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Clayton Kershaw Turned in an Orel Hershiser Effort To Get The Dodgers To The NLCS

Clayton Kershaw

The thrilling and emotionally draining 5-game National League Division Series ended in incredible victory for the Dodgers after their 4-3 win over the Nationals on Thursday night. The game ended up becoming one of the greatest in postseason history and the Dodgers were on the winning end of it. The amazing seventh inning rally from the Dodgers put them ahead by a 4-1 score.

Joc Pederson’s solo home run that sailed into the Dodger bullpen knocked Max Scherzer out of the game. After a walk, a pinch-hit single from Howie Kendrick and another pinch-hit single from Carlos Ruiz, the Dodgers had taken the lead. Justin Turner smashed a two-run triple off the center field wall to give the Dodgers a 4-1 cushion.

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The Nationals would rally off of reliever Grant Dayton. The left hander allowed a walk and then a two-run blast to former Dodgers Chris Heisey. That was the first pinch-hit postseason home run in the Nationals history. Once that happened, manager Dave Roberts was not taking any chances and turned to closer Kenley Jansen. This was in the bottom of the seventh inning with nobody out.

What transpired after that was simply amazing. Jansen was able to hang on and record the next 7 outs. He left the tying and winning runs on base in the seventh inning by whiffing Jayson Werth and Anthony Rendon. He pitched a clean bottom of the eighth inning and then walked out to the mound to start the bottom of the ninth with the Dodgers still clinging to a 4-3 lead, and an NLCS berth on the line.

Jansen was able to get the first out of the frame, but tired and walked Werth and Bryce Harper to put the tying and winning runs on base again. The narrative throughout the series was that Clayton Kershaw couldn’t pitch in the postseason. Despite the fact that he won game 1, and turned in a gutsy performance in game 4 with 11 strikeouts in 6.2 innings pitched. Unfortunately Pedro Baez and Luis Avilan allowed all of his base runners to score once he was removed from the game with the bases loaded. Thankfully the Dodgers would rally to win game 4 thanks to Chase Utley’s RBI single in the bottom of the eighth inning that tied the series and forced a game 5.

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In 1988, the last time the Dodgers won a World Series Orel Hershiser gave them a super human effort to earn himself NLCS MVP. Hershiser pitched in 4 games in the series which included a rare relief appearance in game 4 in the bottom of the twelfth inning. The Dodgers won that series in seven games.

Flash forward to Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers in the 2016 NLDS game 5 at Washington D.C. With two outs remaining and the tying and winning runs on base Kershaw was called in to get the last two outs, ala Orel Hershiser in game 4 of the 1988 NLCS.

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All Kershaw did was get Dodger killer and succubus Daniel Murphy to pop out, and then struck out pinch-hitter Wilmer Difo for the third out. The performance earned him his first career postseason save. Rookie phenom Urias was the one who got the win. The beautiful celebration continued with Clayton Kershaw in the center as the Dodgers had finally gotten the monkey off their back. The Dodgers are going to the NLCS to face the Chicago Cubs.

I see the comparisons between what Hershiser did in 1988 and what Kershaw did on Thursday night. If there was an MVP for the NLDS it should have gone to Kershaw. Who says Kershaw can’t pitch in the postseason?

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

96 thoughts on “Clayton Kershaw Turned in an Orel Hershiser Effort To Get The Dodgers To The NLCS

  1. One thing I know we can all agree on, I was so happy for Kershaw, he was dealing!!! So very clutch!!!

    Very proud of the whole team!! They stepped up and got it done!!

    Now bring on the Cubs! A bear cub aint nothing without his mom around.

    1. Being a Bear, I would beg to differ……..but the team stepped up and it was heart stopping…..need a few blow outs this round to give the body time to recover.

