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Rest in Peace Kobe-We Will Miss You


This is a Dodgers blog, but I think it’s ok for us to take a moment away from Dodgers baseball to pay our respects to Kobe Bryant and his family. All of Los Angeles and Southern California is still reeling over the sudden and tragic passing of Laker’s legend Kobe Bryant on Sunday morning in Calabasas, California. News reports are confirming that his private helicopter crashed in Calabasas a little after 9:30 in the morning. Kobe was only 41 years old.

The news hits hard for all of us. It hits a little too close to home for me as the crash site is only about a mile or two from my office. Thoughts and prayers go out to Kobe’s family and friends during this terrible time. Los Angeles is not only in shock, but heartbroken over Kobe’s passing.

Very few athletes were as synonymous with Los Angeles as Kobe Bryant was. Kobe was not just one of the greatest Lakers of all time but one of the greatest NBA players of all time. He was a generational talent who won five NBA championships during his 20-year career with the Lakers. That included two NBA-finals MVP awards and one league MVP award.

He was one of the best we have ever seen on the court. He was so popular and still is today, it makes me think of his enduring legacy. Two things stick out in my mind when talking about Kobe. One was the fact that nobody ever referred to him by his last name. Nobody called him Bryant, they called him Kobe. That’s how we felt about him. He was our star, we felt like he was a personal friend of Los Angeles.

Think about something else for a minute. If you were at work, or at home or anywhere and you crumbled up a piece of paper and shot it into a trash can or waste receptacle, everyone would shout at you “Kobe!” referring to the Black Mamba’s uncanny ability to make difficult or clutch baskets/shots to win Laker games. He was a fiery competitor and one of the most iconic figures in Los Angeles over the last two decades.

It’s not just about the Dodgers over here, it’s also about the Los Angeles sports family. Kobe may be gone but his legacy will live on forever in the hearts and minds of Angelinos. Rest in Peace Kobe. Everyone will miss you.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

77 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Kobe-We Will Miss You

  1. Totally stunned by his death. His daughter Gianna was also killed in the crash as was one of her team mates and their parent, and the pilot. They were on the way to a travel basketball game. RIP Kobe.

  2. The combination of incredible talent and the intense drive and work ethic made him one of the greatest to ever play the game! And he matured into a loving and devoted husband and father. He and his beautiful daughter will be missed. Our prayers go out to his wife, Venessa, and his other three daughters and the families of the other people who perished in the accident

    1. OCC John Altobelli also killed in this crash. 9 people in all killed in the crash including the pilot. Sad day for all of us who are Laker fans and NBA fans in general. Jerry West is my all time favorite Laker, and Magic close behind. I loved the Showtime Lakers more than any other team they had. RIP Kobe taken from us way too soon.

  3. Along with Altobelli, his wife and daughter also killed. She was a team mate of Bryant’s daughter on her basketball team. Tributes pouring in from all over. Many of the Laker family in total shock. Dodgers expressing shock too.

  4. Life has a way of periodically shocking us to remind that tomorrow is not promised….heck, even the rest of TODAY isn’t. For different people it is the sudden death of different celebrities or people we know well in our everyday lives. JFK when I was small and didn’t understand it. RFK when I was a high school freshman and felt it was SO unfair. Later on others – John Belushi at the height of his fame, 9/11 was breathtakingly shocking, and now Kobe’s passing so young with so many chapters left to write. Rest in Paradise, Kobe, Gianna and the others in this tragedy.

  5. Rest in Peace, Kobe, Gi Gi, and all who were taken away in this tragic accident.

    Kobe faithfully remained a Laker for the entirety of his glorious career. He was the quintessential example of professionalism, honesty, and a true family man. He was one of a blessed few, who exhibited the true meaning of winning, and wanting to reach his ultimate goal, with no excuses. Unfortunately, there are not too many professional athletes who can say that. Too many are content with sitting on their millions, and more worried about their brand…. am “I”cocky enough?, is “MY” hair funky enough?, are “MY” shoes flashy enough?, am “I” doing enough to justify hitting the Free Agent market…. screw the fans!, then what they are being paid to do.

