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Dodgers Release Spring Non-Roster Invite List

Cactus League

Every Year the Dodgers and every other MLB team invite players to Major League camp who are not on the 40-man roster. Those are the non-roster invites. Normally these are players who are minor leaguers, prospects, journeymen and players who are trying to resurrect their careers. It’s important to note that not every non-roster invite will not factor with the Major League squad. For example, Max Muncy was once a non-roster invite.

The Dodgers have invited 21 players to major league camp. Nine of them are pitchers. There will be a total of 61 players in the Dodger’s major league spring camp, with 30 of them being pitchers and 31 position players. The first workout for pitchers and catchers is February 14, while the rest of the players will have first workouts on February 18. Check out the non-roster invite list below. Perhaps there is another Muncy in there somewhere.



IF                             Jacob Amaya                                          Great Lakes/Rancho Cucamonga

RHP                        Brett de Geus                                          Great Lakes/Rancho Cucamonga

IF                             Jeter Downs                                            Rancho Cucamonga/Tulsa

IF                             Omar Estevez                                         AZL/Tulsa

C                             Rocky Gale                                             Tulsa/Oklahoma City/LOS ANGELES/Durham (Tampa Bay)

OF                           Anthony Garcia                                      Sacramento (San Francisco)

RHP                        Josiah Gray                                             Great Lakes/Rancho Cucamonga/Tulsa

LHP                         Reymin Guduan                                      Round Rock/HOUSTON

OF                           Connor Joe                                              Oklahoma City/SAN FRANCISCO

RHP                        Marshall Kasowski                                 Tulsa

OF                           Jeren Kendall                                          Rancho Cucamonga

C                             Jose Lobaton                                           Tacoma (Seattle)/Oklahoma City

LHP                         Kyle Lobstein                                         Las Vegas (Oakland)

RHP                        Zach McAllister                                      Oklahoma City

RHP                        Edubray Ramos                                      Clearwater/Reading/Lehigh Valley/ PHILADELPHIA

OF                           Zach Reks                                               Tulsa/Oklahoma City

IF                             Cristian Santana                                      Tulsa

RHP                        Jordan Sheffield                                      Rancho Cucamonga/Tulsa

OF                           Cody Thomas                                         Tulsa

RHP                        Edwin Uceta                                           Rancho Cucamonga/Tulsa

C                             Connor Wong                                         Rancho Cucamonga/Tulsa


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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

32 thoughts on “Dodgers Release Spring Non-Roster Invite List

  1. A couple of interesting names on there. Guduan can hit triple digits on the gun. He was suspended for discipline problems with the Stros. But LA picked him up off of waivers. None of the catchers are all that great in my estimation. But Gale and Lobaton have MLB experience. Wong returns to the organization after a while with the Giants. deGues pitched lights out in the Arizona winter league. Does not give up many extra base hits. Kendall might be being showcased for a deadline deal. He needs to cut his K’s down to really be considered a better prospect than he is now.

  2. That was Joe with the gnats. Kendall has a lot of tools. I think the one tool he needs is a pair of glasses.

    You never know with invites but this is an enormous opportunity. Come ready, get noticed. I’ll be watching deGues and Guadan closely from a distance.

  3. It took you four days to come up with this as your article! You need some more writers. Maybe Badger will be available after his lawsuit is over with MT

    1. It wasn’t that threat that worried me Cassidy, it was when he said he was packing heat then showed a picture of his desk with the weapon sitting on it. The man was unhinged. All because we asked him why he went to prison. And he brought it up, not me. It was a simple question. He never answered. Said it would be in the book.

      Maybe there will be more to write about soon.

    2. By the way Cassidy. MT posted the same list yesterday. Not much going on in Dodger land except fans on twitter bitching about the cost at the Dodgers fan fest at the stadium. Seems they charge for autographs.

    1. Great. Let’s see if he reaches out. I’ll listen. He’s the one that had the angry meltdown and threatened to sue.

    2. He could try, but he would never get close enough. I really do not care what he thinks or does. Nor do I care for his takes on Dodger baseball.