      1. C’mon, a little bear cub is a cute little fuzz ball, just like you! I wouldn’t want to mess with his mommy though.

        Yes, I would like some blowouts, in our favor, this round. That being said, what a game!!! Watched it with my 20 year old son. Never seen him so fired up. When Dayton walked Espinosa, “Get him out of there”! When Heisey homered we were both yelling. Then Dayton gave up a hit to the next guy, the son exploded. I think Roberts could have heard him in Washington. It was one for the ages. A Dodger fanatic is born!

        1. hear ya there……..but I was never cute……..and mom was a woos…..need more than a day to recover from this one, but that ain’t happening

  2. Can Kershaw pitch 4 games in this series?

    The only games they won in this past series were either Kershaw winning or saving the game.

    If the trend continues this series of FAZ acquired starting pitchers not winning their games then it could be a quick series.

    1. Kershaw did not win game 4. He was pulled with the game tied. Win went to Blanton, and Kenley got the save.

      1. He was pulled with a 5-2 lead and the bullpen allowed 3 runs. Yes, Kershaw didn’t get the actual win but……

  3. Lester is going to be tough but everyone in baseball knows he can’t throw over to 1st. I hope to see more running, taking larger leads, perhaps even a hit and run now and then.

    1. That article seems to indicate that the Dodgers and Cubs are pretty even, OK, some advantage to Cubs.

      Badger’s gambling sabermetric guys only give the Dodgers a 32% chance of beating the Cubs. I wonder where to find these guys and if they are ready to put their money where their mouths are, with 2 to 1 odds on a bet. Haven’t been yet, but, I bet our NV bookmakers aren’t willing to do that.

    1. Wondering
      It is about time!

      The Nationals and Dodgers were not treated fairly, and it was more about TV, and the Cubs I read.

      The Dodgers didn’t totally sell out, on some of those early games, but since Dodger stadium is such a big place, it was probably not much from other teams.

      1. I like the Dodgers being the underdogs.

        It isn’t usually that way, especially when broadcasters talk about our pay roll.

  4. Am I interpreting this right, that Scott has taken the message board to a new….Provider (???), replacing Word Press? Is there a synopsis of what changes that will entail for us users, what features we may have lost or gained? Perhaps someone could refer us to a site which could explain any new capabilities we might have here. One thing I notice is we no longer seem to have the capability to post pictures or videos…

        1. Wondering, everyone has the ability to post photos and videos. Mark has done it many times. You just don’t know how to. You use the HTML embed code to do it, or I think just copying and pasting the image would work too,

          As for the banner, it’s been up since August. That’s the name of our blogging network that we joined. The appearance of the site is still the same other than the banner at the top. Nothing is changing over here.

          1. I too have posted photos. Maybe you’re right and I am wrong but I’d swear the appearance is different today. An update of some kind?

  5. I would question why Roberts didn’t leave Barnes in at 2b after pinch running in the 7th. Ruiz was in, but Grandal had been taken out of the game. That left Puig as the emergency catcher. I would feel more comfortable with Barnes catching. No problem occured, but if Ruiz was injured we would have been in a bad situation!

    1. Barnes doesn’t play second on a daily basis, so I wouldn’t want to risk that myself.

      But it was odd that Puig didn’t play.

      I wonder if he did something, to get in trouble.

      Reddick doesn’t do a thing for this team, and is a liability in right field.

      He should have thrown Murphy out easily.

      His throw was not only online, it bounced twice, before getting near the catcher.

      I just don’t like the politics that are involved with Reddick playing.

      What else can it be?

      He is the worse outfielder in the line up, and he isn’t much of a hitter.

      What player can commit four errors, like he has made, with the last one, being a three base error, and is played almost all the time.

  6. I can’t still believe we won.

    I was trying not to get my hopes up before we won.

    I hate that feeling in my stomach, after we have lost.

    I was so bummed today, because I wanted to watch High Heat, and the rest of the baseball shows today, and my Charter cable, was out for six hours.

    I missed everything.

    I only have this cable, to get the Dodger channel.

    I never had even or much problems with Direct TV.

