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Grandal Overcomes Root Canal, Dodgers Can’t Overcome McCarthy

The Dodgers returned from their road trip at 3:30 a.m. this morning, so they could be excused for starting tonight’s game a little flat, and that’s exactly what happened to at least one Dodger, Brandon McCarthy. He wasn’t just flat, he was downright supine. The Atlanta Braves hit everything McCarthy threw –  to all parts of the field, and out of it.

The Braves had two runs in the bank before the seats were warm, but the Dodgers punched back quickly, and the score was 2-1 after one inning.

McCarthy appeared to settle down and had a good second inning, but the Braves got right back at him, scoring one in the third, and three more runs in the fourth inning. That was it for McCarthy, and spoiler alert – that was it for the Dodgers. But the boys didn’t just roll over and succumb. Far from it – they almost came back to win.

Yasmani Grandal got the start despite enduring a root canal this morning, and while folks were expressing dismay over why Austin Barnes didn’t get the start, Yaz simply picked up the gauntlet and smashed a two run home run to wake up the crowd and the team in the sixth inning. The Dodgers were down 6-3, but everyone knew they weren’t out of it.

Yaz and Chris Taylor got together on a brilliant defensive play to save a run in the eighth inning. Matt Adams was trying to score from second on a single to Taylor in left field. Taylor threw on time, but a bit high, so Yaz had to leap to catch it. He came down just in time to block Adams at the plate with his tree trunk legs. The Braves tried a replay challenge, but the call stood. Adams himself didn’t stand for about 20 seconds after the dust cleared from the play. It was Chris Taylor’s fourth assist of the year.

The Dodgers came up in the ninth and they gave the fans a thrill as they came close to tying, if not winning the game. Root Canal Grandal started off the inning with a double. Joc Pederson hit a screamer to left, but Matt Kemp wasn’t there anymore. Santana caught the ball on a running grab that Kemp never would have made. One out.

Yasiel Puig got a ball to hit, but he grounded a roller right up the middle for the second out. Austin Barnes walked, which brought the tying run to the plate. Trayce Thompson came in to PH, and he popped one up between second base and center field. Camargo, the second baseman, chased it down with his back to the plate. He made a great catch to end the inning and the game.

Dodgers lose 6-3.

Alex Wood takes his 11-0 streak to the mound tomorrow night. Don’t miss it!





Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

48 thoughts on “Grandal Overcomes Root Canal, Dodgers Can’t Overcome McCarthy

  1. I thought they would come back.

    Can’t win them all. I feel sorry for Adams, taking Grandal’s shin guard with his gut must hurt like hell.

    And maybe we want to revisit that McCarthy vs Verlander comp … just joking.

  2. McCarthey and Hill may win a few more games this year but they will lose or cause to be lost more than they’ll win. I’d say if any other team is foolish enough to trade for them, we should go for it. Get better (more expensive pitchers) or use our own farm hands. They would likely do as well…. FAZaholics will now disagree….

  3. The Dodgers finally lost a game. Time to gut the team.

    Hill and McCarthy and Joc aren’t going anywhere because:

    A. Hill is really good and pitching well

    B. There are no replacements on the market who are upgrades

    C. There’s no way the FO drastically revamps a team that just went something like 30-4.

    It’s less an issue of disagreeing, it’s more about living on the real world.

      1. And in a year, maybe two when these phonies are history and FAZ has signed much better pitchers at very inflated prices, these ass-kissing front runners will be crowing what a genius he is, how he is so perfect. His errors will be forgotten. I don’t like FAZ. I don’t like Ned or any GMS that came before them. All GMs make mistakes and as public figures are subject to criticism for them, just like politicians. For $7MM a year, I expect a higher degree of performance.

  4. I thought McCarthy hasn’t pitched that well lately.

    I guess my thoughts were true, because I read his era has been over 7,in his last four games.

    We have been winning so much, it hadn’t been so apparent, that McCarthy hasn’t pitched that well.