    The Dodgers lack a player with the ability to lead this team to a Championship. Nobody on this current team has the same values as a true champion, like Kobe Bryant. Yes, they make a lot of money (too much, of you ask me), but they do not have that drive to grasp the golden ring.

    The Dodgers need a player with the “Mamba Mentality”, and can put their money where their mouth is. Yes, Kobe made a truckload of money, but he “Earned” it…. he did not just sit on his laurels.

  6. Bluefan4Life, right on, especially the last parts of your post concerning the present day of Dodger players for the most part. It’s that simple…Dodgers lack that impact player as you described here.

  7. Dodgers and Red Sox reengaged in trade talks about Mookie Betts. Padres also in discussions. Last Dodger player I remember with a killer mentality was Drysdale. He would have thrown at his own mother. Bumgarner is kind of that way too. Reds get Castellanos, 4 year deal with 2 opt outs. D-Backs trade for Marte from the Pirates. So deals still happening. Puig still a free agent and his options are dwindling. Kobe was intense that is for sure, but he had his faults. I know it was out of respect, but no one mentioned the rape case that took place in Colorado. It was long ago, so some do not even remember it.

    1. Michael, the Red Sox still cannot expect too many top of the chart prospects plus Dodgers taking on all of price’s $$ for a 1 year rental. I read however that price is not part of the current trade talks. Piug’s options are dwindling and part of that is teams know he does not hit LHP well at all.

      1. No, I would think LA might make Ruiz available to them since they consider Smith their#1. And they have a lot of talent at that position in the minors. But they would almost certainly get a MLB ready outfielder. Pederson or Pollock make the most sense, but I do not see the Sox taking on Pollock’s contract without some compensation. If they try to throw Price into the equation, then the whole think gets tossed upside down. Padres are trying to unload Myers, and the Sox not really biting at that. He is owed 61 million on his deal and the Sox are trying to shed payroll.

      2. LMAO Paul,

        Poor Puig cannot hit lefties because Dodgers groomed him that way….. same problem with Joc Pederson. These poor guys have been brainwashed by Dodgers, that they cannot hit Lefties!

        1. …. you think Joc and Puig came through their lifetime careers just hitting right handed pitching?… Were they constantly “platooned” in high school, little league, minors, based on who was pitching? …. I think not. They were probably everyday players.

          1. No. Of course not. But he’s a platoon player now. In 377 career plate appearances he’s hitting .183 against LH starters. Some other team may feed him left handers. The Dodgers never will. But it doesn’t matter because 61% of the league pitching is right handed and he puts up 3 against them. That’s value. Puig? Who cares.

  8. Old pal Dusty Baker looks like he is getting the Astros managerial job. Nats sign Quakenbush to a minor league deal. On this day the Challenger blew up, and in 1958 Campy was paralyzed in a auto accident. Boyhood hero Bob Shane, last surviving original member of the Kingston Trio died today. Not much real news happening except the Baker thing.

    1. The Astros will be good again this year. They don’t need to cheat to be good. They only need to cheat to win it all.

      I expect it to be quiet at least another week.

      What happened to the 5 minute edit capability here?

      1. Badger, many have pointed out how Dodgers have a tenancy to turn some players into 1 dimensional hitters. Correct about Joc. he got here in 2015 and was the starting CF before things started to change with him. Also correct on there being more may be 61% as RHP but knowing how Dodgers may be more vulnerable because most of the player roster is LH teams will certainly throw as many LHP as possible at Dodgers and for no other reason those % may dictate that. WSS. So when it comes down to it , possibly Dodgers may and I say may face more LHP than other teams would.

        1. You are right Paul,

          Opponents will bombard the Dodgers with L/H pitching when ever possible, even to stoop so low as to open with a right-hander, just to expose the L/H’d lineup, then bring in a leftie, as soon as possible. Until the Dodgers can prove that their lefties can hit lefties, the opposition will continue to exploit the weakness.

