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Justin Turner’s Thrilling Walk-off Home Run in NLCS Game 2 Electrifies Los Angeles

Justin Turner's beautiful 3-run Home Run

Move over Kirk Gibson……….Sometimes words can’t describe. Justin Turner is a postseason beast. His incredible walk-off three-run home run won game 2 of the NLCS for the Dodgers and etched his name into postseason lore. This is the first Dodger walk-off home run since Gibson. The Dodgers are two wins away from the World Series. Just watch and marvel…….

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

26 thoughts on “Justin Turner’s Thrilling Walk-off Home Run in NLCS Game 2 Electrifies Los Angeles

  1. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    My kids are just old enough now to watch baseball for more than just 15 mins (they played some baseball in on after school teams last summer; my daughter hit little league homers in her first at bat and last at bat of the season off pitching machines … on a boys team) .

    They love this team instantly, especially Turner whom they know as the Muppet Man.

    1. YF

      I have always liked Turner myself, because not only because he is good, he had to work his way into a major league line up.

      Turner earned his place on the field, so he doesn’t take a thing for granted, like some other players, do.

      You don’t have to answer this, but why is your daughter playing little league baseball?

  2. The bull pen is in lock down mode. Doc is pushing all the right buttons. He brings in Morrow to pitch the 6th to face their 2-3-4 batters. He does it so well he gets to pitch two innings. Doc mixes and matches in the 8th. Then Jansen for the 9th. Doc does not have a set routine for the bull pen except for Jansen.

    The batters just grind out hits. Puig and Taylor have great at bats in the 9th. Patience. What can you say about Culberson. Who needs Seager. Just kidding. Everybody just doing their job.

  3. A few years ago Kemp hit a HR to beat the Braves. Ginny’s words were “they pitched to the one player who could beat them and he did”. I guess that could sum up last night.

    I have no idea why they pitched to JT in the 5th. And why would they leave their best relief pitcher in the bullpen in the 9th? Oh well. What a great post season so far, especially for the fans. And applause for the fan who made that catch!

    1. My last post:
      You’ve got to love our Bucky Dent. Culberson is giving us quality defense, not a surprise, and quality offense, somewhat of a surprise. BTW, the play early on in the game where Puig reached up over Taylor’s head to catch that deep drive was really amazing and I don’t think most people can appreciate the skill and concentration that it required. Puig for President.

      Taylor working the count to get to Turner in the 9th was outstanding. Turner outstanding as usual, both defense and offense.

      The biggest thing missing from Turner’s blast was Vin Scully making the call. That hurts.

      Ed Dinger doing it in all phases of the game. Ed Dinger is the man.

      New post:

      Listening to Maddon’s explanation of why he left his best reliever off the field really makes no sense. Maddon’s scrambling to explain how he got caught with his shorts down.

      Puig, Ed Dinger, Culberson, Turner, Taylor are all coming up pretty big so far. Culberson is our Bucky Dent, pretty obvious he is rising to the occasion.

      Enough of Granderson getting anymore at bats, Shyte! HELLO Either!!!

      It is impossible to be any better by any bullpen. Hell, the one oops is the right oops, I mean if you are going to hit a batter it might as well be the big stud and you thump him on his bottom hand, now that’s a perfect oops.

      BTW, the cubs Baez is one hell of a defensive player (not to be confused with our Joan Baez).

      1. Ed

        Granderson couldn’t even get the runner over to third, with the weak pop up.

        Rizzo is responsible for any pitcher who hits him.

        A pitcher can throw a strike, and hit Rizzo at the same time.

  4. I think there’s something wrong with Davis, just a guess.

    Their CF made an outstanding catch in the first inning as well, against the sun like Puig. They said he has a cannon too. Nice player.

    On Russo, he just leans in too much. He’s gotten hit more than anyone in the league.

    1. That was hit by Turner in center too.

      It seems like almost every time we face Lester, we hit the ball hard, but it is always right at someone on defense, so it is frustrating.

      The only reason Lester had a better line then Hill did, is because he walked around all of our best hitters.

      Hill actually looked my stronger, then Lester did.

  5. BTW, the sniper bullshit shots taken at Puig by the TBless booth announcers is just getting ridiculous. Seriously these guys come off as total jealous homer assholes

  6. TBS is the worst part of the playoffs. Their announcers are both so biased towards the Cubs it is not funny.

      1. I can’t stand the guy. All he did after that play at the plate was reversed was cry like a baby about how bad a rule it is. Get over yourself Ron….

  7. Just watched the replay. Granderson actually had the pitch he wanted from Lester but he pulled it foul – otherwise it would have been a 2 run double and he looked like he knew it. And so did Lester who popped him up two pitches later.

    Puig was a bit of an ass last night, as the Cubs were very careful with him, and he was really disrespecting the low and outside pitches with his antics. But I think that got under the skin of Cubs which, intended or not, was for the better of our team. And maybe it will cause one of them to try to sneak a fastball by him again, which is exactly what he wants.

    Speaking of antics, what was with all the trips and delays between Lackey and Contreras? They were doing some of that with Lester too, and they only did that with men on base. Very annoying. But none of it worked in the end.

    The announcers were just beside themselves about the Cubs not being able to lay off the high strikes. They do have that problem, as I mentioned way back in their series against the Nationals, but they also forget that both Jansen and Rich Hill throw fastballs with late rising action (in the case of Jansen, it cuts and rises, just nasty). Interesting too that Jansen stayed away from the curveball this game – keep them guessing.

    1. Like Manny being Manny, it was Puig being Puig. He is still a big kid. And if it upsets TBS and the Cubbies I have no problem with that. It had to be frustrating to be up there and not really have them pitch to you. But when it counted, he was patient and got the walk.

    2. YF

      Almost every hard ball Granderson hits, is a foul ball, down the rightfield line.

      But he let’s to many good pitches go by, and is behind on the count, way to much!

      He couldn’t even move the runner over, and there is no excuse, for not doing at least that.

      I looked at Granderson’s numbers against the Nats and Cubs this year, and he has done nothing against these two teams, this year.

        1. Scott

          It is pretty bad, when Granderson a pull hitter, can’t pull the ball to the right side, and get the runner over.

          Both Granderson and Grandal couldn’t get Puig home from third, not to long ago, with no outs, and with one out.

          And Granderson didn’t do the job last night too.

          No one understands why Granderson is getting the at bats and playing time, that he is getting.

    3. umm, how does someone “disrespect the the low and outside pitch”????

      he’s showing patience by laying off those pitches.

      1. He was not just laying them off but doing his leg kicks, dance, putting his bat on his shoulder before the pitch arrives, exaggerated sighs, etc.

        Drove the TBS booth and the Cubbies nuts! I think it made them want to come inside and waste more pitches. Love it!

  8. Last year’s NLCS lineup:

    Utley 2B
    Seager SS
    Turner 3B
    Gonzalez 1B
    Reddick RF
    Pederson CF
    Grandal C
    Toles LF

    Only ONE PLAYER is the same this year. That’s bonkers.

    Miss Toles do I.

    1. Bluto

      Very good point!

      But I do think we miss Corey, in our line up.

      That is why I think we are having trouble scoring more runs, in this series.

      But that is no knock on Culbertson, because he has been doing such a good job.

      Corey is the most consistent hitter on this team, after Turner, so our offense is not as good, as it is, when Corey is in the line up.

      I read or saw, that Corey was feeling much better yesterday, so I don’t think his back, is as serious, as some think.

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