    1. I listened to part of High Heat in the car. He gave Roberts, Turner, and the Dodgers lots of props. Killed Scherzer for letting himself get taken out of the game. I recorded it and haven’t watched it yet.

      1. Hawkeye

        I went to bed that night and thought I can’t wait to see high heat, and the other baseball shows, so you can imagine how upset I was.

        I looked up high heat hoping to find a video, and there was only one, for the day before.

        I hate to watch those shows when the Dodgers lose, because those east coasters, hate the Dodgers.

        And we both know that the guy on high heat is a big Giant fan, so I was looking forward to that show.

        I was wondering what Brian Kenney said on MLB Now too.

  7. Last night’s game: Roberts BELIEVES in these guys like no one else has. It has become mutual. What leadership! 9 walks. Not good. Playing with fire. I go with Maeda/Stripling. Dayton is done for now. Don’t bring him to Chicago. Culberson is our good luck charm. He stays on the roster. I’m watching Cleveland-Toronto. Both are beatable. Hill has sucked. To the bullpen? Probably not. Toles got to that ball fast. How about Seager’s relay. Just like in practice. Werth and the coach missed that day.

  8. The way the schedule works out, with off days and such, my bet is that we go

    Hill plus everyone and their mother

    1. I agree with you, that looks like the ticket. The key is, will Kershaw have enough rest to start game two? I believe yesterday was his bullpen day, so hopefully yes.

    2. I think they are matching up Maeda against Lester, because they probably feel Lester will give the team the biggest trouble, being left hander.

      And Maeda has looked so bad, lately, and maybe they think he will be the easiest pitcher to hit, by the Cubs.

      So they don’t waste Hill and Kershaw in a close one run game.

      Of maybe it is about the days of rest in between starts, and I am just wrong.

  9. This series will be the Hill – Puig redemption! We should drop Reddick and Avilan, and add Wood and De Leon.

  10. Toles-LF

    That would be my lineup. They have actually thrown out more than the league avg when Lester pitches this year. Yes, you still have to run but more importantly bunt when it isn’t obvious. Looking for a butcher boy out of Maeda.

    1. Hawkeye

      The Cubs have a special play for a bunt, because Lester can’t throw well, so the Dodgers will have to watch for that.

      I think Rizzo gets in front or beside Lester, and the second baseman is at first base.

      I think they made Rizzo, to have to change his first base glove, for a regular glove for some kind of rule, when the Cubs do this play.

      If I know about this play, then Roberts and his coaches, should know too.

    1. I’m not guessing what it will be just want I would do. We actually don’t know rosters yet. There will be some changes. Toles won’t bat keadoff, but lets all remember what KC did to Lester in Oakland. I’d load up the lineup with what speed the Dodgers have and guys who can bunt.

    2. Bobby

      I hate that line up, but I know you are just writing that line up, they have used against leftie pitchers.

      Howie is better at hitting runs in, then getting on base, especially since he hits the ball, the other way a lot.

      He wasn’t hitting at all, but his last twelve at bats, he has hit the ball hard.

      He just isn’t a patient hitter, and doesn’t belong in the lead off position.

    1. Roger
      Since he was so terrible, he should have just turned around before the pitcher pitched the ball.

      He punched at the ball, and that is one thing you don’t do when you bunt.

      Because you want to deaden the ball.

  11. Here’s where I am: Many of you never gave this team a chance.

    I do give credit to the former administration for the good they have done. When Friedman first started, every time he made a trade, it was “because he wants his own payers there,” but guess what? He kept the cream of the crop (Seager, Pederson, Urias, De Leon, et al).

    If he would have traded them, many fans would have blasted him for trading away Ned’s players and since he didn’t, people still blast him for not trading them to get better pitching. Most of you didn’t like him and Zaidi from Jump Street, because… well you just didn’t! So, it pretty easy to find fault with someone when you already have your mind made up.