    1. I have no desire what so ever to post on his site. I enjoy posting here, and on another blog I enjoy. The people who write there and here I consider to be articulate, they do not berate the posters or call them names. Scott has always tried the best he can to keep the site up and running and the articles current. On the other site, we kid a lot, and we also make our feelings known without any antimosity. And I admit, when I first came on here I had a lot of time on my hands, and when I saw something that made no sense, to me at least, I would unleash the beast sometimes. But when I am wrong I will admit it and eat crow if necessary. I consider the people on here as true Dodger fans. Admittedly, some of them are fed up with the over 30 gap between titles. And not many are too happy with AF. Like I said on a post on another topic, I have mellowed over these past few years, and rather than be pissed off by AF’s lack of action, or moves I think are borderline nuts, I try to understand why he is doing what he is doing. He does not act impulsively at all. Everything seems to be thought out. I mean, I shook my head when he brought Kemp back after unceremoniously dumping him after 2014. I know, salary dump. Then he dumps him again after the World Series in 2018. Some of his moves are head scratching. He did at least get a couple of prospects who are high on the list now. Gray and Downs, but they still ended up paying Bailey 25 million to pitch for the A’s. Everyone I know was expecting them to make a major move this winter and most were sorely disappointed that he did not. I was not. I did not expect Cole, Betts or Lindor. So I was not disappointed at all. As for MT. He can stay where he is, and I will stay where I am and never shall we meet. My personal opinion of him is mine alone. I do not bother him and he does not bother me. I think Scott that Cassidy was referring to the post you had about MT’s site staying in it’s own lane. You later removed that post. I respect you a lot for that since there is no reason to drop to his level. He can stay where he is and I won’t even look on his site. I did today simply because Badger told me about the post that mentioned me and him. I am not afraid of him, or his gun. He lives a long way from where I live. I have my music, and I have my love of baseball. Family and a lot of friends. I am content for it to stay that way.

  4. Well I haven’t heard bupkus from Timmons. I check a lot of Dodger sites, just to gather information so I did read what he said. I don’t believe he has changed much. Maybe he has but I doubt it. He still calls people names. I surely don’t read everything there. I haven’t tried to post on that site because I know he banned me, and I believe he is banned here, for good reason, so other than an email there’s no way to discuss any of this. I don’t expect to hear from him but would respond if I did. Initially I had a few emails from guys I know on that site but that communication has pretty much died down. If it’s just baseball I believe I can talk knowledgeably with anybody. The other topic that came up doesn’t really belong here and all I found online about it wasn’t pretty. Whatever. It’s quieter now so perhaps that’s best.

    As for where the Dodgers are currently, I too preferred a big name this winter but there are chemistry factors I’m not aware of that perhaps need to be considered. We won 106. That’s a lot of wins. Why add an enormous ego to that? And ultimately we got beat by a hot team that, in my opinion, took advantage of a Roberts f*** up. We also got hosed before that by two American League teams that have admitted to cheating. Despicable behavior. Houston’s championship should be vacated. That doesn’t mean it belongs to us, it just means the Astros do not deserve it. There is precedent in other sports regarding cheating. MLB is way behind the curve on this issue.

    This Dodger team is very good and with our prospects we are in a position to get better. We can’t do anything about the past. It’s over. And as the mystics tell us, do not lament the past, it’s not where you are going. Look forward. Prepare for tomorrow by living today. When I look forward I see another West Championship and an experienced playoff team that will know what needs to be done and know how to do it. I’m excited about the upcoming year. Every team in the NL is gunning for us. They know how good we are. I think all of us should recognize it and appreciate it as well.

  5. Well, LA’s new team slogan, “#itsanLAthing”?

    It sure is….
    High priced Dodger Dogs and Beers.
    High priced parking.
    High priced tickets.
    Beach Balls flying.
    Untimely “Waves”
    No worthy free agent acquisitions.
    Dumpster additions.
    Bullpen meltdowns, Blown “Saves”
    Excessive platooning.
    Coddling the Rookies, and limiting their play.
    TV coverage monopolized by Spectrum.
    Another early exit from the playoffs…. no World Championship.

    It “IS” an LA Thing, for sure. One thing for sure, at least they are honest about it, and they do not cheat in baseball, they only cheat their Fans.

    1. I could see all that pissing people off if the team sucked. But….. 106 wins. I don’t get it. Do you think signing another $35 million player will improve on that?

      As far as what it costs to see a game I don’t care. I’m not going. Looking at the FCI chart shows the Dodgers 7th. Obviously people in LA can afford it because we lead the league in suckers in seats numbers. (We non-techies have called it b.i.s. revenue in the past. Butts in seats, suckers in seats, same thing) The fact games aren’t televised is a much bigger issue to me. We apparently have no say in that either.

      The Dodgers lead the league in development advancements and they are doing it through technology. Others will model and try to catch up, and they might, but our wealth allows us to lead. Money matters. If you have it, you live better. We have it. It’s not joy to the world, but it certainly is joy to us. Other fans? Well, tough sh*t Pittsburgh and those in Florida. Your owners aren’t using profit sharing for players? Not our problem. Take it up with them.

      1. “Suckers in the Seats”…. I like that, Badger!

