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Dodgers Release 2018 Exhibition Television Broadcast Schedule

Dodgers Spring Training

Pitchers and catchers report next Wednesday and we are only a couple of weeks away from the start of the 2018 exhibition season. This winter has seemed like one long slog. We’re only days away from the start of the Dodger 2018 spring training. As the players converge onto Camelback Ranch, the Dodgers have released their 2018 television and radio broadcast schedule. Once again the games will be telecast on sportsnetla and radio broadcast on AM570. Sportsnetla will televise 20 exhibition games including the entire Freeway Series against the Angels in late March. Don’t forget that the Spanish language broadcast team on KTNQ 1020 will carry eight of the Dodger’s spring games from Glendale, Arizona. Check out the complete TV and radio schedule below.

Friday 2/23/18 12:05pm vs. White Sox
Saturday 2/24/18 12:05pm vs. Giants (ss) SNLA
Sunday 2/25/18 12:10pm at Mariners SNLA
Friday 3/2/18 12:05pm at White Sox SNLA
Saturday 3/3/18 12:05pm vs. Diamondbacks SNLA
Sunday 3/4/18 12:05pm at Giants SNLA
Thursday 3/8/18 5:05pm at Indians SNLA
Friday 3/9/18 12:05pm vs. Royals (ss) SNLA
Saturday 3/10/18 6:05pm vs. Cubs (ss) SNLA
Sunday 3/11/18 1:10pm at Rockies (ss) SNLA
Wednesday 3/14/18 7:05pm vs. Rockies SNLA
Thursday 3/15/18 1:05pm vs. Royals SNLA
Saturday 3/17/18 1:05pm at White Sox SNLA
Sunday 3/18/18 1:05pm vs. Padres (ss) SNLA
Monday 3/19/18 7:05pm vs. Athletics SNLA
Thursday 3/22/18 7:05pm vs. Angels SNLA
Saturday 3/24/18 12:05pm vs. White Sox SNLA
Sunday 3/25/18 6:07pm at Angels SNLA
Monday 3/26/18 7:10pm vs. Angels SNLA
Tuesday 3/27/18 7:10pm vs. Angels SNLA

Orel Hershiser and Joe Davis will lead the on-air broadcast team with support from John Hartung, Jerry Hairston Jr, Ned Colletti and Nomar Garciaparra. Rick Monday and Charley Steiner will lead the radio broadcasts. The Dodger’s exhibition season kicks off on February 23 against the White Sox at Camelback Ranch.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

52 thoughts on “Dodgers Release 2018 Exhibition Television Broadcast Schedule

  1. Off topic. Magic just swing a very nice trade. For the Lakers. Very shrewd use of leverage and understanding of cap space.

    Can Magic run the Dodgers? This guy is an absolute shark. He should run the country actually – the sports world is a much more fierce market than real estate. Actually I wouldn’t mind the FAZ running our country either – at least they’d be fiscally responsible and I would love to see my (very crazy high taxes) put to better use.

    1. On the off topic topic – I’ll take The Rock and Oprah over anybody I’ve seen. We have reality tv now, I say we go bigger, with two stars that both men and women like. The Rock will make sure no one crosses us and Oprah will handle all our social woes as only Oprah could.

      Here’s a surprise, BR’s Joel Reuter, from the Reuters obviously, says Washington (104 wins), Chicago and LA will win Duhvisions, with Arizona and Colorado as Wild Cards. Apparently the Brewers will be 2 games worser. He has the Dodgers with 99 wins. I’ll take the under.

      1. Badger

        You are underestimating Oprah.

        She will not only handle our social woes, she might be the best business person, of the bunch!

        After all, she started with nothing, and bought a cable network, and made it successful.

        And anything she touches, seems to become successful.

        I don’t think people mind paying taxes, if the taxes are fairly divided amongst everyone, and the money collected from the taxes, go to stuff that we truly need, or to a good cause.

        But Magic has also done well for himself, and so has the Rock.

  2. Back on topic, TV schedules are all well and good, but most of LA still cannot watch Dodger games. I am glad I live somewhere that I can see all the games.

    1. If a someone really likes the Dodgers, they can get them on Charter, or TWC, if they kept their name, when Charter took over TWC.

      When the Dodgers first joined this network, people that only had Charter in their area, could not get the Dodgers, but now, most people in Southern California, can get one of these networks.

