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Embattled Dodgers Edge Padres in Extras

The Dodgers edged the Padres in 12 innings 5-4 on Saturday night overcoming another Kenley Jansen blown save and another Dodger Stadium power outage securing a series win. Clayton Kershaw tossed seven innings allowing two earned runs on seven hits with nine strikeouts but was not involved in the decision. Manny Machado and Max Muncy both smacked their 30th homers of the season. Machado’s shot came in the first with muncy and Justin Turner aboard to put the Dodgers up 3-0.

The Padres got on the scoreboard in the top of the third on a Freddy Galvis RBI single. They added another run in the top of the seventh when some guy named Franmil Reyes homered off of Kerhsaw to cut the Dodger lead to 3-2. The Dodgers went up 4-2 on Muncy’s 30th homer in the bottom half of the seventh. It could have been 5-2 but Kershaw got thrown out at second by Reyes when trying to extend his single into a double before the Muncy homer.

The Padres picked up another run in the eighth on an Eric Hosmer ground out. Things could have been worse for the Dodgers had Hunter Renfroe not gotten hit by Wil Myer’s line drive batted ball off of third base. But of course Kenley Jansen entered in the ninth and served up another homer, this one to Austin Hedges which tied the score at 4-4. The game went into extra innings and Kenta Maeda came in to pitch. Poor Kenley, the guy is obviously not right.

In the bottom of the 12th with the tying run at second base, the lights at Dodger stadium went out and the game went into a power outage delay. When the power was restored Turner dunked one into right field, scoring Matt Kemp from second base and the Dodgers came away with a win!

The Dodgers and Padres wrap up the series on Sunday afternoon as the boys in blue go for the sweep. Lights on or lights off the Dodgers still have a chance to make the playoffs. Perhaps they just got the Divine intervention they needed. Or maybe somebody didn’t pay the bill. Either way the Dodgers are not going down without a fight. Just keep the lights on.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

34 thoughts on “Embattled Dodgers Edge Padres in Extras

  1. A fitting end to a bizarre game. Jansen has now given up 10 homers this year after only giving up 9 the last 2 years combined. The offense once again wasted chances. You get runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs, you should score. They cost Kershaw a win. It is getting very tiring watching Chris Taylor continue to strike out more than anyone else in the league. His total now stands at 150. That’s more than he did all of last year in about 51 less at bats. Combine that with the slug at the plate that is Yasmani Grandal, who also K’d 3 times along with Bellinger, and you can understand ones frustration with this bunch. Grandal has 97 K’s in 357 at bats. Over 27% of his at bats are useless. Bellinger now sits at 129 K’s. He struck out 146 times last year. He has been hot most of the month so he gets a pass. What made it worse was listening to the driveling of Davis and Hershiser, about the worst duo in the league, except for the Rockies TV guys who are the biggest homers in the universe. I am glad I did not have to listen to them call the Game tonight with that huge inning the Rocks hung on the Cardinals. That would have been unwatchable. But Rockies fans get free tacos whenever the Rocks score 7 or more, so there will be some happy campers in Rockieland. It was a good night for the farm system. All 4 teams won. Rancho won their 5th in a row. Will Smith seems a little over matched in AAA. Hitting below the Mendoza line there. Toles down to .314, and not playing that much it seems. Good news is that the Mariners beat the D-Backs. Az and Colorado are tied for first with the Dodgers 2.5 back. The in game interview with Rich Hill was pretty good, but I would definitely rather have Nomah as the color guy rather than rattle on about nothing Hershiser. Good pitcher, but as a color guy, he sucks.

    1. I watched the San Diego announcers calling the game. They are good. Their team is not good.

      Jansen has become a problem. How can you go into the playoffs, if we make it, with a closer who is blowing more saves than saving games? I would say, you can’t. In fact, in-game, I said to myself two things, leave Kershaw alone, and when that didn’t happen, I said don’t bring in Jansen. Why isn’t Dummy written on the back of Roberts’ uniform? Also, replacing Muncy, who had 2 hits as the leadoff batter, with Kike? Boing, boing, boing. Hello. Anyone home? It’s not Roberts who is winning us any games.

  2. “It’s not Roberts who is winning us any games.”

    What have I been trying to tell you for werks? It’s not Roberts, it’s the players.

    1. Maybe that name should be “Ostrich”… Jeff just pointed out another flagrant Roberts error. The players are what they are, more to the point, apparently they are the players FAZ wants. All of us would like to see them perform better, because they already lose enough games, we don’t need a bad manager losing more games with bad decisions…

      1. “Jeff just pointed out another flagrant error”

        I must have missed it.

        I thought he was spot on. Roberts isn’t winning any games. I agree. He isn’t. It’s the players who win and lose games. According to the stats, that’s true 97% of the time.

        I think the error in Jeff’s post is that he said he watched the San Diego announcers. Most people listen to announcers. Maybe if he watched the game instead, he might have a clearer understanding of what’s actually going on out there. You know, keep your eye on the ball, not on those who announce what the ball might be doing. Just a suggestion.

