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Jagged Little Pill: Dodgers Knock Off Mets Again, Win Sixth Straight

Yasiel Puig

So Cody Bellinger didn’t hit a home run tonight. You are probably wondering what’s wrong with him, that bum. I mean come on, no home runs in his last five at-bats!? He only hit a double in four at-bats tonight. Total bust that kid. I joke of course, but it’s almost odd now if Bellinger goes an entire game without hitting a home run.

You may also be wondering what’s wrong with the Mets too. Well they’re bad. They can’t pitch, and the Dodgers have scored like 800 runs against them in this series with one game left to play. It doesn’t matter who the Mets put on the mound, the Dodgers will hit them.

The Dodgers beat up on the Mets again tonight, knocking them off in the third game of this four game series by an 8-2 score. The Dodgers hit three more home runs to give them 98 on the season and 31 over their last dozen games or so. The Dodgers have now won six in a row and with the Snakes defeating the Rockies, move back into sole possession of first place in the NL West by a half game.

The Dodgers scored eight runs on only seven hits, but three of them were home runs. Yasiel Puig’s three-run home run wasn’t met with great kindness from the Mets, but it broke the game open in the bottom of the fourth inning breaking a 1-1 tie.

Mets       2 7 2

Dodgers 8 7 1




Rich five innings and done Hill turned in what could be considered his finest performance of 2017. The left hander who is now importing a brand new off-speed pitch into his repertoire which is a combination between a cutter and slider tossed his usual five innings. But he allowed just one run on four hits walked three and struck out eight. He also drove in a run with a scoring fly ball. The Met’s opposing starter newly recalled Tyler Pill gave up five earned runs on six hits and struck out six across six frames. The 27-year old right hander walked three and took the loss.

The game didn’t start out well when Curtis Granderson hit the second pitch of the game out of the park to give the Mets an early 1-0 lead before the chairs were warm. Then Wilmer Flores doubled, but after that Hill was able to settle in and find his groove retiring the next seven New York hitters.

Second Grandal bomb…….

The Dodgers tied the game in the third thanks to some sloppy New York defense. After Joc Pederson drew a walk, T.J. Rivera made a low throw on Puig’s slow roller to third and Flores was unable to pick it. Hill’s sacrifice fly to center brought in Joc with the tying run.

In the top of the fourth inning Hill escaped a bases loaded mess by striking out three in a row. A lead-off walk to Jay Bruce, a single from Travis d’Arnaud and a hilariously annoying pop-fly catch error from Chase Utley loaded the bases. It was no problem for Hill, especially since opposing hitters were only 6 for 38 against him with runners in scoring position this season. So he whiffed Jose Reyes, Gavin Cecchini, and Pill to get out of the jam. That was quite a high-wire act!

The Dodgers scored four in the bottom of the fourth to jump out to a 5-1 lead. Bellinger doubled to right. Then Logan Forsythe’s double scored Cody to put the Dodgers ahead 2-1. The fun wasn’t over. After Yasmani Grandal lined out, (Grandal would hit two home runs later in the game) Joc was intentionally walked. Puig then crushed a three-run home run into the left field pavilion to put the Dodgers ahead by a 5-1 score.

Puig stood at the plate for a minute to admire his beautiful home run. Needless to say the Mets were not very pleased with the way Puig watched his home run go out. A couple of the Mets had some words for him as he rounded the bases. Puig used some pleasantries to show the Mets just how he felt about their sensitive feelings. He should have just given them the finger.

In the bottom of the sixth Grandal blasted his first of two home runs on the night. His second shot came in the bottom of the eighth. The Dodgers have now scored eight or more runs in five consecutive games. That is quite impressive.

The Dodgers are now 47-26 and move into first place. With Colorado losing 16-5 to the Snakes, the Dodgers jump a half game ahead of the Rockies in the NL West. The Dodgers go for a four-game series sweep over the Mets on Thursday evening. Hyun-jin Ryu will take on Steven Matz in the series finale.

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

17 thoughts on “Jagged Little Pill: Dodgers Knock Off Mets Again, Win Sixth Straight

  1. Puig is a lightning rod, but next to Cody, he is the most fun to watch, strikeout or homer, laser throw from right, the guy has mad skills. He is producing out of the 8 hole, and that makes the lineup just that much longer. They score 8 runs, and Turner is on the bench! They scored 12 last night, and Turner did not even get a hit. Gonzo is Gone-zo, and they are getting great production out of the kid. Gonzo maybe Wally Pipp in a Sombrero. Hill still stinks. He has not gotten into the 6th inning all year. What a waste of good money.

    1. I wasn’t upset with Puig for flipping the bird, but he shouldn’t have tried to disrespect that AAA pitcher, like he did.

      Big deal he hit HR off a pitcher that has been a minor league pitcher, for seven years.

      The Mets are a mess right now, because of injuries, and Puig shouldn’t have acted like that.

      The really good players like Corey and Cody don’t have to do stuff like that, because they show it with their results.

      And that is a lack of class to act like that, and try to show up a team that is that far down, and that is probably why Turner was talking to Puig, about that.

      When Puig does stuff like that, he turns me off, as well, as other people.

      And that takes away from anything he does that is good.

      Lets see what we do against the Rockies this weekend.