        106 wins… that does not mean squat, if they cannot cross the finish line. But if fans want to hang their Dodger Caps on that, and are content with being the Best in the Pathetic NL West, or second place in MLB, then more power to them. I just know that nether you or I are wasting our money on this farce.

        Yes, they always are touted as having one of the best developmental farm systems, but they continue to restrict further advancement of their talent By crowding their roster with a bunch of wholesale, bumps on the dugout bench, and relegate their young talent, back and forth to the farm, or platooning.

        We know that all profits are going straight into the owners Swiss bank accounts…. It’s “definitely” An LA Thing. It is not like the Dodgers cannot afford a bonafide winning free agent or two. But they choose to waste their profits on stadium improvements to lure more “suckers into the seats“, and throw $$millions$$ to Dumpster finds. Why not put a real winning team on the field?

        It is sad that it has come to having to risk $35M on a high priced free agent, but it is what it is, and the owners can only blame themselves for allowing salaries to reach the upper atmospheres. It is the price the owners have to pay for their ignorance. If the Dodgers want to win, they have to be a high roller, and take a chance. To be competitive in today’s game they have to bump elbows with the big boys, otherwise they will continue to be just another “also ran” in the race to the World Championship, if they continue to sit on their hands, be stingy, and do nothing.

        ….yet I still wait for the opening of Spring Training. I love baseball.

    2. And we still have Roberts, who has already said he would make those exact same pitching and lineup decisions all over again, especially repeating those pitching moves that pretty much cost Dodgers game 5 of the NLDS.

      1. Yeah Paul,

        We do still have Roberts. When he first came to manage the Dodgers, I was extremely excited, because he was one of my favorite players. I thought he would bring his aggressive, speedy base running game to the Dodgers, who had been lacking in base running skills. Instead, the Dodgers are still a bit flatfooted on the base paths, leaving so many runners stranded on first base or vulnerable to GIDP. He also passed up many opportunities to move the base runners into scoring position, like when faced with a defensive shift, he would allow his hitters to hit right into the shift, rather than bunt or hit to opposite field. When did have the opportunity to bring runs in, he chose to have his boys swing for the fences, rather than manufacture runs.

        He failed to bring the energy and excitement of his playing days, to the Dodgers. The only reason he is still around, is because he fits the mold for AF’s game plan, and does not complain. DR still just does what AF wants him to do… creates no waves. Basically a “YES”-man…. a cookie cutter Manager who aims to please his bosses regardless of the obvious outcome.

  6. You can say what you want about AF but two things ring true. He hasn’t saddled us with a debilitating long term contract like so many other organizations so we’re very flexible to add the right player. Cole was the right player in my opinion and he went after him but in the end Cole was a Yankee fan and was going there the whole time. And second the Dodgers and AF do an incredible job of developing young talent, especially considering where we draft from because of our success. It will be interesting to see what he does at the trade deadline because I think he feels like this team needs another star to cross the finish line. And I agree and think a second ace to go with Buehler is the key. Unfortunately October Kersh doesn’t fit that bill.

    1. Good points by both Cassidy and Blue.

      I would point out that the Dodgers do spend on payroll. I believe they’ve spent more than anybody over the last 5 years. And they have been saddled with some heavy non productive salaries. Still are, but it’s getting better. I’m hoping that an under 30 free agent stud will come available and want to play here, somebody like Harper, who with all his warts is a star, Machado who turned out to be a smirky jerk. The Dodgers should be able to lure stars with class, and if not let’s continue to develop our own.

      This is a unique time in our history with Kasten/Friedman Collective. KFC. For the first time in years we are not pushing up against the CBT. How will they handle it? A $300 million offer was not good enough for Cole? Well, f him. I hope his arm blows up in NY.

      I am anxiously awaiting what comes next from our management group. As is we are expected to win around 98. Do you know how big that is? There are fans from about 27 other teams that can’t say that. I appreciate how lucky I am. I look forward to what comes next.

      1. You hit the nail on the head again, Badger…. burdened with non-productive, monstrous salaries. They can only blame themselves for getting roped into such ridiculous, long term contracts. Sort of backfires on them, when more productive players who deserve to be rewarded, get squeezed for mere pocket change, come arbitration time…. poor Max Muncy.

        I think most 30-year old baseball studs are reluctant to come to the Dodgers because they do not want to get caught up in the logjam of platoon and matchup politics. Pitchers do not want to be yanked after 5-6 innings, only to bow to the so-called lefty/righty “specialists”, inept middle relief, or succumb to an ineffective so-called “closer”. If I were a 30-year old stud ballplayer, I would want to play every day, and play to my maximum abilities, not be transformed into a one-dimensional player.

