10 of his 23 HR’s against LHP alone!

      1. No, it is not possible that Bellinger hit any HRs against L-words, please get your facts straight, sheez! Listen clearly, LEFTIES CAN’T HIT L-WORDS!!!

          1. Clumping “0”-fers together like that is like forfeiting 5 innings to the opposition. That gives the Dodgers’ offense only 4 innings to generate runs, and if any of the remaining three hitters are not hitting (like Verdugo last night) the remaining two are in deep trouble. If they do hit, they have to hit it out of the park (like Mighty Max) or they will most surely be left on base. By the “0”-fers.

  4. Damn it, True Blue. I’m sorry. I should know better. Like preaching to the choir.

    Please forgive me. How stupid of me????

  5. Starting to sound like a broken record…

    A wasted Quality Start, this time by Maeda.
    An Early call to the Beleaguered Bullpen.
    Urias walks first two, and pays the price.
    A dormant offense. 1-5 RISP, 8 LOB

    The biggest mistake….An “0”-fer bottom of the lineup. Nine instant outs, 3 wasted innings. CT3, Kiké, Barnes…. not the guys you should bunch together in the lineup.

    Only game worthy moments….

    Maeda’s strong 5 innings. But still need to get at least seven to avoid the bullpen.
    Ferguson looked good, mopping up for Urias. But damage was done.
    Pederson finally gets a hit. 1-31.
    Muncy sends Bedde looking for the ball in the RF Pavilion.
    Panda gets his paw in the way of Muncy’s Bigfoot.

    So, The Dodgers start the 4-game series, resting Justin Turner. Not a wise decision, when they are already short a Cory Seager. Gives the Gnats an advantage before the first pitch.
    Will Smith tearing up the Minors, but according the Andy’s book, he says, “The Kid’s Are Not Ready For the Big Show Yet”

  6. The race to Mendoza is heating up.

    Austin Mendoza is the current leader at .206.
    Followed By Kikkeee Mendoza at .210.
    Bringing up the rear is Chris “Taylor” Mendoza at .218.

    Joc Mendoza (.234) and AJ Mendoza (.223) are looking to get in the game, but are on the outside looking in. And frankly, do not have the strong Mendoza game to compete with our leaders at this time.

    1. ? I hear you Mexivin,

      Just like they have Jackie Robinson day, where everyone wears #42…. the Dodgers could have a Mendoza Day, and all the Dodgers could have Mendoza on the backs of their jerseys.

      Could even have a Mendoza Bobblehead Night…. heck Kelly was worthy of the honor, so should Mendoza!

      1. Forgot about the Bullpen…. how about “Gas Kan-ley Night”…. everyone in attendance gets an empty Dodger Blue Gas Can.

        1. They would have to be empty, otherwise Michael would be concerned that people would lite them up and could hurt some people in attendance, lol.

      2. Roberts liked the approach on their last at bats, so lets not talk about replacing them until July 31st…

          1. Blue
            I don’t know what Dummy was looking at either. It must be pictures because he can’t read or write. Andy is crazy about him too.

  7. Seems to be the case, after an embarrassing Dodgers’ loss, they rebound with “An Angry Win”….. a 9-0 angry shutout of the Gnats.

    Kershaw pitches a 7 inning, 3 hit gem of a shutout. Floro and Kelly (yes, I did not stutter) slam the door shut. Both relievers looked impressive.

    The “Angry Offense” piles on 9 runs on 14 hits. Just about everyone contributed to the onslaught, even the “0”-fer Boys, led by Pederson with a 1st inning leadoff HR, and Kiké seals the deal with a 7th inning Grand Salami. Still a bit sketchy with 3-14 RISP and 10 LOB. Overall, a win is a win.

    Big Blue, Take The Next Two.

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