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Ladodgerreport is Evolving….With a New Design

Much like the first humans during the Stone Age that crawled out of their caves on their hands and knees and discovered fire so too does Ladodgerreport. I guess you have to crawl before you learn to walk. As you have all probably noticed by now I have redesigned the site with a new layout, logo and theme. Gone is the ultra large pixelated logo that many of you hated. Although to be honest I think there were a few of you who secretly loved the enlarged pixelated logo. Perhaps those of you who secretly loved it are using it as their desktop background or social media logo. I won’t tell anyone about your guilty pleasure.

I’ve created a new logo that is crisp and doesn’t look like something out of the old 8bit super Mario brothers. The new design is clean and very professional looking. At least I think so. Maybe some of you will hate it; hopefully all of you will love it. I’ve kept all of the functionality that you all loved. The daily mandatory reading link stack is still in the same spot on the far right side. All of the search bars are there with the calendar and categories. The menu bars are still on top, and most importantly I didn’t break anything. I’ll try not to bury you guys in too many ads.

You all knew that I wasn’t going to keep that old logo and design forever. That was just like a placeholder. It was just something to get the site up while I worked on building content. Every once in a while I do something cool. I get knocked down, but I always get up and brush myself off. I’m spunky. Spunkadocious. You can’t keep a good Dodger man down, I tell you what (spoken in Hank Hill voice). Well, content is built. Site is built. Just in time for the new season. Onwards and upwards guys.

This site isn’t about me though; this site is for you guys. You all make this site. I appreciate each and every one of you. All opinions and thoughts are welcome here. I want this site to be a home for Dodger fans to be free to express whatever opinion they want. Whether that opinion is favorable, controversial, or annoying. Express yourself! Oh and Adrian is really awesome too. I love that guy.

Pitchers and catchers report in four days! We’re mere weeks away from meaningful baseball games. I am so craving Dodger baseball. Come on in and check out the new Ladodgerreport. It’s sleeker, cleaner, more annoying, bigger and badder than ever before. So let’s have some fun!

Go Blue in 2016!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

44 thoughts on “Ladodgerreport is Evolving….With a New Design

  1. I kinda like the evolutionary theme above as a logo idea. We’re a higher order of baseball commentary community.

    It looks nice. I like that you’re able to more easily scroll and scan to see what is written and what you wrote. Used to be you had to scroll too long just to find your post.

    There’s a lot of space to the right of the logo. Maybe a slogan…maybe a headline feed. The logo could be enlarged a little bit to pop a little more. It has to compete with the ads

  2. Ladodgertalk flashes on my phone before ladodgerreport appears. Is ladodgerreport being forwarded from ladodgertalk?

  3. It looks good to me Scott. I like the lay out of your writings.

    Let ST begin. I cannot wait. Has anyone heard anymore about buying just the Dodger games on MLB TV?

  4. Scott,

    I am going to have our graphics team design you a logo today. You don’t have to use it if you don’t like it.

  5. Nice job with the overall design. Yeah it looks sleeker. One suggestion I have is to shrink the avatar a bit. On the cell phone the avatar is larger than the comments.

    Overall good job!

  6. Good look.

    I don’t need an Avatar. I have the movie. I just need to be heard. So…. listen up.

    With that said, you have my permission to choose one. Taxidea taxus would be nice.

  7. Hey Scott, It looks great in here!!!
    Did you get Badgers permission to use his family history pictures for this article?
    Can you put a link for us to share travel plans for spring training. It was just starting to get some activity on LADT before it went dark.

    Thanks Scott!!!!

    1. Yes Badger emailed me his family album. There he is with mama Badger, papa Badger and his entire family. Aren’t they lookers?

      I can put something up for spring training.

  8. Scott, I still would love for you to add the Disqus plugin. It clarifies who replies are made to and allows editing, likes, and unlikes.

  9. One of these days a team is going to sign the two Cuban Gurriel brothers, Gurriel. Yulieski, 31, is listed at 6-foot, 195 pounds, has lightning-fast hands and classic third base tools with arm strength, body control and plus power.

    Lourdes Jr., who would be subject to the bonus pools until he turns 23 in October, has shown above-average speed and defensive ability in the outfield, and scouts would like to see him give infield a try. The 6-foot-3, 185-pounder has long arms and some holes in his swing as a result but also has shown above-average power potential.

    They prefer to play on the same team.

    1. I hear they want to be Yankees, but a lot of money could change their minds. I think the team that signs Yulieski will have the inside track on Lourdes who might wait for his birthday. I read somewhere he had played shortstop in Cuba, but then just about every good player does if they’re right-handed.

  10. I prefer to play on the same team too.

    Aren’t we all from the same family tree? Except maybe that Timmons feller. He’s different. Hominidea neanderthalensis Indianicus. Badgers beware. Those Neanderthal guys carry spears and throw rocks. Hard to reason with too.

    Catchers reporting. I still have my catchers glove and a mask. Got a cup too. I’m a ready to receive. Badgers don’t need a chest protector. I got a pectoralis major to stop anything in dirt. Let this thing begin.

  11. It was nice to see #39 chosen as the best all-round Catcher in Dodger history. His 57% CS rate is the highest in ML history.

  12. Scott, The new site looks great. Can’t believe how quickly you are evolving the face of the most outrageous, most opinionated, most divisive and derisive and IMO the best blogsite available to committed/committable Dodger fans anywhere.

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