          The stats say that Joc cannot hit lefties, but you have to realize that the stats are bogus. Because of platooning and matchups, left handed hitters, like Joc and Puig do not have a fair sample of stats against lefties, as they would with righties. If they had an equal number of at-bats against pitchers from both sides of the rubber, then the stats would be somewhat more reliable. One cannot improve his stats against lefties if they do not get a fair amount of opportunities to improve on those stats.

          I never agreed with “The Dodger Way to play baseball…. ANAL-ytics”

          1. Points well made but in Joc’s case, he has had opportunities earlier in his career. But now Dodgers have decided that he will only face RHP for the most part. After all he hit all 36 of his HR’s off RHP. But what concerns me as far as Joc goes is he should have spent his off season working on his ability to hang with lefties in the way Bellinger did last year and why? because Bellinger did not want to be platooned the way he was in 2018. But my guess is Joc does not do this because he already realizes his AB’s against LHP will be minimal at best.

        2. Paul, I’ve pointed this out several times – as constructed we were 30-22 vs LHP. That’s a 93 win pace vs left handed pitching. That’s actually pretty good. With that as fact, we won 106 games. A strong argument could be made that whatever we are doing for the first 162 games we should keep doing it. I’m making that argument here.

          That said, I’m not against getting another right handed thumper, but only if that guy also clobbers right handed pitching.

          I know we hear a lot about platoons, but I look at our roster and I see one starter that is a platoon player, Pederson, and he put up 3.3 WAR. The other platoon guys are bench players. You are speaking to a need that I just don’t see.

          1. Badger, my point is that every time Dodgers face a LHP Roberts and Co. shuffle the lineup, and we have seen hot bats being on the bench due to the hand the pitcher throws with. Yes, Dodgers had that winning 30 and 22 mark against LHP, albeit the pitching competition was not as formidable as teams see in October. IMHO platooning or being a ‘platoon’ player signifies some weakness as far as that player is concerned. And Bluefan4life correctly points out that Dodgers have had a tendency to make some players one dimensional. A need I see is better performances in October, but I will grant you that is not on just all the LH hitting. And yes that RHB must be able to compete against RHP or he would be just like a LHB being able to hit LHP. As I see it most RHB do well enough against RHP anyway because as you say there are about 61% RHP in the league. Puig was RHB but he had bad reverse splits as we know.

  9. Puig is a .256 career hitter against LHP. He strikes out against them about 22 % of the time. In 2017 and 18 he was really bad against lefty’s hitting only .200 over those 2 years. He rebounded to hit .270 off lefty’s last year. Joc on the other hand, rarely sees a lefty. He did hit .224 against LHP last year, which was close to his career high against them. But he never has seen 100 plus at bats against LHP in his career.

  10. Oh yeah, his rookie year, Puig KILLED LHP. He hit well over .300 against lefty’s. After his initial year, that went down to about .260.

  11. Once the Dodger Management continuously reminds you that you cannot hit lefties, you kind of start believing it, and when you happen to face a lefty, you press, and make mistakes at the plate. The key to hitting is seeing the ball, and hitting it…. don’t overthink it and try to anticipate what is coming (unless you can cheat and get away with it). Both Puig and Joc were animals against either side, but that soon changed, as time went on with the Dodgers’ platooning and matchup ANAL-ytics. Remember The many times when Joc was hot, but as soon as a lefty was brought in, they pinch-hit for him? Now, he sometimes cannot hit either side.

    1. “Bluefan4Life
      January 28, 2020 at 3:29 pm
      Once the Dodger Management continuously reminds you that you cannot hit lefties, you kind of start believing it”

      By now Joc probably believes it, he’s proven it over and over. But as I just stated he’s the only starter that we platoon. I’m fine with it. He put up 3.3 WAR hitting against 61% of the league. We have several good right handed hitters that we can put in there against LHP. I say again, we led the league in scoring and won 106. Where’s the problem?

      1. ….Firstly, and most importantly, No World Championship, Badger
        ….A Management team that chooses ANAL-ytics, over momentum
        ….Ever rising parking, ticket, and concession prices
        ….TV monopolized by Spectrum
        ….Nobody willing to stand up to Friedman, and his tactics
        ….Owners who do not care about anything but money flowing into their pockets
        ….Fans who are content with just a NL West Championship
        ….Fans who are content with 106 wins, and no World Series Championship


      Now, he sometimes cannot hit either side.

