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Justin Turner’s Big Night in NLDS Game 1

Justin Turner

The Dodgers held off the Dbacks 9-5 in game 1 of the five game NLDS. Their opening game victory on Friday evening got the Dodgers off to a great start. Over 70% of teams that win the opening game go on to advance to the NLCS. That bodes well for the Dodgers. It wasn’t easy because the Dbacks are certainly a very good club. Clayton Kershaw looked good for the first five innings but allowed four solo home runs over 6.1 frames. Two of those came in the seventh inning which still seems to be the devil’s inning for Kersh.

I wanted to talk to you today about Justin Turner. The red bearded third baseman put the club on his back with a thrilling performance. Our dreamy third sacker smacked a first inning three-run home run to get the party started and ended up driving in five of the nine runs on the night. His five RBI tied a franchise record for a postseason game. Overall Turner is hitting .444 in the NLDS, which is one of the best in baseball in the division series round. Turner went 3 for 4 with the long ball, and two run scoring singles. He also walked for good measure. Check out Turner’s highlights from game 1 below.

Obviously Turner is the catalyst for the Dodger offense this season. Expect for the Snakes to pitch around him in game 2. As James said in the postgame, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Turner didn’t get another good pitch to hit for the rest of the series. Good thing the Dodgers also have some other pretty good hitters in their lineup. Hat tip to Yasiel Puig for some great at-bats and tongue work.

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

12 thoughts on “Justin Turner’s Big Night in NLDS Game 1

  1. I know that Kersh’s back has been a problem over the last 2 years and he does have good numbers except HRs allowed but I am somewhat worried about him. When he gets hit the balls seem to be hit hard. Are we witnessing his decline. He seems a bit like the deer in the headlights to me.

  2. Kershaw lost about 3 or 4 mph off his fastball in the 7th inning. Usually throws at 93 to 95 mph, started only hitting 90 & 91, he admitted after the game that he was gassed.

    We are going to have to score 5 to 7 runs a game thru out the post season.

  3. Doc needs to realize Kersh cannot pitch into the 7th in October. Accept this as fact, and quit wishing for that 8ip start. WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

  4. There are a few things that Roberts is deficient in learning about. Use of Kershaw, use of bullpen and understanding making an effective bullpen night in and night out. Roberts really is learning on the job and he is still in the learning curve. What he does well is present a good attitude and maintaining good personal relationships with his ballplayers. People skills – Good; Manager skills – needing continued improvement.

  5. Kersh at this time is a 6 inning pitcher. Had Roberts pulled him after the 6th the score would not have been so close. Morrow was nails. Jansen in a non save role always seems to give up a run or two. Offense, except for the automatic out bats of Grandal and Granderson, did a good job. Especially getting those extra runs. Puig played with his hair on fire and as always, he is so fun to watch. Now they have a real challenge. Ray has owned them. At least this year. They will have to be patient and have good at bats. They win this game, and the road to the NLCS is a little easier. But if they do win, they will no doubt see Ray again.

    1. If Kersh develops into an all the time 6 innings or less pitcher, he will decline rapidly. He needs to pitch more, not less. This will develop endurance and that is what he needs. Will his back hold up, who knows? One thing is for sure, if he does become a 6 inning pitcher he will not get the wins he has in the past. Just my opinion.

      1. Kersh is 30 I think. He has pitched at a high level for 10 years. His back is becoming a problem. He has lost over 3 months to the DL in the last two seasons. At his age pitching more is not the problem. It is being able to pitch. He is a veteran, he does not need to be stretched out like some rookie. He may like many vets, need to adjust the way he attacks hitters. Greg Maddux adjusted his pitching philosophy as he aged and his fastball was not as good as in his youth. CK cannot remain a power pitcher when his back does not cooperate. Wins depend on how much your offense does while you are on the mound. If he has 6 plus runs of support, there is a great chance he would still win in double figures easily. The big concern is the HR against total. That is double what he gave up a year ago. His ERA has climbed a little and that is directly related to the jump in HR’s against. But with a good BP, 6 innings is pretty good. After all, Hill, Maeda, Ryu all were under that in average innings this year. Kersh is still the best in the game. If his back cooperates, he no doubt will be for many years to come.

  6. Kershaw probably didn’t get to much sleep before his start, yesterday.

    He probably has a lot of his bad history on his mind, and the pressure of just pitching, in the post season.

    And that kind of mental pressure, can drain anyone, and that kind of pressure, drains all the energy out of a person, pretty easily.

    So even before Kershaw took the mound yesterday, he had a lot of stuff, on his mind!

    All of that, and the physical energy that Kershaw was using, made him get pretty tired, early in that game, and you could see that Kershaw was tiring, by the fifth inning.

    And Kershaw admitted he was tired before he went out there, in the seventh inning.

    And that is even though the team, had a couple good rally’s, to give him some air, and give him some good rest, on the bench.

    And we all know what his history has been, in the seventh inning.

    So if Kershaw is allowed to go out and pitch in the seventh inning, he needs to be watched closely, and he needs to be taken out, after any batter gets on base!

    I don’t think this has anything to do with his back, because first this wasn’t the same problem on his back, and in fact, Kershaw’s herniated disc, has healed.

    I just think his back was sore, from over doing himself, at that event he went to for the Dodgers, the day before his back issue came up, because he was back much faster this time, and he probably could have came back sooner, if the Dodgers were not being overly careful.

  7. The key play was Turner’s great stop on Goldschmidt’s smash that turned into a double play BEFORE JD Matinez’s HR BOMB. What a blast. But it was a solo HR. So that was a huge play IMHO.

    Now if we hit the way we hit last night, it will be an even closer game because…..I think AZ is going to bomb Hill.

    BTW I said last night ,6,7,8 were going to be automatic outs:
    Grandy 0-4
    Grandal 0-4
    Logan – 1-3

    1. Artieboy

      Those three hitters are like giving up three at bats, four times a game!

      I think the last time Hill pitched against the Dbacks he actually pitched well, but JD hit one of his curves out!

      He is the main hitter, I would be worried about.

      I don’t know howJD kept that in fair territory last night, but what bat speed.

      Every young hitter that spends time on the Tigers, comes out as a better hitter.

      Miguel and Victor, must be good teammates, along, with good teachers, because Cepedes left that team as a better hitter, and so has JD, and I wouldn’t be surprised, that Upton is a more complete hitter now too!

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