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Get Ready For Another Slow April, Dodger Fans

We’re almost two weeks away from opening day and the Dodger’s top two starting pitchers, Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler have yet to throw a single inning in exhibition play. With opening day nearing, it’s looking more and more likely that both hurlers will start the season on the disabled list. Even if both are active, there’s not enough time for either pitcher to build enough arm strength for the start of the season.

I understand that the Dodgers had a shorter offseason than normal because of playing in the World Series for the second consecutive season and I understand that Kershaw and Buehler have pitched a few more innings than normal but you would think that the Dodgers would have gotten at least one of them prepared for the season weeks ago.

Obviously we have no idea what either of them does during the offseason but this seems to be a disturbing trend for the Dodgers in recent seasons. It seems that every year, one or two or more pivotal players or pitchers are not ready to begin the season and the Dodgers get off to a terrible start. Last season it was more because of some freak injuries, like Justin Turner breaking his wrist during spring training and then Corey Seager’s elbow snapping in late April.

But this year is no excuse. Hyun-jin Ryu a southpaw with a disturbing history of injuries will be ready to start opening day. Rich Hill, who is 38-years old and has pitched just as many postseason innings as anyone else on the Dodger staff is ready to go. Kenta Maeda is ready, Ross Stripling is ready.

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Of course the Dodgers are trying to brush everything under the rug. Kershaw and Buehler both not active on the opening day roster? No problem, we’ll just use Ross Stripling and um….some other guys. There’s plenty of games, 162 exactly. After all the Dodgers only got off to a 16-26 start last season which nearly tanked their season.

For once I would like to see the Dodgers prepared and playing well in April. I would like to see their top pitchers and players all active, and ready to go on opening day. Unless they have actual injuries or real aches and pains then there is no reason they shouldn’t be raring to go. The Dodgers being “conservative” and holding guys back for weeks into exhibition season makes little sense. Giving playing time to Cameron Perkins and Daniel Castro over regulars who need the at-bats to be playing every day is annoying.

Surely the Dodgers will survive without Kershaw or Buehler for a few weeks. We keep hearing this. The Dodgers have the depth, don’t you know. They have guys that can fill in. Don’t worry, everything will be just fine. Or so they keep telling us. For once, why can’t we have one season that starts out well? Can’t we have one season that begins with everyone healthy and the Dodgers on a winning streak? It’s not anyone’s fault specifically if Kershaw and Buehler are injured or sore from as long postseason and shortened offseason, But management could have handled this better.

They also could have better prepared everyone else around them. We’re all going to find out, as evidenced by the fact that the Dodgers won the division in 2018 by a single game, that April games matter too, just as much as September games. Getting off to a quick start makes a good difference. Things don’t always have to be this hard for the Dodgers. Hopefully one day management will learn this before they start the season 12 games under .500. Here’s to hoping the Dodgers have April flowers instead of April showers.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

53 thoughts on “Get Ready For Another Slow April, Dodger Fans

  1. A Couple of minor things there Scott….it is no longer the DL. It is the IL now. No biggie, but Hill just turned 39. Supposedly the regulars are supposed to be playing more starting this weekend. They are down to 40 players in camp and 23 of them are pitchers. Also as of this weekend the pitchers will start getting AB’s in games. Last night all of the starters got 3 AB’s Martin, Belli and Kike all homered. Muncy is hitting more like a minor leaguer trying to make the team than some one who has been penciled in to be a major player. I will say this, he has looked pretty decent at 1st, so they must be working on his defense, but I would like to see a little more pop out of that bat. Last Year he raked in spring. Also according to Roberts, the great Friedman on field mouthpiece, Kershaw and Buehler will be ready for the season. Kersh is throwing to hitters today and Buehler did that yesterday, One thing to remember about last year, they went 16-26 with Kershaw as the opening day starter. As a matter of fact they lost their first 2 games of the season by the same score, 1-0 on homers by the same guy, Panik off Kershaw and Jansen. He hit exactly 2 more the rest of the season. Good thing Pollock signed with the Dodgers. He killed them last year with a BA over .300 and 9 of his 21 homers were against LA.