      1. Again MJ, you are way off base. He did not bat flip, he did not stare at the pitcher, and he in no way disrespected the guy. And you hit a HR off any pitcher it makes no difference if he is a career AAA guy or what, you hit the ball off a guy in the majors, it still counts. All he did was watch the ball, and the Mets took offense. Too damn bad. I do not care if the Mets have injuries, it makes no difference. Cody and Corey have different personality’s. You are the only person I have seen that was turned off. Just because you think he showed the guy up. To tell the truth, I would have watched that thing go if I had hit it. It is a big deal to hit a HR off any pitcher at the major league level. It’s a big deal to hit one in the minors. I did not see you crying for the pitchers on Monday and Tuesday that Cody and Corey took deep. They both were no more than AAA guys either. You are pissed because it was Puig, pure and simple. You are totally prejudiced against the guy. Nothing he does is ever good enough. He hits his HR’s off of AAA pitchers, he does not produce runs in the clutch. Last night he hit the go ahead homer and it stood up.

        1. Michael

          Corey or Bellinger don’t stand there, and watch it.

          I felt bad for the young pitcher, from California.

          Why kick a team when they are down?

          The Mets are pathetic.

          We are beating the Mets like a drum, right now.

          We don’t need to rub it in, because we are dominating this skeleton, of a team.

          And I have been talking about the team facing AAA pitching, since the Reds series.

          Because I am concerned about the series, with the Rockies.

          I was hoping the Mets would have better pitching, to get us ready, for the Rockies series.

          I don’t know if our offense is really this good, or it is because we have been facing AAA pitching, in these last two series.

          Puig isn’t a good clutch hitter, and that is why he is batting eighth.

          That is a fact, and one good game, doesn’t change that.

          I don’t dislike Puig, I just don’t put him on a pedestal, like you do.

          I am not one of those people that gets entertained, by anything Puig does.

          I like all of our players.

          I am not like you, I don’t hate anyone, especially one of our players.

          You are hard on any player you don’t like, but no one can say a thing about the players, you like.

          You are constantly criticizing any thing Grandal, or Kike does, and other players too.

          You have actually said you hate Grandal.

          You have to realize that not everyone is entertained, by any thing Puig does, good or bad, like you!

          Why did you call him a lightning rod?

          I am glad we are winning, but I know these teams are not that good right now.

          I can’t wait until we face the Rockies this weekend.

          I am hoping we are a better team, then when we last faced them.

          I think we are, but all of this AAA pitching, makes it hard to gauge our offense!

      2. If he was disrespecting him, he would have stared at the guy, he never even looked at him. By the way, that so called AAA pitcher was wearing a major league uni, that makes him a big leaguer. You cannot classify a guy as a AAA player when he is pitching in the majors. Julio Urias is a AAA pitcher.

        1. Michael

          You can’t compare a career journeyman minor league pitcher, to Urias.

          Urias was rated really high.

  2. Mets make a big deal out of nothing. Wilmer Flores wishes he could hit a ball that far so he could watch it go out. Puig did nothing wrong. He simply watched the ball fly, then set the lumber down and started his trot. He only slowed down because the crybaby at first said something. I did notice that Cespedes, and Reyes said something to him when he came in the following inning. I think they were explaining their team mates displeasure. Rockies give up 10 in one inning and get slaughtered, 16-5, How sweet it is. Roberts blasts LA voters over Corey’s lack of all star vote support. Don’t look at me, I voted 35 times.

    1. And the only reason they pitched to Puig and not Joc, is because Puig is more aggressive then Joc is, when he is up to bat.

      And they were able to get Puig out, pretty fast, the first time they pitched to him.

  3. I have no problem with Puig watching his blast, come on, this is show business. I have watched players admire their blasts for as long as I can remember. Get over it, he didn’t do the Bonds 360 spin as he left the box, he didn’t do the helicopter bat toss, Puig took maybe all of 3 to 5 seconds to watch then jogged at a reasonable pace around the bases. Damn we have a far to sensitive group of players and society in general. Holy Shite!

    1. Exactly. Though I’m not sure I’d extrapolate Puig/ the ability that .00001% of the population with a comment on “society in general”

      1. Bluto

        The Mets starting pitcher last night, was a career minor league pitcher, that was just called up, from AAA.

        It wasn’t like Puig just went deep against, Chris Sale!

        And we have been not only facing mostly right handers like you said, we have been mostly facing AAA pitching, in these last two series.

        Let’s hope they will be ready for the Rockies, because the Reds, and Mets, are not up to the Rockies, right now.

        1. MJ for the last time, it does not matter who is on the mound. When they take the ball at the major league level they are deemed to have the ability to get hitters out. Puig did his job. He took a 3-1 pitch and hit it out. If it is so damned easy because the guy is a AAA pitcher, how come Cody, Corey and the rest of the blue bunch did not do the same thing? Quit making excuses for the Mets pitchers, and quit blasting Puig for doing his job. Hill is a journey man a career pitcher 13 years in the majors and he has given up a ton of homers this year. Kershaw has given up more than at any other time in his career. But you, every time Puig hits one, it is oh, he hit it off a bad pitcher. That is their job, hit off pitchers bad or otherwise. And he did not do anything outrageous, he just watched, set the bat down and started his trot. He only slowed down when Flores opened his big mouth. He did not do a bat flip, or cartwheels down the base paths and he never even looked at the pitcher. If he had stared him down, that would be disrespect. I have seen a ton of guys sit there and admire their HR’s. It happens, get over your self righteousness.

          1. Michael

            Don’t tell me what to think!

            It does matter what the pitching is, pitching is at least 80 percent of the game!

            And I was talking about this weak pitching to Badger, since the Reds series.

            And Badger agreed with me, and he told you that that didn’t mean a thing, because of the pitching we were facing!

          2. Michael

            Take your own adivce.

            It would be nice if you were so understanding, about the other players.

            I don’t have double standards like you do, concerning, certain players.

            I am much more fair, then you will ever be!

            I don’t expect accountability from one player, and not other players.

  4. A sentence of caution:

    The red-hot Dodgers have only faced 3 LHP starters in their last 30 games, and their last 11 games have been against RHP starters.

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