    People mocked FAZ for “Shopping at Dollar General” when they acquired players like Dayton, Toles, Liberatore, Fields, Coleman, Ravin, Culberson and Segedin – all played roles in this team’s success. The Giants didn’t improve their pen – the Dodgers were the best in baseball!

    I have two employees who are HUGE Red Sox fans and they constantly make fun of the Dodgers because of how the Red Sox ripped the Dodgers off in THE TRADE. Practically every real baseball fan I know mocks that trade. The only ones who regularly stand up for it post here .

    31 of the players on the 40-man roster were acquired by Friedman! Whether you like Friedman or not, I think you are going to LOVE what he will do. This is a rebuild, during which time he has kept the team relevant and competitive. We all wish we had better starters, but we will SOON because of what he has and hasn’t done!

    Friedman hasn’t traded our future, but has enhanced it enormously. He did it by signing injury-prone pitchers to short-term deals. That is just “The Bridge” to what we are going to start seeing next year: Urias, De Leon, Buehler, Stewart, et al. We are not the favorites in this series. If I were forced to bet real money, of course it would be on the Cubs, but I am rooting for the Dodgers and I know that they can beat the Cubs…. Will they? That’s why they play the game. The Red Sox lost to a team that had two of their top starters injured and out. You just don’t know – this is baseball.

    If we win, I will be elated. If we don’t, I love the direction we are heading. The old paradigm doesn’t work anymore. Signing free agents to unconscionable deals is felony stupid. This team is being built for the long haul. We could have had better starters, but then we might not have Bellinger, Verdugo, De Leon, Urias, Buehler, Calhoun and Stewart. You saw what we had to give up to just get Rich Hill. FAZ tried to get Braun at the deadline, but Milwaukee wanted too much. You don’t make deals like THE TRADE because you think you have to. You do it because it makes sense and is sustainable.

    So, if you come back and argue that I am wrong, save it! Nearly everyone underestimated this team and railed on FAZ for nearly two years. You were wrong and you should be happy you were. Enjoy the ride. It could be really fun! These guys are gaining confidence. That can be a dangerous thing. Never underestimate the power of the human spirit!


    1. You would think that people would be happy that they were wrong, but they simply can’t be.

      I’m tempering my expectations. The Cubs have been the best team in baseball all year. Maybe that works against them. If they lose one of the next two games, the pressure begins to mount, we’ll begin the hear the Steve Bartman references (it makes me want to watch that documentary again….it’s a must watch), we’ll hear about The Goat, the drought.

      If the Dodgers pull off the improbable and advance, not only will I be elated because I’m a Dodger fan, but it will hopefully provide a positive distraction up and through this shit show of an election.

    2. Mark

      I wish everyone would stop bringing up there agenda.

      This team has done a lot of things, despite what has happened throughout the year.

      1. Mark

        Even you said when Kershaw went out, that maybe this would bring the players togther, and make them play even harder, to make up for Kershaw going out.

        Without Roberts, his coaches, and the players, we don’t know what would have happened, after Kershaw went down.

        I give the front office credit that some of there small moves, that have paid off quite well.

        And I like how they found new pitchers, to help freshen up the over worked bullpen.

        But they alone, are not responsible for where the Dodgers are right now!

        And when some claim it is Faz alone, that has made this team, be where they are, it is just not true.

        And it wasn’t just luck, that the team is where they are now either.

        They have played like this, since Kershaw went out.

        And all of that hard work, and giving the second effort from the time, is paying off now.

        It isn’t like just now, that they have came back when they are down.

        They have played this way, in the whole second half of the season.

        And without our young starting pitchers, we would have been in big trouble too.

    3. Well stated Mark!

      I also give credit to the prior administration. I liked Logan White a lot. I admit to being worried when he left. However, the last two drafts look to be very good. My main problem with the prior administration, NED, was his inability to fully analyze the long-term effect of some of his big contract signings. The “Trade” is, of course, the best example, When NED made the trade he might of had a 2013 plan (which failed), but, he sure the hell didn’t factor in how the trade effected the 2016 or 2017 plan. NED created the largest MLB team payroll, the highest in history, his actions have handcuffed the present administration. Some of us could see the foolishness of this, we could also see the foolishness repeating itself with the Padres last year and the DBags this year.