  2. Yeah Scott,

    Same old story. Anticipate another slow start, and probably a 6-8 game deficit early on in the season.

    Dodgers always sweep things under the rug, and send out false signals of hope. Always hiding things from the fans. They don’t want to discourage ticket sales, right?

    Really does not surprise me, but it does disturb me. Year after year, it is the same crap.

    These players make millions and cannot even be ready for the new season. Really makes one wonder what these prima donnas do in the off season. Also does not seem that the majority of these guys have any urge to make things right, after being embarrassed twice in the World Series.

    Also, why do the Dodgers continue to play the Walmart Dumpster finds, and not get the regulars in shape?

    Seems they do not take Spring Training serious. It will bite them in the butt.

  3. Well, Scott, I think the generalized negativity on this board is really affecting you, now. It’s like a cancer that grows and grows.

    As Michael mentioned, news today was Kersh and Walker will be ready for the season come opening day. Our starters have looked pretty good overall. We can forget about how the outcome of ST. These are not real games. The White Sox debacle was all on the minor leaguers. A 30 minute 8th inning? The Sox scored 8 runs mainly because the catcher could not catch the pitcher Curry, and Thole, the catcher, couldn’t block pitches in the dirt. I’ve never seen anything like this that I can remember. It was like Keystone Kops.

    I am a bit concerned about Muncy’s start. He’s got no bat pop, so far, but he’s hustling like hell on defense, which we all thought would be his Achilles heel. He played 3B against the Sox. No errors this ST. Taylor has 3 already at SS. Kike is marching on. Belli looks like a real man out there. Great to see Martin’s HR. Pollock will be a real help this season. Where is Verdugo? Methinks Joc will get the starter job in LF. I cannot imagine why. My only reason is that the FO made up their mind a long time ago that the job was Joc’s. Let’s hope they see something we don’t.

  4. A GREAT, great podcast preview of the Dodgers featuring the great Sam Miller and Andy McCullugh (and Ben Lindbergh) should be listened to and can be found here:

    They touch on:

    the Fantasy Football league article that McCullough wrote.
    The Dodgers depth
    The irrational hatred/distrust of Roberts from a vocal segment of the Dodgers fan-base
    Kershaw’s decline
    Jansen’s heart
    The departure of Zaidi
    How the Dodgers have found success by “throwing players” at problems.

  5. Well, Dodgers caught lying again about Kershaw, now it is Buehler. It’s for PR reasons obviously. Gaining Kelly and Pollack no way offsets loss of Kyle Farmer (catcher and now everyday Cincy 3B with massive clutch), Puig, Grandal, Kemp, Wood, Ward, Woodward, Zaidi….
    Either they were integral parts of the org or they weren’t. I think the former. You can pick apart each of these guys’ contribution but the simple fact is they have no replacements to even speak of. Has to be without question – the worst Dodger off-season in franchise history.
    BTW – Both Kelly and Pollack have DL, whoops IL written all over their faces.

  6. Scott. Do not let the “negative” narrative stick. It is not negative to see the world around you and describe what you see.

    Regardless of what the Dodgers have said, most of these players mentioned are behind schedule and it will take several weeks into the season for them to be firing on all cylinders. (Exactly as described in this article/post) This has been an ongoing problem coming out of spring training for several years. Last year it was Jansen. (who was quoted recently as saying that he would not be taking a vacation during this years spring games)

    It seems the Timmonites are out and doing his dirty work for him. Maybe because he is too busy jetsetting with celebs and fighting off the russian troll farm? He is the one leveraging his poster base to make the “negative” Freidman hater narrative stick. He is labeling this site intentionally, so that it is easier for him to poach this site’s posters. He actually disgusts me with his bully tactics. I have called him out in the past to explain himself, but he has never had an answer. All he has is name-calling. Anyone pushing this “hater” narrative is effectively doing Dark Dimmons dirty work and will be challenged by me personally. (with words of course)


    1. Don’t get me started on Timmons. I doubt anyone on either board has known him as long as I have. I’ve seen, heard it, and read it all since about ‘97. He hasn’t changed. Why so many followed him is confounding to me. But, they can have him.

