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The Sports These Four Former Dodgers Played Outside of Baseball May Surprise You

Making it to the highest levels of competition in one sport is rare, even among the most gifted athletes. Possessing the dedication and talent to accomplish such a feat in two or more sports is rarer still. Yet, the extremely gifted athletes who excel in multiple sports occasionally come along.

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Urias Dazzles, Bulldog Buckles, and More From Camelback

Here's tonight's tidbits from Week 2 at Camelback Ranch: Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts announced his Spring Training, Cactus League starting pitcher will be.....Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is scheduled to pitch just one inning, so he'll be finished quickly. Hershiser's day will be done as Vin Scully says, "before the seats are warm". Sunday's

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Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw Turned in an Orel Hershiser Effort To Get The Dodgers To The NLCS

The thrilling and emotionally draining 5-game National League Division Series ended in incredible victory for the Dodgers after their 4-3 win over the Nationals on Thursday night. The game ended up becoming one of the greatest in postseason history and the Dodgers were on the winning end of it. The

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