      The posters who are angered by your post, celebrated the DBags for signing Greinke, all the while, failing to notice they had no money for depth. The Midgets did the same thing, they spent a “quarter billion dollars” on their 2016 plan, but, forgot all about the bullpen. EPIC FAILURES! Happily, the moves made by our rivals will haunt them for many years to come.

      Here we are today the FINAL FOUR. The small town yokels did it!! And as NED’s handcuffs are removed the future looks even brighter.

      A toast to, Roberts, the players and the architects FAZ!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

      P.S. You didn’t mention that SUPER Dollar General buy, Mr. Joe Blanton. I know the list is long!

  12. We all know where you are Mark. This is not about you. As much as you love to boast and as much as you love to try to make others look and feel inferior to you, this is not about you.

    This team is beating the odds and all of us are enjoying the ride.

    1. “This is not about you.”

      That’s you projecting, Badger. If there is a recurring theme in nearly all of your posts that I recognize, it’s the reflexive predilection to use refer to the first person. “I predicted this…..I think that….I..I..I”

      I realized the scope of this more fully with your complete inability to give the Dodgers any credit for winning that game on Thursday. It sounded like sour grapes. You sounded like a bitter Nats fan. It seems incongruous coming from someone who purports to be a Dodger fan and writes non-stop on this blog, but it makes sense when one realizes that the way that the Dodgers won and the fact that they won didn’t validate your predictions or your opinions on how the team should be constructed or how the team should play. To put a point on it: it wasn’t about you. If people or events are at variance with the needs of your ego, they get diminished. That much I’ve observed about you.

      If that sounds harsh, I’m sorry, but what you wrote was completely uncalled for and needlessly insulting. It was petty. Mark said nothing offensive in that post. You said you were going to ignore him, but that lasted about a day. It’s a compulsion for you. You can’t help yourself.

    1. Well Wonder, maybe he’s trying to get us to look in a different direction. If we focus on the bullsh*t from now, we won’t bother with the then. Who knows. Who really cares.

      The Dodgers have another 25 minutes to finalize the roster. Maybe everyone is going through physicals and drug tests this morning.

        1. I wasn’t high on Culberson, but Michael talked me into it. I don’t expect much change. Another long man might be a good idea. Wood?

          1. I would take Kike over Culberson. Kike had a terrible year but he still has 5 times the potential Culbertson has.

    2. Hey, I thought you folks had this little email chain that was going around and this sub-blog within the blog where you could go to be Timmons free. You know, this would be a PERFECT opportunity for you to take your comments there.

      That was just worthless drive by snark and really contributed nothing except more negativity.

      1. And what of his constant posturing and posting the same “I am the greatest” speech over and over? Some of us have a lower tolerance for bullshit than you seem to have.

  13. It looks like Kike is coming to Chicago. Culberson not? Kershaw almost certain for game 2. Team will carry an extra pitcher. Wood? I guess Dayton will still be in the pen. I forgot about Jesse Chavez. He could be a factor as part of long relief. I like Chavez and Stripling in long relief. That might be our ace in the hole. I have no confidence in Hill and not much in Maeda. It won’t happen, but I would start Urias over both of them. THE GIANTS LOSE. It’s all gravy now. Dodgers game on Thursday was on page 5 of the Friday SF Chronicle. Page 1 was what to do with giants’ bullpen. Nothing. I like it the way it is.

    1. Looks like you must have been wrapping some dead fish. That is the ONLY reason I can think of to be anywhere near the SF Chronicle. The Chronicle has a long history of burying the real news.

      Agree, 100% on the SF bullpen!!

    2. Stewart was already with the team.

      I hope he is pitching simulated games, and I think Urias might be a better choice then Maeda, who has got us down early, in his last three or four starts.