      That is awesome!

      As opposed to back then when he could always hit either side?

      Or how about the reality which is that every player not named Trout, “sometimes cannot hit either side”

    1. Cassidy, I believe Bluefan and everyone else realize that Dodgers have not won a WS for several other reasons other than Joc. How about the inept manger who cannot manage the big game too well especially with how he manages the pitching. Yes, Dodgers won 106 regular season games last year but remember that 76 of those games were played within the NL West.

      1. Also check out the post season performance of Kersh, Jansen, Seager and Belly. When your best players don’t perform on the biggest of stages it’s hard to win a championship. Can’t blame AF for that. Granted Roberts shares in the blame! Some head scratching moves!

  12. Hers is a little tidbit for Y’all. The Dodger roster as it stands right now has 9 right handed hitters, 9 left handed hitters and 1 switch hitter. The switch hitter? Keibert Ruiz. The Infield is lefty heavy while the outfield has 4 RH bats, and 3 LH bats. This is because on the roster, Chris Taylor is listed as an outfielder. Kike is listed as an infielder. RH bats in the outfield, Pollock, Garlick, Peters and Taylor. Lefty’s Belli, Joc and Verdugo.

    1. Looks balanced to me. And other than Pederson, no real need to platoon anyone else.

      The smoke about Seager to the Reds is interesting but I don’t see it. A tidbit of note about all that – Lindor and Seager are on same arb/free agent path, but Lindor is scheduled to make $10 million more this year, and maybe as much in ‘21. Also, apparently Betts said he wanted $420 million over 12 years from Boston. Boston said we’ll think about to him and his agent then picked up the phone and called every team from here to Nippon. 1 year of Betts then negotiating with him? No thanks. He’s not Trout. My 5 year plan – I say we sign every 17 year old on the planet then start sorting them out. After 2025 we will have several turning 22 every year until 2080. I’ve run the numbers. It’s a solid plan.

      1. I think the Seager to the Reds thing is mostly coming from Cincy based reporters. And who would they trade us? Unless the Dodgers felt that Lux would step in and play SS everyday, no way that happens unless LA got a SS back. 420 Mil? Not worth that much for sure. Boston offered him 300 mil for 10 years and he turned it down. Player’s want security, I get that, but it has turned into greed in my book. How much is enough? I do not think any athlete is worth 30 million a year. But that is what the market dictates. And it is not how high your BA is anymore, or did you win 20 games. Did you hit 40 homers and drive in 100 runs? Nope, it is what is your WAR? Wins above replacement is how they measure players anymore. Puig hit .260 with 24 homers this year. A few years ago, that gets him a nice 3-4 year deal with most any team despite the issues. But his WAR last year was under 2. That plus the issues and at best he can expect a 2 year deal with an option, and even that has not materialized. I looked at Kevin Pillar, who went to the Giants and did a pretty good job by all accounts. What seems to be keeping him from getting a deal is a low OPS. Analytics are a part of the game now, and GM’s and player development people pay a whole lot of attention to that part of a players resume. Spin rate for pitchers has become a deciding factor. Things in baseball have changed a lot. The electronic zone is going to be used in some spring games. DH is probably 2-3 years away from becoming a reality in the NL? That I am ok with, since it levels the playing field in both leagues and no longer will teams have to worry about high priced arms getting hurt on the basepath’s or at the plate.

      2. “Looks balanced to me’…until they face a LHP and Roberts plays shuffle board again. Remember too, that I have read many fan’s posts who have mentioned that ‘balance’ issue. I also recall Freidman himself saying that was still one of the areas he hoped to improve on, so that topic came from Andy himself too.