      Players had 3 1/2 months off. That’s not enough time? How many of you ever had 3 1/2 month paid vacations? No excuses. They all have private gyms and a staff of personal trainers. Be ready when the bell rings dammit.

      I’ve read the talking points about both players being ready for Opening Day. They may be ready emotionally but I don’t see either being ready physically. Maybe they will surprise me but even if both are ready, big if, both won’t play. If I was in charge Kershaw wouldn’t pitch live for another month. All he’s done so far is play catch, throwing nothing but 4 seamers. The Opening Day starter has to be done with ST work and ready to go in about a week. I don’t see how that’s either Kershaw or Buehler.

      1. I don’t read that blog. Why in the world would you assume that?

        And isn’t gossip what blogs are all about? I see your name a lot in here expressing your opinion about things.

          1. Sorry. It’s right under my post. My mistake.

            I was clinically diagnosed disturbed years ago, so, yeah, you’re right about that.

      2. Response to Jeff:

        It is OK to have the opinion that you think this post is negative. When it is just repeating or feeding into the narrative that one rival blogger is trying to make stick to this site and its posters, that is when I have a problem with it. That rival blogger has an agenda. His followers take his lead and attack this site and label it.

        It is not gossip to describe the attacks by the Dark Demons and his minions. It affects this site and its traffic. HE is the aggressor. I am just pointing out that the bad behavior is agenda driven and is not worthy of being set forth as a true point of argument. It is simply a tool he uses to advance his cause and drive this site into the ground. The “negative” “freidman basher/hater” narrative, it is simply a tool to silence opposing viewpoints. So I see it as an attack on speech and will respond accordingly. I am not going out of my way to do this. But when I come across it, I will say something. If it is an honest argument, I have zero problem hearing/reading something I disagree with.

        Hope this helps you gain some perspective.

        1. It seems like Timmons has become demonized on this blog. I remember him when he was here and he was definitely gonzo with his opinions, but I didn’t find him lacking intelligence or enthusiasm. He was the first to side with FAZ which few here were ready to accept. I don’t see a problem with either point of view. When the opinions descend into personal attacks on ANYONE, players, management, FO, or poster/bloggers, all credibility of the attacks goes poof and the originator of these attacks is already psychologically imbalanced. This goes for Timmons or any other poster anywhere talking about anything. If you don’t think what I’m saying is valid, just begin to observe how you feel when you are attacking someone or something. You become imbalanced and are no longer acting with intelligence. That’s all I will say to this right now. Dark Demons?!! Just drop the judgement. No one needs it.

          1. What’s the difference when someone comes over here and calls this community a “cesspool”? Or claims that this place is negative? I’m not going to censor anyone over here Jeff, nor do I believe in banning anyone. I do believe in moderating of course, but where should I draw the line? Let me ask you a question…isn’t it possible for us to be able to question and or criticize the Dodgers and still root/cheer for them at the same time? Isn’t it possible that posters over here can have two conflicting thoughts in their heads at the same time? I agree that personal attacks on anyone in particular (posters, not Dodgers or front office execs) is not acceptable. Since March 1st, nobody has done anything to violate these rules, in my opinion. Would you care to give specific examples?

            I don’t care if anyone calls a player, manager or executive names. They’re making millions of dollars per year, they can tale the critique.

    2. As someone who regularly checks in and reads Timmon’s blog and the comments every day, usually multiple times a day, and as someone who checks in here every other day, I can say, unequivocally, that what you just wrote is a complete and absolute bald faced lie, and you should be ashamed of yourself. It is utter garbage.

      Not once, ever, has he singled out this site by name or referenced any user here by name. Not once, not a single time. You just lied deliberately to smear someone’s name, and I hate lying, and a lie to smear someone is the worst kind of lie. You’ve done this before. You got Scott all riled up by pulling the name nonsense, trying to stir s**t up, and he apparently went over there an made a mess and had to be banned, which is too bad, because Scott and Mark were on good terms. But that’s what you do. Some people like to just cause dissension and tear things down – they enjoy seeing the world burn. That’s why you’re banned on that site. In my observation you’re not a good person.

