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No More Rain, No More Coors Field: Dodgers Doubleheader

Inclement weather in Denver forced the rainout of Tuesday’s Dodgers/Rockies second game of their three game series. The boys in blue never got to take the field as the Colorado rain washed away any chance of baseball yesterday. That means the Dodgers will play a doubleheader against the Rockies today and then will get the heck out of dodge, and never come back to Coors Field again.

Remember roster reinforcements are on the way as rosters expand on September 1st. It is still unclear if Yasiel Puig will get the call or not. As ESPN explains, Puig will not be traded and could be added once the PCL postseason ends. Of course this could really improve the Dodger’s odds of winning the NL West, according to online baseball predictions.

Honestly if never were to see Coors Field again and someone were to burn it to the ground, and then urinate on the ashes I would not shed a single tear. As long as nobody was in the ball park of course. Expect for maybe that annoying Dinger mascot. I can’t stand him.

Ross Stripling will take the mound in game 1 for the Dodgers against Tyler Anderson. Rich Hill will be pushed back to the nightcap. Colorado will counter with right hander Jeff Hoffman. The first game will start at 12:10 PM PST and then the second game is scheduled to begin at 5:10 PM PST.

Stripling is making his thirteenth start of the season and seventeenth appearance. He is 3-5 with a 4.13 ERA in 76.1 innings pitched. He’s allowed 8.6 hits per nine and struck out 55 while walking 24. He pitched well in his last start against the Giants allowing three earned runs on 5 hits over 7 frames. Unfortunately he took the loss. Stripling has never faced the Rockies and has won just one decision since May 22. He is 1-1 with a 3.13 ERA on the road.

As for Tyler Anderson, He’s made 14 starts and is 4-5 with a 3.69 ERA in his first MLB season. The 26-year old left handed rookie hails from Las Vegas. Over 83 frames he has allowed 8.7 hits per nine and struck out 77 while posting a 1.2 WHIP. Anderson faced the Dodgers once back on August 3 during the lasts series at Coors Field and beat the Dodgers. In that start he allowed 2 earned runs on 6 hits across seven innings while whiffing 6 in a 12-2 Colorado rout.

Dodgers @ Colorado-Game 1

Ross Stripling-3-5 vs. Tyler Anderson-4-5

Game Time – 12:10 PM – TV –SNLA


In the second game, Rich Hill will battle rookie Jeff Hoffman. Hill made his Dodger debut last week against the Giants and won, improving his record overall to 10-3. In that start he tossed six shutout innings and struck out 3 while walking none. The Dodgers won that game 1-0. Hill has never pitched well against the Rockies or at Coors Field. He’s made 3 career starts in Colorado and is 0-2 with an 8.80 ERA. Those starts were a long time ago and he has never faced any of the current Rockies.

Jeff Hoffman is a 23-year old right handed rookie from Latham, New York. He was a former first round pick of the Blue Jays in the 2014 draft. He was traded to the Rockies in 2015 in the Troy Tulowitzki trade. This will be his third MLB start. He is 0-2 with an 8.10 ERA over ten innings pitched.

He’s allowed 9 earned runs on 13 hits and struck out 5. According to the scouting reports Hoffman has a blazing fastball. Power curve and change. He’s added a slider into the mix as well that the Colorado front office had originally restricted him from throwing. Apparently he gets a lot of swings and misses but can struggle with command.

Dodgers @ Colorado-Game 2

Rich Hill-10-3 vs. Jeff Hoffman-0-2

Game Time – 5:10 PM- TV- SNLA

National League West Standings

The Dbacks beat the Giants last night so the Dodger’s lead in the NL West is back at 2 games. The Giants are at home again tonight against Arizona. Shelby Miller will take on Matt Moore in that game. Once the Dodgers finish up today they will fly home and begin a six-game home stand against the Dbacks and Padres. They’ll have an off-day first on Thursday to rest. I think the Dodgers could use the rest. I know I’m exhausted already and I don’t even play.

Go Blue!

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

57 thoughts on “No More Rain, No More Coors Field: Dodgers Doubleheader

  1. I just hope Roberts didn’t make a mistake, by playing Segedin in rightfield in Coors field today.

    Because Segedin is really an infielder playing outfield, and Coors outfield is so big, and it is so hard to cover the outfield there.

    I would have liked to see Toles get the start in this game.

  2. We are favored in both with a lot of runs expected.

    Segedin can play anywhere, but we are a couple steps slower and a couple feet shorter on throws without Puig.

    1. Badger
      That is what got me thinking about Segedin not being able to handle rightfield there.

      Even Puig has trouble catching up to some of those hard hits in Coors, and Puig is a good outfielder.

  3. Puig does not come off as a very intelligent or well spoken human being in any of the interviews I have read or listened to. Maybe it’s just me though? Or maybe it just gets lost in the translation from Spanish to English.

    1. Some commentors that speak Spanish said that Puig’s words were not about Puig being humbled.

      They said Puig’s words sounded more like Puig was bothered, by being put down in AAA.

      1. Well good. I don’t believe in teaching by humiliation. I do hope that he has learned that playing in the majors is more fun but entails certain basics.

    2. I doubt you or I would have been given very good reviews if we had been interviewed in Spanish after a poor education in our 20s…

  4. Dodgers report that Hill might not pitch game 2 due to – you guessed it – concern about his finger (blisters). If Hill doesn’t go then we get Norris.

    1. If these platoon players are going to play, they need to have productive at bats.

      Agone opens an inning with a double, and Kike couldn’t get Agone over, and Segedin popped up.

  5. In fairness, there are language and culture considerations. But it did sound weird hearing how he phrased it. They all have oversized egos. He’s already accomplished more at age 25 than most Major League players. I understand some of what he is thinking, but Yassie, humble it down a notch.