      I still think he might be hurt, because he hasn’t been the same.

      I didn’t worry about those two games, where he was just trying to stay sharp, but his next game, was more of the same, so I have loss confidence in Maeda.

      I notice some are talking about running on Lester.

      I wonder after watching Hill’s last game, if the Cubs will try to run on Hill.

      Trea Turner got Hill off his game fast, in that last game he pitched.

      Hill throwing so many curves, allows a base runner, to steal second, pretty easily.

      That, and the fact that Hill throws so many curves, makes me worry about hangers too.

      Hill had better command of his fastball, in that last game, so I hope that continues.

      Urias did pitch quite well in his last game, and I think they have to give Urias a start.

      I do worry about his first inning, but he did pretty well, in the first inning he pitched in that last game.

      I think Barnes being a catcher, gives Roberts, more options, so I think they will keep Barnes on the team, especially after that last game.

      At least Reddick won’t be in right, in this game.

      Are team is a better team, when Toles plays left, and when Puig plays right.

      And Puig playing right in that last series, would have made a big difference, and stopped runners from going to third, or going home, and one run for sure, wouldn’t have scored.

      And Toles seems to make a defensive difference, in most of the games he has played in.

      And his quickness, was big, in not allowing Worth to score in that last game.

      And it was nice to see Toles make a good throw, to his cut off man Corey, and watch Corey not trying to rush his throw to home.

      Because they are both young players, and I have seen veterans rush plays like that, and that just shows how well, Toles and Corey, slow the game down.

      And it was sure nice seeing Joc figuring things out, and having good at bats, and hitting those two balls, the other way!

      I hope Grandal can do the same.

      And Bluto, when a player, has only hit about 225 for an average, two years in a roll, that isn’t a slump.

      Grandal needs to have better bat control, especially with runners on base.

      He might have a high OPS, but like Mark said, it is better to have a player, that can also hit for an average.

      Because players like that, have better bat control, and make a difference in a lot more of there at bats, then a all or nothing player.

      And I like Grandal, but I just want him to do better, and I am sure he wants to do better too.

  14. I prefer Kiké. The argument for Culberson was his ability to play SS. If we should need a replacement for Seager we are screwed anyway, so, I take Kiké. Seager plays every inning of every game. As does Turner, AGon and Joc. If it’s me, I play Puig every day too. We are going to need our best hitters in every game we play against Chicago.

    1. Interesting.

      I still hate AGon’s splits, but Lester’s the only lefty and, frankly, there’s no real viable options.

      Puig hasn’t proven himself against righties, I’m speculating, but I’d assume the coaches and scouts realize he just can’t provide value. I’d expect to see him tonight, and Game 5 (assuming.) And in spots as the bullpen engages.

      Kike reportedly is in the lineup tonight, which probably signals Joc’s benching.

      I’d just as soon rest Kershaw until Game 3, but going home 0-2 is very daunting. It’s interesting to see Anderson’s name popping up.

      1. Nope. Not Anderson.

        It’s Wood, and I can’t imagine Wood is stretched out to start.

        Cubbies ain’t dumb either. 4 lefty relievers, plus Lester.

        1. Frankly I’d start Kiké at second. I keep Joc in there for the series. Like you said, options at first are limited. AGon and Turner are our most professional hitters, along with Seager that, in my opinion is the middle of our order that gives us the best shot at scoring enough on the superior Cubs.

          1. Huh.

            Hadn’t thought of that.

            Has Kike played 2nd in the minors? I have faint recollection of him at 2nd for limited play in the majors, but I may be delusional.

          2. Kiké has played second base both in the minors AND the majors. He’s hit .289 with an .815 OPS as a second baseman in the bigs.

          3. Badger

            I do think it is better to have Joc in center, but if Kike plays second, that means Howie plays left.

            I think the Cubs have a smaller field, so maybe Howie’s arm, won’t be such a big weakness there.