      I’m not a Timmons fanboy. I’ve never met the guy and don’t get any special favors. I’ve been to his old site, his new one, and this one, and, from appearances and from my own assessment he seems like a solid person – he’s got a good family, has a successful business, works hard, and seems like he treats his employees with respect and he treats the posters on his site with respect. I have no reason to dislike him.

      If there’s one thing about him, however, is that if he thinks something is stupid, he says so. Now, if you’re the progenitor of the particular opinion to which he takes aim, well, you might be offended. I can understand that. You don’t even have to like the guy, but this preoccupation with him and impulse to smear him and is gross and speaks to the character of the people who engage in it.

      The one thing, in the relatively short time that I’ve been following his blog, that I think he’s changed for the better is create a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior. He’s done a pretty remarkable job in creating a community over there where differences of opinion are embraced, but posters are respectful of each other. AC is a phenomenally knowledgeable poster, and dodgerrick, with whom I often disagree and who disagrees with Mark, is very thoughtful, offers opinions of immense value and is embraced there. Mark recently rebuked someone who was being a little bit of a jerk, there were some apologies, and things smoothed over and went back to normal. He enforces good behavior. It’s a thriving community because of it.

      This place is a cesspool. Sorry Scott, it’s true. I don’t say that to be mean. I know you work hard on this site, and in many ways you’ve done a great job and I want to see you do well, but this is what happens this kind of poison is allowed to take over. I’m being pretty brutal, and I hope this post doesn’t get banned, because I do mean for this to be constructive. It’s just that when someone lies and posts something like what Mexivin creep just put up, it’s needs to be answered. …LOL…Mark’s poaching posters from here? …There’s like five people who post here! LOL. What a joke.

      And Badger, your name came up in passing on that other site run by someone who shall remain nameless. A poster mentioned something to effect that Mark needs to make sure you stay banned over there. I’ve told you this before, but your hatred of him is just not healthy and is not rational. For your own sake you need to learn to let things go, or reflect on why you truly hate the guy so much, because he lives rent free in your head. You are bitter. You need to fix that.

      1. Sorry Patch. I disagree with your assessment from start to finish. I will not call you a liar or any other names. Just misinformed.

        It seems telling that your arguments are almost word for word what I have been told by your patron saint. I posted what I had an issue with and asked him to come and explain his behavior. He resorted to denials and personal attack. I am not “trying to rile Scott up.” He is his own person and decided to do that on his own. (he also did it to stick up for Oscar, who had an entire post dedicated to him by your patron saint, who is without sin) I even told Scott that I thought it best for him to stay out of the muck and let me be the one to get the flack. But he felt strongly about it. So he made his own decision.

        Dark Demons has threatened to sue posters. BUT HE IS WITHOUT SIN. Threatened to fight them. BUT HE IS WITHOUT SIN. Threatened to DOX them. BUT HE IS WITHOUT SIN. He is a toxic mess. (He also accused Scott of hacking his website. He now accuses Russian trolls of hacking his site. The truth is he doesn’t know. But that didn’t stop him from straight up accusing Scott of a serious cybercrime) BUT HE IS WITHOUT SIN. If this site has only 5 posters, that is by his design. I laid out the case for how he did this, step by step. He did not deny any of it, or offer any explanation. He says to disagree without being disagreeable. But in light of his own standard operating procedure, it seems a tad hypocritical.

        You can choose to believe what you want.

        But I will post what I think. No matter how loudly you whine about it. It is up to Scott to accept what he is comfortable with. If I say something out of line, I will blame myself if I get banned. Not Scott or anyone else.

        1. My patron saint? Well of course he is! I had to sacrifice a goat and drink its blood out of a ceremonial chalice to pledge my fealty to the Dark Demon, you fool!

          Who are you? I know you used to post under a different name. I can’t remember.