      I rather have Direct TV, because it is much better than cable, but since I like the Dodgers, I have to put up with cable, which has a lot of issues with interference and going out, from time to time, unlike Direct TV.

      1. Charter here is Spectrum. About the 5th name change that they have had. My sister gets the games in Carson, but she has had that service for years.

        1. Michael

          They are called Charter Spectrum, but I don’t know if Charter has changed all of the TWC networks, to Charter yet.

          1. Not here MJ. They are simply called Spectrum. The same with their web site. I can stream their service on my ROKU. Sooner or later they will just use the Spectrum name everywhere. When I first got here they were Bresnan.

  3. I’ve purchased the package the last 5 years (coincidentally we’ve won the division each year so it’s been a good ride). Yes, $115 isnt ‘cheap, but I figure it’s something that I use almost daily for 7 months (including spring training).

    But what I also do, here in LA, is I buy the vpn blocker. It hides my location and I”m able to use the app in LA to watch all of our games.

    it works out to $15-20 a month between vpn and mlb, but that’s not that much for something I use daily (you can watch every team, all day/night long).

    This year, I”m gona add on the MILB package for cheap, to watch OKC and Tulsa when I can

    1. Where do you get the vpn blocker? I lost Root sports when they changed my cable lineup so I cannot see the games in Denver. I got MLB last year for 112.00. Considering I watched well over 150 games, did not have to pay for parking or concessions, it was a bargain.

    2. Bobby

      I did that before Charter bought out TWC, and I don’t think the unblock thing I used, works for Apple products now.

        1. Michael

          I use Apple products, and almost every game is blocked out in Southern California.

          But I am sure it would be easy for you, because I am not that computer literate, as you.

  4. Read a story that said Darvish has turned down at least 1 5 year deal. Hosmer has a 7 year deal on the table from the Padres. And JD is FED up with the Red Sox….gee…guess he thinks 5 years and 125 mil is disrespectful………

    1. All reporting seems to be that Darvish is waiting for the Dodgers, Yankees or another team with tax issues to free up space.

      1. That’s what it seems like. He supposedly has offers from the Brewers and the Twins on the table right now.

        1. Interesting. I hadn’t heard specific teams.

          I figure drag this out. Who cares as long as it ends with a higher probability for the Dodgers.

          if we are right, it’s obvious he, like Hill, Jansen and Turner, wants to be within the organization.

  5. They ranked the Cubs and the Cards rivalry, second in baseball, and ranked the Dodgers and Giants rivalry, fifth in baseball on MLB.

    How many times has the Cubs been good enough, to make that rivalry that good?

    1. Does not matter if they are good. Giants were not the better team last year, but they beat the Dodgers in the season series, and if LA had not been running away with the division, they would have felt like they accomplished something. The Dodger-Giant, Yankees-Red Sox, Cubs-Cardinals go a long way back. It is the intensity of the rivalry that they are basing it on. All those games can get pretty heated. More so if they are involved in a pennant race against each other.

      1. Michael

        The Dodgers and Giants rivalry is bigger, then the Cards and Cubs rivalry.

        And all of these teams, have been much more successful then the Cubs, in the last 100 years.

        And the Giants and the Dodgers, only played in different neighborhoods, in the same state, unlike the Cubs and the Cards.

        1. It is bigger for us. Yankees Sox is bigger for them. Dodgers-Giants began because of the proximity of the two boroughs in NYC. It matters not how close you are to each other. City’s just naturally have rivalry’s, but I would venture to say that the Dodger-Giant rivalry was much more intense when they were in New York. They played more often against each other then. The two teams really hated the other guys. Players today are not that intense and the reason is because you are not tied to an organization for life like you were back then. The two teams never made trades with each other for the most part. Total shock when Maglie joined Brooklyn. Robinson hated the Giants so much he retired rather than play for them. Fights back then were more common. Now you get the occasional throwing at a player, or verbal banter. Not nearly what it was in New York. A lot of Dodger fans I know hate the D-Backs more than the Giants.

          1. Michael

            They had the Dodger, Dback rivalry in MLB too.

            I think a lot of Dodger fans do hate the Dbacks.

            But I think most Dodger fans, think the Dodgers are above any of these rivalries in the West, except the Giants.

            Because as you know, every team wants to beat the Dodgers badly, in the western division, including every team in baseball.

            That is why Dodger fans, don’t yell beat Frisco, or beat the Dbacks.

            Because we know the Dodgers are the class of this division, in a traditional way.

