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The Best Baseball Core Exercises For Strength and Stability

Baseball is a game that requires core strength and stability. As a player, you are either swinging the bat or running as fast as you can to give your team a victory. Any fitness expert or experienced athlete will tell you that this is not an easy task if you do not have the right muscles, power and energy.

Therefore, all baseball players should remain dedicated to the right exercises if they want to play at their best. Their coaches, personal managers and trainers should emphasize this as well. The good news is the most important baseball core workouts are listed below.


Generally speaking, planks are useful when it comes to preparing the core for any sports. Therefore, getting down to perform any popular planks every time you have a fitness session is important. It is even better to have variations of types of planks within a week. Consider side planks to be one of the best exercises for the core. However, others like standard planks and knee planks are good as well. The more variations you make in a week, the better for your core.

Med Ball Rotational Workouts

If you are a serious baseball player, this is one workout to do often. Your core will be well prepared for swinging a bat by the end of the training session. According to fitness experts, you can create your own variations when engaging in the med ball rotational workouts. What matters is how often the core is exercised. Consistency also plays a major role in this case.


Soldiers tend to do numerous sit-ups in a day as part of their training. This helps them to perfect their core and particularly their abs. Likewise, baseball players should focus on doing some sit-ups every time they go to the gym.

If you ask the Steroids Evolution experts how to make use of enhancement gear, they will tell you that sit-ups are one of the best workouts for the job. When the core is fit, the rest of the body gains strength and stability. And this is what you get with sit-ups.

Barbell Squats

Although many people think that this exercise is only for the lower body, fitness experts say that barbell squats help the core area more. As you go down with the weight on your shoulders, the hips and the entire core area become stronger. Remember that this is where all the stability and power of the body come from. Therefore, you cannot avoid this workout as a baseball player who wants to gain core strength and stability.

Leg Presses

The last important workout that you should consider is the leg press. Although the lower body might be the target, the core area is the main support for the legs and equally benefits. The hips act like the hinges when the legs start to press the weight. Therefore, baseball players have a lot to gain from this workout if they want to increase their core strength and stability.

Together with the other workouts discussed above, any baseball expert will benefit greatly from these workouts. What matters is how they are incorporated into other workouts that you are engaged in.

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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