    2. Michael, I am looking at the potential 26 man MLB roster. And guys like Kiki and CT3 are utility players and not RH impact hitters. DJ peters? If he could make more contact, he won’t become next year’s version of Billy Ashley. Still on the current MLB roster, only Turner has really been proven.. Pollock we know about the injury history and his 11 K’s in 13 AB’s in the NLDS. Garlick? IDK where and if he will see time here in MLB or not. BTW now that the grievance about service time for Kris Bryant has been resolved, it might be a good idea for Freidman to get on the phone with the Cubs should Bryant be made available now with 2 years of team control.

      1. I totally get that, but both Taylor and Kike have hit 20 homers in a season before. Pollock despite only playing 81 games last year hit 15. And believe it or not, so did Smith. So there is some pop from the right side. And just because he was out a good portion of the year, most of it because of an infection from a surgery and not due to injury, it does not mean Pollock is going to have the same kind of injury plagued season he had last year. They said the same thing about Kemp, and a year removed from surgery he bounced back and had some good seasons. Garlick is 28 years old. I do not expect him to break camp with the team. He is a good piece to have at AAA in case of injury, but not a MLB starter in my book. Peters could surprise a lot of people. We will see if he can cut down his K’s. As for Bryant, his value at 3rd is diminished because he has not been that great over there defensively. He has been playing the outfield more. And if they got him to play 3rd, Turner moves to 1st for a year, Muncy to 2nd, well where does Lux go? He is not playing SS unless they traded Seager, and that does not seem likely. So he becomes a utility player until Turner leaves or is allowed to walk? They have a lot of options. At this point I do not see them trading for Betts. The guy asked Boston for a 12 year 420 million dollar deal. What do you honestly think are the Dodgers chances of keeping that guy more than one season? I do not give up assets that could be better used for a one year rental. I honestly believe, a lot of people are under valuing Pollock. I fully expect him to show up in camp healthy and ready to go. He is at the point where he has something to prove. And that can be a great motivator. He is already a very good player.

        1. Fair enough, Michael, and I too hope Pollock can come around because that is a big plus from the right side. You talk about Garlick being there only if in case of emergency. But I do NOT CARE then to EVER see rocky Gale, the worst offensive catcher known to mankind, in regards to MLB catchers. dodgers probably won’t trade for Bryant anyway and Cubs may hold on to him. But if they did trade for him obviously a player or 2 must be moved.

          1. Yeah, Gale is a slug for sure, but he is known as a very good defensive catcher, and that is why he is with LA. Not his bat. I too doubt Bryant is moved to LA. They have control for 2 more years. Now if they are serious about moving salary, then maybe, and the Dodgers seem like a logical partner. Question? Who would you rather have? Arenado, or Bryant. Dodgers can get by for 2 years. Turner this year, Muncy in 2021. Sign Arenado after the 2021 season. Why take on all of that salary now? And Arenado is a much better defensive 3rd baseman than Bryant. Why do I say Max to 3rd? Because it would probably be some sort of platoon deal anyway. And who knows, one of the kids might just surprise the hell out of every body and make the team next year. Anything can happen and usually does. My first prediction, Dodgers win the west, get home field, and beat the Yanks in 6 for the title.

  13. Michael, I too would probably prefer Arenado and for that to happen, we would have to wait for his opt out after the 2021 season. But if he is adamant about getting out of Colorado before then, he probably would accept a trade to the Cardinals, as he’s good pals with Goldy there and Cards have real interest in him. It’s for that reason that I would not mind if indeed the Dodgers were to trade for Bryant but I doubt that happens either.

    1. Yep, the kid missed the ball a lot. But that is correctable. Many players have done that. Bryant to me is a waste of time. If he was a decent defender at 3rd, then I would feel different. Trading for him only clogs up the outfield more. He does not help the infield, and the Cubs do not really need any of our surplus outfielders. And to me my friend, the problem is still the bullpen. Fix that first. They can always trade at the deadline for offense.

      1. On a couple other blogs, the subject of trading for Betts has surfaced again and I just wish everyone would give that a rest, especially since he will be a 1 year rental and no way on earth are Dodgers going to pay him what he is asking for in a long term deal after that. If I got it right he already turned down a $300 million offer from Red Sox?