          1. I have always used this one name. I used the same name on the defunct Dodgers messageboard. Many have accused me of having other accounts. But it is just Mexivin.

            Please stop with the name calling, Dodgers natch. (read closely) You will lose in embarrassing fashion if you try to go juvenile with me.

            Your point is taken, that you think only one side to be in the wrong. I think the opposite. I accept that you have a different point of view. However I am concerned that you sound EXACTLY like that other blogger. He is a big boy. (As he will tell anyone who will listen over and over and over) He has chosen not to fight his own battles and has cowardly retreated from any debate with me concerning his behavior toward this site. So it is quite hilarious to me that you are arguing for him, when he chooses not to do it himself. (maybe you should think about this point)

          2. I was actually giving you the benefit of the doubt by assuming you were being juvenile for comedic effect. You sound a little bit like Angels and Demons. And who is name calling?

      2. You say you don’t know him, but present a long winded opinion as if you do.

        I DO know him. I’ve known him for years. We used to be friends. But he went off the rails. He threatened me publicly then stomped off. He’s not “in my head” anymore than I’m in his. I spoke truth to his bullsh*t and he went nuts. I won’t bring up his name nor his history (a history that you know nothing of, but others here do) but I won’t run from conversation when his name comes up.

        Obviously people remained bothered by him. Most posters from the old days have faded away from any blogs that know of him. I used to hear from several, but not so much anymore. A couple on his current blog write me occasionally, and it’s always good to hear from old friends. Two who knew him well have passed away. For the record, I’m fine not talking about him.

        As for what his followers think of me I really don’t care. Like I said, they can have him. No need for him to ban me. I’m done with him.

      3. Patch,

        I’m not going to delete this post since I am replying to you. But for the record I do not like or tolerate attacks on this community. Let me explain what the difference is between standing up to a particular person and attacking a community of posters for no reason. Many people over here do not like Mark. They have had personal beefs with him. It has nothing to do with me or this site. They use vernacular like “I do not like Mark because he is a jerk”. Yet nobody has ever attacked his community over here. Yet you come over here and attack the community and call it a “cesspool” and say that everyone here is too negative or that the site is negative. Do you see the hypocrisy in that?

        Mex is just stating facts. Maybe Mark has not named this site by name, but some of his posters have. Or They say things like “that other site” or the “other community” when referring to this place as negative, or calling us haters. That’s an obvious dig on this site. I think anyone can read between the lines there and figure that out. That’s what Mex is doing and he’s spot on accurate.

        If you feel the need to defend Mark, that’s fine. I have not banned him over here and he is free to come over and defend himself, (something he will not allow me to do at his site), but labeling this site as negative and insulting the community is not ok. BTW there is more than 5 posters over here. I’m sure you can count right?

        1. Scott,

          I don’t think you get how many posters feel about the posters here who post negative views about the players, the direction of the FO, and the abilities of both in the Dodger organization. It’s a frame of mind that you share with the few regulars you have that reinforce this view. Many fans do not want to wade through the muck just to talk about some real issues like the state of Kershaw and who is going to breakout of the all or nothing pov. The posts descend into personal attacks using derogatory language. You, the moderator, do nothing to change this. Nothing. You posted some parameters recently but haven’t implemented much. They continue. It’s a waste of time for those who want to discuss baseball. I tried to tell you this last season but you don’t seem to get it. A moderator has to moderate. It is a skill and it can be developed. I can’t impress it enough on you that the fruit of your efforts is producing this conflict here. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can actually do something about it, but you have to see things clearly, first. Lay out the rules, and then enforce them!! If the rules are vague, you’ll get posters that straddle the fence and keep bringing down the quality and intelligence of the blog. It’s about baseball and the Dodgers. It’s real simple.