    1. Thank you, MJ, but don’t feel you have to support me when I go out on a limb that you don’t really agree with or feel strongly enough to say yourself. I’m a big boy and I can take my hiding if it comes to that. But, as you know, posters here have little or nothing to say most of the time. I feel honored that I was able to wake one of them up. Scott must be on an awfully poor diet with the poor support he gets here….

      1. Jonah

        I haven’t thought he has pitched well, so that is why I looked it up.

        That has nothing to do with you.

        And I have never been a big McCarthy supporter.

        Jonah what you said in that last sentence, cracked me up!

        But it is not just slow here today, and that is surprising, because you usually have more comments, after the Dodgers lose.

        But everyone is giving them a break, since they just won 11 games, in a row.

  5. I didn’t see that whine and cheese was on the menu today. Please don’t take this blog or yourself so seriously, just an exchange of ideas with no butt-ass hurt feelings will go a long way to enjoying yourself more often. Take a breath and realize that not all comments are an attack on one’s posts.

    Peace to all.

  6. McCarthy looks weak again. Yeah, Hill has pitched ok. 3.55 ERA. 5 IP per start which is the norm now. I think it was patch that asked “what’s the big deal about 200 innings?” Well, if you have to ask you won’t understand the answer.

    Great read by Yamada at Beyond the Box yesterday. I saw a lot of why I was saying 2018 in that piece. We were stacked, Urias, De Leon, Seager, Bellinger, Puig, Pederson et al with Kershaw in a contract year and some money freed up. Now I just don’t know. Part of why I don’t know is I haven’t seen a trade or a signing of a real Major League stud. Can FAZ do it? Who knows.

    I hope our crystalline pitchers are well rested and ready to go in mid October. I sense a tortoise and hare theme happening here. Hope I’m wrong about that.

    1. I know the answer. I just don’t agree with it’s premise.

      I’d rather have a much more effective Rich Hill and three good relievers following him than a mediocre Matt Moore and two relievers following him.

      1. I would take what Moore did for SF last year over what Hill did for us. This year? I’m not sure I want either one of them. The next two years? Who the hell knows. If we only ask 5 innings for 25 starts, Hill might make it to 39. $16.7mm for ’18 and ’19. I’d like to believe we could better.

        1. Badger

          I took a look at the tread you posted here.

          I think the only thing they missed, was the fact that most of Joc’s stats right now, were only based on a month, because Joc only played in half of June.

          And Puig’s stats were from the whole first half.

  7. There are some pundits advocating Ian Kinsler and even Yonder Alonso for Boston’s Third Base problem. Why doesn’t someone put a bug in their ear about Forsythe who could probably be had for a song? Maybe some International Draft Slot Money or????