  14. Michael, I’d agree Dodgers in 6 against the Yankees if Cole signed with the Dodgers but unfortunately he signed with the Yankees so Yanks in 6. And it doesn’t make much difference what kind of bullpen you have if your trailing 5-1 after six innings. That’s the scenario for our starters against the Yankees apart from Buehler. We need another stud starter more than more offense and even more than more bullpen help

    1. Definitely, add an impact starter to accompany Buehler, especially with the loss of Ryu. Kershaw is nothing more than a #3 or #4 starter anymore, somewhat taking the place if Hill. Also a dependable arm in the bullpen who can also close in a pinch, if Kenley and Kelly continue to be ineffective. A better pitching coach may be the answer. I just do not have any confidence in Honeycutt’s replacement…. he did a lousy job as bullpen coach.

      Pitching has to be their primary focus right now. Offense is there, they just need to focus, cut down on strikeouts and improve on RISP. Maybe a better hitting coach, and bench coach.

      “YES MAN” Roberts is going nowhere, so all they can do is get a stronger support team of coaches to steer him on the right track, and help him make better decision.

      1. Explain to me how Prior did a lousy job out in the bullpen? They have 2 hitting coaches, Brown and Van Scoyoc. Geren is one of the best bench coaches in the business. You aren’t even giving Prior a chance and he hasn’t coached anyone. All the bullpen coach does is get them up when the manager tells him who he wants and he will let the bench know if the guy looks good down there in the pen. Some guys look lousy warming up, then come in and are nails. Others are lighting it up in the pen and then are lit up when they come in. The coaches have little to do with how a player performs on the field. Neither does Roberts. Now his in game decisions can affect the outcome, but once the player is on the field, it is on his shoulders to perform to the best of his abilities. In the final game, Kelly was nails in the 9th, it was on Roberts that he left him out there. He set him up to fail. Put the onus where it belongs, on the guy playing the game. I heard guys bitching about Honeycutt over the years, but he turned some careers around, that’s why they kept him even though he was the prior regimes hire. Give Prior a chance to work with these guys one on one before saying he did a lousy job. That’s just a moronic statement and I expect better from you. BP coaches have nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

        1. Michael,

          My main concern with Pryor was his inability to get his pitchers ready to come into the game. I admit that Roberts’’ erratic bullpen management probably made his job harder than it really was.

          I am sure there are other responsibilities that a bullpen coach has, other than just “getting the guys up when the manager calls”. Conditioning, workout schedules, mechanical adjustments, proper warm up techniques, knowing when pitchers are, in fact, ready to go. He has very little, if no, head coaching experience. I know Honeycutt has left some big shoes to fill, and a team of the Dodgers’ caliber needs an experienced head coach. IMO, Prior just has not shown he has the knowledge and experience to be handed the job yet… IMO.

          Hitting coaches have to cut down on strikeouts, preach more productive hitting, and correct problems that cause hitters like L/H’d hitters to have problems with L/H’d pitchers, or visa versa. We all know the Dodgers’ RISP numbers are way too high…. that can be corrected with proper hitting techniques (opposite field hitting, bunting, etc.). Batting practice is not just HR derby time…. I saw the players doing this in Camelback.

          Bench coaches have to give the manager help. The Dodgers’ defensive shifts have been way too exaggerated at times, and offensive decisions to swing for fences, rather than manufacture runs, or beat the shift. The running game has got to improve. Runners have to create havoc on the basepaths, and get into the best position to prevent GIDP’s and force outs, and get into scoring position… just my opinion.

          … I’m just sayin’.

