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Notes From Spring Training Day 1

The Los Angeles Dodgers cracked the seal on the 2017 season today, as pitchers and catchers (among others) reported to Camelback Ranch for the first day of Spring Training.

There wasn’t a whole lot of activity, as players spent time getting settled into the facility and stretching out. However, there were several pitchers who threw bullpen sessions today, and a small press conference took place with President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman and second-year manager Dave Roberts.

Here are a few notes from the day:

2016 Rookie of the Year Corey Seager was in camp early. It’s good to see the kid’s not resting on his laurels, and he’s itching to get back to work.

Clayton Kershaw threw a bullpen session today. He reports he is 100% healthy, and said he has, “No worries or concerns.”

More Kershaw: “The routine is a little different, but not drastic changes, which is great,” he said. “I feel like I’m still able to get the work in. I’m a little more aware. Instead of my pushing through stuff, I’m just a little more aware. For the most part, not a lot has changed and it’s good.”

Greg Maddux has left the Dodgers’ Spring Training coaching corps to mentor his son, who is pitching for UNLV, so the Dodgers tapped their own World Series hero, Orel Hershiser, to take his place. Today Bulldog put in his first day of work with the young arms in camp.

All reports from Day 1 are that Hyun-Jin Ryu is A-OK. and there are no limitations on his throwing routines. Andrew Freidman hinted in remarks to the press today that Ryu’s starting spot in the rotation is his to lose.

Finally, the skipper joked (??) that he hasn’t decided on an Opening Day starter yet. Let the competition begin!



Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

32 thoughts on “Notes From Spring Training Day 1

  1. Oscar / I’m a a little concerned to hear that “Brett Anderson threw his first Bullpen session & emerged unscathed”.

    Tell me I haven’t just woken from a long sleep & he’s still here??

    1. I’m assuming he meant Scott Kazmir, since he and Anderson share much in common.

      All non-Cardinals fans be glad they are not feeling the baseball heartache of Cardinals fans following the Reyes TJ news.

      I would think the Cardinals would call up the Dodgers at some point cand inquire about some of their veteran arms – such as Kazmir.

      1. Rye-

        I really don’t see that happening. First of all they still have a starting rotation of Martinez, Wainwright, Lynn, Wacha and Leake with Weaver in the wings. Reyes would have made their staff much more formable but he’s gone for awhile.

        They will deal for someone else before they acquire a $16M dollar pitcher that is injury prone. They are not that stupid.

        1. You are probably right. That’s a lot of potatoes. And I think Weaver is legit – and he’s ready anyhow. Nice sinker and nice changeup combo.

  2. Ryu is pitching a bullpen session on Day 2. Fingers crossed. If we can have a 80%+ Rui back for the second half of this season and the postseason, it changes everything. He will be the 4th post season starter/long reliever we need to get into the WS. He alone can be the difference.

  3. If Anderson is at Camelback he’s lost. The Cubs should send a cab over this morning.

    Ryu is “ok”? Why do I not believe that?

  4. I would believe Ryu is ok until I don’ t believe it. He has had two years to heal. What, Anderson is in camp!!! Hope that is a misprint. Nice to know ST is here. Go Dodgers.

  5. McCullough makes the case that Kazmir and McCarthy could be 4/5 in the rotation at season’s start.

    This, obviously, is if everything breaks right. Urias at EST due to innings restrictions. Ryu still rehabbing, and since Stewart and Stripling have options.

    The upside is depth, the downside would be that the kids’ development stagnates until spots open for either of them.

    Nice bit of optimism as Spring Training breaks:

  6. According to Dodger team sources, Ryu is throwing his fastball only 84 – 86 MPH – I doubt that he is ready.

    Freudy strikes again!
    “Friedman inherited a windfall. He got a playoff team with a new rich ownership group and ripe farm system. A smarter man would have added the missing parts – perhaps a 3rd starter better than Brett Anderson – in order to go deeper into Oct. Instead, much like Paul DePodesta before them, a lot of tinkering, convoluted, needlessly complicated trades, signings of Cubans, reliance on unimpressive and often injured pitchers (overpaid), and other factors have led the team to no more Oct ready than before. I’d add, taking the long way around the mountain, creating needless busywork to get there.”

    1. Just read it. He is such a great writer and now I need therapy. I should be avoiding that blog like the plague but it’s got a reason for its existence.

      On Ryu, strangely enough I would want him back for the second half. I’d also like the front office and coaches put a couple of vets on the shelf for the second half too, like Hatcher (not possible, no options) or Wood (intriguing), because we just don’t have a pitching staff to last a whole season plus the post season. I think if anyone’s counting on Rich Hill being a factor for both the regular season and the postseason this year is fooling themselves. Even if Rich Hill is healthy the whole year, he’ll be fatigued by October. Think about that for a minute. In my dream world the Dodgers would have a 8-10 game lead on the division by August, then I put Rich Hill, Maeda and Urias on multiple DL stints and let the likes of McCarthy, Stewart and Stripling take a few turns until mid September. Except for this to work, I need at least one of the Giants top 3 pitchers to get hurt early and their bullpen to stay “mediocre at best”.

      On top of that I don’t think we have the hitters and a bench to give us that 8-10 game lead in August, or if they do, going by past results the vets will be gassed by October. Especially with the way the bench is shaping up.

      We have a team of grinders but they are not iron men, by even close. Tissue soft grinders with great attitudes and character. It’s a freaking death spiral.

      Like I said, I should really, most definitely and absolutely stay away from that blog ….

