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Farmer John Dodger Dog Giveaway #FJlovesLA


Farmer John hot dogs, the official sponsor hot dog of Dodger Stadium is holding an exciting giveaway. You could win a 10 dollar coupon good for any Farmer John products including Dodger dogs. Here’s how to enter.


SHARE a FARMER JOHN® DODGER DOG® photo from Farmer John’s social media accounts OR get creative and share your original photo taken at home or taken at a Dodgers game.

TAG Farmer John in your caption on Instagram,  Facebook  or Twitter with the following tags; @FarmerJohnLA on Instagram/Twitter, or @FarmerJohn on Facebook.

TAG #FJLovesLA in caption of photo.

Join in on the fun and win some coupons for delicious Farmer John products!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

22 thoughts on “Farmer John Dodger Dog Giveaway #FJlovesLA

  1. Regarding Kobe–The career’s in the refrigerator, the door’s closed, the light’s out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard and the jello’s jiggling.

  2. I still get confused on daily posts —

    Is this one for eating thoughts —– or put the grind and life of game and player thoughts?

    Still would like one file per day with all thoughts there. Not sure we need a new file for breaking news on dog, arms, etc.

    D-Back announcers are so bias. Talking about Joc getting hit was one one them last night.

  3. I have fond memories of eating hot dogs as a kid. Then as an adult I found out what was in them. I haven’t eaten a real one since Fall of ’69. As a football player in a small college in Nebraska we had jobs at either the brick yard, outside, or the slaughterhouse, inside. I toured the slaughterhouse. Disgusting. A guy was sweeping the floor under the gutting station, he looks at me, points at the awful, bloody mess on the floor, gives me a missing tooth smile and says “hot dogs”. And he wasn’t kidding. Never ate another one, eventually becoming vegetarian sometime in ’70. That’s all I have to offer on a Farmer John topic.

    On Kobe. What a night. 50 shots. Against a team that had been eliminated a few hours before game time. He made 22 of 50. 44%. What a way to go out. Now, will the Lakers get back to the business of winning please.

    And the Rams trade? Hot dog deal? Or something meaningful.

    1. How similar. I was visiting the Chicago stockyards with my FFA classmates in 1956. A butcher just finishing off a pig, held up some entrails taken from the slaughtered animal that contained a half-dozen unborn piglets and announced, “We make our hot dogs from these!”

  4. A gift win last night. But I will take it. Especially with Wood on the mound. Maybe the 2 inning save is the new wave the we have started out of desperation. Thinking about it, a failed starter might have more success as a 2 inning closer as long as there is a clean inning for him. It might make the 9th less formidable. He could be used once or twice a week in that fashion with the real closer saved for 1 inning, 9th inning only saves. We have 2 wins now because of the opponents’ errors. I wouldn’t call that world class. How about some HRs from Turner or anyone not named AGon?

    1. Probably the bullpen, but not the starting rotation, except for Kazmir. I don’t like winning like that either, but we needed that win, because the Giants lost. Our number three hitter, hasn’t had any good at bats lately, and those darn Dbacks hit him twice. We need Turner hitting, and driving in runs. What did everyone think about Roberts pulling Puig out of the game last night? Without thinking about the future at bats, I would have pulled Howie, not Puig. When Thompson is filling in, and Joc and Puig are playing, we have a very good defensive outfield.

      1. I assume Puig made the last out and if so, that is standard switch. Its more about keeping players happy than it is about winning a game which goes to winning the war versus winning a battle.

        1. Thanks Bum! I hope we get some good hits tonight, especially with runners in scoring position, to get ready for the Giants. Tomorrow’s game, is on the MLB channel, so I hope everybody is sharp, and we at least win this series, with the Giants.

  5. I do like that Roberts had talked to Kenley before the game, and told him, he might be coming in early, to protect the lead, and to close the game out. This helped Kenley, to get in the mind set, to be ready to come in, and get those five outs.

    Kenley hasn’t always been good, coming in to get four outs, and I think it was important , that Roberts, comunucated to Kenley, before the game.

    Both Wood and Kenley, did a good job last night. I was worried, because Wood had thrown so many pitches early, but he gained some confidence, and he can build off, this last game.

  6. Turner has always stood close to the plate but it seems like he might be even closer this year.

    I think Joc was hit intentionally. I think they are pitching at the hands of Turner and Puig. Turner is used to that. Puig has been getting his arms extended and AZ is trying to stop him from doing that.

    The AZ Manager seems to be a trouble maker. 17 more games against AZ and he wants to make them dirty.

  7. I have advice for Turner. I’m sure he will take it. Move away from the plate about 3-4″. His hands hang over the corner. I saw some called strikes that were inside half, thigh high that he raised his hands to get out of the way. Those are pitches to tee off on. Plus, you don’t want to keep getting hit.


    I typed that an hour ago, saw that I hadn’t posted it just now, and during editing noticed Bum had already mentioned it. Worth mentioning again so I’ll leave it.

    1. In the words of Pete Hogwallop “that don’t make no sense”

      We hit two in the first game. They hit one. And didn’t Maeda start it? Turner got hit twice yesterday, once on the hand on a pitch that was about 3″ inside. You are taught to turn away from a pitch on the hands. If you get hit on the hand it’s your own damn fault. I don’t know any in yesterday’s game were intentional. Let it go. The goal is to beat them. If they start it up again then – maybe. Depends on the situation.

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