          1. I totally disagree that the pitchers are not ready to come into the game. Prior is a former major league pitcher who had a lot of natural ability and skills before he became a pitching coach. BP coaches might help the pitching coach, but most of the mechanics and stuff are taught and worked on in bullpen sessions, not when warming up. How are they not prepared? They get up, warm up and maybe are called into the game. Every pitching coach at some time gets his first gig. This is Priors, and I doubt someone with more experience is going to relate better to the pitchers than a guy who was with them all last year. Bringing in a new one does not guarantee anything better. Honey always worked on a pitchers strengths. When Kersh first came up, despite his natural talent, he also had a talent for not being efficient. Honey worked on that and fixed it. Communication and receptiveness to what the coach is telling you is as important as anything else in the game. Puig rejected a lot of the coaches suggestions. Some of the hitters have not adopted or bought into Von Scoyoc’s teaching. A player has to want to adjust and accept or all the coaching in the world means little. You really believe that Geren is not in Roberts confidence all during the game? Every game I watched they were talking to each other all the time. No matter what we fans think, we are not in on the intricacy’s of the game. As for shifts, I really hate them, but the entire league is using them. They position those guys on the basis of the data that they get from analytics. If someone beats the shift, that is not the coaches fault. I respect your opinion my friend, but I think you are over thinking the whole thing. They are there to offer suggestions. If the players accept them, fine, if not, there is really not a whole lot the coach can do. Now, you might not believe in the philosophy’s the present coaches espouse, but the powers that be do. Here is one for you, the new bullpen coach, he is a former catcher. Now just how is a catcher going to teach mechanics to a pitcher? Have a good day my friend.

          2. I agree with Bear on this. My gut level response to warm up is that these guys are all professional pitchers and have been for a long time. They know how to warm up. A bullpen coach for the Dodgers has pages of charts and reams of information. He is going over how to pitch the batters coming up. As for shifts, I’m not crazy about them and if it were me coaching I would beat them 40+% of the time and that b.s. would stop.

          3. Well, I have to agree with you, Michael. Sometimes these players think they have all the answer, and do not listen to their coaches. Players now days swing for the fences, and try to pump up their HR stats. They are thinking about themselves, more than the team.

            Geren… maybe he is one of the best, but maybe Roberts does not take his advise to heart. If that is the case, then Geren is wasting his time in the Dodger Dugout.
            As far as Pryor, he had a very short career (4-5 years?) due to injuries, so as far as actual MLB palying experience, he has very little. He was a Great pitcher in college. I used to go to USC games when he was there, but he had a very erratic style, and mechanics that put a lot of strain on his arm. I just hope he does not guide the pitchers into the same hazardous path he took. I am willing to give him a shot, but I will not hold my breath. If he can turn around this pitching staff, and mentor their young pitchers, then I will be the first to admit I was wrong.

          4. ????

            ….I’ll say, Bluto.

            Another Ex-Padre alumni. He was Padres Minor league pitching coordinator before being hired by Dodgers. No head coaching experience. That does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

            We have Ex-Padre coach Roberts, and had Ex-Padre coach McRoid. Former Padre player Geren,


          5. Okay Bluefan, how about this. The Braves in the 90’s had the best pitching on the planet right? Their pitching coach was Leo Mazzone. He was considered a pitching guru, and the reason that Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddux were so dominant in that time period. Mazzone never pitched above AAA. Never had a cup of coffee as a major leaguer prior to that gig. Did some coaching in the minors and Mexican league, but when hired he had zero major league experience. Charlie Lau, who was considered one of the best hitting coaches there was, had a mediocre career as a hitter in the majors. You do not need professional experience at the major league level to be a successful coach. Prior has that experience. He would not try his mechanics with other pitchers, what pitching coaches do is refine the mechanics a pitcher has and then tweak those mechanics to make the pitcher more efficient.

          6. Michael,

            You have mentioned some exceptional coaches, sort of a one in a million chance that they would have succeeded, but they did. That too, was when Baseball was really Baseball. Today’s game is so different, and they probably would not fit into today’s baseball philosophy.

            I am open to the possibility that Pryor may have what it takes. If he does happen to sparkplug this team to ultimate success, then I bow to him. I certainly hope that I do not have to say, “I told you so”.

            Only time will tell. Let’s hope I am wrong. Like I said, it is just my opinion, as is yours.

            Regarding Betts rumors. Betts will be a band-aid at most. He will not resign with the Dodgers. But, the Dodgers are known for taking on salary dumps, especially from Bosox. The Red Sox’ must have three dumpsters…. one for trash, one for recycleables, and one for Dodgers. Turns my stomach, to think how much money will be lost, and also which prospects or players will be included in the deal. “IMO”, I do not think he will be a good fit. If the Dodgers get suckered into absorbing his contract, they better start using Velcro (or Band-Aid Sheer Strips) for the names on the backs of their rentals.