      2. You made my point, in your last sentence.

        Because it does matter, if both teams are good, because if the teams are in a pennant race, that makes the rivalry much more, intense.

        And what has the Cubs been called, most of there history, the lovable losers.

        And the Giants and the Dodgers, played in the same state, and they were only separated, by neighborhoods, unlike the Cubs and the Cards.

        1. lately the Cubs have been the better team, and in the early years they were better than the Cardinals. The rivalry is between the cities of Chicago and St Louis who really do not like each other much.

        2. Uh, no one ever called the Cubs the loveable losers. That tag was hung on the Mets because they were loveable. And they lost spectacularly. The Cubs had decent teams up through the 40’s and went to the World Series in 45. The Cubs had actually gotten to the series 5 times before the Cardinals ever got there. The Cubs all time record is 10,903-10,342 for a .513 percentage. They have pretty much shaken the loser tag the last few years. Cardinals are 10,739-9,918 for a .520 winning percentage. So the Cubbies have more wins that the Birds. The Dodgers by comparison are 10,776-9,691 for a .527 winning pct. All 3 teams pretty close in win totals. The Dodgers caught up a lot since they have been in LA and the last few years in Brooklyn when they were pretty much the class of the NL. But there was a time when the Dodgers were worse than the Cubs and for quite a period of time too. Bill Terry was asked before a series with the Dodgers if he was worried because he had a series with them coming up. The Giants were in first and cruising, he replied, Brooklyn? Are they still in the league? Well he found out because last place Brooklyn swept his Giants and they ended up not winning the pennant….

  6. Michael, there’s tons of vpn blockers. I use this one:

    It’s like $5 a month or $50 for the year. You can try it for free for a few weeks when the season starts. It’s really really easy to set up on ur apple tv/roku, etc, and your laptop/ipad.

      1. I get all the MLB games on Directv and you are absolutely right, MJ . They are the very best. You can get either feed so whichever club you like you can use your favorite broadcasters so I get every Dodger game with the announcers. It was great especially when Vinny was there. I think it is about 150 bucks a season. Plus, you can watch any of the other clubs which is really nice when following certain players.

        1. Package

          There is problem with cable almost every week.

          And when I had Direct TV, I only had a problem once, because of the wind, and that was in ten years, but once they fixed that, I never had a problem again.

          1. I don’t think they get to see a replay of the game, like MLB has, and I know you like that a lot.

          2. Yes, I do , I actually went back about a week ago and watched Hill’s 1 hit loss. And also watched Kershaw’s No hitter again.

  7. Bigger rivalries?

    Who cares? The only rivalry that matters is the one that matters to individuals. It’s regional, it’s what you grew up with or it’s where you went to school. I grew up in Southern California and will always root for LA teams. Living in Wisconsin for 7 years I found myself ok with pulling for the Packers, unless they were playing the Rams. The ST LOUIS RAMS, which wasn’t easy. I’m a UCLA guy, but pull for the PAC12. But honestly, I realize nobody cares what I think, as fans they only care what they think.

    What’s more at issue to me is what are we going to do to clear enough payroll to get the RH starter we need. Heard this one this morning – sign and trade with the White Sox. They sign Darvish and we trade Kemp, Joc, and a prospect to them. That’s creative.

    1. You got that right. Fans take them more seriously than the players do and that has been proved more than once by the violence perpetrated by some fans. The incident at Dodger Stadium where the Giant fan was beaten, and then up in SF a Dodger fan was killed after a game up there. As for Darvish, he turned down a 5 year 110 million dollar deal. They did not say who it was with. Kemp got his old # 27 back. Lombard took #29. Thompson is now #47.

  8. FAZ is through for this off season. I heard they were trying to get under the luxury tax so they could sign Harper for 2019. That is a pipe dream for sure. FAZ will never,never,never,never,never, sign Bryce Harper and I would be willing to bet anybody they won’t and please if you do want to bet, make it worth betting. FAZ is a joke!!

    1. I agree the chances of that happening are very slim. I think they will be more concerned with retaining Kershaw if he walks.

      1. Mr. Norris
        I am very concerned that they may not resign Kershaw. Knowing how FAZ is, the thought of them signing Kershaw for I am guessing, 40+ per season does not seem possible. I hope I am wrong. Actually, I wish they would get it done NOW as opposed to season’s end but I don’t think FAZ would do that and the longer it goes on the more odds are that he will not return which I think will make fans extremely unhappy. What say you?