    Does anyone know if the Dodgers employ life coaches for their rich and famous egomaniacal employees?

    1. Badger
      That may be true about Puig, but he hasn’t done much lately.

      And scouts have said that Puig hasn’t really made the adjustments in AAA, to hit major league pitching.

      So Puig hasn’t made an adjustment with his swing, that would help him hit better in the majors.

      So what Puig is doing in AAA, doesn’t mean he will hit up in the bigs.

      I guess we will only find out for sure, if the Dodgers bring him back up.

  6. Since the Dodgers cant hit left handers and no move was made to improve that. You need to call up Yasiel. What are Dodgers going to do in playoffs against a left-hander, play these lame lineups. The dodger could put Kendrick at 2nd. Yasiel in rf. toles in cf. segedin in lf. or Kendrick in lf. toles in center. puig in rf. or Kendrick in rf. yasiel in cf and Reddick in rf. or Kendrick Pederson and puig.

    1. I would not have any part of Reddick in the lineup and why I’ve read the Dodgers were(are) not the least bit interested in Braun. He was(is) the immediate solution to this overwhelming problem w/ LHP.

  7. The hated ones should have an easy time with the snakes today with Shelby Miller pitching. They’re already ahead 2-0 vs Moore.
    As a baseball fan, I wonder what happened to Miller this year. His ERA is over 7. Wasn’t it like 3.05 last year. Could it be where he’s playing? Certainly not as bad as Coors.

    1. Brenly just talking about Richie. He thinks Miller is being to fine with his pitches. Throw your good stuff over the plate and let your guys make plays for you. He’s behind in the count too much.

        1. I’ve got the game on in the background now. Miller settled down. 2 runs through 6. He’s hitting his spots after a rough first inning. Dbacks still in it.

  8. Didn’t know Jon Gray and Tyler Anderson were Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. Hoffman the rookie will shut down dodgers to. Hill little finger hurts again.

  9. Rosters will expand tomorrow, games will be extra slow, and every team will have an extra couple of lefties in their pen when they face the Dodgers.

  10. Looks to me as if the Dodgers hitters are over-swinging and swinging at a lot of pitches out of the strike zone.

    And I too hate Coors Field. But I hate it even more when the Dodgers can’t hit there. Right now they look pitiful.

    1. Brooklyn
      Why does Roberts continue to play this platoon team, that is last in baseball in offense?

      Why is Tole’s, who is hitting above 350 sitting on the bench, when the team is desperate for offense?

  11. Dang. The Rockies have left-handers in the bullpen too. Unfair. And someone must have told Grandal it’s not July anymore. Sad.

    1. I am suprised that everyone here, seems suprised by this game.

      This line up is dead last in offense, in all of baseball.

      Roberts needs to play his best line up, not a platoon line up, that isn’t doing a thing offensively.

      Why is Toles sitting on the bench, when he is hitting higher then 350?

      The way other teams are throwing leftie pitchers against us, we will be seeing this almost all rightie platoon team, more often then we will be seeing the regular line up.

  12. Well, Segedin not an asset in right today.

    Team is pressing. Let’s have a team meeting between games, tell a few jokes, have a couple beers, pass the joint around…..

    wait, I’m thinking of my slow pitch tournament team back in the 70’s. Never mind. Forget I said that. Bad advice kids. Stay in school, don’t smoke or drink, until you are playing slow pitch. Then go for it. Ok, I’ll shut up now.

  13. I know this is a good team but far from a great team — I don’t like it, though, when they remind me of this fact with play like this. Pretty painful to watch. Offense, please wake up anytime now.

    1. The problem is this isn’t are true team.

      This is a line up that has three AAA players in it, and they shouldn’t be playing when they don’t contribute on offense.

  14. Colorado is playing like they want to make the playoffs….the Dodgers are sleepwalking like they’re already locked in to make it.

  15. Avilan, Barnes, Baez, Coleman, Ravin – then De Leon, Stewart, Taylor, et al are all coming up soon and some guy named Kershaw! Then Kazmir, Anderson and McCarthy. Be still my heart!

    The AFL is going to be fun, The Tulsa Trio – Verdugo, Bellinger and Calhoun will all play for Glendale.

    1. Mark
      That isn’t going to help our offense, and this platoon team has now been shut out in Colorado.

      Do you think Roberts might stop using these platoon team now?

      Kike, Culberson and Segedin are AAA players for a reason.

    2. Keep Baez in the minors until he learns how to pitch instead of throw. He needs another pitch!!!
      I’m surprised and very disappointed(angry) that he didn’t hit someone in retaliation Seager(2x) being hit and Sedgelin was it??
      Unwritten rule: YOU PROTECT YOUR TEAMMATES AT ANY COST!!! I think that was the main reason he was sent down. I won’t even mention how damn slow he is on the mound. I’m surprised the fielders behind him don’t FALL ASLEEP.

  16. Dodgers are in a slump

    They have scored 11 runs in 7 games. They have only scored 1 run in 18 innings in Denver for heaven’s sake. With their starters, if they don’t score 5 or 6 runs/game they won’t win. Historically, if they score 6 or more in Coors they win; if they don’t they lose.

    They don’t hit lefties. They should recall Puig. If he plays well he helps them now and will have more trade value next year.

    1. Three games with one run scored, two games with zero runs scored.

      Hopefully we come out swinging in game 2.

  17. Well we are guaranteed to be in first place on September 1. After that who knows.

    Have the reinforcements been announced?

  18. Reddick starting game 2.

    This is his last chance to collect even 1 rbi for us in his first month as a Dodger!!! Come on Josh!

    I can’t believe I have as many RBI for the Dodgers this month as Josh Reddick does

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