            The thing with Howie is, that he doesn’t run up on a hit on the ground in the outfield like Toles does.

            And Howie doesn’t take extra steps into his throws.

            He often throws the ball flat footed, and that is why he doesn’t get much on his throws.

      2. Bluto

        Puig was hitting righties better then lefties, when he was sent to the minors.

        Puig has pretty even splits, but he has trouble hitting in the clutch, and he is no number four hitter, because of this.

        He often over swings in clutch situations, and he is a better hitter, hitting in the lower part, of the line up.

        And Puig provides much more value then Reddick, with his defense alone.

        And Reddick offense since he joined the team, is not much of a factor.

        He might be a little more patient when he is up to bat, then Puig, but Reddick doesn’t provide much offense, and he is terrible defensively.

        Puigs rep alone, would have saved at least two runs, in that last series.

        Reddick hit in one run in that last series, but his three base error, cost us at least two runs, if not three runs.

        Agone doesn’t only provide offense, he makes the infield stable.

        He is constantly digging out bad throws, from the infielders, and he isn’t going to be sat, unless he is hurt.

        And he could easily get hot, in this next series.

        1. MJ,

          Yes, Puig’s splits are similar vs. Righty and Lefties. However, he doesn’t play against Righties. Reddick does. That’s why I put the coaches and scouts line in. I may have used imprecise words though, it’s probably more their opinion than their realization.

          Not sure I’d call Reddick terrible defensively in the slightest, but to each their own.

          Anderson met the team in Chicago (or something like that,) I was just going on that. NOTHING more.

          You’re right on all that with AGon. His splits still wane though.

          This is a tough series. Cubs are really good. Their pitching is lined up, they have depth and solid left-handed pitching.

          But it’s the playoffs, the better team often doesn’t win.

          1. Bluto

            Believe me Reddick doesn’t cover more ground then Puig, and it isn’t even close.

            And the arm strength isn’t close either.

            Reddick has made four errors since he joined this team, and that is two more errors, then any other outfielder, has made all year!

            When a outfielder, can’t field a pretty routine catch, in the outfield, and makes a three base error, that totally takes us out of a game, why is he even playing at all?

            Bluto I am suprised your not upset about his offensive production, since he has joined this team, but you are worried about Agone.

            Agone is a much better hitter then Reddick, and Agone can get hot, and at least his two run HR helped us win a game.

          2. MJ,

            No offense, but I don’t believe you, but I appreciate you voicing your opinion. You’re only a fan like me. I believe the team, because they are vested (through their careers) to make these informed decisions. Ergo, the reasonReddick is platooned with Puig is to improve the team.

            If you want to opine about how it doesn’t improve the team. Go for it. Go bonkers. Post away.

            AGon isn’t platooned, and you can’t have a team with platoons at every position. He adds in fielding, and the other players like him. I’m not sure a platoon is best case with him. I trust the team to make these decisions.

            I’m not going “to battle” with a platoon A-Gon platform. I’m just saying the team struggles badly against lefties and AGon doesn’t help. This series needs all the help it can get.

          3. Bluto
            Even if Agone’s splits wane, he is still a better hitter against lefties, then most of the team.

      3. Are you kidding about Anderson?

        Did you see him pitch last year in the post season?

        And that was when he was healthy almost all year, for the first time, in years.

        1. Bluto

          I don’t mean to be a jerk if you think that, I’m sorry, but you are so adamant about saber metrics, I am just suprised about your opinion on Reddick.

          And I am suprised you think his offensive numbers, really are that better, or even better then Puigs, to risk Reddick’s shakey defense in right field.

          You must have seen that rountine catch, that he made a three base error on, in that game we lost to the Nats.

          As well as his terrible throw to home, in our last game.

          A rightfielder, should have the best arm of all of the three outfielders.

          And Reddick’s arm isn’t even better then Andrew Toles.

          And I have seen Toles play rightfield, so I am not just taking about Tole’s throws, in leftfield.