    2. Package

      I agree with you about Harper.

      Although Harper would not be a bad deal like most, because he is still a young player.

      But as young as Harper is, he has had a lot of trouble staying on the field, so youth is not everything, when it comes to these long multi year contracts.

    1. Darvish started 35 games last year. Keep him closer to 30, and correct his tipping practices, and he may be better in the playoffs. This is a good move for the Cubs.

      You know, I still have hard time with that tipping of pitches thing. If true, why didn’t the Dodgers see it?

    2. 6 years 126 million dollars and the report is that he turned down a similar offer from the Dodgers earlier. With incentives he could get as much as 150 million. So much for wanting to be a Dodger. He waited and cashed in….time to move on, trade for Archer, or sign Cobb. Package, no pitcher is worth 40 million a year, even if his name is Kershaw and no way ownership gives that kind of money to a pitcher who when he opts out will be on the wrong side of 30. It has been said that Harper is going to want 40 million a year and at least 10 years. I personally do not feel any player is worth that kind of money. Harper has an attitude and does not play well with others. He is a draw, but not worth that kind of money. Washington has a tough choice because he is really the face of the franchise. What the Dodgers should do is lock up Bellinger and Seager now to long term deals. 5 to 7 years for each. That’s what the Giants did with Crawford and Belt and Posey. I would not give any pitcher more than 3 years including Kershaw. Reason? Pitcher injury’s occur a lot more frequently than those of a position player. To many things can go wrong with that throwing arm.

      1. I think I agree with Michael about term for pitchers. 3 years is plenty for non-very young ones.

        We differ however on Harper, I think the guy is just great and still super young.

        Dodgers offer wasn’t 6 years, that has been reported. It also was based on contingencies that would depend on how much salary (cough cough Kemp’s mainly) they could off-load.

        1. I read that part just a little bit ago. It was six years but closer to 100 million and it depended on them clearing space. But we disagree on Harper. He has youth, and he is a pretty good player, but he does have an attitude problem and has had problems with his team mates. Now he might be more mature as time passes, but for the amount of money that guy is going to demand, I would almost guarantee that there is no way you are going to see him in a Dodger uni. I would much rather see those funds paying Seager and Bellinger, and retaining Kershaw. Maybe getting some one like Machado, who in my mind is much more valuable than another LH hitting outfielder.

      2. Mr. Norris
        I agree that no pitcher is worth 40 million per but I would bet that Kersh will get it but probably not from FAZ. He has 2 years at 35 remaining so by your thought maybe he should not opt out. My concern is that FAZ no has an excuse for not retaining him. His back. I knew FAZ would not sign Darvish. They never sign top end free agents. I hate FAZ. It is a shame to all Dodger fans if they lose Kershaw.

      3. Michael

        I agree with everything you said.

        At first, I wanted Darvish, but I am not sure he will be the workhorse, that we need in our rotation.

        He might be, but he has had injury issues like most pitchers, and it isn’t only when he had TJ surgery.

        And if we sign a pitcher to that type of contract they must be a workhouse in our rotation, especially with the baggage, Darvish has.

        I understand the Dodger’s owners not wanting to pay that kind of money for Darvish, after what happened in the World Series.

        And a lot of Dodger fans, feel the same way about Darvish.

        Badger was right when he said Darvish should have rised to the occasion, in those two World Series games, like every pitcher does, when they don’t have their best stuff.

        And Darvish was given a second chance to do that in game seven, and he failed miserably.

        I think Kershaw is going to have to understand he isn’t worth much more a year, then he is already getting paid.

        Because of his injury issues, and being so close to 30.

        And I forgot how some of Harper’s teammates, didn’t think Harper was a team player, until Michael reminded us about that, so that was another good point.

        I also think we should try to lock Corey and Cody up too.

  9. The problem with offering 3 year deals is that they won’t be accepted by top end pitchers.

    Extending Kershaw sounds like a good idea – to fans. He and his agent probably have something else in mind. It’s a contract year for him. Remember what Greinke did in his contract year? I expect that, or something approaching that, from Kershaw this year.

  10. I just saw that the Dodgers are looking for a starter, but I bet it will be a starter that they don’t have to pay to much for.

    I also saw where the Brewers might see if they can trade for Archer, but it also said, he will probably cost to much.

    And they mentioned about the Brewers, trying to trade for Cotton from the A’s.

    As everyone knows, that is one of our former pitching prospects.

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