  8. Took a few days away to just relax and not get worked up about things. Also to re-evaluate myself and what I have been posting. The Dodgers are the only team I have ever been a fan of. I respect other teams and the history’s they have. I had a Jr High teacher who played in the Red Sox system in the 40’s and early 50’s. He was a first baseman, same position I played most of the time, but his path was blocked by Dolph Camilli, Rudy York and Walt Dropo. He used to give me his copy of The Sporting News every week after he finished. I would read every box score. He loved the game, and I never got tired of hearing his stories of what it was like to be in training camp with guys like Williams, Doerr, Pesky, and all those great Sox players. Thinking about that made me remember what brought me to being a fan in the first place. It was watching the best there are doing what for them, comes very naturally. And then remembering Mr. Lingua, and how much he loved the game even though he never reached the highest level. I played a lot, but never had the skills these guys do. We can all sit on the sidelines and judge and criticize because we want the team to succeed and be a champion again. It is easy for us, and I for one have been one of their harshest critics. By doing that I forgot how damn hard the game is, and how much talent it takes to play at that level. Be successful 30% of the time as a hitter and you are HOF material. No other sport I know lets you fail 70% of the time and be great. They blow a game and we lose our cool. Since I have never been in the position these guys are placed in, I really should not criticize at all. As a fan, I guess I have felt entitled to bitch and moan because of all the money spent over the years on memorabilia. But in reality, even in the bad years I got my money’s worth in entertainment. Believe me, I have spent money watching some movies I wish I had never seen. All in all, this team is exciting, sometimes nerve racking, and always unpredictable. The way teams are built now is so much different that when I first watched the game. FAZ does things that sometimes to me make absolutely no sense what so ever because I do not really understand the way they evaluate players. To me it was always, give me a guy who drives in runs consistently, and a pitcher who could go 9 more times than not. They just do not do that anymore. So I have to accept the fact that those days are pretty much gone forever and now I have to admire players who strike out too much, or are lucky to get through 5 or 6 innings and turn it over to the pen. As long as their OBP and OPS are high and their WHIP is low. I would like to apologize to anyone I offended over the last few months. I was looking at the game as I always have, and that was probably the wrong way to do it. Calling names and dissing someone’s opinion is not really me. I should read up more on the stats they use now, but I know I will not do that because they do not really interest me all that much. What I am going to do, is just enjoy watching the game as I always have, and if there is any play, or player I feel is not doing what they should be, I am just going to keep that to myself.

    1. Nice post. Conversely, if you read sites like Fangraphs one can get completely too wrapped up in the stats. I try to absorb the nuances of data analytics, but it is just too much time and energy. It’s interesting to get a little more insight into performance, but in the end nothing replaces the excitement of your favorite team winning. We don’t realize the talent and the incredible love and dedication and hard work that any player needs to have to even sniff at the major leagues. The vast majority toil in the minor leagues pursuing their dreams until reality forces them to go get real jobs.

  9. Saw a roadrunner running across the street from WalMart to one of the city parks. Guess he’d been shopping…

    1. Jonah

      When I was 8 years old my father got me a mini bike, and I remember chasing a road runner on my mini bike, but the road runner was to fast.

  10. Walker Buehler got lit up last night. 0 IP, 4 earned runs. Rios is hitting .209 at AAA. Seems a little over matched. Dickson hit his 20th HR and drove in 6 in a 10-8 loss. Dickson still hitting in the low .240’s.

    1. Thanks Michael for that tidbit on Beuhler. I wouldn’t worry too much about his first bad outing. Let’s see how he comes back from it.

      We may have someone else coming onto the radar. Imani Abdullah pitched well in a start at Low-A, and was followed with 4 innings of scoreless relief by 17 year old Jimenez in his Great Lakes debut. He’s the second youngest player to debut at that level.

      1. It was an amazing effort that is for sure. I watch a lot of documentary’s so it will be interesting how the movie stacks up to the truth. Pearl Harbor fell flat on its face. More a romance movie than historical fact.

        1. If you are talking about the Pearl Harbor I saw, I agree, that was a terrible movie.

          And the critics agreed too.

          I saw a documentary on history channel twice, and that documentary recounted everything, in great detail.

          It talked about what the different leaders were thinking, and what they said, especially with Roosevelt.

          I went and saw the Arizona when I went to Hawaii.

          1. Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett. My dad was at Pearl Harbor, so anything less than the truth, well to me that does a dis service to those who were there. Tora, Tora, Tora, with less special effects and a ensemble cast was a more accurate telling of the facts. Pearl Harbor did pay attention a little to the story of Dorey Miller, Cuba Gooding’s character, a mess orderly who during the fight manned a machine gun, he had no training, and shot down 2 Japanese planes. He was later killed, but got the Navy Cross posthumously.

        2. The criticism I read about Dunkirk is that the director (Nolan…the guy who did the Batman movies) really stripped the movie of the historical context. He didn’t want to introduce any of that History stuff to dumb movie goers. There is no scene with Churchill or any mention of him, or no real sense of who they were even fighting.

