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Dodgers Announce NLCS Roster

The Dodgers have announced the roster for the NLCS against the Chicago Cubs which begins tonight at 5PM PST at Wrigley Field. This will be the eleventh NLCS the Dodgers have played in franchise history. The Dodgers have not won a National League championship since 1988 while the Cubs have not won one since 1945.

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There are only a few minor changes as the Dodgers will be carrying 12 pitchers and 13 position players. Alex Wood will be the extra pitcher added to the roster as Charlie Culberson and catcher/second baseman Austin Barnes were not placed on the roster. Utility guy Kike Hernandez has been added to the roster as well. Although for the life of me I don’t understand why because he has been awful the entire season. The rest of the roster is the same. Check out the official list of players below.

Here are the start times and dates for the NLCS that begins tonight. Japanese right hander Kenta Maeda will take the mound for the Dodgers and the Cubs will give the ball to veteran left hander Jon Lester. Games 1 and 2 will be played at Wrigley Field with games 3-5 at Dodger Stadium, then the series will shift back to Wrigley Field for games 6 and 7 if necessary. All games will be televised on FS1.


NLCS dates and start times


Game Date Time Matchup TV
Gm 1 Oct. 15 8 p.m. LAD @ CHC FS1
Gm 2 Oct. 16 8 p.m. LAD @ CHC FS1
Gm 3 Oct. 18 8 p.m. CHC @ LAD FS1
Gm 4 Oct. 19 8 p.m. CHC @ LAD FS1
*Gm 5 Oct. 20 8 p.m. CHC @ LAD FS1
*Gm 6 Oct. 22 TBD LAD @ CHC FS1
*Gm 7 Oct. 23 TBD LAD @ CHC FS1

* If necessary | All times listed ET

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

30 thoughts on “Dodgers Announce NLCS Roster

  1. Not a huge Kike fan right now. He finished in a slump. But I am glad that Wood is on the roster, probably means he gets a start. Do not like the extra pitcher either, but that is just me and it is a 7 game series

    1. Let’s hope Kike figured something out in AZ. Culberson’s HR was a nice story but Kike has way more potential.

  2. It’s funny how 1 hit here or there will change our perceptions. I’m still waiting for Reddick to get that 1 big, 2 our, 2 rbi hit. Hopefully Kike does something this series, because we know he will get a shot to play.

    Culberson didn’t do anything last series, so may as well try Kike. He does have more power.

    1. Bobby

      I don’t like the Barnes move, because without Barnes.

      We can’t use Ruiz’s bat, when we need a right hand bat, to pinch hit against a leftie pitcher, and there is no way to still keep Grandal in the game.

    2. Bobby
      I hope that will happen, and wins us a game.

      But it is hard to be patient right now, because Reddick’s defense, is costing us to many runs.

      He should have thrown Murphy out by a lot

  3. I get Michael’s point, Kiké hasn’t been himself most of the year. We could certainly discuss reasons why that is, but I can’t help but like him more than Culberson. I’m prepared to be wrong about that. But, we did trade a batting champion for him – shouldnt we give him a chance to prove himself?

    Yeah, I know – a bit hyperbolic, but I just liked saying it.

    Lots of pitchers on both rosters. Could that mean another late at bat by a Wilmer Difo? He was great in Platoon, but not such a great hitter to send up with the season on the line.

    1. Yeah, I figure we’ll need our usual 5 guys out of the bullpen for many of these games; hence the extra pitcher.

      I also thought that maybe the reason for Kike is the extra right handed hitter who does well against lefties for 8th/9th inning at bats vs. Chapman. Last series we had Ethier for the late at bats vs. Melancon. Now it’s a leftie, Chapman. So Kike and Howie (maybe even Chooch) are the late inning answers?

      1. But that’s only if they are available. We’ll see who stars tonight vs Lester.
        It could be Howie in LF, Kike in CF, Puig in RF, and Ruiz at C. The Cubs bring in a RH Pitcher, then it’s Toles for Howie, Joc for Kike, Reddick for Puig, and Grandal for Ruiz. And there go your RH bats when the Cubs bring in Chapman or any other lefty.

        Just speculating.

        1. Artie boy

          I don’t see any reason to bring Reddick in for Puig, when Puig hits righties fine.

          And Reddick’s bat, isn’t good enough, to take Puig’s good defense, out of the game.

    2. I think Kike’ will play some second base and Joc will stay in CF. I would think that Puig will replace Reddick and Kendrick will replace Toles in LF. I also think Ruiz will replace Grandal tonight.

      That’s my crystal ball 😉

    1. That wouldn’t happen unless, Greinke the mercenary, thought the Dodgers might vote him a Playoff Pool Share. Maybe the Dodgers should consider it, as payment for the Home Run Derby enjoyment Greinke gave them in LA last time he visited. Another happy memory from 2016.

      1. I hope Kike has patient at bats today, and doesn’t fall prey to strike outs.

        And maybe this day off for Joc, will give him a little break mentally for the day.

        And I hope the only reason Joc is being sat, is because Roberts, thinks that Lester, is just to hard of a match up for Joc.

  4. I just checked out this site thru my iphone. I now see which lines on the screen you all are talking about, and I also found it quite difficult to respond to the thread.

    1. Bobby

      See sometimes when your trying to post something, that other site comes through, because it is where our comments are.

      Scott said to use desk top, or something like that.

    2. Bobby

      And a lot of times, after I try to post, it goes to another place and says duplicate, but there is never a duplicate.

  5. I found a simple trick to make those lines go away. Click in the comments box as if you were going to post a message. Scroll up and you can read other posts without the lines. The reading space is smaller because of the keyboard but at least no more vertical lines.

  6. Has anyone seen Baseball Reference position by position breakdown? We have SS and CF with the SP “a wash” . I can’t argue with some of them but they left out the all important Bench. They have the Cubs in 6. Let’s see if we can reverse that starting tonight.

    1. If someone objective is simply going by stats and talent, ya, Chicago is better, and should win in 6

      We have to win by being smarter, pitching better, and being more clutch. Gross to say, but we have to play how the Giants played when they won some of their titles

    2. Nice that the Dodgers two youngest players are the ones that won their match ups. I’ll give Toles a pass because he didn’t play enough to grade him.

  7. Hello friends! Haven’t been around my computer in order to watch these last few games 80 miles between my brother’s and computer. Yes, I could have streamed them on my computer (as I’ll be doing for tonight’s game) but those feeds aren’t quite the same.
    It’s really been fun seeing Dodgers advancing and especially so in game five. It’ll be even more fun getting past this monster, the CUBS. I’d of rather had home field advantage vs Giants as what could be better than Dodgers KO’ing Giants during an even year?………Okay I know, winning the World Series on this even year! Cross you fingers and feed the energy! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Well, I got my lineup.

    Go get ’em.

    Cubs in 6 is a safe bet. I believe they will be favored in every game, even the ones Kershaw pitches. Of course, in my heart I’m going against the odds. But I wouldnt bet anything of value on it. I got a pizza and 100 push-ups bet so far. I’ll share the pizza and I could use the workout.

    I’ve said often this year I just don’t view this as a championship ball club. And now we are going up against THE team I’ve believed all year to be the best team in baseball. 68-32. Steep odds……..

    but not impossible.

    1. Maybe give Lester two wins and the Dodgers win the rest in a 6 game series. That way don’t have to face Lester in game 7.

      1. The math adds up.

        How about this:

        We split in Chicago, then split in LA, then split in Chicago again. That would guarantee a tie. Being underdogs a tie would be a win.

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