        1. Michael

          You are so full of crap, when it comes to Toles.

          He only had last night off, and his numbers have not dropped much at all.

          And if you were really following what the AAA team was doing, you would know that Toles has been doing well lately.

          Verdugo’s numbers have dropped more, but he like Toles, is still hitting a lot higher, then most on the major league team!

          How many players on this major league team is even hitting 300?

          And Toles is hitting 389, and OPSING in the 1000s, when runners are in scoring position, along when any runners are on base.

          And Toles has these type of numbers every time, he was played in the majors too.

          In fact, Verdugo didn’t play for three straight games, and he has only played in the last three games.

          And that is because the AAA manager is trying to keep both Verdugo and Toles fresh, for when they are called up in September.

          Stop saying crap that I just not true!

          1. Such language! The last couple of times I have checked the lineup, Toles was not in it. I do not check everyday, but I look in a couple times a week. But Toles was hitting close to .330 not too long ago. The problem with you MJ is that you have tunnel vision. You believe Toles can come up and put up those kinds of numbers right out of the box. I think Toles has a lot of talent. He has speed, is a good defender, and occasionally he hits the long ball. Nothing he is doing at AAA has changed any of that. The problem is that the FO obviously does not think so. If it did, he would be here. Yeah, they all go through slumps. Majors and minors. And for your information, the AAA manager has a name, it is Bill Hasselman. Former MLB catcher. Just because those guys are hitting over .300 at AAA does not mean they are going to step onto the field and do that. And the managers at the minor league level pretty much play who the FO tells them to play. So the only person talking crap is you. You have passion and a love of the team, but you have no inside information as to why anybody is playing and someone else is not. Yeah, Toles has had some success at the major league level and the last time he was up, Verdugo did also. But, and this is the big fish in the water, neither has had enough significant playing time in the majors to prove they can do that consistently. You like Toles, I get it, and if you were running the team, in your infinite wisdom, he would be up there playing ahead of Joc, Kike and whoever else you thought he is better than. Doesn’t work that way. The roster dictates who is up, and who is down. No doubt both Toles and Verdugo will get a chance very soon to show their wares. When the September call ups arrive, then they will be here. I said a couple of weeks ago that the only way either one of those guys gets promoted to the majors before September is if someone goes down with an injury. And I guarantee you, Toles would not be the guy they brought up. Verdugo is their # 1 prospect, and he would get the call. So quit your whining about Toles. He is depth, nothing more at this point in the season, and unless someone is a standout prospect, AAA numbers rarely translate to the majors.

        2. Badger, you’re a bit confused, I think, or maybe you are being too clever, once again. I should have clarified that I watched the game with the San Diego broadcasters, but anyone could have figured that out. What you seem to have not understood, or maybe you did and I did not understand, is that my comment about Roberts not winning us games was about his poor decision making putting us at a disadvantage. Was that too tongue in cheek for you? I’m not sure. Managers can lose and win games by their decisions during in-game management. Surely you must see this after being a fan for 50 years.

          1. I was pulling your lanyard Jeff

            “The players make the manager, not the other way around”

            “I don’t believe a manager ever won a pennant”.

            Both quotes from Sparky Anderson. I defer to his opinion on the subject.

          2. Michael

            You problem is the fact you open your mouth about a player, for no reason at all.

            Most Dodger fans no the truth, including me.

  3. We need some good wins against good teams. We still don’t look like a playoff team, not to me. I see a bunch of pretenders who thinks they can flip the switch. September is upon us, let’s see what they’ve got.

    1. First, what is Roberts suppose to do, when the Dodgers are paying Kenley the big bucks?

      He had to give Kenley another try, but I am sure that was Kenley’s last chance, for a while, until he gets his self together.

      Remember some thought maybe Kenley blew that save the game before, because he was up all night, because his wife gave birth, that night before.

      I would have Maeda be our closer, until Kenley gets his stuff together.

      Maeda is not as good against lefties, so they may have to use match ups, when a tough leftie is in the line up, at the end of the game.

      Muncy sure did more then Joc has in the lead off position lately yesterday, so that was a good call from Roberts.

      Jeff maybe Roberts toke out Muncy for defensive purposes, but I don’t remember if Kike stayed in for defense, but that would be my guess.

      I wish it was only Taylor and Grandal who were the problem in these situations, but we know that is not true.

      Both in the Times, and the article from Fangraphs that Jonah posted, had a list of players that are not getting the job done in these situations.

      And most of those players on those lists, have had trouble hitting in runs year after year, except Cody and Taylor, because they both were good in these situations, last year.

      No one on that team did especially well yesterday except Muncy and Manny.

      Turner did get the game winning hit, and had another hit, but most in that line up, didn’t do much.

      Kershaw made another out on the bases, like he had just done, two games before.

      But Kershaw saved Puig big time, after Puig threw a ball to third, that should have never been thrown, because the runner was already on third, and that would have cost us a run too.