          1. Jeff,

            Viewpoints are balanced over here. Some posters like the direction the Dodgers are going and some don’t. Posters are free to express their opinions without judgement over here. Just because you like the direction the Dodgers are in doesn’t mean other posters have to. For example, Bluto loves the front office and thinks they’re doing a great job. On the opposite flip side, Pack hates Dave Roberts and calls him dummy. He’s not calling any posters dumb, so I don’t care. (I actually like Roberts and think he does a great job outside of the World Series). Michael has a more balanced view on both sides. Badger is not a fan of the game these days, but gives his takes. Yueh has a more balanced take as well, but will call out the FO whenever possible. true Blue hates the front office and has no issue giving his opinion. As for myself? I believe it’s been a mixed bag. As I;ve written about before, I liked the Pollock and Kelly signings, but hated the Puig/Kemp trade and I think Friedman is small market minded.

            As you can see this site is neither positive nor negative. Everyone has their own take. This site has a mix of different opinions on how they think the Dodgers are doing and what they think they should do. Your opinion is mostly positive on the front office. Nobody is demonized on this site. This is just a Dodger community where everyone has differing opinions on both sides of the ball.

        2. Scott, I think you need to get a thicker skin. I’m on that site. I read the comments, by both Mark and others. No poster here has ever been referred to by name, nor has this site been referred to by name. Honestly, even other points of view are not even mentioned but occasionally.

          Occasionally mark will bring up the prevailing negative opinion of other sites, but it’s really only mark. He recently quoted a comment which I remember seeing here, and I think always compete opined, but that’s about it. Mark is entitled to his opinion, and he can comment, because, after all, his is a discussion site. As long as he’s not calling you out by name or any of the regulars here by name, and if he doesn’t mention the name of your site, then you shouldn’t have a problem with it. You’re blowing his comments way out of proportion.

          On the other hand, you have posters here calling him and his site out by name?

          I’ll walk back the Cesspool comment, and apologize for that, but I think you have to accept that the level of discourse descends into just puerile name-calling and negativity, with exceptions. Instead of being angry with Mark and looking for offense, learn from him. As I said, the things that he has changed is enforcing good behavior and not tolerating bad behavior. Because of that the level of discourse is pretty high. It attracts smart people who have something to say and who want to contribute. Mexiven it’s just kind of weird… in a mildly entertaining but kind of creepy way. If that’s the personality you want this site to have, ok.

  7. 20 pitch to 30 pitch bullpen sessions. Big deal. Not game situations.

    As was stated, nothing more than a game of “catch”. Would be like you or I going in to work…. clocking in…. having a donut and coffee… then clocking out for the day. Where in the world (besides Camelback) would that be acceptable days work? How much does Kershaw make, per day? Don’t tell me… I’d rather not know.

    I’m Just saying… I hope to death, that Kershaw and Buehler prove me wrong. I’m just not convinced that everything is honky-dory.

  8. The least of Timmons disturbing and disgusting attributes has to do with his blog, yikes the thought of that sick prick turns my stomach. Can we just keep Pedro out of our references in here?

    Yes Scott, it is reality that the Dodgers are most likely to break camp in mid-preseason form. If you are of the opinion that all games count in the regular schedule, it really is a reach to think that April games are not that important, thus it doesn’t matter if you toss April into the dumpster. Yeah it worked out eventually last year, but if anyone is able to put up a fight in the West this year, a slow April may just bite us in the ass.

  9. I really don’t care about the start of the season, not one iota. Preparing for the playoffs. Short term vs. Medium Term.

    This is probably the last year of Kershaw as the team ace. Next year opening day should be Buehler’s.

  10. it doesnt matter to the players any more ..they make so much money ..just like machado he dont have to run…he dont care any more ..he make 300 millon, none of them care…

  11. Players don’t care, Owners don’t care…. all they want is your money.

    Sad that many of the Spring Training games are not even covered by radio.

    Bad enough the Fans are really getting ripped off on TV coverage. Thanks SportsNet LA, and greedy ownership.

  12. Dustin May has allowed one hit in three scoreless innings. Two strikeouts. He hasn’t allowed a run in 6 innings this spring. This morning, Dave Roberts said he wouldn’t be surprised if both May and Tony Gonsolin reached the majors this season.

