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Jomboy Breaks Down Dodger’s Wild Card Game Walk-off


With the start of the NLDS between the Dodgers and the Giants just hours away, Baseball break down expert Jomboy took an inside look at Chris Taylor‘s epic walk-off home run and the Dodger’s ninth-inning victory over the Cardinals in the National League Wild Card game. One thing that Jomboy failed to acknowledge was the closeup of the Dodger hooligans in the left field pavilions jumping up and down in euphoria. Never forget to mention the Pavilion hooligans.


Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

One thought on “Jomboy Breaks Down Dodger’s Wild Card Game Walk-off

  1. Jomboy is quite entertaining, but I do not think he could find anything in game one that is worthy of his comic genius. Well, maybe the different facial expressions that Buehler contorted during his dismal performance.

    Buehler had no command what so ever, but I cannot blame it all on Walker. Although we definitely need Smith’s bat, we sacrifice a quality receiver who can call a game. Will Smith just cannot seem to help his pitchers. His pitch sequence, and location are not good… look at what he does to Scherzer? The game changer was the 3-0 cookie to Posey that led to the early 2-0 lead… 3-0 count on an offensive threat, you just walk him, not throw him a center cut meatball. Buehler was erratic… too many hitter’s counts, expending way too many pitches. But, he at least kept the game within reach, if only his offense would have put some runs on the board.

    Webb, in his first playoff start, completely dominated the Dodger offense. Much can be attributed to the way Posey controlled the game for Webb. The veteran signal caller really magnified the shortcomings of Smith. Like comparing apples and oranges. Webb, with the guidance of Posey, kept the Dodger hitters on their heels and guessing all night. Webb did not even break a sweat! The Dodger offense’s inability to make adjustments was the key. They continued to attempt to play long ball, instead of just thinking about putting the ball in play.10 K’s and 0-5 RISP will not win games.

    DR’s lineup was questionable too. Why was CT3, the Wild Card hero, on the bench? Also, Gavin Lux has been hot over his last 25 games…where was he? I have had enough of Belli-Flop. Belli is really dragging this team down offensively. We will have wait and see what Ouija board lineup DR comes up with for game 2.

    All is not lost. The Dodgers can still salvage a win and take home field advantage back to Dodger Stadium. But they got to get their head out of their A$$es, snap out of their comma, and get to playing baseball.

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