      And actually the Padres players gave us an easy win after Turner hit that blooper, because they didn’t even rush to throw the ball, or Kemp may have been thrown out, or still be on third.

      1. I turned on the Dbacks game momentarily yesterday, and talk about homers!

        They talked really badly about a strike call an umpire called, and I have never heard an announcer talk like they did, about a call, from an umpire.

        It wasn’t just what they said, it was the way they said it, so sarcastically.

        They sounded classless.

      2. I’ve said it before. I have always thought Kenley is either a head case or has a “chemical problem”…

        1. Jonah

          I will say this, I think Kenley talks way to much at times, and now he just has to get the job done.

          He talked about how everyone had to man up, after he had blown his previous save.

          And Kershaw also cost us a run, by running into a out, in the second game, in a row.

          If Kershaw stays at first there, he would have came home on Muncy’s HR.

  4. Badger
    I think the part about managing you will not acknowledge is sometimes managers are so into themselves that they do not make good decisions. Such is the case with Roberts. I agree with the saying you cannot be an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys is true but Roberts makes to many bad in game decisions not to have an impact on the ending, plus his lineups are over the top. That is the reason I so dislike him and his actions.

    1. Package

      The front office are involved in making these lineups.

      Orel and Joe have said this more then one time on the broadcast.

      They said they get together and make these line ups, far in advance.

  5. Good win.

    2? 2.5? games out. I still think the division is their’s, they are just much better and deeper than anyone else.

    But it’s quite hard to get back to win all the time, and remarkably difficult to make it back to the WS in back to back years, so my expectations are a bit, er, um, managed.

    Jansen will be fine, the question is do you let him work through his trouble as a set-up or as a closer. I’m not nearly informed enough to know the pros and cons of both.

    1. Nor is anyone else. Bottom line, all of us will decide what we think is the best thing to do. But. Only the manager can implement his decision, we can’t. But. We get to criticize his decision. It all works out…

  6. Good thing Dummy is giving Muncy a break, don’t want to over work him…

    Brian Dozier (R) 2B
    Justin Turner (R) 3B
    Manny Machado (R) SS
    Matt Kemp (R) LF
    Enrique Hernandez (R) 1B
    Chris Taylor (R) CF
    Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    Austin Barnes (R) C
    Hyun-Jin Ryu (R) P

    1. Jonah

      I just saw that Kike is playing first over Muncy.

      This starting pitcher for the Padres, better be really tough on lefties, or this is complete BS, with Kike at first.

      Because Muncy is hitting lefties better then most of this line up, including Kike’!

      And Muncy is hitting lefties, better then righties!
      lefties are hitting this pitcher better then righties, so Muncy for sure, should be in this game!

  7. Pack, I’m not saying I agree with everything Roberts does. He’s done some weird things (Kiké pitching) I know only this – I’m not much on moneyball tactics so when all this matching and lineup nonsense happens I just raise an eyebrow and say “hope it works”. It did last year, much to my surprise.

    And this – when it comes to a MLB manager, I am just stating what I’ve always believed – give Homer the players and he would win more than he loses. Ok, maybe that’s a bad example, but hopefully you get the point.

    MJ, Toles is only there in case someone gets hurt. Verdugo is our top prospect, and he’s still here, so I figure he fits into next year’s starting lineup.

    Jonah, analyzing and presenting our thoughts is what this place is for. Even when you’re wrong, I still respect and am challenged by your aberrant point of view.

    1. Badger

      He will have to earn it, so we will see.

      Because like I said, Verdugo doesn’t hit in the clutch, and that is the problem with this team.

      You better look at his numbers in these situations, because they drop a lot!

      Anyways, I wasn’t debating that, I was only answering to Michael’s ridiculous claims, that were not the true.

        1. I know you do MJ.

          Verdugo’s clutch numbers at AAA won’t stop him from making the club. It’s his turn. He will play next year.

          Misplay in center by Taylor. Roberts fault?

          1. Badger

            We will see, because he will have to earn it!

            And he doesn’t have good numbers in those situations at the major league level, either.

      1. I think Verdugo should get a longer look. He’s barely played this year. They called him up for a cup of coffee last year when rosters expanded and he’s played but a few weeks this season. it’s too small of a sample size. He’s a contact hitter, and I think he can learn some situational hitting. I love his defense and I would like to see more of him.

    2. Aberrant?? That’s in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? I could be wrong but I think my views are in line with most people who post here. Your view is the one which seems outdated. You would be snoozing on the fore deck of the Titanic as it went down, wondering what all the excitement was about…

      1. So you’re saying most on this board are wrong?

        I don’t think that will go over very well.

        I was just messing with you. I don’t think you’re aberrant. I meant you’re an abecedarian. Must have been autocorrect that got me.

  8. Bottom of the fifth… I would not hit for Ryu this inning because
    A. He is still effective.
    B. He’s just as likely to get on base as a pinch hitter.
    So we know Dummy will hit for him. Pack is right.

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