    1. Dustin May may be my favorite rookie to watch this spring. His stuff looks good and he seems poised.

      A.J. Pollock and Bellinger look like they are gonna do some great things this season. While I made fun of the Van Soyboy hiring for hitting instructor at first, I do like some of the adjustments several hitters have made this spring. Bellinger looks very relaxed at the plate. His hands have dropped into a better position when he starts his swing. Kikkee, as well.

      I believe the keys to this season are bullpen use and situational hitting. (Although these have been deficiencies for several years, it has to get better. Right?)

      1. I agree, Mex. The deficiencies are mostly all on the players. They need to improve their performance and execution. If that happens, maybe we can win a WS.

  13. Looks like I will owe Badger an apology and have to eat a little crow, but that’s fine. With Cingrani shut down and most likely headed for the IL, there will be an open spot for another lefty in the pen. It will come down to Urias or Ferguson. I think this time Urias has the inside track. It matters where you finish, not where you start. I have seen them come out of spring both barrels blazing and not get to the finish line. We all know how they operate under the present leadership, so anything they do should not be surprising to anybody here. Seager played the field yesterday and that is great news. Let us all hope that his steady bat can return and be as good as he was over his first 2 big league seasons. His brother Kyle, is on the IL for the first time in his career with wrist surgery. They hammered the Padres, and tied the Reds. Puig got 2 hits against them, and Maeda looked really good. Barnes, Belli and Miller homered in the late game.

    1. I think the Dodgers know full well the Division is theirs for the taking. The start doesn’t matter for the strongest thoroughbreds. They know they will finish this thing in first place. I figure they are already looking to the playoffs. This is why I’ve been saying what I’ve been saying – Kershaw and Buehler aren’t needed at the end of March and the beginning of April. They will be needed at the beginning and end of October. Plan accordingly.

      1. 100% agree. I also think we should expect another major move at mid-season. It’s really great.

        Thankfully the Minor League system is still well stocked. That Estevez kid is performing really well.

  14. If more people dedicated time to INCREASING the community and quality of Dodger-related discourse here, then nobody would need to discuss or even care about the goings on/discussions in another Dodger community.

    1. Bluto,

      I actually asked that other blogger to do just that. I pleaded, in fact. I asked him to stop attacking this site and its posters and pointed out that he had done enough damage.

      I apologize for using you when this all went down. I attacked you simply to flush him out. (a means to an end that had no true emotion in it) I have nothing against you and have since stood up for your right to have an unpopular opinion. (when everyone went after you a few weeks ago)

      To others:

      You can direct all your blame at me, if it makes you feel better. I have broad shoulders. I know who I am and what I stand for.

      1. I didn’t know you attacked me, nor do I remember “everyone” going after me.

        But I really appreciate you supporting the right to an opinion.

        I just think we shouldn’t worry about anything but making the discussion and volume on this blog as best as possible.

        1. You must have the memory of a goldfish, Bluto. Keep up the good work! I wish I could forget things so easily. I also have a hard time tuning out background music.

          No one here, besides Scott, can ban anyone. Neither can anyone steer and contain topics of debate.

          I ONLY bring up that other blogger when I see people feeding into his agenda, in regards to this site. (intentional or not) Or one of the MANY times that he has attacked this blog and its posters. Most don’t want him brought up because they cannot defend what he has done. So they want to say the topic is off limits. It does not work that way. (once again, not unless Scott decides it does) Believe me, I don’t want to talk about him either. But that does not mean I will let it stand when I see his influence in the comments.

          I feel like I am being very reasonable. I understand that will not convince some, and wish everyone good luck in navigating their own lives. (just not mine)

          1. Ha! I just don’t really pay attention to most of the stuff posted.

            Have a nice weekend.

    2. Some public figures just don’t bring out the best in people. Many examples are in our face every day.

      I tip my hat to Mexivin. He stood his ground and did so without stooping to the lower levels of behavior that came from that particularly angry blogger.

      1. LOL…

        I will hand it to you. You do have a particular penchant for the snide and passive aggressive. I can understand why someone as direct and blunt as Timmons (er..i mean that person who shall not be named) found you particularly bothersome.

