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Here’s How I Met Vin Scully, Nearly 10 Years Ago

Vin Scully

The Dodgers announced heartbreaking news tonight as the Dodgers battle the Giants at Oracle Park. Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully has passed away at 94. The club announced his passing on twitter as Joe Davis reminisced about the hall of fame announcer. The news hits all of us hard. Vin was an integral part of Dodger baseball for 67 years. For most of us his beautiful dulcet voice was the sound of summers and Dodger baseball throughout our childhood and adult lives until his retirement in 2016.

Remembering Vin Scully takes me back almost 10 years ago today when I met him for the first time during one of my trips into the Vin Scully Press Box at Dodger Stadium. My life was very different back then and I can still remember the excitement and anxiety when meeting him. I only shook his hand during one fleeting moment, but that was enough for me. All I wanted to do was say hi, shake his hand. I felt that was all I deserved, and by doing that I fulfilled a lifelong bucket list check. relive that unforgettable moment by clicking the link below.

How I met Vin Scully Almost 10 Years ago Today

I feel sorry for all of the younger kids that are growing up without ever having listened to Vin. Hearing his voice was like hearing a good friend every night. He was always with us, no matter how good or bad the Dodgers were playing, and no matter rain or shine. He was our guide throughout the Dodger seasons. There is nobody more connected to Los Angeles than Vin Scully. There is nobody more connected to the Dodgers than Vin Scully, and there is nobody more connected to our hearts and childhoods than Vin Scully. No words can express the incredibly deep loss we are feeling right now. Vin always said he was never more important than the game, but Vin’s constant profressionalism made the game important. We’ll miss you Vin.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

7 thoughts on “Here’s How I Met Vin Scully, Nearly 10 Years Ago

  1. I am beyond devastated. The tears will not stop. Farewell Vin Scully. You don’t know me but you’ve had a huge hand in making me who I am today. And millions like me.

  2. So sad… but now he is at peace in Blue Heaven with his beloved wife Sandi, and all the legends of baseball that have passed before him. Imagine what incredible games he will be calling up there!

    Being a 4th generation American, I will never forget the times I spent with my grandparents, who were avid Dodger fans. We would sit at their tiny kitchen table with the transistor blasting the ballgame. My grandparents did not speak very much English fluently, but they understood Vinny. Vinny probably sharpened their knowledge of the game of Baseball as well as the English language. They knew the entire roster of the Dodgers, their favorites were Ron “The Penguin” Cey, Davey Lopes and Steve Garvey. My grandfather was a gardener, and he would always have his transistor radio with him out in the yard, while working…Vinny’s voice echoing throughout. Vinny was one of the few baseball announcers to simulcast ballgames on both TV and Radio… so we were lucky to always have Vinny calling the game. Every Sunday, we would crowd around their 13” black and white television in the kitchen, and watch the game… grandma would make hot dogs.

    Whenever I went to a game, I took my transistor, but really did not need it, because Vinny’s play by play echoed throughout the stadium.

    My greatest memory was when we went to an event sponsored by my son’s baseball league, honoring Vinny. After the event, Vinny graciously took the time to sign autographs, and he did not leave until every kid that wanted an autograph, got one. My son got one, but the ball was a vinyl tee-ball, and the signature has faded off. You can barely see the distinctive “V” and “S”.

    What a legend. We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to enjoy Vinny’s broadcasts.

    May he rest in peace.

  3. Vin will be missed forever by any fan who ever heard him call a game. He’s irreplaceable and those of us who grew up listening to him for so so many years were blessed.

    Rest in Paradise, Vinny. I’m not such a spiritual man but I pray for your sake there is the hereafter you hoped for and that you are there with Sandi and your son.

  4. Well.

    The good news is that the Dodgers are great. Positioned to be great for a while and a blast to watch.

    The bad news is they probably won’t win the World Series again, despite being the best team.

    All that said, it’s a lovely time to be a Dodger fan and thank god we have Friedman.

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