          Letting Reddick play against right handers, wouldn’t be that bad, if he didn’t make so many mistakes on defense, and if he had a better bat.

          Check out his ops since he came to the team, since that is your favorite way to value a players offense.

          1. Small sample size.

            On the larger scale Reddick’s defensive and hitting metrics are fine. There’s not Harper or Trout, obviously, but fine.

      4. I hope that is not true, because Kike hasn’t played center as well as he did last year, when he had to play it, when Joc’s offense, didn’t exist in the second half.

        Roberts must think that Lester, will be a tough leftie, for Joc to hit.

        Kike is lucky to be playing, because he hasn’t played, and hit well all year.

        1. MJ.

          I’m pretty sure the decision are not Roberts in a vacuum. Friedman and company often weigh in, and the general strategies are deliberated and reached collectively. Then Roberts implements and changes as the game progresses.

          This was very apparent in the reporting on Kershaw’s Game 5.

          1. Bluto

            I know that, but Roberts make the moves.

            And some his moves, I believe he does, is because he thinks that is what the front office wants.

  15. After the exciting game 5 and seeing for years how great game 7’s are. I think mlb should consider eliminating the world baseball classic and have a march madness type tournament and include all pro teams from around the globe and include the triple A teams. Single game elimination, have a random drawing to see who would play each other.

  16. Even in the midst of a playoff run, we have morons on this board who need to take the tone elsewhere. Now isn’t the time to talk about how the roster was constructed, or what we will do next year. Anyone who’s a Dodger fan won’t give a flying F about next year. We’re all focused on the next 3 weeks.

    To the rest of us who don’t portray unwarranted and comical egos on this board, ignore them. Skim past their nonsense, and let’s all focus on the health of our hearts as we await game 1, which starts in 7 hours!

    The way I see it, we have Kersh tomorrow. We have a really good chance of coming home 1-1. If we can somehow get today, then holy shit the entire series will change in a big hurry!!!

    1. If you ignored them you likely wouldn’t be talking about them, but, point taken. We are all Dodger fans and none of us want to see them lose.

      The odds agin us are going up. We are now playing the best team in baseball, they are playing well and have home field.

  17. Pitchers (12)
    LHP Luis Avilan
    RHP Pedro Baez
    RHP Joe Blanton
    LHP Dayton
    RHP Josh Fields
    LHP Hill
    RHP Kenley Jansen
    LHP Clayton Kershaw
    RHP Kenta Maeda
    RHP Ross Stripling
    LHP Urias
    LHP Wood
    Position Players (13)
    OF Andre Ethier (L)
    1B Adrian Gonzalez (L)
    C Yasmani Grandal (S)
    IF/OF Hernandez
    IF/OF Howie Kendrick
    OF Pederson (L)
    OF Yasiel Puig
    OF Josh Reddick (L)
    C Carlos Ruiz
    SS Corey Seager (L)
    OF Andrew Toles (L)
    3B Justin Turner
    2B Chase Utley (L)

  18. Anyone who’s a Dodger fan won’t give a flying F about next year. We’re all focused on the next 3 weeks

    Did you really say that?

    I’m sure your explanation has to be that your account was hacked. You make it really difficult not to use the I or word

    1. yes, i did say that. over these next 3 weeks, next year is irrelevant.

      I’ll focus on this year’s mistakes, what if’s, this year’s successes, and next year’s roster once this season is finished.

    2. You’ve never said a poster with a different opinion than yours was intelligent or insightful. I doubt you would start now.

  19. every game should be played as if it was out last..have men up in the bullpen..not when they are in ready all the these play off..seem they let it get out of control before they bring someone in.. puig should bunt when he has men on base ..he is fast enough.. and they would not be ready for that

  20. For the record I have no problem with people who disagree. I have problems with people who say stupid shit that has no basis in reality. Disagree – just don’t say moronic shit, which is evidently hard for some of you. And quit making stuff up.

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