  7. Haven’t read it yet but will.

    There were a few of us “smarter men” around seeking that third stud starter, thus the push for Hamels here. We were told by the knower-of-all that it would take a package led by Seager and Urias, and of course that was as wrong as Riegals, proven by what the Rangers sent. Now we’re questionable from 2-5 come October. Who knows, maybe Hill and Maeda start 36 this year. I doubt it. And if Ryu starts 10 it would be a freakin miracle. McCarthy and Kazmir? I think having the two of them here guarantees Stripling and Stewart some starts. If Urias is going to pitch in October, that too guarantees other starters some work the first 3 months of the year. It’s gonna take the entire village to get it done.

    1. The Kansas City Royals proved that you don’t need a Big Ticket Rotation to win the whole enchilada. The Indians almost did it with just one Ace last year. Obviously the link between these two teams are their superior bullpens.

      Speaking of pen arms, I had no idea Grant Dayton was so effective against RHH as well as LHH.
      Could he be a an 8th inning guy? You have Romo, but he’s pretty much a ROOGY these days. I was impressed with Blanton last year, an as you guys suggest, wouldn’t be surprised if he signs back with the Dodgers any day now.

      1. Fangraphs love Grant Dayton, and oddly enough so do I. He must be living right and/or he’s actually good.

        The FAZ should really stick to these types of deals and signings, and leave any and all deals over USD$20million, or any trades involving our top 30 prospects, to me. Or a fanbase referendum.

  8. One roster move down, 2 to go. Romo officially a Dodger…who woulda thunk……..Garcia to 60 day DL which will last the entire season…that’s the longest 60 days I have ever seen. there should be a OFY list…out for the year…

  9. From Fangraph, which ran a few regressions that improve on Steamer projections:

    ” Dozier looks set for a drop-off, and the Twins may still struggle to justify a superstar-level return for their second baseman.”

    The killer is that their model has a better projection for Dozier’s output than Steamer.

    Minnesota is hoping someone will get desperate at the all star break. I doubt that, if there’s one, will be a club that is stocked with minor league talent.

    1. YF

      I think it will be more interesting to see what JDL does, with the Rays.

      I know our other prospects we traded to the A’s, are on the A’s top prospects, list.

      1. I know MJ, but looking at JDL and the others we gave away to Oakland will just drive me to drink (more). Where does it stop? In a very strange universe, Haney somehow turns into Ruf.

        It’s just better not to think about Pedro and keeping looking up how we got Ethier, or how we landed all those extra picks and also trading for international signing slots, etc.

        1. Don’t stop thinking about Pedro! It’s important to remember that some prospects DO WORK OUT. That’s why you keep ’em. At the some time, some are like Zach Lee or Chris Reed or Joel Guzman or Greg Miller….

          One last thing.

          Be positive!

          They gave away JDL, and those three prospects and still have an amazing system. AND Rich Hill. And Forsythe.

          1. I’m positive bluto. I’ve been positive about most of my opinions for quite a while now. From my predictions for the last two years (got most right) through the political conversations (Yeesh) to that trade for Hill (terrible) I’ve been positive the Dodgers were a good club but not a championship club. I’m not positive about that yet for ’17, but I’m leaning that way.

            Amazing system? Not in my opinion. We are still ranked in the Top 10, but with the promotions and the trades, the system ain’t what it usta was.

            I read somewhere the Dodgers projected 95 wins. I believe that was fangraphs. I’ll take the under.

          2. I dig the latin nomenclature, Badger.

            Taking the under on 95 seems very wise as the NL West is tough for all parties. 90??

            Giants over/under probably closer to 87. I’m incline to think the Rockies can get to 84 wins and the DBacks could be respectable and close to .500.

          3. Wins have trended down for 2 years. Like you, I’m thinking others in the West could improve, including the gints, though that math may not work. Somebody has to lose those games the dbacks and Rockies are picking up. 95 wins is high in my opinion. 90? Yeah, maybe. Perhaps the O/U should be what we won last year? Hard to know with so many what ifs looming. We’re a good team, but we don’t look great to me. Having the best pitcher in the game helps. Sure hope his back holds up.

          4. Yes. The system ain’t what it used to be. Maybe that’s because of Urias, Seager, Dayton, Toles, and Stripling all moving up. That said, I’m not sure which of those are still considered prospects and which are not.

            Yes. The system ain’t what it used to be. Maybe that’s because Cotton, Montas and Holmes (as well as Reed, Peraza, Schebler and co.) have been moved to bring in Major League level talent.

            yes. The system ain’t what it used to be.. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t need to be. There’s a very high floor of at least above average talent locked in at:
            PITCHING (starting) with Kershaw, Stripling, Dayton, Urias, Maeda, Hill, Oaks and Alvarez (with 4 others not mentioned).
            2B: Forsythe
            SS: Seager
            OF: We know the names.
            1B: Bellinger
            C: Grandal/Barnes/Ruiz

            Perhaps 3B is the shakiest, given Turner’s age. But that just shows the organizational depth and system strength of the team.

  10. MJ

    I do agree, those three players, now with Oakland, are pretty good. We gave up three prospects for one starter. We will know after this year if that was a good trade.

    1. Al,

      We already know that was a terrible trade. We gave away 3 top 13 prospects for (2) 3-month rentals. We did not get to the WS.

      Resigning Hill has nothing to do with the trade now. Do you really think other clubs were offering Hill a 3 year/$48M deal? No freakin way.

      FAZ had to resign Hill to save face and allow their minions to claim that because Hill pitched for 3 months, ah excuse me 6 starts…..that he wanted to stay in LA. NO!!!!!

      Hill was going to sign on with whomever gave him the most money…..this was his last chance (actually his first) to make big money and he found a sucker.

    2. I dahoal

      You are so right.

      It still does seem like a lot, just for one pitcher, and for so few innings, pitched.

      And I consider having to take Reddick on, as a hardship.

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