  15. I agree with more better pitching.

    My research tells me not to worry about the 39% LHP in the league. Our starters can handle them fine. If we can improve on Kiké, great, do it. His career vs LHP is good, .829 OPS, but he didn’t reach that last year. Pollock clobbers them, Taylor can handle them, .859 last year, and I don’t know who else ends up on the roster, but whoever it is will be there because they can hack. I believe the LHP paranoia is a false flag. We can beat anybody.

    1. Taylor and Kiki are utility players that won’t be in there daily but that’s fine because of what ya said about those 2 in regards to handling LHP. If Pollock can stay healthy he too can handle them. Now as to ‘we can beat anybody’? perhaps yes except for when October comes around and Dodgers face the better pitching during that time. And again, if Roberts trots out 6 or 7 LHB out of the 8 position players at times I would bet that teams will increase that 39% of LHP to face Dodgers. But wss

  16. “The Trade: Dodgers send OF Alex Verdugo, OF Joc Pederson and RHP Josiah Gray to Boston for Betts

    If the Dodgers wanted to sweeten their offer, they could offer outfielder Alex Verdugo, who posted an .817 OPS in 106 MLB games last season and is ready to claim his role as an everyday big leaguer.

    A straight-up swap of Betts for Verdugo might not be enough for the Sox.

    But what if Los Angeles included outfielder Joc Pederson, an impending free agent who will earn $8.5 million in 2020, plus a potential-laden minor league pitcher such as righty Josiah Gray (No. 75 on’s rankings)?

    That deal might be too enticing for the Red Sox to resist.“

    I don’t like it.

  17. All sorts of rumors about Betts to LA floating right now, but until I see a legitimate source report it as fact, I am very skeptical.

    1. Michael, I was just going to mention that the ‘talk’ has really resurfaced again but IDK at this point and if Boston is insisting on one of either Lux or may then I believe Betts goes to the Padres because they are reported to be in even a heavier pursuit of him but IDK…

      1. Most of the reports I have read are on twitter. None involve Lux. Mentioned most often is Verdugo. But they are nothing but rumors at this point, as for the Padres, Olney of ESPN thinks the Dodgers can offer a better package than SD, and SD is really trying to unload Myers in the deal, and Boston is not buying into that.

  18. Friedman is not trading for Betts. That is not his MO.

    UNLESS Verdugo is injured more than anyone knows BUT I would think BoSox would do their due diligence.

    BoSox have little need for Pederson. They want prospects.

  19. Red Sox beat writer says Red Sox looking for:

    Major league ready pitcher and OF
    Prospect, more inclined to receive one from the bottom 50 of MLBs top 100..

        1. Nope. Not for a rental. I don’t even want to include Ruiz but realize one top prospect must be included. Not Gray. And not both Gonsolin and Ruiz. They insist on all that – go fish.

  20. Wow,

    Now Pollock is crying that he wants to be in CF. These guys are big babies. He is lucky he is on the roster. He better wake up his bat first, before he starts demanding stuff.

    All these clowns care about is themselves.

    1. I can settle this: he and Bellinger race from the dugout to the centerfield wall. Whoever gets there first plays centerfield.

      1. LMAO, now trade talks for Right Fielder Mookie Betts.

        Dodgers once again may have an overcrowded outfield. Year after year, same old BS.

        So…. Bellinger plays center or right field. Betts would prefer right field, Pollock wants to be the CF’er. Pederson can play left or center. Verdugo can play left or center. Kiké can play any field, CT3 center or left. Sounds like “rock, paper, scissors” for outfield assignments, OR “Platoonsville” again.

        What about pitching? Dodgers are overlooking their most dire need, and Betts would just be an expensive rental. Dodgers might have to take on Price’s salary too? Dodgers are really the ATM of Major League Baseball, except they refused to give Max Muncy a PIN number.

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