          1. Had not read that about it. It is pretty easy to criticize any movie based on a historical event. I will let you know what I think after I see it. Since I am really into history. You have to know about the Blitzkrieg, and the situation the Allies found themselves in that led to the evacuation. Since I have watched numerous documentaries about WWII, I am a little more informed on it than some. You also have to be a bit dumb not to notice the NAZI insignia on the Stuka’s. So if you know anything about WWII you know who the enemy is.

        1. Not so much anymore. WWII and it’s aftermath pretty much took care of that. Their 3 biggest colonies became independent nations. The sun finally set on the British Empire.

  11. Report I just read said McBrittle had a blister problem last night. Why pitch? Oh well, just another little irritant to over look.

    1. He said he has had that blister problem since spring training.

      He hasn’t pitched very well lately, but he has said he is happy where he is, with his mechanics, what ever.

  12. I would take Verlander, warts and all, if Detroit will take Kazmir, Hill, and Agon. Or even just two of the three. And if they throw in Wilson, we can add Tree Trunks, and a pitcher or two….

  13. People are warming up to the Verlander and Wilson package. I think it’s the only one where we upgrade and don’t lose Verdugo or Alvarez, but we take on a sizeable contract (but we have the money and can also dump Kazmir on them).

    I still have hope for McCarthy and Hill. I like them both much more than Kazmir or Hatcher, because I think they try harder and don’t make excuses when they suck.

    McCarthy’s blister is a prelude to another 10 day DL stint for him to figure out how to get his ERA and FIP back to league average.

    1. I think that is wishful thinking on anyone’s part. First because of Verlander’s age and that contract from which he still gets a lot of money, plus it totally goes against FAZ’s MO. He is just not into trading for big ticket items. He would rather drive a Hyundai, than a BMW. Bringing up 2 guys, Kazmir, and Hatcher, who are no where near being activated is not really part of any of the FO’s thinking. I read a report yesterday where Roberts was talking about Kazmir’s velocity which is only about 87-89 on his fastball. Roberts said that Kaz understands it has to be a lot better than that. Hatcher is no where near even being able to throw. My guess is they non tender him this winter.

  14. I’m actually glad FAZ has to make those decisions and not me. Of course I will still have the right to criticise his decisions, but he still makes the $7MM a year, so he can take it….

    1. I agree there, better him than me so if he messes up he is the one who has the entire fan base chewing his ass.

  15. Garcia not traded yet, so looks like he gets the start. Maybe the Braves feel his value will go up if he has a good outing against the Dodgers who are ripping lefty’s this year.

  16. Some of the trade scenarios people come up with on twitter are just plain mind boggling. All of them want to give up the farm for Darvish or Verlander…….NUTS! Report from Olney, Royals may be close to getting Darvish from the Rangers. 4 or 5 prospects involved. The price for these guys is out of sight.

  17. Coming down in buckets here right now, thunder, lightning, and a lot of rain. 6 straight days of heavy rain in the evening.

    1. Wish we had it, I love rain. Just over 3 inches so far this year, average about 6 total. That Is what I miss most about California.

      1. Jonah

        You haven’t been missing much because we have had a water shortage, because we were not getting any rain.

        But we finally got some rain this last winter.

      2. Jonah

        That tread that Badger posted here, kind of takes a look at a trade you might make.

        It was in Beyond the Box Score, yesterday.

        It is about improving the Dodgers.

  18. Wood gives up a grand slam to the Braves pitcher, but that’s on Roberts who left his obviously struggling starter in too long…..Dodgers need to win next 2 just to get a split with the Braves……

    1. Michael

      That is a very hard game to watch!

      I went into my bedroom to turn the TV on in there, and Wood had two strikes on the Braves pitcher.

      I saw the commercial and I thought good Wood got that last out, then saw Stripling pitching.

      And I thought did Wood give up a grand slam to the pitcher, and you know the answer after that!

      Terrible game to have to watch!

      After Wood dropped that pop fly, it only got worse after that!

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