        Remember back, when players dreamed of becoming a Dodger, bleeding Dodger Blue, and remaining a Dodger for life?? The Dodgers were “THE” first-class organization in baseball. Where it was once an honor and privilege to don the Dodger Blue, it is now a curse…a kiss of death, whether it be being stuck in the minors for the majority of your productive years, or not trusted, and platooned due to something called “analytics“.

        1. Yeah but…..

          Here’s something important I discovered about analytics. First, can we agree everyone uses WAR now, from fangraphs to Florida, from Baseball Reference to baseball in Minnesota. Contracts now given are based on wins. Every management team relies on WAR to gauge value. Nobody cares about starting pitchers actual wins, they care about wins above replacements. Agreed? Ok, I discovered this when I was barking about the Blister Boy trade. Rich Hill. Never going to be a 30 start 200 inning guy, why the hell did we give him $16m x 3? I’ll tell you why. In ‘16 he threw only 110 innings and put up 2.9 rWAR and 3.9 fWAR. Think about that. 20 games, 110 innings, 3 WAR. We could easily convince good starting pitchers they could extend their careers a few years by pitching less. Here’s something else stats tell you – pitchers get clobbered more often the third time through the lineup. Do your job well for about half a game, we’ll get you out of there and pay you bank for throwing about 130-150 innings a year. It just makes sense. I’d rather see Kershaw great for 5 innings and be rested in October than so-so for 7 and be done in September.

          I think the same can be said for those guys who flounder against same side pitching. On our team that’s Pederson. We don’t need to platoon any other starters. Rest them often sure, but not platoon. Any free agents that want to play here can see that. If a player is rested more often he will be better prepared to perform when called upon.

          I’ve done a lot of reading on this topic. I’m an old school guy that has been schooled on new ideas. A lot of them I like. Some, like the 3 outcome bullshit, I’m not on board with. Put the ball in play dammit. The shift? Bunt dammit.

          1. Correct about maybe not needing to platoon some other players. Unlike the Dodgers of yesterday so to speak, every time Dodgers face a LHP , lineups are changed up considerably due to splits that may not be consistent with one another, even if it has meant sitting a hot bat just because of the hand the pitcher throws with. Bottom line here as far as I am concerned, Roberts has said he would make those same pitching decisions all over again that were made to assist in the Dodgers being bounced in the NLDS game 5 of 2019. And THAT mainly is what does not sit well with me at all going into 2020.

          1. Most fans?

            Hard to know. But enough fans will continue to support the team to keep them at the top of the most viewed list. Dodger fans are loyal. The money will continue to flow and let’s face it – this America! Those who have the most money win!

  7. All points well made. I too am not contributing to the Dodger coffers. Of course I live too far away to attend games in LA. I can go up to Denver sometimes and watch if I wish. There is a AAA team in Colorado Springs which is a little over 30 miles away. So I could go see the Dodgers AAA team when they visit. I am not renewing my MLB.TV this year. It is also getting too costly. 25.00$ a month if you do it that way, or 119.00 for the season. Last year I was in Cali til mid June, and when I got back to Colorado it was on sale for 40.00$ for the rest of the season, so I got it. So the only games I will get since I do not have MLB network on my cable service, are the ones on FOX or ESPN. I think TNT does some games also, and YouTube will get some also since they did that last year. They only televise about 14 spring games of the Dodgers. I did enjoy watching them because you get a glimpse of the kids. The team is making money hand over foot. Making more money this weekend with the FanFest at the Stadium. I also read they were charging for autographs. Not sure how much. CK is not there as his wife just had another baby. Turner not there either, and Bellinger is in NY picking up his MVP award. Other news is that only the Dodgers were told too keep quiet about the cheating scandal. Why? That makes no sense to me at all. And the Padres are now in serious discussions with the Red Sox about Mookie Betts.

  8. I personally prefer to to grow our own players , A true DODGER fan will support what ever product is on the field. As far as watching DODGER baseball there are ways to watch the DODGERS.

    1. Easymoney,

      I too would prefer to build on their own players in the farm. BUT the way the Dodgers treat their rookies by limiting innings pitched and pitch counts, or platooning to give major players a rest now and then, or doubting their abilities to hit lefties or righties.

      If the Dodgers continue to waste their time on these Dumpster finds, hoping they can resurrect their careers, or picking up these high priced “Band-Aid Free Agents, the KIDS on the farm will never get a fair shot at making the “Bigs”.

      I agree, “Let the Kids Play!”…. Dodgers, IF you do not want to pick up a high Dollar, long term game changer, then, “Let The Kids Play!,”

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