        I hope you, at long last, find peace and contentment .

        1. Why does it bother you that those who find loudmouth bullies objectionable stand up to them? And how well do you really know that guy?

          I’m sure there are other people you support that I would not. How about you just keep your judgments to yourself. You don’t know me, and I’m not about to let you and your judgmental opinion in. I’m doing just fine. I don’t need your approval. I am retired for 12 years living a great life thank you.

          This is why I left this place. Patch, and Box and a few other Timmons sycophants just make it impossible.

          1. With more posters like Mexivin around, I hope you stay and post more often, Badger.

  15. With Cingrani out for for who knows how long, Ol Andy made his annual foray into the dumpster market and signed LHP Andrew Faulkner to a minor league deal. Faulkner, late of the Baltimore Orioles has had a little major league experience. Only 3 lefty relievers left in camp, Alexander, Ferguson, and for now, Julio Urias. Julio on the bump tonight starting against zinzinnati as Vinny would say. Toles still shows as being on the active roster and he should not as he was placed on the restricted list last week.

  16. Scott
    I just want to go on record as commending you having this site and really doing an outstanding job. We have disagreed on occasion but you have always been fair. There are a couple of commenters that I know do not agree with me on some stuff and have been outspoken about it even though it is not their place to suggest I leave or some other things that are uncalled for even to the point of saying there is too much negative stuff happening here and it just so happens they are using the other sites. They know who they are. Anyway, Thank You again for maintaining this site and to those who have been really patient with me , Thank You. I have always thought that being able to comment here and not be called out was a good thing but some do not. They look at the Dodgers thru rose colored glasses and instead of trying to understand they want to kill the messenger.

  17. Urias looked good yesterday…. did I say “looked” good? Game was blacked out by SNLA. The real deal maker was that there was no Dodger radio broadcast either. Thanks, Dodger Brass for depriving your fans from TV and radio.

    Anyway, like last year, no offensive support. Great comeback….What will the Dodgers do when they have send the non-rosters back to the WalMart dumpsters?

    The Cincy announcer had a great comment regarding players with no options left. He said, “This player, who has done absolutely nothing this spring, will make opening day roster because he is out of options, while this other kid, who is playing his heart out will be sent back down to the minors. I think this is a bunch of crap.” I could not believe he actually said that, but I hear where he is coming from. If that was a Dodger announcer he would get fired, or get ridiculed by bloggers wearing rose colored glasses.

    1. That’s strange, Bluefan, because I watched the game which was broadcast by SNLA. I don’t live in Socal, so maybe it was just a local blackout. Coletti joined the booth (Tim Neverett) and it was a very lively and insightful running commentary. A lot of talk about the GM’s keeping in touch with the farm system from A to AAA and getting to know the players and keeping their eye on them.

      Urias really did look good. And, so did the relief pitchers. Very impressive. Orlando’s grand slam capped an already 4-1 lead to make it 8 runs scored in the inning. Most of it done by the minor leaguers. Yimi Garcia has pitched 7 games, 7 innings with 0.00 ERA, 0.71 WHIP!
      Urias has pitched 4 games, 9 innings with 1.00 ERA, 0.44 WHIP.

      If he keeps pitching like this, he should be the starter for opening day.

  18. Who do we think will start the year in the bullpen?

    For me the locks are:
    Kenley Jansen, Joe Kelly, Ross Stripling, Pedro Baez, Yimi Garcia and Alexander. Are locks and look pretty righteous.

    That leaves two spots, right? Cingrani’s out.

    I figure Ferguson and Urias are in play, but the team wants both to be starters. Do you carry two long men on an eight person staff?

    So maybe keep one and play Floro, and let the other get starter innings in AAA?

    1. Bluto, you know how I feel about long relievers. I wish we permanently develop and maintain three long relievers in this day and age of short starters.

  19. Yeah, local blackout…. even for I refuse to suscribe to Spectrum, just to get Sportsnet LA. Also surprised about the limited radio broadcasts during spring.

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